Brad’s Family Matters Ch. 02

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Brad awoke the next morning at roughly ten in the morning, nude as the day he was born. Jake was beside him, also in the buff. His mother was gone, however. Feeling horny, he turned to face Jake, who was still fast asleep. He got an idea and took the sheets off of Jake. Brad eyed up and down his tone, shaven body. Such a nice cock, too. Continuing, Brad assumed a sort of ’69’ position and began flicking at Jake’s mushroom tip with his wet tongue.

Jake moaned slightly but remained asleep. Growing bolder, Brad began sucking the head like a lollipop. Jake stirred and managed to mutter “That feels great, dude.” This made Brad happy and he began working down Jake’s hard shaft. With his left hand, he ran his index finger along Jake’s ass crack, eventually stopping and concentrating on his anus.

He must have woken more, because Jake was now grabbing Brad’s erection and guided it into HIS mouth. Good ole ’69’. Rather than go the anal route, Jake used his free hand to play with Brad’s balls, rotating them in the warmth of his palm.

Both guys started humping the other’s face simultaneously and within seconds they both had violent orgasms, shooting a mouthful of cream into each other’s hungry mouths.

“Nice way to start breakfast.” Brad commented.

“Nice way to wake up.” Jake added with a smirk.


It was about noon. Jake had left for work, promising to return that evening. Brad was in the kitchen eating a turkey sandwich when he heard a noise- his sister had just woken up. He faced her and saw that she was wearing a tight white t-shirt that cut off just above the belly-button as well as some skimpy white cotton panties. She grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and sat down by her brother.

“Long night?” he asked.

“I got so damn drunk.” She told him with a cute little laugh. She thought for a moment, then added “Thanks for cleaning me out last night, little bro.”

He blushed. “How’d you know it was me, Holly?”

“It’s quite telling when your panties are next to your face and you no longer have semen in your rectum.”

Brad smiled and took a bite of his sandwich. “I hope you didn’t mind.”

“Not at all.” She told him. “Mom and I have been fooling around for about two years. I wanted to bring you into the mix sooner but she wanted to wait until you were a senior.”

Brad couldn’t do anything but finish off the remainder of his sandwich. Since he didn’t say anything, his sister asked “How’d my butt taste?”

Wow- how candid she was. “Honestly? It tasted better than any pussy I’ve ever licked. It was the greatest experience in my short sexual career, and I will forever cherish cleaning out your bottom.”

“Aww, you’re sweet.” Holly adjusted her panties slightly. “I was about to take a shower- do you want to join me?”

What an offer! “Of course I do, sis.”

She got up and walked to the bathroom while he followed. The entire time, his eyes were glued to her luscious backside. Even in the full-cut panties, you could tell she had a nice butt.

Once the water was warm, they began stripping off. She went first by removing her shirt- no bra was holding back her beautiful tits and they swayed as she removed the tiny top. Brad was a bit more timid. “You’re casino oyna going to see my… my penis.”

“It’s only fair- you got to lick my asshole last night without permission.”

Touché. Brad removed his clothing and she saw his six inch pecker standing at full attention. Smiling, she removed her panties. Holly was completely shaved and her pussy lips looked extremely inviting. They climbed into the shower, Holly crouching in front of Brad with her ass rubbing against his cock.

The water felt great. Brad reached for a bar of soap and after soaping his hands, began to massage the soap into his sister’s butt. He soaped her up good for about five minutes, concentrating mostly on her little shit-hole.

Afterwards, she returned the favor, washing his cock and balls for the same amount of time. Then she even scrubbed his anus a little bit.

They stayed in the water another twenty minutes, fondling each other and exploring each other’s boundaries. Once they were out, Brad put on his mother’s pink panties once more. His sister had put her shirt back on but was reluctant to put her panties on.

“So you said you enjoyed the rim job last night, right?” asked his sister. Brad nodded. “And mom told me you were into scat like us, is that true?” Again, he nodded. “Great, ’cause I have to take a dump.”

Brad wanted to cum right there in his mother’s still-soiled underpants. Instead he watched as his sister spread her legs and sat down on the toilet. He heard her let out a few farts before there was a pause and then… SPLASH as a giant log descended out of her butt and into the lucky toilet water below. Brad kneeled in front of her, and she half-stood up. Turning around, he knew exactly what she wanted him to do. Using his hands to keep her precious cheeks apart, he leaned forward and began to lick the remainder of the brown log from her sweet butt hole. He licked it clean of any and all slime. He heard his sister giggle a few times.

Soon he was finished and he stood up, licking his lips and savoring the taste of his sister’s feces. She flushed the toilet and put on her underwear. They went into the living room where their mother had just walked in the door with three large bags in her arms.

“What’s all that stuff, Mom?” is what Brad wanted to know.

“Things I purchased from the adult sex store. How far did you get with Jake before he took off?”

“What do you mean? We ’69’d this morning.”

“What?! Why didn’t you let him butt-fuck you?” she demanded.

“We didn’t get around to it.”

“Well, it’s your loss- but I know you’re turned on by the thought of it. Your cock lit up when I had that bisexual porno playing on the TV.” She said.

His sister chimed in. “So what all did you buy?”

Their mother emptied the contents of the bags onto the sofa- two large dildos, a strap on, a bottle of lubricant, and two bisexual pornographies. Brad’s cock was straight as an arrow.

“That’s a lot of great stuff, mom.” He told her. She smiled at him and began to remove her shirt. Once that was off and her chest was free to move about, he slid down her dress, revealing the black lace panties she wore underneath. After she removed those, Brad and Holly followed suit by removing their own panties. canlı casino All three of them sat on the couch while their mom popped in one of the adult DVDs.

The movie started out with two guys working out in a gym when a woman walks in wearing a thong. Both men approach her and instantly sex ensues. While she works herself out of her clothes, both men start to fondle each other, one of whom comes on the other’s hand. Brad’s mother paused the movie.

She turned to face her siblings. “You two should know it doesn’t bother me in the least when you touch each other.”

Brad took that to mean that she wanted to see someone make a move. He reached over and began rubbing away at his sister’s crotch. They embraced and began making out, Brad’s free hand scrambling to grab a thick chunk of her ass. Their mother watched with a smile and picked up a dildo, starting to pleasure herself. Holly got into a doggy-style position and Brad stole another quick sniff of her butt. He got in position and began to enter his sister’s vagina.

Their mother started to moan as she watched and Brad began to steadily fuck his sister’s juicy cunt. He took his time with each pump to do his best at pleasing his sister. She gasped with pleasure and he sped up a tad. Brad tried to pump it harder, but there is only so much you can do with six inches. Finally Holly grabbed a nearby pillow tightly as she came on her brother’s cock. He pulled out and shot his cum all along her buttocks.

“Good show.” Said their mother as she wiped her daughter’s ass clean with her tongue.


Jake returned at about five thirty in the evening. They were still in the living room, playing with one another. He quickly stripped down and announced that he was anxious to cum. Heather quickly piped up by saying “I want you to fuck my son’s butt.”

Jake smiled and approached Brad. Heather grabbed the lubricant she had bought and squirted some on her son’s butt crack. Brad shot his sister a look. She smiled at him while starting to finger herself.

“Ready?” his mother asked. Brad knew he was not, but answered otherwise. Jake chuckled and rested the tip of his penis at Brad’s anus. With a couple of fingers, he massaged the lubricant deeply into Brad’s bottom. Then, he moved forward.

“Ow!” Brad cried out in pain. Jake squeezed his ass cheek to tell him that it was okay, and also to let him know that only the tip of his cock was inside. Slowly Jake continued on his journey deeper into the depths of Brad’s bowels. Eventually, Jake managed his entire penis into Brad’s rectum- amazing how much an ass can stretch.

Brad was beginning to enjoy the sensations he felt on the inner walls of his ass and on his prostate. His hard-on was simply raging. Jake went in harder and faster without regard for the well-being of Brad’s backdoor. That puckered little hole was being taken to the limits. From the sighs of pleasure, it obviously felt good to Jake to have a tight little butt to fuck.

“Fill ‘er up.” Brad told him. Jack smiled and inserted himself hip-deep into Brad’s rear end. He moaned as he released multiple cum shots deep into Brad’s soiled ass. Pulling out, Brad was left with a gaping hole.

His sister looked at him eagerly. “Wow- you should kaçak casino see your shit-hole right now. It looks so cute and it’s really red.” She informed him. Brad tried to smile but his ass was raw and sore.

His mother was very proud of him. “I can’t believe that entire monster fit in there. That was beautiful. Thank you, son.” Brad nodded with a smile. “I think I have to poop.” Brad said. His mother told him it was probably just Jake’s sticky goo, but Brad insisted it was both. “Then do it right here on the floor!” his mother commanded. He squatted on the floor, his ass still bright red thanks to Jake. It hurt to push, but he managed to squeeze a little bit.

“It smells incredible.” His sister said. After a few moments, he managed to get some of the sperm out of his butt. Finally it came- a large turtlehead poked out. Again his sister spoke- “Nice one, bro!”

He still had a hard-on and the shit squirmed out of his loosened anus and plopped onto the floor. His sister was quick to return his earlier favor, wiping his torn-up ass with her tongue. “Thanks, sis.” He told her. Her response was massaging his butt cheeks. Holly gave her brother a kiss on the rear and then leaned down to inspect his dirty brown log.

Slowly, Holly extended her tongue and ran it along the poop. She clenched her teeth around one end, about an inch in, and bit off a piece. Chewing it and savoring every bit, she laid down beside the feces. “You taste spectacular, Brad.” She said.

His mother decided that she, too, wanted a taste. She used her fingers to pinch off a sizeable piece and plopped it into her mouth. She also enjoyed the taste of her son’s shit.

Brad decided to take advantage of the opportunity and flipped his sister onto her back. Her own ass landed with a thud right square in the mess that Brad had just made. She didn’t mind as she squirmed back and forth, rubbing the shit into her butt. Brad thrust his solid penis inside of his sister once more.

After a few minutes, he was ready to fire. “I’m going to cum in you.” He told her just milliseconds before a stream of hot man-cream jettisoned into her twat. She squealed with pleasure and kissed her brother on the lips.

“We’ve all gotten to know each other pretty well.” His mom commented. “Brad obviously has had a thing for his sister for a while. Jake and Brad both like penis. I say we all go out to the hot tub naked.”

Everyone agreed and soon all four naked bodies were in the warm water. Brad’s mother was sitting next to him, playing with her son’s penis. The jets came on and Brad’s mother instructed him to stand with the jet shooting onto his sore rectum. He complied and eventually agreed that the sensation helped.

Holly was busy on the opposite jet, letting the stream launch right into her clitoris. Eventually it caused her to come. With everyone pretty much worn out, Brad’s mother suggested they hit the sack early.

“We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.” She started. When Brad asked for elaboration, she said “we’re headed to the sex store tomorrow, sweetie.” His mother gave him a couple light spankings on the ass. They headed inside and eventually wound up on his sister’s smaller, twin-sized bed. They figured it would be fun for the four of them to cram together. The order went: Heather, Brad, Jake, Holly. As a special request from Jake, Brad fell asleep upside down, sucking Jake’s soft penis like a pacifier.

Tomorrow would be a big day indeed.

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