Brace Yourself

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The latest CD of “Red Hot Chili Peppers” pounded through the headphones. Matt’s eyes were closed. He wasn’t tired, it’s just that the last three weeks had been spent on his back and the ceiling hadn’t gotten any more interesting. Three weeks since the snowboarding accident. Two weeks since the operation. One week since he got home. AARRRGGGHHH! One little jump, alright, one really big jump. Shit. He’d seen the x-rays. One broken arm and shoulder currently in a cast from his shoulder to his wrist and a broken ankle, two metal rods, eighteen screws. Ahhhh. That fuckin’ itch was back.

Right at the top of his leg, right where his balls rested against his thigh, it itched. Fuckin’ itched like hell! Matt reached down with his free hand but he came up just short of the spot. The cast was too restrictive. He strained to stretch his arm longer. SHIT! Someone was touching his leg. Matt’s eyes flew open and he started. The jerking of his body was painful.

“Ow – FUCK!”

“Oh God, I’m sorry Matt. I didn’t mean to surprise you. I’m sorry. Are you OK?”

“No. I’m not OK.” As the wave of pain passed Matt looked at his guest. “Oh hi Diane. You just surprised me, I thought I was all alone. I’m alright.” Diane was a year older than him. Gorgeous rather than cute, about 5′ 7″, lean but with nice hips and shoulders. Girls with broad shoulders were very attractive to Matt, and as a member of the swim team Diane had them. The baby-T she was wearing accentuated her round breasts. Her bare midriff was flat and…WHOA, when had she pierced her navel? Sweet.

“I came by to see your sister. I heard you moan. Your eyes were closed.” Diane gaze up and down the body of her teamamtes little brother. Well little in label only, he was now over 6 feet tall. Diane’s gaze traveled all the way to his toes and then slowly back up. As it returned she paused at his boxers, the flap was slightly open and a lump of flesh was just visible in a nest of curly blonde hair.

Matt noticed where Diane was looking. He could feel blood flow into his cock. There was movement in his boxers. There was a corresponding movement in Diane’s shirt as her nipples hardened they cast longer shadows across her shirt.

Diane knew she should look somewhere else, but she couldn’t. She’d always thought that Matt was cute. The lump of flesh in his boxers was moving and growing. She felt her face begin to flush, her nipples were tingling as they pressed against her t-shirt. She regretted not having worn a bra, she knew her arousal was obvious. A heat began to grow deep inside her. She could feel herself become wet. She told herself to stop looking but she couldn’t.

The movement in Matt’s boxer was causing them to tent up. The opening was being stretched further. casino siteleri Diane realized that Matt’s cock must have been pointed down his leg when it was limp. Now that it was hard it had lifted the leg of his boxers up. Standing where she was she couldn’t see the head of it.

Matt was intensely conscious of what was happening. He now had a raging hard-on. It was his first erection since the accident. I guess I’m getting better. There was a charged current of sexual tension in the room. The fact that she was staring at his erection was an even greater turn-on. Matt wanted to touch himself so badly. He groaned in frustration.

Diane was startled by the sound and flushed with embarrassment. Oh my God, I’m staring at his penis. Looking up she saw matt’s glazed eyes staring back at her, a mouth slightly open and breath softly panting. “Are you in pain Matt?” The expression of desperation that answered her question emboldened Diane. “Is it your ankle or your leg. I could rub it if you want me to.” She turned a brighter shade of red as she realized the double meaning attached to her words. Thoroughly embarrassed and wanting to leave but unable to Diane moved slowly to the foot of the bed. “Would you like a foot rub Matt?” Not waiting for his answer she began to rub his foot softly.

Matt was startled by the look in her eyes. Diane’s eyes were glazed the pupils dilated to nearly black. He saw her mouth move but hadn’t heard a word, she simply chewed at her bottom lip. When she moved to the foot of the bed he panicked for just an instant fearing she might leave. When she grasped his foot he exhaled a most satisfied moan. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Diane smiled at the sound. A movement caught her attention and she lowered her gaze to see what it was. Diane was staring straight up the leg of Matt’s boxer shorts. Oh my God. It’s so big. From Matt’s two blue eyes Diane was now staring directly into his one-eyed monster. It’s twitching! She felt slightly disoriented. She was trying to think, but she just couldn’t quite focus. A clear drop of fluid formed at the bottom of the unblinking eye.

Matt was entranced as Diane chewed on her lower lip. God she’s sexy. Matt was panting now. He was suddenly aware that it had been weeks since he had last cum. This for a guy who had jerked off every day if not more often. He heard his voice ask, “Could you rub higher up, it’s been a long time. Diane please.” His cock was as hard as he’d ever felt it. Maybe it was because it was confined in his boxers and he couldn’t adjust it for comfort. “Please. I can’t reach it.” Diane walked slowly from the foot of the bed to his hip. Diane looked into his pleading eyes and reached out.

Diane’s hand slid calmly into Matt’s boxers and grasped canlı casino the hard shaft of his cock. It’s so hot, so hard. With her other hand she adjusted his fly and pulled his cock free. Her right hand was wrapped around the base of his shaft. She wrapped her left hand above her right. The purplish head of Matt’s cock stuck out above her thumb and index finger. A fresh clear drop of fluid appeared at the slit, a gentle squeeze of her hands caused it to grow and then slide down to rest against her skin. She counter-rotated her hands as though gently wringing out a cloth, a very delicate cloth.

The movement of her hands flashed through Matt from his cock to his head, down to his toes, which curled and flexed and back to his cock. It spasmed and twitched against her grip. A loud moan followed and he unconsciously reached out with his free hand. Diane’s t-shirt was powerless to resist and Matt’s hand was filled with the soft warm flesh of her breast. His fingers had been slightly spread so that her hard nipple was caught between his middle and ring fingers. As Matt’s arm straightened her nipple and breast were pushed taut, a momentary flash of discomfort gave way to a shuddering moan. Diane’s gripped tightened and Matt groaned louder. Matt was now aggressively rolling and rubbing Diane’s tender nipple. The echo of her desire coupled with Matt’s unrelenting stimulation cause her to sway and writhe.

Fiery eyes filled with lust burned into Matt’s consciousness. Diane’s mouth was open in silent ecstasy. She couldn’t let go of Matt’s cock, she couldn’t stand much more stimulation of her poor nipple. She turned to face her held captive and bent forward. Her open mouth engulfed the heat and size of Matt’s throbbing cock. It worked. Matt released her breast as he wailed in pleasure. Diane was fierce in her assault. Her hands were twisting his shaft furiously. Her lips and tongue were a constant and insistent. Saliva dripped copiously over Matt’s cockhead and down her hands.

Matt felt pressure begin to build deep in his groin. If someone were looking at just his hands and feet they would assume he was having some kind of fit. Fingers and toes flexed uncontrollably. A hoarse pant was all the vocalization he could muster. The pressure built inexorably.

“Oh God. Don’t’ stop. Don’t stop. Oh God.” As the demand for release increased Matt was aware that he was far past his usual point of ejaculation. Why can’t I come? Maybe I can’t! Maybe I’m still too injured. Please, let me come. Diane’s efforts had brought Matt to the peak of stimulation. “AH! AH! AH!” Finally he passed the point of no return. Increased pressure filled his cock and he felt it swell as never before.

Diane felt a strange peace of mind that she had never experienced kaçak casino with a guy. She was actually happy bringing Matt to this moment pleasure. She heard the change in tone of Matt’s voice. She felt the swelling of his cock in her hands and her mouth. She relaxed to receive her prize. Matt cried out in unrestrained joy, AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! With each cry a thick jet of hot cum spurted into Diane’s eager mouth. Pulse after pulse filled her mouth. Her mouth full Diane lifted her head and swallowed.

Matt smiled in absolute bliss. As she swallowed he gasped in surprised entranced as a single drop of cum trickle down her chin. She looked at him with such innocence.

Diane approached the head of the bed. She reached out and gently held his face in her hands. Their lips barely made contact as she kissed Matt. As she started to pull away, Matt pulled her close and kissed her strongly on the mouth, his tongue pushed through her resistance and soon they were engaged in a deep passionate kiss. As he let her go he couldn’t help but break into a large smile.

“You are a very naughty boy.” She stroked the side of his face with her fingertips.

“And you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” Matt raised his hand to capture hers. She pushed it away.

“You’re mean too.” She threw a pout at him sticking out her lower lip. “You shouldn’t say things like that unless you mean them.”

“What if I do mean them.”

“Do you?”

“Do you have a problem with me thinking you’re beautiful and sexy.”

Diane smiled. “I think we better check your medication. You’re delirious.”

Matt held his arms wide.

Diane bent forward and was enveloped in warm embrace. A hand on her head raised it slightly and they were kissing again. Softly, warmly, intimately. As the kiss ended and the embrace was released Diane stepped back and looked at Matt. The truth of his feelings for her was shining in his eyes.

“I have to go. Swim practice. I have to go.”

“Will you come bye later – after practice?”

“I was supposed to go the Jack Masters house for some tutoring.”

Diane watched with hidden glee as Matt scowled in apparent jealousy.

“Jack? You’re going to Jack Masters’s house?”

“Yes – is that a problem?” Diane smiled.

“No.” Matt tried unsuccessfully to feign disinterest. My God she just gave me a blow job and she’s off to study at the house of the biggest player at the school! “No – no problem.”

“Great! See you later Matt.” Diane turned and walked out of the room. Matt collapsed back in utter confusion.

“Oh, and by the way.” Matt’s head snapped up to find Diane standing in the doorway. “Not that it’s any of your business. I’m tutoring Jack’s little sister in Chemistry.”

Matt sighed in obvious relief. Damn!

“Good.” Diane smiled in triumph. “I feel the same way about you.” She blew him a kiss. “I’ll see you later, stud.” From down the hall he heard. “Sweet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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