Bosom Buddies Ch. 08

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(All characters in this story are at least 18 years old)


I deflected Amy’s question with some joke about showing up “like a pimp” with all three of them on my arm. She’d laughed at that and dropped the subject, but I already knew it was going to be a problem. Sure, I had more than a month until prom—time enough to figure it out—but a nagging worry nevertheless crawled into the back of my mind, made itself comfortable, and refused to leave.

Obviously, my joke about bringing all three was just that, a joke. It was one thing for me to be in a situation where I was casually fooling around with Corrine, Amy, and Elizabeth, but none of them would be happy to attend prom with one third of a date. And honestly? I would have felt less like a “pimp” and more like some weird sleaze-ball.

So, who DID I want to invite? And what would happen to the girls I didn’t? Liz would be crushed, Amy would be pissed, and Corrine would think it was punishment for the hurtful things she had said to me back when she was dating Steve.

A year ago, I would have guessed that my biggest challenge with prom would be finding ONE girl who would want go with me, not deciding between three of the hottest ladies in school.

There was no winning play. In the meantime, I did my best to keep myself distracted.

After Corrine’s return, our remaining days at the cabin passed in a surreal, debaucherous blur. For the first time in our lives as sexually active teenagers, there were no parents to interfere for an entire week. No curfews to avoid, no fear of being caught in the act, and no difficulty finding privacy when we wanted it.

We could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. And we wanted it pretty much non-stop.

By the fourth day, everyone was so horny that we no longer even made a pretense of being interested in anything else. We still hung out and joked, and ate meals as a group, but that part of the day felt almost like an intermission for the important stuff: the sex.

Hours passed in what felt like minutes. One day led into the next without us even realizing it. We no longer slept on any particular schedule, we just zonked out when we were too tired to fool around anymore.

Sadly, that awesome night in the hot tub proved to be my last foursome with Amy, Corrine, and Elizabeth. The conditions had been perfect to create a spontaneous, uncontrollable, one-time explosion of lust, but after that night, group stuff felt awkward and forced. The three girls were willing to share me, but not at the same time.

Looking back, it was just as well. I doubt I would have had the stamina to last the entire week if I had been expected to simultaneously pleasure three women all by myself.

The only exception was this one night when Amy tried to sleep in the other bed while I was devouring Corrine’s pussy, and the sound of our lovemaking got her so turned on that she insisted on joining in. She pressed herself behind me and gave my cock a reach-around while fingering herself through her the soaked cotton of her panties.

I tried not to be distracted, but I barely made it through Corrine’s climax. As soon as my big-titted blonde lover finished coming, I leaned back and let myself go—watching as long trails of boiling semen blasted out of me and splashed onto Corrine’s pubic hair, dripping down between her legs.

But other than that, my various rendezvous with the three girls were all one-on-one.

I saw substantially less of the two couples we were staying with, as they kept mostly to the privacy of their own rooms. There were a few memorable times, however, when I would be walking past the living room only to see Stephanie and Simon’s sweaty bodies writhing on the couch, or when I would go out for a dip in the hot tub and discover that it was already occupied by Talia and Rachel, their naked bosoms splashing against each other as they kissed.

Liz and I lost any compunction about spying on Stephanie and Simon from our adjoining bathroom. Watching our amorous neighbors through the slats in the door became something of an unspoken game, as a matter of fact. They would try to be as quiet as possible, and if we still caught them in the act, we won.

And it went both ways: more than once, while I was getting a passionate blowjob from Elizabeth, I heard excited laughter and moans coming through the door as Simon and Stephanie peaked in on us, no doubt frigging each other just as we did when we watched them. On the few occasions when we knew we were being spied on, Liz and I would reposition ourselves on the bed to provide a better view for our audience: her tits for Simon’s enjoyment, and my cock for Stephanie’s. The exhibitionist thrill of it just adding to our own arousal.

I don’t think any of us would have been willing to actually, deliberately fuck our partner in front of the neighbors, but the bathroom door provided the perfect smokescreen. Keeping the voyeurs out of sight made it much more comfortable for everyone involved.

To casino oyna their credit, neither Simon nor Stephanie actually had “sex” during that entire time. She wanted to wait until prom, and he was willing to oblige her. They did do just about everything else, however, from tit-fucking to blowjobs.

It was much the same story with Elizabeth and myself. At first, she claimed that she didn’t want to go “all the way” with me because she wasn’t on the pill yet, but when I suggested the simple solution of driving into town and buying a pack of Trojans, she admitted that, in reality, she just wasn’t ready to lose her virginity.

She was clearly self-conscious about this self-perceived “prudishness” on her part, but I understood better than anyone how emotionally messy losing one’s virginity could be, and I told her she had nothing to be ashamed of.

Liz looked away from me, frowning. “But you’re actually getting to have sex with Amy and Corry! I must be so much more boring compared to them.”

I shut her up by kissing her as passionately as I possibly could.

“Nobody—NOBODY—kisses me the way you do, Elizabeth. My brain spins out into another galaxy when you kiss me.”

I was too nervous tell her the full truth—that there was something else that made my time with Liz so special. Much as I tried to shut it out and simply focus on how hot the girl was, I was always overcome with a strange, unexplainable euphoria when I was in her company. Sex with Amy and Corrine was a blast, to be sure. But just touching Elizabeth was pure bliss. Even doing something utterly innocent, like holding her hand.

I refused to put a name on this feeling, because I feared I already knew what that name would be, and it wasn’t a word I was ready to deal with right now. I tried with all my might to keep things between us on a purely “sex and friendship” level. Just like I was able to do with Amy and Corry.

Hence my diabolical plan:

I had Elizabeth follow me into the woods, until I was sure we were out of earshot of the cabin. Alone at last, I gently pushed her up against the trunk of an old tree that looked to be about the right size for what I had in mind.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Trust me.”

She nodded, her eyes wide as I leaned down and tasted another of her kisses. The sweetness of her lips was already making me hard.

“Take off my belt,” I whispered.

She did as she was told, kissing me all the while. Soon as she was done, I took the belt from her, then grabbed her small hands and immediately pinned them both above her head. I wrapped my belt around the trunk of the tree and over her hands, cinching it in place gently enough to ensure I hadn’t hurt her.

“There. Now you’re my prisoner.”

She rolled her eyes and laughed, but, truth be told, I think she liked the idea of being dominated a little bit. If she had actually wanted to get loose, it would have been the easiest thing in the world for Liz to slip her hands free of my makeshift restraint.

I reached into my pocket and took out the fluffy pink belt from her Hello Kitty bathrobe (I had stolen it earlier for this very moment) and we both laughed while I used it to blindfold her.

“Oh no!” she feigned, “What ever are you plotting?”

“No talking!”

She stifled a giggle at our little game. For a full minute, I just admired the view of my Mediterranean goddess: waves of dark hair spilling down slender shoulders. Beneath the simple blue tank top she wore, Liz’s disproportionately large breasts were pushed up and together by her elevated arms. She had a pair of cute capris shorts on over those full hips, and her fair-skinned legs shifted nervously while she waited for me to make my move.

Robbed of her sight, her head perked up, like a bird’s, listening for clues.

Silently, I leaned in and kissed her on the throat. When she rewarded me with an excited gasp, I knew we were both in for some fun.

After a moment’s consideration, I nipped her ear, sending a shiver through her whole body.

I ran my finger along the delicate softness of her lower lip…

Slid my tongue along the surface of her inner thigh…

Cast a breath of air across the nape of her neck…

Each tiny, unexpected touch built her arousal, bit by bit. A chaste kiss on the cheek made Elizabeth rub her legs together. Her nipples plumped up beneath the fabric of her shirt.

I was grinning ear-to-ear, thinking ahead to my next point of attack. Ever so softly, I cupped her breast. Not squeezing, not groping, merely letting my hand glide along the beautiful curve. Liz held her breath the entire time.

Then, just as my palm reached one of her nipples, I pulled it away—

And planted my mouth on the other.

“Ooh!” she shrieked in surprise. I bit down slightly, making sure that she could feel me through the material of her bra.

Somehow, I found the willpower to wrench myself away from her tit long enough to kiss the girl full on the canlı casino mouth. She moaned, giving into her building passion, taunting me with the tip of her tongue.

While Liz was distracted by our passionate kiss, I surprised her again by grabbing both of her tits and squeezing hard. The sudden fierceness of my hands on her body provoked a moan, and the girl’s lips positively melted against mine in response.

Her bra needed to go.

My hands teased their way up her back, beneath her shirt, and unsnapped the hook. As always, there was an audible SNAP of elastic as the weight of Elizabeth’s enormous tits bounced free of their prison. I couldn’t get the shoulder straps off, not with her hands pinned to the tree above her head, so instead I hiked up her tank top above the thrust of her chest, revealing a naughty, black lace bra underneath.

That bra hung limply atop Elizabeth’s mountainous bosom, her unencumbered tits spilling out in all directions. Careful not to actually touch her, I lifted the dangling bra cups up off her skin, exposing Liz’s dark, desperate nipples to the open air.

They looked delicious. Begging for attention. There was nothing I wanted more than to put those sensitive nipples in my mouth and go wild—and she knew it. I could see by the way Liz was anxiously biting her lip that she fully expected me to drop my tongue to her awesome boobs and satiate them any instant now.

So I didn’t. I lowered my face down until I was just a millimeter away, the ragged heat of my breath tickling her breasts…

Then I cupped her pussy through her shorts.

Liz went completely rigid, stung by the unexpected source of pleasure. Her whole body started shaking as I massaged her there, slowly enough that it was impossible for her to cum. Impatient for more stimulation, she thrust her chest at my face, silently pleading for my mouth against her hard nipples.

But she wasn’t the one in charge.

Finally, she gave up trying to outguess me. Her head lulled forward on a limp neck and I saw a resigned smile cross her lips. Beautiful Elizabeth was putty in my hands.

I took that as my cue to finally go for her breasts. She whimpered helplessly while I squeezed and licked her soft flesh. As always, I was amazed to see such gigantic breasts on a girl who stood just 5’2″. Liz had the most sensitive nipples of any girl I had ever met, and I took full advantage of that fact by suckling them until she was only seconds away from orgasm.

But I wasn’t quite done with her yet. I regretfully let her engorged nipple slip from my loving lips and released her huge boobs from my grip, momentarily hypnotized by the way they bounced back into place.

Then I tugged down her capris and started stroking Liz through her black lace panties, warming my fingers against her cunt.

Her ears perked up at the sound of my zipper. I kicked off my jeans and boxers.

“W-what are you doing?” she asked. The heat between her legs grew scalding.

I didn’t answer, I just dragged my naked cock inexorably up the inside of her thigh, my fingers intensifying their dance on her clit…


I removed my fingers and let her feel the full length of my hardness as it rose up between her trembling legs. She whimpered helplessly as I took my shaft in hand, lightly thumping the tip against her pantie-covered crotch.

She was so fucking wet…

Though my cock screamed at me to force myself inside her anxious body, I refused to do that to Liz. Today wasn’t about taking her virginity, it was about giving her the best orgasm of her life. I dropped to my knees and grabbed her drenched panties with my teeth, pulling them down as far as I could.

“Oh, yes…” she breathed, praying that her torment was finally coming to an end…

And so it was. I licked across her slit with a long, satisfying stroke of my tongue.

I tried to draw out her pleasure for as long as I could, but she was already damn close. I probed her slick nether lips with my mouth, slid three fingers up inside of her, and gently lapped at her clit.

With my free hand, I reached around and grabbed onto her butt, allowing my fingertips to push down between those full, sexy ass cheeks and feel the fire radiating from within…

“Oh, fuck yes! Aaahhh!”

She went crazy. Liz squirmed in ecstasy against my tongue, soaking my entire face with her honey. Tits flopping around everywhere—so goddamn fucking sexy—

I love this girl.

I came. Out of absolutely fucking nowhere, I came, my screams of pleasure muffled against her dripping cunt. I came with no physical stimulation whatsoever.

Liz shook with a final, twisting spasm, and her loosely tied blindfold slipped off, landing on her nose.

I let her catch her breath for a moment, gently caressing her naked boobs while she muttered incoherently about how amazing her orgasm had been. Eventually, she grew cogent enough to notice the mess I had made on the ground.

“Wait, did kaçak casino you cum?”


“But, both your hands were on me. I could feel them. How did it happen?”

“I guess, seeing you like that— I don’t know, it just did.”

I wasn’t sure whether or not I was supposed to be embarrassed, but Liz looked happy, and that was enough for me.


Returning home at the end of the week was like waking up from a dream, to the sound of an air raid. First off, I was in pain. My body had been through the most physically exhausting week in history, and every muscle simultaneously decided to hate me. I had never really thought of sex as intense exercise, but then I’d never had the opportunity to go at it non-stop for so long.

Second, I suddenly had no privacy whatsoever. There was always someone around, be it parents, or teachers, and I suddenly went from constantly banging three gorgeous women to having zero chance for intimacy.

And, worst of all, I had exams to study for. “Advance Placement” tests to be precise, the sole determining factor in whether or not I would get credit for all the college-level courses which had gotten me into MIT. If you’ve ever taken them, you know what I’m bitching about. If you were lucky enough not to—well, imagine taking all the hardest finals you’ve ever had, back to back, at once, with no break.

For three weeks, all I did was study. Talia and Rachel were in AP Biology with me, so I at least I had company throughout the misery. We studied until we had test answers spilling out of every bodily orifice, only to face a very, VERY long week of testing.

On the morning of my last exam, I stumbled into my biology classroom in a daze, so focused on remembering everything I had studied that I was practically oblivious to the outside world. But oblivious or not, there was no way I wasn’t gonna notice Talia. While the rest of us had shown up in the most casual, comfortable clothes we could find, Talia had decided to put the sexy back in academia with a blood-red sleeveless t-shirt. It had an eye-catching, velvety texture and hugged Talia’s body like a second skin, showing off the fact that her full, healthy breasts weren’t restricted inside a bra.

A coincidence on the seating chart put her desk right in front of mine, which meant I was going to be spending the entirety of the test with my eye-line pointing directly at the amazingly fine ass filling out Talia’s black stretch pants. Much as I enjoyed checking out my friend’s awesome body, now was not the ideal time.

That test crawled by for an agonizing epoch, but, believe it or not, I managed to make it through the whole thing without daydreaming too much about Talia.

Without daydreaming too much about her succulent tits.

Or her luscious ass.

Or about yanking her skintight pants down and slamming my cock into her from behind while she grabbed her desk for support and moaned out her apologies for distracting me, whilst simultaneously begging, “Just let me cum already, for the love of GOD—”

Come to think of it, maybe I did spend too much time daydreaming.

Anyway, I somehow still finished the damn thing. I set my pencil down, did a final check of my Scantron, and then—like the age of the dinosaurs, or the Roman Empire—my AP tests were officially over. My skull felt strangely empty, as though I had just squeezed out an enormous baby who’d spent the past nine months gestating in my brain. Talia, Rachel, and I staggered out into the daylight, too consumed with mental fatigue to even consider celebrating.

That lasted about six minutes.

Then we were practically climbing the walls, like a brood of giggling two year-olds who’d consumed our weight in amphetamines. The school day was only half over, but the three of us all agreed that we had earned the rest of the afternoon off. We played hooky and hoofed it back to Talia’s house, where both her parents were still away at work. Talia broke out a bag of pretzels and a gallon of raspberry chocolate ice cream, and the celebration began.

“It’s over!”

“We’re done!”

“No more APs!”

We laughed and cheered, generously exchanging high-fives and hugs. I picked up Rachel’s petite body in my arms and swung her around the room while she squealed in delight. Man, that girl was tiny.

I asked Talia what was up with her slutty outfit that day, and she smugly replied, “When I feel sexy, I feel confident. It helped me on the test.”

“Yeah,” I joked, “but I had to sit behind you. When you feel sexy, I feel horny, and that did NOT help me on the test.”

Rachel put an end to our squabbling by tapping her bowl of ice cream with a spoon.

“Ahem! I propose a toast.”

Talia and I dutifully picked up our own bowls in response.

“A toast,” Rachel continued, “to the end of high school. Yeah, I know, we’ve still got a month of classes and a couple easy finals, but let’s be honest: this was it. This week was the hard part, and now it’s done with. From here on out, all we’ve gotta do is show up. So, cheers!”

We clinked our three ice cream bowls together. Talia grabbed a handful of Rachel’s t-shirt and pulled her in for an excited, celebratory kiss—

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