Bored Stiff

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The television was on and Erica Deliu was bored stiff. The summer vacation was already three weeks in, and she was just plain bored. She already had a job at the PIZZA PALACE lined up, and had started going in about a week before classes ended.

She could hear as Regis and Kelly started to talk about who was going to arrive at their show, and what was going to go on in the next half an hour. “Dull. Very, very dull.”

The AC hummed ever so slightly, but it still wasn’t enough for her. Her body screamed that it was dealing with unending torture of the heat and demanded that she do something about it. She had on only what she slept in… a T-shirt and a pair of pink panties. Both her parents and her younger brother were at work and school respectively.

Her brother Donald wouldn’t get out for another two weeks or so. She checked the clock that was stationed above the kitchenette, 10:45. Since Donald wouldn’t be home for another few hours – 2:30, She didn’t start work ‘till 4:00, and neither parent would be home till 5:00. She figured that she would have the perfect opportunity.

She sauntered back to her room, and lay on the bed. Her hands starting to roam towards her vaginal area almost robotically, she slid a finger underneath the hem of her panties, feeling her abdomen she slowly went down. She could feel the coarseness of her brown pubic hair as she slowly weaved a finger around and around, tangling it in a not unpleasant fashion.

More, she wanted more! She just had to have it! She hefted up her hips and slid her panties down, past her knees, and toes, letting them slide off her, hearing the plop that they made as they dropped onto the floor. She let her fingers roam downwards to her center.

She was wet, already aroused, she could feel her index finger slide into her core effortlessly. “Wet, so wet.” She murmured to no one in particular, her breasts heaving against the tautness of the fabric of her shirt. She circled her clit, slowly, enjoying the minute shocks that the organ was sending to her, she felt her buttocks lift up off the sheets, and she plunged her fingers in deeper.

More, she wanted more! She stuck one finger into her and then two, but she was tight, that she didn’t want to risk a third or damaging herself.

Her body was on fire, jolting and shocking as her clit wagged under the ministrations of her finger. Finally she could hold out not longer, and came.

But what a cum it was, her juices flowed out of her like a faucet. Erica slowly came down from her cloud, feeling as her body began to relax, and the sensations of the world came back to her. She settled her head back into the pillow, and rested for a moment; but then she heard something, Clapping?


She sat straight up, and she searched wildly for the location of the noise.

Donald was standing in her doorway, a wolfish grin on his face, his book bag by his feet. “Marvelous. Simply marvelous.”

“How long have you been standing there?” Erica demanded.

“Long enough.” Donald said with a smile, “I have a favor to ask of you…”

Erica looked over at Donald. She wasn’t sure exactly how much he’d seen, nor what he was now going to ask of her; but she figured that she might as well get it over with and do whatever it was that the little jerk wanted. “What’s up, casino oyna bro, what do you need?”

Donald smiled appreciatively at her. “I have to tell you that was some display, mmm.”

She couldn’t help but look at him; his chest was easily, well mammoth. He used to be on the swim team back when he was in High School, and the exercise seemed to have done wonders for him. “You didn’t answer my question. What is it that you want?”

Donald started to walk further into her room, and began to walk around, touching her stuffed teddy bear, as well as the sheets that were on her bed, the sheets that she’d so recently enjoyed herself on. He stopped, and turned towards her. “I wanted to ask if I could borrow your Spider-man soundtrack.”

Erica relaxed a little bit. Donald had always been a brat as a child, always kind of whiny to get his way, and for a moment, she thought that he might have taken it into his head to do something rather stupid. However, seeing that he just wanted to borrow a CD, there was nothing wrong with that. “Sure it’s on my shelf, let me go ahead and get it for you.”

She walked over to her bed, and kneeled on it for a second, the shelf that she was talking about was directly overhead and stood about three feet higher than the bed itself. She wondered why she didn’t just have her dad lower the damned thing, but it seemed to work, and after ten years of use, hadn’t fallen down on her. She started to scan through the three hundred or so CDs that were arranged in line on the shelf. They at one-point-in time had been alphabetized, but she’d played so many of them, that she’d given up taking the time to go through and organize them. As long as they were in cases they were going to be fine.

She felt a slight caress on her butt, and she stiffened. “Um Donald, what are you doing?”

“Nothing.” She tilted her head, and sure enough he was seated over on the floor staring at her. “Just minding my own business. Are you doing all right?”

“Sure, why do you ask?”

“You just seem well tense, that all. Do you want me to go, let you get dressed?”

She turned back and located the CD that he wanted. “There you go, nah you’re fine. You’re more than welcome to listen to it here.” She started to turn around, with the intent of letting him have it, however her feet got tangled in her sheets. “Oh crap, I’m going to fall!” She shrieked as she started to topple over.

“Don’t worry sis, I got you!” Donald called out as she felt herself fall into his arms. “Then again, maybe not!”

She could feel as he started to spin around, she quickly shot the CD back onto the bed; she liked it, and didn’t want anything to happen to it. However, she wasn’t able to blockade herself as she felt her head connect with the side of the chest of drawers. She heard Donald start to say something, but it was obscured as she started to go unconscious…

…Wet, so wet.” Her body felt so wet, and she wasn’t sure where she was. The last thing that she remembered was getting the CD for Donald, and then falling….


She groggily tried to open her eyes, but quickly shut them again as she was blinded by the light in the room. “Where… where?” She mumbled slightly.

“Good to see that you’re awake.” It was Donald. “I was worried that we’d have to take you into the hospital or something. canlı casino I just need a few more minutes to get you cleaned up, no biggie.”

“Cleaned up? What are you talking about?”

“Well you went to get a CD for me and then did a lovely swan dive off the bed. I tried to catch you, and did a pretty fair job of it, until your head caught the side of the chest of drawers, and it was goodnight Gracie, or rather, goodnight Erica.”

She opened her eyes fully, and realized that she was lying in the tub! “Um, may I ask how I got here?”

“Simple silly, I put you there. Your jammies are in the hamper. I’m going to get the laundry done in a second, but I wanted to make sure that you were cleaned off and comfy.”

Erica put her hand up to her head, and saw that there was a gauze bandage over her forehead. Her head felt sore, her hair clumped, and her face sticky. “How long was I out, and what exactly did you have to do?”

“Not to big a deal, just simple first aid, but you were out for about twenty or so minutes. I thought about calling 911, but didn’t want you to go out in such a disastrous state, if you know what I mean.”

The water was covered in blood, and she was surprised that a simple flesh wound could bleed so much.

“Here let me lend you a hand.”

Before Erica could protest, Donald dove his hands into the water and lifted her out, placing her on a towel, and then onto the toilet. She felt the coarseness of the towel as he started to dry her off. His hands were so soft that she was surprised. She didn’t think that the bratty four-year-old that had once pulled her pigtails could now be so compassionate.

“There, do you feel better?” He asked as he finished drying her and started to pick her up once again.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m going to get you into your bed so that you can take a quick nap. Hopefully after that you’ll feel all nice and rested.”

Erica nodded in response, and snuggled into his arms. She felt so safe and so warm. She heard the thudding of his heart in his chest; it quickly lulled her to sleep.

She woke up, in his bed. It was so soft and comfy, though she wondered why she wasn’t in her own. The sheets were warm to the touch, and the felt lovely upon her bare skin.

…Bare skin! An alarm bell went off in her head, why was she naked and in his bed?

“Hi there sleepy head, I was beginning to wonder if you’d ever manage to get up again.”

“Mmm. What time is it?”

“3 PM.”

“What!” She sat straight up. And the sheets fell off of her, revealing her naked breasts. “Donald, what the hell is going on here?”

“Relax, relax, your stuff’s being washed. I was going to change you back into some other stuff but you just looked so comfortable that I just couldn’t bring myself to move you out.”

“Oh, thanks.” Erica looked around; yes this was her brother’s room.

“So is there anything that I can get you?”

“Nope, not really.” She tossed aside the rest of the blankets to reveal the rest of her naked form. “Donald what are you doing, you little pervert! I mean sure my clothes might have been mussed, but you could have gone ahead and gotten anything else out of my closet for me to wear. You didn’t have to leave me naked like this!”

“Relax Erica. I sort of did it for nostalgia, kaçak casino remember when we were little and we played those games of ‘I’ll show you mine, you show me yours.”

“Yeah.” She said, warily.

“I figured that we could take it to the next step.”

“I thought we’d outgrown that particular game a long time ago, Donald.”

“Yeah, yeah I know. Here let me give you a hand, and help you out of the bed, what do you say to that?”

In all honesty, she really could see no harm in it, and held out her hand to him. Donald took the opportunity to slip a free hand towards her vagina, quickly sliding a finger into her slit.

“Oh my god, Donald, what are you…” The words were lost as he started to rub slightly on her clit.

“Relax. I promise that if I hurt you, we’ll stop. But I want you to try it out, you might like it.”

“Donald, Donald this is w-wrong!” She tried to push him away, but could already feel her body starting to respond. She’d wanted this for such a long time, and for some reason could never figure out what it was that she was missing. As his free hand went up to her nipple, she realized exactly what it was she missed, the touch of a man.

He played with her clitoris a bit more, and she leaned into him, trying to get his fingers to sink even further in. She couldn’t help it, and felt her body begin to respond even more, her breath was coming out in gasps. She could feel the impending rush of an orgasm.

This is what she wanted, no needed. Forgetting the fact that this was totally and completely wrong, she heard herself beg. “Don-Donald… plea. Please-put it inside me!”

“What?” asked Donald; he knew what she wanted, but he needed to hear her ask him.

“Y-your penis, please. I need you inside of me!” She was begging him.

In moments he had his pants down, and was stepping out of them. Somehow, he’d still managed to keep his hand inside of her and was gently diddling her, making her come close to orgasm, but not falling over the threshold. “Are you sure about this?

“Yes, please, I want you, no need you inside of me!”

And that was it. His penis glided up to her sopping, and open cunt, sliding in almost effortlessly. “Gee, you’re so tight, sis!”

“Y-eahh…” She gasped as she felt his penis touch the inner core of her, gently stimulating her clit. She could feel the rush of the second orgasm, as her legs began to spasm. “Oh, oh, oh I’m going to…” She lost it totally as she tossed her head back, and screamed as her orgasm rushed over her in waves. “Oh God, so good, so good, more, more, please more.”

“Glad to O-Oblige!” Donald said, as he realized that his own release was not far off. A few more thrusts, and he was going to… “Sis, sis. I’m going to, going to.”

“I-I’m not on the pill Donald!” Panic swept through her, how was she going to explain this to her parents.

“It’s ok, g-got it covered.”

Seconds later she felt the warm, sticky, wetness over her breasts and stomach.

“Oh god sis, you feel so good, so good!” Donald wrapped his hand around his penis and finished what he’d started, milking the last few drops of cum. “That was wonderful, Erica!” Donald lay down next to her, exhausted.

“I agree.” Erica started to sit up using the sheet to clean herself off. Suddenly the color drained from her face, she could hear a car pulling in. “Shit!” She gasped, pulling the covers over her body.

“What’s wrong?” Donald asked, oblivious to anything.

Erica looked at the clock 5:45 – “It’s Dad! He’s home from work!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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