Bobby , Grandpa

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18-year-old Bobby held his 65-year-old Grandpa’s erect penis in his hand. He marveled at how his elderly Grandpa could achieve an erection at his age, and so did Grandpa since this was his first time achieving an erection in what felt to him like ages. He bent Grandpa’s dick forward and buried his face in his bushy gray pubic hair. Grandpa moaned as his grandson munched on his whitesh-gray pubes while he held on tightly to his dick. He ran his arthritic fingers slowly and somewhat achingly through his hair as Bobby pulled and nibbled on his crotch hair as he stroked his Grandpa’s cock. Bobby lifted his head and stared down at Grandpa’s swelled cockhead that was staring him right in the face. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and went down on his beloved Grandpa.

Though Grandpa’s dick had shrunk in size through the years the older he got, making his grandson’s cock seem massive by comparison, he was still able to fill his grandson’s mouth with his aged tool. And though this was Bobby’s first time at giving another man head, he sucked his Grandpa’s dick like a pro. Grandpa watched proudly as his grandson’s head bobbed up and down on his prick. Bobby fisted the bottom part of Grandpa’s shaft as he kept sucking him off, the side of his hand slapping Grandpa’s dangling balls, which caused Grandpa to moan out each time he felt the side of Bobby’s hand hitting his nuts. But Grandpa didn’t complain. He enjoyed what his grandson was doing to him, the immense pleasure he was giving his Grandpa. He only hoped that, when his turn came, that he could give Bobby as much pleasure, if not more, as he was giving him now. Grandpa knew he was being selfish, but he wanted more from Bobby before he blew his load completey, so he suggested to his grandson with his dick still buried in his mouth, “Why don’t you stand up and let your old Grandpa fuck you in the ass, Bobby?”

Bobby, with some reluctance, removed his mouth from off his Grandpa’s dick and looked up at him, the eagerness in his eyes clearly showing at the prospect of allowing his Grandpa to fuck him in the ass. So he took his hand off his dick and stood up. Bobby turned his back to him as he stood over him and slowly bent down towards his cock. Grandpa, as steady as he could, aimed the head of his prick at his grandson’s waiting asshole. Bobby placed his hands on Grandpa’s legs and bent down even further until he began to feel Grandpa’s flushed cockhead poking his tight hairy hole. Bobby sat down on his cock and let out a tiny casino oyna wail as he felt Grandpa’s cock sliding into his asshole.

Bobby mounted Grandpa.

Bobby fastly moved his pelvis up and down so Grandpa’s dick could slide easily in and out of his ass. Grandpa would’ve liked to move his own pelvis up and down so his dick would slide in farther into his grandson’s ass, but he found his arthritis prevented him from doing so. However, regardless of Grandpa’s disappointment at the limitations of his old age, Bobby seemed to be enjoying himself immensely at having his own Grandpa’s dick buried all the way inside his ass as he moaned and groaned in sheer ecstasy as he gripped Grandpa’s legs while Grandpa fucked his grandson’s virgin ass. While his grandson was still riding him like a horse, Grandpa soon felt something that he hadn’t felt in a very long time, not since his beloved wife, Bobby’s grandmother, passed away some years ago: he felt the beginnings of an incredible orgasm building up in the back of his legs. He knew he was about to blow his load, and right in his grandson’s ass too! The immense sensations Grandpa was feeling in his legs soon moved up to his groin through his engorged balls all the way up his shaft to the swollen head of his cock. He threw his head back as he wrapped his arthritic fingers around Bobby’s hips. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable. In a matter of seconds, he blew his load right into his grandson’s sphincter.

Both Grandpa and grandson wailed out as Grandpa’s jism spewed out of his grandson’s rectum and spilled onto his balls. Grandpa could feel the warmness of his own jizz rolling off his nutsack and dripping down the crack of his wrinkled ass. Bobby kept humping Grandpa’s dick as if he were trying to coax more come out of his already spent Grandpa. Finally Grandpa’s erection began to subside enough that it fell out of Bobby’s newly-deflowered ass. Bobby relunctantly dismounted Grandpa and wondered if their fun was over. But then Grandpa, in a totally unexpected move, grabbed his grandson by his hips once again and buried his face between his butt cheeks. Bobby quickly felt Grandpa rimming his wet, gaping asshole with his tongue.

His dick, already hard enough to cut rocks, got even harder as Grandpa pushed his tongue past the opening of his anus and down his colon until the tip of his tongue was probing his prostate. Bobby grabbed his cock and felt himself about to blow his own load all over the place as he felt his Grandpa’s canlı casino tongue darting in and out of his ass, the tip of which was banging away at his prostate. He tried to hold his impending orgasm back as best he could because he wanted to fuck the shit out of his Grandpa the same way Grandpa had fucked the shit out of him. Apparently that’s what Grandpa wanted as well as he finally, mercifully, took his tongue away from Bobby’s bunghole and leaned back away from his grandson.

Bobby turned around and faced his Grandpa. They both smiled at each other as Grandpa spread his legs like a woman and waited to be penetrated by his own beloved grandson Bobby. And Bobby happily obliged his Grandpa as he got on his knees in front of him and started to push his throbbing dick into his Grandpa’s rectum. Grandpa’s asshole wasn’t as tight as Bobby’s was, another result of their age difference, but it was nevertheless tight enough for Bobby–and Grandpa–to get a good fuck out of. And that’s just what they got as Bobby began to thrust his dick in and out of Grandpa’s ass.

Grandpa grunted while Bobby wailed as grandson ass-fucked his Grandpa with a youthful intensity that Grandpa still wished he had. Bobby held on tightly to Grandpa’s hips as he shoved his cock balls deep into his aching, swollen sphincter. Bobby’s head was thrown back and his mouth was agape as he was feeling sensations he had never felt before. Not only was this his first time with another man, this was his first time ever. Grandpa, being the wise old man he was, knew this without Bobby even having to say a word to him about it. And Grandpa, being the considerate and loving grandparent he was, was going to make this an unforgettable experience for his seemingly grateful grandson . . . even if it killed him!

Grandpa could tell by Bobby’s increasingly hard thrusts that he was about to come. Grandpa would allow him to come inside his ass the same way he had came inside Bobby’s ass. Bobby dug his fingers deeper into Grandpa’s flabby flesh as he moaned out, “Oh, Grandpa! I’m about to come! I’m about to come!” Grandpa lovingly held his grandson’s face in his hands–which, like the rest of his body, were also riddled with arthritis–as he watched Bobby’s eyes roll in the back of his head . . . and then he came. Bobby screamed out as wave after heavy wave of his hot, sticky come flushed out of his dick and into Grandpa’s ass. Both Bobby and Grandpa looked down to see Bobby’s pearly-white come shoot out of Grandpa’s asshole, kaçak casino drenching Grandpa’s flabby, wrinkled butt cheeks and Bobby’s pube-covered waist as a result. Bobby gave a few more light strokes of his pelvis to make sure he was finally spent. He was. He slowly, relunctantly, took his cock out of his Grandpa and wondered once again if their fun was over. But Grandpa wanted for Bobby to experience everything, so he suggested to his grandson once more, “Bobby, why don’t you stand up so I can suck your dick like you did mine?”

“But Grandpa,” Bobby protested, “I just came!”

Grandpa smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you get hard again. Besides, have I ever let you down before?”

Bobby returned his Grandpa’s trusting, reassuring smile. He stood up and aimed his subsiding member right at his Grandpa’s face. Feeling some pain in his aged joints, Grandpa leaned forward as he wrapped his hand around his grandson’s cock and took it into his mouth. Sure enough, after a little while of having his Grandpa blowing him, Bobby’s cock returned to its fully erect state once again. Bobby was a little surprised to find out that Grandpa was an expert cocksucker. He figured that this was Grandpa’s first time doing another guy as well, but it apparently wasn’t as Grandpa expertly sucked and fisted his youthful prick, taking his penis out of his mouth only a few brief times to suck on his hairy balls. Bobby helped out Grandpa a little by shoving his dick in and out of his wrinkly mouth as if he were fucking his ass again, causing his balls to slap back and forth against his whiskered chin. Bobby placed his hand on Grandpa’s bald head and moaned out like he did before, “Oh, Grandpa! I’m going to come! I’m going to come!”

Bobby shot his load right into his Grandpa’s eager, waiting mouth. His splooge flowed out of his mouth and ran down his chin in torrents, though Grandpa was able to swallow a lot of his grandson’s jizz, which he was only happy to do! Bobby fucked Grandpa’s mouth a few more times until, like before, he was finally spent. Bobby took his cock out of Grandpa’s mouth for the last time as both grandfather and grandson lied down together and rested in each other’s arm. Bobby and Grandpa continued their newfound sexual relationship until Grandpa passed away in his sleep after a hot night of fucking his grandson Bobby in the ass repeatedly (and, of course, vice versa!). As Bobby got older himself and had a family of his own and became a grandparent himself, he couldn’t wait until his grandson turned eighteen so he could experience the joy, the pleasure and the ecstasy that he had enjoyed with Grandpa.

After all, aren’t families supposed to share everything together?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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