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I liked the boat. It was West Wight Potter-15, which is a small 15 foot sailboat with a cabin. That’s a lot to put into 15 feet length overall, but it is a good boat to sail alone in, it is quite seaworthy, and the cabin, although small, allowed privacy. It was just the thing for potting around on the weekends. Hence the name. I bought it.

My wife hates to boat. That’s a good reason for me to boat on the weekends. I go alone, but seldom stay alone. I am 52, 5’10’ and athletic. There is a lady attorney at my office, who is about 50 years old and saucy. She does not take anything from plaintiffs, or her boss. I have been her expert witness from time to time, and guided her on finding facts and other experts to help her cases. She has a full hour-glass figure which is very sensual. She looks like she came from a Reubens portrait — full breasts, hips that you can grab by the hand full, and sparkly eyes. She has a powerboat, but does not know much about boating. She giggles like a schoolgirl whenever I tease her about getting her boat out. She says she needs help.

Finally, I agreed to help her take her boat out if I accompanied her with my West Wight Potter. What a mismatch. The Potter would putt along at 5 knots, and her inboard-outboard would plane at 30 knots. We ended up trading boats back and forth through the morning. She would take me for a fast ride, and I would show her the joys of easing along with the wind, just going with the flow.

On one foray on my boat, I decided risk exposing my feelings. I knew she was divorced and had felt sexual vibes around her. There had always been an electric tension between us, but I did not know how far I could go. We have always tended to be honest and direct with each other. I swallowed my trepidations about potential sexual harassment, and told her how attracted to her I was. We were sitting close together in the cockpit of the Potter. She seemed surprised, but her eyes twinkled even more. She asked about my wife. I told her that I did not want a divorce or anything. I still loved my wife; I just couldn’t stay around her 100 percent of the time. Besides, divorces are ugly and very expensive. As a lawyer, she certainly understood that. She said, casino oyna “What do you want then, just sex?” I said, “yep, but only with an intelligent attractive woman.”

She smiled, put her hand on my thigh, and said, “When?” I said “well, I have an anchor, and that small cabin up there, and I can hardly hold myself back.” She moved her hand up the inside of my thigh and squeezed. She was ready. My cock was definitely rising to the occasion.

It took not time at all for me to anchor in about 20 feet of water about a 1/4 mile off Lake Michigan’s shore. We bent low and went into the cabin, leaving the hatch open. Another boat would have to almost ride over our stern to see much. She entered first, giving me a view of her ample ass. My mouth watered thinking about licking her thighs, ass, and well-mounded cunt. I don’t know if she realized how into good dirty tongue sex I was, but she was about to find out. She had a few surprises too!

In the cabin, I put my left arm around her shoulders, cupped her left breast with my right hand, and gave her a gentle, but slightly probing kiss. My tongue just brushed inside her lips. She acted as if she had received a mild jolt, and her hand grabbed the back of my neck and pulled our heads together hard. She tongued my mouth deeply and I responded in kind. I was ready to pull off her blouse and lick down to her nipples when she beat me to the punch by pushing her hands under my T-shirt nearly ripping it up over my head. She was aggressive in sucking my nipples and kissing down below my navel. She worked off my shorts and smiled as my cock bobbed free. With her eyes twinkling, she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue around the head of my cock, picking up some pre-cum. She smiled and then took my cock in her mouth and sucked while she stroked the base with her hand. I could feel her tongue on my shaft and the depths of her throat with the head of my cock. Her hand was low on my rod and as she stroked she pushed down at the base which seemed to make my cock grow longer.

I could not contain a moan of pleasure. I told her to slow down, however, so we could make this last a while longer. Besides, I wanted to give some tongue action myself while I was so turned canlı casino on. She reluctantly stopped sucking and gave a long lick from the base of my prick to the tip of the head. Then she gave me a deep French kiss. I could taste my cock. She said, “I wondered if you were ever going to make a move. With all of our kidding around and suggestive language I was beginning to think you were just talk.”

As I unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra, I told her that I don’t talk with my mouth full. I then filled my mouth with her nipple. I swirled my tongue around its textured edges and tip, then sucked gently, still working my tongue. As I moved to her other nipple I pulled down her shorts and panties, and smelled the sweetest cunt and perfume mixture I could imagine. She said that she prepared down there just in case. I smiled but said nothing as I kissed down her stomach and navel until I came to the top of her soft pubic hair. I then gently kissed her mounded crack, breathing in deeply and briefly flicking my tongue on her clit. She gasped and put her hands on the back of my head. I guided the action, however, and kissed the cleavage between her thigh and mound, gently kissed across her mound, flicking her clit again on my way to the other thigh. I then licked up her thigh until I reached her hot, moist, perfumed pussy. I drove my tongue deep into her and rubbed her clit with my nose. I worked my tongue up and down and back and forth, the whole time breathing in her smell and massaging her clit with the tip of my nose. As I breathed in and out through my nose, I know her clit could feel the hot breath.

I turned my body so that she could see, feel and kiss my hard cock. She took the hint immediately and deep throated me. For her reward, I moved my tongue to her hard clit and slipped two fingers deep into her hot vagina. We worked each other feverishly. I was so intent on fingering and licking her to a height of pleasure that I did not succumb to orgasm despite her silky deep sucking. We were both in heaven for a few minutes.

I stopped fingering and licking, and pulled my cock from her mouth and bent down to deep kiss her. Her mouth tasted of my cock, and I know she could smell and kaçak casino taste her own juices. She was on her back while I grabbed her at each knee and gently pushed her knees up to her breasts. This exposed a hot waiting vagina to my dick, which had reached a hardness it had not known for a while. I put my cock deep into her and pumped hard. She gave a deep moan from her diaphragm. She said “YES, make it deep!” After eight strokes, my cock became ram rod hard and exploded in her pussy. I continued to stroke and drive deep as I could feel my cum gush around my cock. I pulled out and could see her hole gaping and dripping with cum.

I dove down and licked up the mixture of cum and pussy juice and then swirled my tongue on her clit. She grabbed my head and bucked her pussy against my tongue and mouth. In a minute she released a high pitched moan and closed her thighs tightly around my ears.

We French kissed some more and lay in each others arms. Preparing to clean up, I reached for a wet wash cloth that I keep in a jar during my sail trips, but she stopped me. She said, “Let me do this.” Then she proceeded to lick my balls and soft cock clean. As she licked, I got hard again, which was clearly her purpose. Once I was hard, she turned over on to all fours and stuck her ass in the air. Her pussy hung down between her legs like a rose colored invitation. I mounted her doggie style and we pumped a good fuck, varying rhythm from slow to hard, fast and deep. She liked me slapping my pelvis against her ass as I pumped. Her rump and sides ripple would shake like jelly every time I slapped home a deep thrust. It was pleasurable and we worked into a good rhythm. I saw her close her eyes and shudder on two particularly deep thrusts. That keyed my loins to cum again. I pushed so deep that I could feel the lips of her cunt push against the sack of my balls and moisten the pubic hair around the base of my shaft. My cock twitched and I felt the head become super sensitive as I came again. The volume was not as much as the first time, but the sensitivity was unbelievable. I shuddered from the silky friction as I pulled my cock out of her vagina past her engorged vulva. We collapsed and just looked into each other’s eyes.

I told her that I enjoyed it very much. She said she did too, and that we would have to ‘boat’ again soon. I know that we will. There is nothing like a mature vixen.

If you enjoyed this, let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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