Blue Eyes, Blue Uniform Ch. 03

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As I read his text I realized he must of saw me looking in his window. It was dark outside so I couldn’t see how. I turned off my phone and went to bed. Dave was sound asleep next to me.

Dave had left for work by the time I awoke the next morning. I felt embarrassed that Allen knew I had watched him. I also felt jealous. Yes, jealous of that blonde bimbo getting his magic dick.

I feared I was having feelings for Allen. My beautiful cop neighbor. I thought Dave was my soulmate and no one else could take his place but Dave had never done to me what Allen did. I needed to confide in someone of what was happening to me.

I wanted to tell my friend Angie. I knew she would understand. She had been divorced several years and was enjoying her single life. I text her and said I needed to chat with her when she had the time.

She told me to call and I did. I explained to her what had happened to me with Allen. She started laughing, she said she knew him and had slept with him as well. She said it was the best sex of her life. She said she never had a man who could make her squirt until she met him. She told me to keep seeing Allen but warned the minute I told him I had feelings for him he would be gone. That his ex wife had scarred him deeply and he didn’t want anything serious.

After we hung up I sent Allen a text. I told him yes, I did enjoy the show and that I hoped to be the female for his next encounter. He replied and said he would see what he could do.

Dave called and said he would be working late tonight. I figured he had to see his coworker who he impregnated. I ask him if he knew what time he would be home and he said he wasn’t sure.

Later in the evening I heard Allen’s truck pull into his driveway. He text and said he was free and ask me to come over. I text and said I would be there in thirty minutes. I put on my yoga pants and sports bra. That outfit highlighted my curves.

I left my house and knocked on Allen’s door. I really didn’t care if any of the neighbors saw me going in his house. One part of me wanted to rub it in Dave’s face and the other told me to keep it a secret.

Allen opened the door wearing only a blue robe which made his eyes look even darker blue. I could see his dick was already hard. He took my by his hand and casino oyna walked me through the house. As we walked to his bedroom I heard what sounded like a woman having sex.

He lead me to a spare bedroom and on a computer I saw he had internet porn going. He then pointed at the actress and said, “Does she remind you of somebody?” As I looked at her I thought I was looking at myself. I have always heard everyone has a twin in this world and this woman was mine.

Allen told me her name was Fawn Miller and that she briefly did porn in the 1990’s. My face and body were identical to her except that my breasts were bigger. Allen said she was his favorite porn actress and that being with me was like living out a fantasy. I didn’t know whether to take this as a compliment or insult.

With that being said Allen let his robe fall off him, exposing his hard, muscular body and massive dick. I almost melted at the sight. He pulled up my sports bra and let my big tits fall out. He kneeled down on the floor and rubbed his smooth, bald head between my tits. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Something about his bald head was so sexy rubbing between my breast.

I continued to tease him by rubbing my tits on his head. The smoothness of his shaved head and my tits was very delightful to feel. I stuck my left nipple and told him to suck it. He began sucking and gently biting it. Not in a painful way but enough to feel the sensation. Never in my whole marriage had there been foreplay like this.

As Allen sucked my nipple he pulled down my yoga pants. His hands went straight to my ass where he groped and slapped it. I loved how much attention he gave it. Dave had always said my ass was too big.

I pulled off my sports bra and stepped out of my yoga pants. Allen was still kneeling in front of me. He told me to just stand there, he wanted to gaze and worship my body. He sure did know how to make a woman feel sexy. I grabbed his hand and lead him to the living room. I told him to sit on the floor with his back against his couch.

I stood in front of him and slightly bent over and let my tits swing in front of him. Allen grabbed his big dick with two hands and started stroking it. I pulled my pussy lips apart and started to rub my clit. The more I rubbed the faster Allen jacked himself canlı casino off. Watching him stroke his dick was so hot. My pussy juice began running down my leg. Watching this man be so into me was a major turn on.

I walked towards Allen’s face and told him to lick me. He started flicking his tongue on my clit and used one of his hands to put two fingers up inside of me. His fingers stroking my gspot and his tongue licking my clit made me come after about twenty seconds. I fell over the top of his face and used my arms to support myself on the couch. Allen didn’t stop. His fingers kept rubbing my gspot making my pussy squirt.

My squirt juices were now on his face and on his chest. It felt like a dam had burst. I was getting light headed and my legs were quivering. Allen told me to lay down on the floor. After I did he stood over my chest. He used the squirt juice from my pussy as a lubricant to stroke his dick.

He began stroking faster and faster. Watching him stand above me using two hands to stroke that dick was magnificent. Watching this beautiful man masturbate in front of me was so foreign. I grabbed my right breast and put my nipple in my mouth and sucked. This sent Allen over the edge. Huge spurts of hot cum squirted out of his dick. Some of it hit me on the face and I could hear it as it hit the carpet.

Allen then laid down on the floor next to me. He was breathing hard and he put my hand on his heart. It was beating as if he had just ran a 100 yard sprint. I turned on my side and pushed my butt into him. He put his muscular arms around me and pulled me tight into him. One hand on my stomach and the other cupping my breast.

Almost two hours later I woke up and noticed it had become dark. Shit, I figured Dave was home. Sure enough, I looked out the living room window and Dave’s car was in our driveway next to mine. I checked my phone and Dave had text about ten minutes ago inquiring where I was. I replied and told him I was walking at the school track and would be home within fifteen minutes.

I looked at Allen asleep on the floor. Gazing at his perfectly muscled body. I wanted him inside of me. I grabbed his dick and began sucking him. He woke up almost immediately and put his hand on my head pushing his dick to the back of my throat. It only kaçak casino took about ten second for that big dick to get hard as a baseball bat. Allen leaned against the edge of the couch and told me to sit on his dick. I lowered myself onto him. It felt like his dick was in my stomach.

I leaned forward so my tits were against his chest. He grabbed my hips and started pumping me. With each pump it felt like his dick was going further up inside of me. The mix of pain and pleasure was off the charts. I stuck my tongue in his mouth and gave him a long, deep kiss. I began meeting his thrust by grinding down on top of him. My clit rubbed against his abdomen, causing me to orgasm over and over.

After a few minutes of this Allen pushed me down on my back. He put his feet into the base of the couch and my legs over his shoulders. He then rocked forward which lifted my pelvis and put my legs where my feet were almost touching my ears. He was in a push up like position and began plunging his dick in me with deep, long strokes.

Each stroke hit my gspot and I could feel the explosion about to happen. I told Allen to bang me hard. He began pumping like a mad man. With each pump my gspot gushed and gushed. Allen began moaning and I could feel his dick spurting his hot cum inside of me. He fell onto me and just laid there. He said his body felt numb and we both giggled. I told him I needed to clean up and get home. I used a wash cloth in the bathroom to freshen up a bit. Dave thought I was walking the track so I knew I didn’t have to be totally fresh when I got home.

Allen did ask if I wanted to know about the blonde I had watched him fuck the night before. I smiled and ask how he knew I was there as I washed myself. He said he could see my silhouette through the window. It almost frightened him at first but when he realized it was me he decided to put on a show. I ask if he had feelings for the young gal. He stated she was a dispatcher at his department, and they mainly were fuck buddies and there was nothing serious between them.

After I cleaned up I gave Allen a kiss. He hugged me tightly and looked into my eyes and stated, “To bad you are married, in my eyes you are the perfect woman.” Now this really messed with my head. I wanted to tell him I was beginning to have feelings for him but I remembered what Angie had told me. I kissed him gently on his bald head and walked out the door.

When I got home the look on Dave’s face seemed as if he had seen a ghost.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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