Blizzard Climbs

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I glared outside at the snow sweeping the streets of New York City, and sighed. I hated the snow, although I was a so-called “winter baby”. Every hour or so, I would glance at the window-doors we had in my store, and squeak at the amount of snow that, somehow, managed the triple as time passed.

At five o’clock, I had noticed the insane amount of snow we had. It was approximately a foot and a half, but I swore that we were going to get snowed in because of this ridiculous blizzard. I finally grew fed up with the stupid weather. The cold was causing me to sneeze, along with the perfume I was dealing with in the backside of the store. Luckily, my friend was helping me out while we worked; constantly passing me a tissue when I was sneezing.

“Roha, I swear to god, I’m gonna text him soon.” I managed in between sneezes.

She shook her head at me. “I’m telling you, Priya, don’t do it. He’s so not worth contacting.” The person in the discussion we were referring to was our former co-worker that I somehow hooked up with for a one night stand. Daniel and I were pretty cool with each other, although we were in a fight/argument after our first night. Since then, we didn’t really talk to each other, but we were always up to date with contacting each other. He had sent me his cell phone number on Facebook, and since I got a new number, I thought it would’ve been nice to let him now about it.

“Fuck you Roha, I’m gonna do it.” I cursed before I found myself reaching into my apron pocket and texting away on my cell phone. She replied with a string of curses before we joked about it, only to get constantly interrupted by my phone vibrating in my pocket.

What time are you getting off from work? read his text message to me.

At seven, but my mom is picking me up. I replied urgently. I didn’t want to hook up today, per se. I just wanted to see if I could get him for another day.

Wack, you should tell her that you get off at a later time, then come by me in the meantime. … He was right. Eagerly, I texted my mother and told her that I had to deal with some inventory work tonight, and would be getting out at least a hour and a half than what I had anticipated. She simply said okay, and I figured I could just get a cab to get home. I switched back into Daniel-mode and let him know that the damage was done.

Aiight, you don’t mind climbing through a window, do you? he asked.

I shook my head, Why climb?

Because I can’t very well just walk you through my front door, introduce you to my parents, then fuck your brains out with them there. Although he indicated that it was a joke, I knew there was some truth to that statement. He and I fit together pretty well with our sexual need.

Sighing, I conceded to his request. Fine. First or second?

First, and don’t worry, I’ll pull you through. I almost laughed at his reassurance.

Aww, how sweet. I responded, before returning back to work.

No more than fifteen minutes later, I felt my pocket vibrating again. However, this time it was worse; I was kneeling down, so the vibration occurred on my inner thigh. Instantly, I grabbed my phone and casino oyna checked the text message, but not before shaking off the urge that came with that vibration. Yoo, go to the bathroom and send me a picture of– I immediately averted my eyes to avoid reading the text message. I knew what he was going to ask for, and shit, I couldn’t do that at work!

So I let him know. And he replied with a sad face, but I nevertheless held my ground. I knew that if I complied with that specific request, I wouldn’t be able to stop shy of an orgasm at work. He had me completely flustered at work to the point that my pulse was at least 90 to 100 beats per minute, and my chest was beginning to hurt.

The moment the clock struck 6:55, I made the final announcements for any remaining shoppers in my store. “Attention all shoppers, National Wholesale Liquidators is now closed for the evening. Again, National Wholesale Liquidators is now closed. We ask you to please bring any final purchases to the nearest open cashier as they will be closing within the next two minutes. Again, National Wholesale Liquidators is now closed. We thank you for shopping at National Wholesale Liquidators and have a good night.”

Once my announcement was finished, I hung up the intercom phone and rushed over to my register, packing my receipts and store credit papers into the draw before removing the entire draw to take into the office. I ran into the office and immediately began counting my money with my heart racing at the idea of what was going to be happening soon. Once finished, I kissed my friend Roha goodnight, wrapped myself tightly in my coat, and started out into the blizzard to Daniel’s house.

When I was near his house, or rather passing through the garages that I recognized, my phone vibrated again in my pocket. But this time, it was different…

Mi nina bonita, mi dulce princesa

Me sienta en las nubas cuando tu me besas…

Fuck, I thought to myself. I checked my phone to find it was a restricted number and sighed. “Hello?”

“Hey.” Oh shit! It was Daniel.

“Oh, hi,” I responded. Damn, I was relieved; I thought my mother was calling.

“So, where are you?” he asked. From there, I just kept murmuring mumbo-jumbo as he directed me to his place. Finally, I saw the opened window and trotted through the snow to get there. As I approached, I noted the downward ramp, and a railing that was parallel to the building’s structure, although it was shorter a quite a distance away from the building. I shook my head as I came closer, before tossing my things to him so he could put it away.

“Climb onto the other side of the railing, and lean forward.” He instructed. I nearly rolled my eyes at him. I was a huge Physics-concept fan; I could figure out how to get past lasers if necessary. I didn’t fully require his instruction, but nevertheless appreciated some of it considering the weather. He did something I didn’t expect him to do though — he leaned out into the cold, with no shirt on, grabbed my wrists, and let me swing to the building’s wall before pulling me into his room and atop of his bed. I didn’t realize it until he pointed it canlı casino out, but I was shivering like crazy.

He tossed me his towel, which I accepted eagerly as a I dried my face and instantly tossed to cover my hair. He took his position in bed, with the lights off. I sighed before stripping off my top shirt and pants, leaving myself in my underwear and barely covered by the white wife beater I wore. I climbed into bed and huddled next to him under the covers, shivering like crazy. He was sincere though; he held my icicle-hand and tried to warm it up, although his other hand was caressing my legs and ass. I still shivered, before he finally climbed over my body and settled behind me. “Just pretend I’m not here,” he whispered. The moment he said it, I bit my lower lip. I was always in trouble when I got with him. I couldn’t see, and a part of me didn’t want to because what he was doing felt so damn good..

His hands were alternating from being in between my legs to caressing my ass, before he finally undid my bra and gently tweaked my nipples. His breath was hot on my shoulder blade and my eyes fluttered as I tried not to moan too loudly. Originally, he was fully cupped onto my body, but he removed himself for a moment to remove his boxers and I felt the smooth head of his hard and dripping cock in between my thighs. It took a lot of will power to remain still as he manuevered my body to his liking, before finally popping his dick into my hot pussy. I nearly purred and moaned, but I remembered he wanted us to be quiet. I bit the inside of my cheek lightly to keep from moaning, but couldn’t fully control my hips from slightly adjusting to give him better access as he thrusted. The feeling was better than I had remembered; it had been atleast two months since I had last fucked him, and doing it now made me remember the first time, only to throw it out the window. It felt like a good while, before he stopped, pulled out, and turned me onto my back as he straddled both himself and myself. Easily, he lifted my legs onto his arms and thrusted inward, before almost laying atop of me and continuing his beautiful ministrations. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I exhaled – my hot breath hitting his equally hot skin. It was at that moment he stopped and I literally felt his pulse inside of me. I nearly let out a small whimper, before he climbed off the bed and motioned for me to lay half-off the bed.

At that moment, he gathered my legs in his arms, and thrusted inside of me again. The feeling was amazing and the altered position always elicited a scream. Knowing this, I brought my arm to my mouth and bit down. Apparently, the contortions of my face brought Daniel worry. He paused, “Does it hurt?”

I had to release my vice bite to shake my head and respond. “No, no… I’m just trying not to moan too loudly.” He nodded, understanding my response only to continue thrusting. My body arched a little bit towards him and I bit down harder. God, it was amazing.

Suddenly he pulled out and gripped his own cock, almost as if to stop the need to ejaculate. I flipped over for him, and he slipped on a condom rather quickly before returning kaçak casino to his ‘rightful place’ for the next hour. His hand slipped underneath my wife beater and grazed my skin gently, as if he wanted to grab me closer to him as he thrusted hard into my hot pussy. My pulse raced – I couldn’t believe I was saying it, but Daniel was bringing me close to an orgasm. Closer than any other time with another person had ever brought me. My hands grabbed the sheets as my grip tightened and I writhed underneath his thrusts. Finally, I felt as if I was in a blissful state and music was playing.

Mi nina bonita, mi dulce princesa

Me siento en las nubas cuando tu me besas

I blinked. My ringtone? Instantly, I collapsed onto his bed and turned to look at Daniel. “Did you hear music?” I asked.

He went towards my coat which he hung on his door to dry out.”Your ringtone is Mi Nina Bonita?” he asked before grabbing my cell. I had nodded, and reached out to take my cell from him.

Crap, my mother called. I rolled my eyes before getting dressed. “I need to get going now,” I announced. He gave me another look before shaking his head.

“Not before taking a hat. You’re still shivering,” he commented before rummaging through his closet. “I know I have one here somewhere.”

When he finally succeeded in getting the hat on my head, we were sitting on the bed, staring out at the ground before us. I had to jump down safely. He was sitting next to me, before noticing that my leg was shaking. I tried to convince him that the reason was because I was afraid, but he wouldn’t listen. He insisted that I was still cold and went back to his closet to find a sweater for me to wear underneath my jacket.

I shook my head at him when he finally found one. I stripped my jacket off and slipped his sweater on, then continued redressing. We stared out at the on-going blizzard one last time before finally resolving that I had to leave through that exit. Before we continued, he proposed a few things. “You want to wait until my parents are asleep?”

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, when is that going to be?”

He looked down, realizing that I was right in saying that before mentioning another tactic. “I feel really bad letting you go like that. Maybe I should go with you…,” he paused as he realized the error in the plan, “… but then what if they came in?” He turned back to me and sighed. “You need to go through there Priya. I swear, we’re crazy, but you gotta.” I opened the window before noticing the sill and realized he would have to go out of his way and his abdomen would be at risk of getting injured.

I turned to him and shook my head, “I’d rather wait here for your parents to fall asleep than have you risk getting hurt because of that window.”

Daniel rolled his eyes, “Shut up Priya, I won’t feel a thing. I’ll be fine, but you’re gonna get killed if you don’t leave and get home.” His fearless nature sparked something inside of me and gathering my fear, I managed to somehow (probably with his help) lower down to a safe height from the ground before releasing his hands. He stared down at me when I stood upright before chuckling. “That was fuckin’ awesome.”

“That was some Metal Gear Solid shit right there!” I commented.

“We should do it again,” he joked. I laughed with him.

“Yeah, most definitely, we should do it again.”

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