Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 6

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Nicole jumped out of bed and walked naked down the hallway to the shower. She showered and did her hair. She quickly dressed and grabbed her purse before running out of the house to get into her car. Nicole threw her car into reverse and backed out into the street. She peeled rubber as she spun her tires taking off down the road to work. She pulled into the parking lot and slid to a stop as a cloud of dust flew up over her car. Slamming the door, Nicole ran into the salon and into Mandy’s arms. “What the fuck is wrong with you girl” Mandy said? “I had another dream last night” Nicole replied.

The two girls sat down as Nicole shared her erotic dream. Mandy again sat there in disbelief as Nicole told her all the juicy details. At times Nicole would have a tear trickle down her cheek and at other times she would have a smile on her face. The whole time Nicole shared her dream Mandy held her hand.

Finally a customer came into the salon so Mandy had to get up to attend to business. Nicole went and started to work herself. She went into the back room and turned the lights and tanning bed on. Next she turned on all the lights by the weight machine. She went down into the basement and turned on the lights there too along with turning the hot tub and sauna on before folding the load of towel that were in the dryer from the night before. As Nicole filled the rack with the newly folded towels she herd someone coming down the stairs. To Nicole’s surprise it was Brandi. “Hey sexy” Brandi said as she walked past Nicole making her way to a chair along side the pool. “Hi” Nicole replied as she admired Brandi’s sexy body as she was clad only in a sun dress and heels. Nicole watched out of the corner of her eye as Brandi slid the straps of her dress off of her shoulders allowing her dress to fall to the floor. Brandi was completely naked as she stepped out of her sexy heels and dove into the pool.

As Nicole went about her business Brandi jumped out of the pool and walked over to the hot tub. Nicole could see Brandi’s nipples protruding from the cold water as she stepped into the hot bubbly water of the hot tub. The girls made small talk for a while before Brandi got out of the hot tub and went into the sauna. Nicole went about her business as another lady and what appeared to be her daughter came down to the pool. Nicole knew for sure that they were mother and daughter when she heard the younger lady call the older one ‘mom’. Nicole watched in amazement as both ladies peeled off their clothes and jumped into the pool completely naked.

Nicole continued to work as thoughts of last night’s dream continued to enter her mind. Finally a long day at work was over and Nicole began closing down the salon. Mandy met her up front as Nicole closed the door to the tanning bed. “Lets go to the bar and have a drink” Mandy said. “I, I’m not sure” Nicole responded. “Come on girl, lets go, I’ll buy” Mandy said as she grabbed Nicole’s arm and guided her out the front door.

The girls got into Mandy’s car and drove a couple of blocks to a place called “Sky Bar”. The girls parked their car and went inside. They thought about sitting at the bar but decided to sit at a small booth in the corner. A waitress came to their table and they ordered their drinks. They made small talk as the waitress brought them their order. Occasionally they would let their fingers and hands touch each other’s as they talked. They even played footsie under the table as they drank their second drink. A couple of guys came by and sat down at their booth and kind of forced the girls to move over. They were a couple of straggly looking guys. A couple of real bad boys. The girls told the guys that they wanted to sit alone but the guys wouldn’t leave them alone. Finally when the waitress returned Mandy asked for her to send the bouncer to the table. The guys seemed pissed when the bouncer showed up and told them to leave. They got into a pushing and shoving match with the bouncer before finally getting thrown through the doors and into the parking lot.

“Are you two all right” the bouncer said when he returned to their table. “We are now” Mandy replied as they continued to make small talk. The crowd began to pick up and it became quite crowded. Guys continued to hit on them but they were all nice pleasant guys. None like the ass holes earlier who were thrown out of the bar.

Looking at her watch Mandy said “holy shit its almost midnight”. “No way” Nicole replied as she reached for her purse so they could go home. As the two girls stood up they were quite tipsy. They walked to the door and the bouncer asked them if they needed an escort to their car. “No thank you, we will be all right” Mandy responded as she grabbed Nicole’s hand. They walked out of the bar and began to walk through the dimly lit parking lot. They made their way to their car and were about to open the door when all of a sudden the two guys from the bar earlier jumped out and startled them.

“What’s the matter now bitches, there aint no bouncer to help you now” the one guy said as they began to slowly move closer. casino siteleri “Yeah you cunts, whatcha gonna do now” the other guy said. The girls were terrified as Mandy raced to put her key in the lock of her door. Just as she went to put the key in the hole the one guy grabbed her arm The other guy grabbed Nicole. The girls struggled but were easily over powered by the two thugs.

“Let go” Mandy screamed. Nicole struggled too as she saw the other guy slap Mandy across the face to shut her up. “Please let us go” Nicole begged as the guy holding her was now fondling her breasts. “Please don’t” Nicole whimpered as her attacker ripped her dress open exposing her bra covered breasts. Nicole’s attacker pushed her bra up and out of the way freeing her breasts from the soft material. Nicole began to cry as she felt her breasts being squeezed and her nipples pinched against her will.

Looking over at Mandy Nicole saw her attacker had already had her dress ripped open and was groping her. Nicole saw Mandy’s tears running down her face as her attacker continued to grope her. Mandy struggled but to no avail as the attacker was just too strong for her. Suddenly Nicole’s attacker turned her around and threw her against the car. She felt her attacker hit her on the back of her head forcing her to bend at the waist and fall onto the top of the hood of the car. Looking over at Mandy her attacker did the same to her as both girls were now standing next to each other bent over the hood of their car.

Nicole began to sob as she felt her attacker reach under her dress. She felt his rough callous hands grab the waist band of her panties. She felt her panties getting yanked off of her ass and pulled down her legs. Her attacker threw her panties up on the hood of the car next to her face. Mandy’s attacker did the same thing as her panties landed right next to Nicole’s. Reaching over with her hand, Nicole squeezed Mandy’s hand as she heard the attackers unzipping their pants. The girls tried to get away but were only forced down again by stiff blows to the back of the head. Nicole squeezed Mandy’s hand as they cried. Nicole felt her dress being lifted from behind. She prayed that someone would pass by and stop this horrible act from happening. She felt those rough and callous hands touching her soft sexy ass under her dress. She felt his rough hand reach between her legs and cup her labia.

Mandy let out a soft scream as Nicole guessed that her attacker had entered her. “Please don’t do this to us” Nicole mumbled. “Fuck you bitches” Nicole’s attacker shouted as the two men began to laugh. Suddenly Nicole felt something soft between her legs. Her attacker’s hands were rough she thought. Suddenly Nicole felt the soft object begin to push into her cunt. It was then that she knew that soft object was her attacker’s cock.

Nicole squeezed Mandy’s hand tightly as she felt her attacker’s cock stretching her cunt open to its limits. Nicole saw Mandy bouncing back and forth and knew that her attacker was raping her and raping her hard. Nicole saw the tears running down her cheeks as she sobbed loudly. Suddenly Nicole too began to rock back and forth as her attacker began raping her pussy. Nicole cried as she thought she was getting fucked by a baseball bat as her attacker’s giant cock continued to pump in and out of her wet hole. The whole time both girls sobbed as they held each other’s hands.

“You bitches think your too good for us now” the one attacker said” Suddenly Nicole’s attacker slapped her ass. Then he slapped her ass again. As the attacker continued to slap her ass with his rough and callous hands Nicole felt her knees growing weaker. She felt her toes begin to tingle in her heels as she stood there bent over the hood of Mandy’s car while being raped. Just then Nicole felt her juices beginning to run down her legs. She tried to fight it but it was a losing battle. She realized that she wasn’t crying anymore. Suddenly Nicole felt jolts of electricity race through her pussy as she began to cum. Nicole felt her legs give out under her but she remained in an upright position as her attacker leaned against her to keep her from falling.

Nicole saw stars under the star less night as she continued to gasp for air as she continued to cum. She felt her attacker pull his enormous cock out of her pussy. She felt his hot pussy juice coated cock part her ass cheeks and press against her ass hole. Nicole was pressed helplessly against the side of the car and forced to lay face down on the hood. Nicole tried to scream as her attacker began to press his cock against her virgin ass hole with more pressure. She only screamed into her attacker’s hand as she felt her sphincter stretching open. The pain was brutal as tears again began to run down Nicole’s face and on to the hood of the car.

Nicole continued to hold Mandy’s hand as she saw Mandy getting the same treatment from her attacker. Looking into Mandy’s eyes she saw the same tears of fear streaming down her face as she too struggled beneath her attacker. Nicole sobbed as she felt canlı casino more and more of her attacker’s cock sliding into her burning ass hole. Finally Nicole felt his balls pressing against her now very wet pussy as she knew he was all the way inside of her. Nicole’s cries for help were still muffled by her attacker’s hand as she began to feel her attacker fucking her ass. She felt his thrusts in and out as he recklessly raped her ass in the parking lot. “You bitches like it in the ass” Nicole’s attacker shouted. “Yeah, you cunts are getting what you deserve now” shouted the other attacker. Nicole now grew very weak as she stood there helplessly bent over the car. She wanted this all to stop so very badly but something inside of her secretly didn’t want it to stop.

As Nicole’s attacker continued to rape her ass hole Nicole felt a strange feeling inside of her stomach. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she realized that there was now a small crowd gathered around them watching. Mandy began to beg them to help her but her mouth was covered by her attacker’s hands. Nicole however forgot about calling for help as she felt a strange tingling sensation building up in her stomach. As her attacker continued to pound his cock in her ass Nicole felt her toes begin to tingle. She began to grow weak as she now began to enjoy the sensations of having her ass hole taken unwillingly. She knew in her mind that she didn’t want this guy fucking her ass but her hormones were now in control. Nicole felt her legs begin to tremble as she looked at the people standing around them She felt light headed as her entire body began to tingle. Suddenly Nicole began to shake uncontrollably as her first anal orgasm began to control her body. Nicole came so hard she began to scream cries of pleasure instead of cries for help.

Feeling the weight of her attacker change she realized that he was now not forcing her down on the hood of the car rather he was standing upright while he held her hips. Nicole felt him begin to thrust harder as she remained face down on the hood of the car willingly now. Nicole was seeing stars now as the peak of her orgasm raced through her body. Suddenly Nicole heard her attacker begin to grunt as he thrusted his cock in and out of her ass hole with reckless abandon. Just then Nicole felt his spurts of cum inside of her ass as her attacker began to cum. She felt spurt after spurt hitting her inner walls of her ass hole.

Suddenly both attackers jumped away and jumped into the car next to them. They started the car and raced off into the darkness. Nicole and Mandy straitened their clothes as the crowd applauded and began to dissipate. The girls got into their own car and drove off. Not a word was said as Mandy and Nicole drove back to the salon. Silently Nicole jumped into her car and drove home. The whole way home Nicole replayed in her mind what had just happened. Tears streamed down her face as the reality sunk in that she had just been raped.

What bothered her the most was the fact that she kind of enjoyed it. Actually, it really turned her on. She did cum twice from her attacker. As she pondered what had happened she thought that since she did cum then it couldn’t possibly be considered rape. No court in the world would side with her. It was just the fact that she was fucked by some stranger that she didn’t know that scared her and pissed her off. Suddenly Nicole realized that she was no longer crying as she pulled into her driveway. She parked her car and went into her house.

She walked past her father’s room and realized that he was sleeping. She went to her room and stripped naked and walked down to the shower. After a long hot shower she wrapped a soft towel around her naked body and walked back to her room. She turned off her lamp and laid naked on her bed. She drifted off to sleep. Several hours later Nicole woke up as she heard her father getting ready for work. She grabbed her blanket and tossed it over her still naked body. Again she drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly Nicole was startled as she woke up to the telephone ringing. She answered the phone and was surprised to hear Mandy’s voice. A smile appeared on Nicole’s face. Mandy told Nicole to take the day off of work and just relax. After several minutes of idle talk the two girls hung up the phone. Nicole got out of bed and went and got cleaned up. She just pulled on a long tee shirt to lounge around the house in.

Nicole went to the kitchen and ate breakfast. She did what dishes her father dirtied and put them away. She still felt betrayed from the night before. She never intended to give anyone the impression that she was interested. Tears began to drip from her cheek as she began to replay in her mind how she was raped last night. Sobbing lightly Nicole managed to get up to go lay on the couch to watch television. No matter how much she resented the fact that her attacker took her unwillingly she still came from him. She came twice and came hard.

As the day went along Nicole just sulked around the house. She knew her father would be kaçak casino coming home from work soon so she just went to her room and shut her door and laid on her bed in the darkness. Finally she heard her dad pull into the driveway and slam his truck door. Nicole just rolled over onto her side and drifted off to sleep.

The following morning Nicole woke up to hear her father getting ready to leave for work again. She heard the door slam and his truck start. Nicole got up and showered to get ready for work. She ate a quick breakfast and headed out the door for the salon. She pulled into the parking lot and went into the salon and greeted Mandy. They hugged in their usual manner and kissed each other tenderly on the lips as they embraced each other. Both girls were still teary eyed as the went about their own business. It was a relatively slow day at the salon and the hours passed slowly.

The day progressed and soon it was closing time. They said good bye and jumped into their cars and went home. Just as Nicole was about to pull out into the street Mandy pulled along side of her and asked her if she wanted to run to the store with her. Nicole thought about it for a second and then backed her car up and parked it. She jumped into Mandy’s car and together they sped off down the road.

While they drove to the mall they talked and decided that they were just going to have to let go what had happened to them. “It happened Nicole, we can’t do anything about it now so lets just forget about it” Mandy said. Nodding her head “I agree” Nicole mumbled. They pulled into the parking lot and went into the mall.

After about an hour of shopping the girls made their way out of the mall and to their car. They got in and sped off down the road. Along the way Mandy turned sharply into a parking lot. “Where are we going” Nicole said as she stared at the sign of a triple XXX bookstore. “Come on lets go in” Mandy said as she threw her car into park and swung her door open. Before Nicole could protest Mandy had her door open and was pulling her out of the car. They walked quickly into the store and Nicole was embarrassed. Quickly they went inside. Mandy began browsing through all the magazines. Nicole just looked over Mandy’s shoulders at what she was looking at. “Wow” Nicole said in amazement as she saw the display of dildo’s and vibrators hanging on the wall. “It looks like your mom’s closet in here doesn’t it” Mandy replied.

Mandy took Nicole by the hand and together they walked around the porn store looking at various devices. Mandy picked up a “Mr. Tongue”. “Who said you need a man” Mandy said as she held the fake automatic licking tongue down at Nicole’s crotch. Nicole giggled as she thought how wonderful that probably felt. The thought of how she could close her eyes and imagine that the fake tongue licking her pussy was her father caused her pussy to flood right there in the store.

Mandy tugged Nicole’s hand and together they checked out the display of bondage items. That is where they found what Mandy was looking for. She reached up and picked up a pack of clamp on nipple rings. Nicole grabbed a pack and examined them closely. As she looked at the clamp she could feel her nipples tingling as she imagined how they would feel and look on her. “Come on” Mandy said as she pulled Nicole with her. Nicole decided she would buy a pair of nipple rings so she took the package with her.

“Where are we going” Nicole asked as Mandy led her down a dimly lit hallway. “You will see” Mandy replied as she pulled Nicole into a dark stall with a dark colored curtain hanging down. As they went into the stall they realized that there was a man in there watching a video. “Sorry” Mandy said to the guy as he sat there stroking his cock. Mandy led Nicole down the hall to the end booth and together they went inside. It was cool and dark in the room. Mandy pulled several quarters out of her purse and inserted them into the box attached to the small television set. The picture came on and Nicole realized that she was in one of those smutty porn booths where guys come to jack off.

Mandy and Nicole sat down side by side on the small bench and began watching the movie. There was a scene with two girls and one guy. Both girls were on there knees sucking some handsome stud’s well endowed cock. As the girls continued to watch the movie they were unaware that Steve, Nicole’s father had entered the store and the booth right next to them. A few moments later Nicole almost jumped out of her seat as something touched her leg. Looking down in the dim light of the television Nicole saw what touched her leg and she gasped. She elbowed Mandy and pointed to the large hard cock that was poking through a hole in the wall.

Mandy giggled. “What do you think” Mandy asked Nicole? Mandy reached out and slid her fingers down the length of the hard cock. Mandy took Nicole by the hand and pulled her hand closer and closer to the intruding cock until she placed her hand on it. Mandy slid off of the bench until she sank to her knees in front of the cock She pulled Nicole down to the floor with her. She looked at Nicole and moved her face towards Nicole’s and kissed her full on the mouth. Mandy pulled away and ever so slowly lowered her head to the cock that was twitching as it poked through the hole in the wall.

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