Blank, Sex , Murder – Chapter 11 and 12

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E.G. Saunders took the thriller genre, blindfolded it, bent it over, and f*cked it hard. It’s the same feeling his main character got when he was enticed—or was it threatened?—by a dominant, seemingly crazed beauty, into a story that will have you clutching your privates. And whether that’s out of fear or pleasure is up to you.


Chatper 11

The place smelled of sex. Anal sex and rubber, latex and lube. And I was only past the first entrance.

I stepped into a dimly lit, narrow hallway. The door closed behind me, and an electronic lock slid a thick bolt into the frame. It was all sturdy metal. I’ve been in weaker panic rooms. Apparently, they valued their security and privacy. I had no doubt that the entire building was built with the same standards. Safe house, panic room, bomb shelter all rolled into one.

The outside of the building was standard fare for the area—dirty, pock-marked brick with rusting trim. The windows it once had were broken years ago and boarded.

Inside, though, that was another story.

I walked toward the end of the hallway—nothing fancy. Worn red carpet and dark wood paneling. Something told me that the wood might actually have been stained mahogany and not a veneer, but not being the carpenter I imagined I was, I wasn’t sure.

The hallway widened and ended in a set of double doors. In front of the doors, two large desks sheltered two equally large men. Bouncers. Probably a little more than bouncers. I watched one of them move his hand under the desk at my approach. Gun probably. Shotgun. Bazooka. Yeah, he could shoot a bazooka one-handed and not move an inch. Right now he was toying with the trigger and wondering how I would look exploded.

The other brute got up to open the set of doors for me. I didn’t hear the lock slide, but that didn’t mean it didn’t have one on the other side. He pulled on one door and it slid aside just enough to let my ass through. How polite of him.

I walked toward the doors and nodded to each of them. They looked at me blankly and said not a word.

I didn’t want to talk to them, anyway.

I stepped past the the men and into a darkened alcove. The wall in front of me was covered in a curtain—or was a curtain. I didn’t have a lot of time to ponder it, as the door slid shut behind me and sealed off all light. I was in darkness.

I heard sex.

Also, what I had smelled earlier had intensified greatly. I could easily have been on one of my last gigs. Cum and spit and the sweetened, flowery scent of a strip club fog machine was present in the alcove. Ah, home.

My body reacted to the mountain of smell with a sense of revulsion.

At first.

It wasn’t natural. Not in this quantity.

But, as on sets for long hours under the heat of lights I struck, my body started to adjust.

I sat there a moment trying to get in control of myself. I wanted a drink so badly, I almost turned around to bang on the door to ask the brute brothers for one. Certainly, they must have something in that desk of theirs. Fuck, I would’ve drunk rubbing alcohol if it had been near. I was so fucking thirsty.

It didn’t hit me just then; I had been feeling the demon increase on my walk from the parking lot. This wasn’t my scene. The sex, yes. I could take that if they were fucking live monkeys strapped to surfboards. But the whole “do as Candy says” shit—where Candy wants you to do it…that I didn’t casino oyna like. Rum would ease my mental passage.

Yes, my thirst was probably increased further by the heavily built doors and bouncer brothers. The being sealed in a dark alcove where I only had one path—uncertainty. And, no doubt, a pissed-off Candy. And who could tell just what the fuck she was likely to do?

I exhaled and then fiddled with the stiletto, trying to adjust it so that it wouldn’t poke me so much. I put the towel back over it, dropped my shirt over that, and then stepped into the curtain before I could change my mind.

It gave way to another curtain and more sound. More sex. Slaps, moans, a sharp cry.

I pushed through to another, heavier curtain. I could now identify that some of the sounds of pain were from men, as well.

I pushed through that curtain and finally saw light. Dim, but warm, yellow light.

And a massive room.

And sex.

It was nothing like the outside of the building.


Chapter 12

It wasn’t just warm, yellow light. It was warm temperature. I suddenly wanted a ventilation system to kick on and dry up some of the humidity. I could just feel it getting on my clothes and in my hair, the warm smell of sex done well.

The room was basically a huge open area. It reminded me of a large parking garage, except for the fact that the entire floor was overlaid in hardwood.

There were no windows. Sturdy pillars studded the place at regular intervals. In the far distance, I could see a stairway leading up to who knows where. There weren’t rooms per se, but several large wooden dividers that didn’t touch the ceiling—kind of a Farmer Joe’s version of Japanese folding screens.

The walls were adorned with the appropriate straps, chains, and various leather bindings. Some of the walls held whips and costumes and shelves with fluids in jars that I was hoping were only different kinds of lube and not something more personal.

Other walls held filming equipment.

Behind a shorter wall to my right, a loud crack was followed by a muffled scream. That was a leather hand on bare ass. I knew that sound.

I had difficulty trying to focus. I think there might have been something else in that fog machine scent that permeated the place. I didn’t see fog, though. I would have preferred to see it so I would know where to avoid it. I was a little light-headed, too.

The light-headed thing could have been from my thirst. I get that way during the first 2 or 3 days off the bottle. I think it comes from the fact that I haven’t really replaced all the fluids I was getting while drinking. Who the fuck wants water though? I would’ve gone to coke, but I usually abstained from it because the memory of the rum ran hand in hand with it.

My choice was milk or 7Up, believe it or not.

I hadn’t had either for…well, for some hours. So, yeah, I was probably dehydrated.

Another reason for my lack of focus had to be that there was so much happening around me. I now know that the 80’s placeholders outside the building were just shills. Nothing hot or beautiful to see here, just a few old fucks in denim, move along.

There wasn’t anything about the 80’s here other than one or two flaming punk mohawks on twins who were getting fucked by a dual-dildo machine. They had no choice, their heads and hands were in stocks, and their feet were bound wide apart. Ropes hung from the ceiling tied to large chrome hooks canlı casino that were shoved in their asses suspending them to the proper height for the dildos.

A large woman wearing only a leather cap and an intense look held the slide control to the motor that moved the dildos. They seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Not far from them was an X-frame to which another woman was bound. She had long lines of wax down her legs. The wax apparently had been quite hot as the skin running along the lines was pain red.

The woman was gagged and drool glistened her lips. Her eyes were red and wet from crying and her mascara looked like Alice Cooper had applied it. The rest of her body had a line of steel clothespins up both her sides and around her nipples. I was somewhat curious why her mistress—it seemed women were in control here for the most part—didn’t do the nipple pinch. That was standard fare, as far as I knew and had experienced in these circles. I don’t know how pleasurable it was for a woman, but I did not find clothespins on my nipples to my liking.

Long story.

I started walking deeper into the room. In the distance, I caught sight of a tall person dressed as a wolf. It was a good costume. Lots of thick fur. I think it was a tranny, breast mounds pushing the chest outward. She had a thick dick wrapped in a condom, slow-fucking the ass of a man on his back. His legs were suspended in a wide V and were tied off to cables that seemed to be part of the room’s initial construction. His hands were tied tightly below the table, you could see the ropes digging into his skin.

I’m not sure if the guy was liking it. He was gagged and in a gimp hood, shaking his head on every deep thrust. The wolf seemed to be liking it. Of course, maybe that was just my take, seeing the rather large toothy smile of the headpiece.

I staggered a little, but caught myself before I fell. My movements caught the attention of the wolf, and she looked at me, turning her head slowly my way. There was something fearful about that, and I felt a heaviness in my chest. My heart started thumping harder. I took a step away from the beast as she fucked forward and held her dick in the man.

I’ve haven’t exactly lead a clean life. I’ve tried a lot of drugs and a lot of booze. I know how it feels to be using mind-altering substances. What I was feeling was definitely the result of something introduced into my system.

I whirled a little. Or at least I think I did. I stopped moving when I realized I wasn’t near the wolf anymore. I put my hand on one of the wooden walls, behind which I could hear that slapping sound again and then the moaning.

On instinct, I looked up and saw a woman suspended through a hole in a plexiglass platform about 20 feet up. She had a harness securing her chest tied to the underside of the platform. Only her chest up to her hip was through the hole. Her legs were bent at the waist so she was ass up, and her feet were tied to the platform wide apart. Her breasts dangled away from her body at an angle I had never witnessed. I wanted them in my mouth. I felt my dick rise and press against my pants again. She was a beautiful brunette. She looked at me with a face straining against gravity and dipped in ecstasy.

On the platform, 2 men held position over her. One was fucking downward into her pussy with great deliberation. He would pull out slowly and then the other man would take his place and do the same from the other side. I wasn’t sure if she kaçak casino was getting it in her pussy or ass or both, but it didn’t seem to matter to her.

I closed my mouth, and almost fell backward.

Someone caught me.

Caught me.

I righted myself against their hold, trying to think. Candy was in front of me. She looked at me like I was a new toy she had just pulled from its package.

The frisking in front of the building. The younger one…she drugged me. I felt sharp fingernails a couple of times, but didn’t think anything of it, just part of the action. I was stupidly enjoying the ball and cock-cupping from the old woman. The young one poked me with something. Had to have.


“I told you to leave it where I put it, didn’t I?” Candy asked.

Two sets of hands held my arms. I didn’t resist. I didn’t want to resist. That’s when I knew I was in trouble.


Everything was getting foggier.

Candy flipped up my shirt and then pulled the towel out of my pants, slowly. Everything here was done slowly. Or maybe it was just the drugs in my system.

She removed the stiletto and held it in her hand as if she were going to thrust it into me.

She did.

I jerked hard and coughed as I felt it hit my spine.

I blinked. Candy hadn’t moved. I had imagined it.



“Oh, you got it good,” Candy said, enjoying my inability to keep my head upright and still. “I can see in you. Deeply.”

She nodded to the people holding me and I was taken behind another wall.

“You fucked with me, Gail,” Candy was saying. “You should know, I fuck back. Harder.”

I was put on a narrow table on my belly. Rough hands pulled my sweatpants down. I was angry at myself for not wearing underwear.

I think I cursed, but I don’t know what I said. I wanted to say, “Fuck you.” I think it came out right. My mouth was dry and a little numb.

My hands and feet were tied down below the table. I felt warm air hit my ass, then I felt liquid drip onto it. I think it was spit. It moved down my the crack of my ass and felt like a snake working its way down to my balls. Then the snake tightened around my balls and I moaned from the painful pressure.

I pulled against the restraints. I didn’t have a lot of strength left in me, but I tried. Nothing happened.

I looked up and saw a mirror. Candy was just moving her head away from my ass. She had just dropped another line of spit on my asshole. She smiled, as if she was a child who had created a beautiful piece of art. She walked over to stand by my face.

“I’m not gonna just fuck you, Gail,” Candy said, sweetly. She was still so beautiful, and I hated myself for loving that. “I’m going to mind-fuck you. You don’t disobey me anymore, understand?”

This time I did say, “Fuck you.” I heard that loud and clear.

It was stupid. It could only have been stupid. But I was drugged and without my drug. It was my excuse, and I was sticking to it.

Candy giggled. I loved that giggle. It was pure.

She touched my face and kissed me lightly just to the side of my lip. She was so warm. I felt someone smearing the spit on my asshole. I didn’t know which sensation to stay with, so I stayed with Candy. With her mouth, the smell of her breath.

“You won’t disobey me anymore, Gail,” she said. It wasn’t a threat. She said it as fact. “We’re going to have a relationship. I will use you. You will like it. But first…this.”

Candy moved away from me, and I saw the mirror again.

And this time I screamed as the wolf came up behind me.

And fucked me raw.

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