Blackmailed: Promises Kept

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It had been 3 days since I had promised to become a sex slave to my neighbor. It was 11:45pm and I was now lying awake in bed, wondering when I would get another opportunity to serve my master. I had thought of going to him, but decided that I should wait until he wanted me. I was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard my cell phone ring. I grabbed it up and quickly answered.

My neighbor growled at me, “Good you’re awake. Get your ass over here. I’m horny and want to fuck a tight asshole. Hurry up.”

I quickly agreed and snuck out my window. I made my way over as fast as I could. I arrived and quickly knocked on his door. My neighbor opened the door. I saw he was dressed in his usual tight t-shirt and blue jeans. He pulled me inside and ordered me onto my hands and knees. I did as ordered and quickly dropped down right inside the door. He then pulled down my shorts and boxers.

Without any warm up or warning he then unzipped his pants and thrust his rock hard cock up my eager asshole. The sudden intrusion made me yelp and jump. I heard my neighbor moan as he started a rough and hard pace fucking my asshole. He grunted, “Yeah, that’s my bitch. Take all that cock and love it. I’m gonna make you squeal.”

With that he gripped my hips tightly and began to pull my ass back into him as he would thrust his cock deeper into my asshole. I was loving this. I had grown accustomed to being degraded as he fucked me roughly. My own cock was rock hard and swinging freely as I was roughly fucked. I began to moan loudly with each thrust into my needy asshole. My head was thrown back and my back was arched as I enjoyed having this big hard cock plunge relentlessly in and out of my tight boy hole.

My neighbor was grunting and moaning as he continued his casino oyna assault on my rectum. I could tell by the pace he had set, that he would not last long. I knew very soon I would feel his big cock fill my insides with his hot cum. I began pushing back into his thrusts and clinching my asshole around his cock. He had stopped talking all together and was now just grunting as he enjoyed rampaging his hard cock into my boy hole. I was reduced to moans as I took every thrust without complaint.

I felt his hands tighten around my hips and begin to pull me back with more force. His pace in and out of my asshole picked up speed and depth. I almost didn’t notice, but my moans increased in volume to match his grunts. I clinched my asshole as tight as I could. I wanted my master to feel how tight I could be for him. With a loud grunt he then shouted, “Fuck! Here I cum boy. Take it all.”

He then buried his cock all the way to his balls as I felt the first spurt of cum spray my insides. I always loved the feeling of his hot cum coating my insides. The way his cock continues to thrust in and out works his cum all over my insides. I moaned loudly as I felt him begin to fill me up. I clinch my asshole around his hard cock as I help to milk his cock of all his man seed. I can hear his breathing is as loud as mine.

I remember my place and say, “Thank you Sir.”

He grunts and then laughs saying, “I aint done yet. I’m gonna work your asshole until I get hard again. Then you get another injection of my man seed. You want that, don’t you boy?”

I moaned at the idea of him pumping another load of his hot cum into my asshole. I say, “Yes Sir. I want more of your cum in my asshole.”

His cock is starting to soften, but he stays inside me. He begins to work canlı casino his cock in and out slowly. I clinch and relax my asshole around his cock. I want to get him hard again. He still has a hold of my hips. His thrusts and my clinching asshole are starting to pay off. I feel his cock begin to grow hard again. I moan as his cock grows inside me. I can feel his now hard cock as it has once again grown to full length and hardness.

He then plunges deep and hard into my asshole. The force of the thrust makes me fall forward. My head and chest are now on the floor. He still has my hips in his hands and uses that grip to keep my ass in the air. I am moaning again as he continues his pounding of my cum filled asshole. He is really driving it home now. His grunts are loud as he enjoys my boy hole.

He begins to degrade me again and I love to hear it. He says, “Yeah, I know you need more of my cum. I bet your asshole feels so empty without my hard cock. Don’t worry boy, your boy hole is going to be getting a lot of attention this week. I have some time off work and I plan to use your asshole every day. Would you like that boy? Do you want me to make a playground out of your ass every chance I get?”

I moan out, “Yes Sir. I want your cock in my asshole all the time. Please fuck me Sir. Please use my boy hole.”

He grunts again and then plunges his cock in so deep and hard that my hips are forced down onto the floor. I am now lying on my stomach and he is still pounding my asshole. Now that I am lying on the floor, I am unable move. Every thrust of his hard cock goes all the way up my boy hole. Every time his crotch hits my ass cheeks I hear a smacking sound.

He now places his hands on the floor on either side of me and begins thrusting into my asshole kaçak casino much faster and deeper. He is using his hands on the floor to steady him as his hips slam his cock deep into me. I am moaning and groaning as his cock slams into my asshole over and over again, deep and hard. I can feel his hard cock as it pushes his hot cum all around my insides. I imagine the squishing sounds that it must be making. I moan at the thought of him pounding my squishy ass.

My own moans are growing louder and faster. His moans and grunts are growing louder and deeper. I know he will soon cum inside me again. I want to savor the feeling of his hard cock as it punishes my cum filled asshole. I clinch my asshole around his cock again. This apparently sends him over the edge. He suddenly thrusts into my asshole as far as ever.

He screams out, “Take it boy. Take my man seed.”

I feel his cock explode in a spray of hot cum. He doesn’t pump into my anymore. He just holds his cock inside my asshole as his cock pumps spurt after spurt into me. I moan and work my clinched asshole over his cock, milking all of his cum into my asshole. He finally gets his fill and pulls out. I am still lying on the floor, a sweaty mess. I am breathing hard, just enjoying the feeling of two loads of his cum inside me.

He stands up and I hear his zipper. He looks down at me and says, “Ok boy. You can go now. Be back over here by 9am tomorrow.”

I moan out saying, “Yes Sir.” I get to my feet and pull up my shorts and boxers.

He smirks at me as I am about to leave and says, “I want you to leave my cum in you for the rest of the night. You can get clean in the morning. Also, I don’t think you should bother with any underwear when you come over here from now on. Understand?”

I nod and say, “Yes Sir.”

I then stumble my way back home and collapse into bed.

I strip down naked and fall asleep almost instantly, the feeling of his two loads of hot cum in my asshole lulls me to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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