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Copyright 2005 by the author, all rights reserved.


It had been a bad day at work.

Our boss lady, Lydia, warned me in the afternoon meeting that Legal has to shape up. I didn’t expect that sort of thing from her, not right after her trip to Boston. She has a way of ambushing me when I least expect it. What a bitch! Everyone else at the meeting looked at me as if I were infected with a disease. Nobody wants to be seen as a friend of the office punching bag. Fuck them!

After getting home, I put some wine in a chiller and lit some candles. I’m a sucker for romantic settings.

I wore my favorite Mistress outfit, a black strapless bustier that showed off my tits. Attached to the bottom of the bustier were garters that held up long sexy black stockings.

My cunt was already wet in anticipation.

The intercom buzzed. I pressed the Talk button and said, “Come up.” It wasn’t necessary to ask who was there. She was on time, as usual.

She dropped her coat and took the glass of wine I held out.

“I was a bitch, wasn’t I?” she said.

“No worse than usual. I’m sure nobody from the office suspects you come to me, for discipline.”

“They’re a bunch of morons. Maybe Jonathan is in the scene, from a few things he’s said. I’d like to have him bend over for me, to take a strapon in the ass. I love to dominate guys, especially the macho ones. As for women, you know I want to be taken.”

She touched my face and slowly traced the line of my jaw. “I’ll keep you, Alice, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri even if I have to get rid of the whole bunch of assholes at work.”

“Drop your clothes, Lydia. Strip for me.”

I wet my lips as she took off her clothes and then stood there, waiting for whatever I would do to her. She wore the leather collar with a big ring in front, perfect for attaching a leash. She’s a pain slut. I’m as good at receiving as I am giving, but with a pain slut like Lydia only my giving side comes out. Maybe she and I will try switching someday, but I doubt it; the pattern is set already, and we both get off on it.

“Down, bitch,” I said. “You seem to have forgotten your place. I think you’re looking for a flogging, aren’t you?” She dropped to the floor, on her knees.

“Yes, Mistress Alice, I want that tonight. I think about punishment and pain every time I see you. I dream about it when I’m alone at home. I thought of getting whipped by you every night that I was away.”

“I’ll choose a flogger to use on you, maybe the nasty one with metal tips that I bought last week, just for you. What do you think of that?”

“I think it’s…exciting.”

“In the meantime, clean my boots with your tongue. Be fast about it, you pathetic needy bitch.”

As I said that, I thought of my own deep needs; I’m as needy as she.

“Did you see Arlene at Acme on this trip? She’s attractive and likes tall slim blonds like you. Don’t lie to me.”

“Yes, Mistress Alice. I saw her, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and we had a scene at her place in Newton. She pushed me to my limits, and a bit past them.”

“You knew how I feel about her! You have a choice of punishment for that betrayal with Arlene. Beg me for what you think appropriate, you blond bitch.”

“Fuck me with the handle of the riding crop. Please, Alice. I need to be whipped and fucked. I’m begging now, on my knees.”

“Was it better than this in Boston?” I inserted two fingers deep into her cunt and moving them around until I heard her suck in her breath.

“She was rougher than that.”

“Here’s my whole hand, bitch. How does it feel to be fisted?”

“It hurts a lot, worse than what Arlene did to me. Please fuck me, Mistress.”

I fist-fucked her until she screamed. Good thing my walls are soundproofed. She orgasmed, and her cunt juices flowed.

I rose to my feet and looked down at her. “Wipe your cunt off, bitch. Use the blouse you came with. It will be a souvenir of tonight.”

I had to know, “Exactly what did you and Arlene do?”

“Are you sure, Mistress, that you want to hear all the details?”

I clipped a leash to the collar, pulled her to feet face-to-face with me and spoke in my most menacing voice. I found it hard to refrain from spitting in her face. She’s a troublesome bitch; I ought to get rid of her.

“Tell me what happened, slut.”

“She undressed me and attached clamps to my nipples.”

“What güvenilir bahis şirketleri next?”

“Well, she attached a chain to the nipple clamps, and then she pulled on the chain, leading me around the room like an animal.”

“Did that hurt?”

“Yes, it did. You know how excited I am by the pain of having my nipples clamped and pulled on.”

“Are you done with the story? Was there more?”

“She had me bend over and whipped my back and shoulders with a single-tail until I screamed. Then she reversed the whip and pushed the handle in and out of my cunt until I had to plead with her to stop.”

“Did she stop at that point, or was there more?”

“She stopped, Alice. It was late and she was done with me for the evening. She ordered me to get dressed and return to my hotel. I had barely enough time to clean up and catch the flight home.”

“Here’s a reminder for you, for the next time you go to Boston.”

I proceeded to flog her until her back, ass, and thighs were covered with angry-looking red stripes. She finally moaned, as usual, but I knew her limits and stopped just short of causing severe damage. She was trembling and crying.

“Stand up,” I said. Then I kissed her swollen lips.

“Thank you, Mistress Alice, for giving me what I deserve.”

“Are you OK now?”

“Yes, I’ll be ready for a full day at the office tomorrow.”

“See you there.”

Lydia dressed herself with trembling hands. She paused at the door. “Alice.”


“I didn’t have a scene with Arlene in Boston. In fact, I didn’t see her on this trip.”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Copyright 2005 by Lesly Sloan. This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author. All comments are welcome.

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