Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 13

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 10). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 13 – New Office Dress Code and a New Sister


The first hint I had a problem at the office came the Monday after Melanie had spent the weekend with Elsa, Cindy, and me. We had a very romantic weekend, and I apparently had distinguished myself by making love continuously to all three women Friday night, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

It wasn’t that I was fucking them and having orgasms all the time; I’m only a man. I did, however, become exceptionally attentive to each of them, displayed my vulnerable inner self to them, and made love to each of them in ways that left them quivering in the middle of the sofa or bed from orgasm after orgasm. I even amazed myself at my capabilities. I was learning and loving it. When it was left to the girls alone, I helped make sure they were all happy and enjoying a peak pleasure experience.

My new skills at lovemaking came from several sources. First, I had contacted my doctor who worked overtime to provide me the right mix of steroids, hormones, supplements, and other medications to help with my mental attitude regarding my love objects, my stamina and sexual performance, and my libido. He’d managed to push all three areas to new personal peaks.

Second, I realized in a confidential chat with Andy that men tend to freeze their lovemaking skills at a particular level, usually when they’re in their early twenties. They start having sex in their teens, experiment a little, and then cement in the way they make love. Attitudes towards various kinky sex acts such as oral sex, tasting cum, partner sharing, anal sex, variants in sexual positions, and so on are set and locked in. After that, they don’t change much. Andy explained that’s why many marriages get rated as sexually boring after only a short period of time.

I broke out of that mold. I went on an aggressive research and self-improvement program shortly after I started dating Elsa and Cindy. I didn’t tell them, but I wanted to be the best lover bar none that they would ever meet. Later, as we opened up our relationship to others, I wanted that reputation to carry over to anybody else I made love with or had sex with. Yes, part of that was ego, but part was also an intense desire to make my lovers more than just satisfied – I wanted them ecstatic with the experience I could render to them and craving more. I wanted to please them beyond reproach.

I had seen porn and had used it often as a release before the girls came into my life, but I started to look at it from a new vantage point: what would this video teach me about things I could do to please a woman – or women when in a simultaneous situation. I got a dozen different online books and read them about technique, philosophy, and experiences. I made lists of questions to ask my partners and things I should try, and over time I experimented on my own without telling the girls what I was trying on them.

My third source of new lovemaking skills came from my own creativity. Andy had emphasized that most people are afraid to be creative regarding sex with other people. “We’re afraid they’ll think us too kinky or weird or a freak or something,” he’d said. I turned my creativity loose and to hear them talk about it, Elsa, Cindy, and Melanie were the happy beneficiaries.

I arrived at my desk at seven o’clock Monday morning. Melanie had ridden into work with me in my limousine. We were quiet, in part because she admitted that she needed a couple of jolts of coffee before her world started to turn.

I went through a couple of meetings and then had a break. I called Melanie into my office because I’d had some thoughts I felt I should share. She came in and gave me a tentative smile, in part because I think she wondered why I’d called her in with nothing obvious scheduled. She carried her steno pad and a pen.

“Melanie, I have a little speech to give, so please listen to me.” I gestured to the chair in front of my desk and for her to sit. “I care a great deal about you – a great deal. I even love you at some level. I told you that. I also don’t want to have you be in an awkward work situation day in and day out because we have a relationship. I also want you near me, but that is secondary to you being happy. So, first, if you think it’s too awkward working near me, just say the word and we’ll get you another great assignment somewhere in the company – even canlı bahis in this building if you want.”

Mel violently shook her head and pleaded, “I want to work with you – like we’ve been doing. I don’t want to leave you.” She sounded choked up suddenly, and on the verge of tears – suddenly a plaintive cry to not change anything.

“Mel, don’t worry. I am not casting you aside.” I took a deep breath, “We have been very sexual and I like that. Do you?”

“Oh, God, yes,” Mel begged. “I want more, more, more.”

“What if I were to occasionally want to do something here?” I gestured around my large office.

Melanie smiled broadly as the prospect dawned on her, “I’d be the happiest executive secretary in the world. If you want to do me across your desk or on your sofa, just ask.”

“What if I took you on trips with me? People would talk.”

“I’d go in an instant. I have a passport. I’d want to warm your bed every night and be your sex object and lover. As for what other people think, they already think you’re pounding my pussy on your desk five times a day. People have naturally dirty minds. I don’t care. I kind of like the thought. Sheila’s been thought of that way for years she told me.”

“But they’d think you were a slut.”

She grinned again, “But a slut getting porked by the Big Boss’ schlong.” Her mood changed and she giggled. “I’d love it and hope it would never stop.”

I smiled, “And what do you think about Elsa and Cindy?”

“Oh, I love them so much. They want me to stay with them all the time when you travel too – they invited me. I hope I’m not speaking out of turn. They tell me that they love me too – physically and emotionally.” She sounded so sincere. This girl was guileless, and I liked that about her. She went on, “I wouldn’t want to get exclusive with you if it meant that you broke up in some way with either of them. They are so in love with you it hurts them when they’re not with you. I get you all day, kind of.”

On a whim I asked, “If you had the opportunity to move in with us, would you?”

Melanie’s eyes got very large and then teary again. She choked up, “That would be beyond my wildest fantasy. I’d be with the three people I love most in the world – you, Cindy, and Elsa. I’d be in heaven.”

“When we did the barbecue – the sex party that the girls had created, what did you think?”

Melanie said in a confessional tone, “I liked it – a lot. I didn’t get to fuck everybody, but I wanted to. I like sex. It was fun. Best of all, I got to be with you.” As an afterthought she said, “If you do it again, I hope you’ll involve me. Sheila wants to be there too. She and I talked – a lot.”

“You know I have very strong feelings for Sheila?”

“I do. She explained your relationship. She said that sometime soon, the two of you are going to make love and it’s going to be the most wonderful thing in the world for her.”

“Thank you. Now, back to my earlier point about doing little sexy things in the office … would you please stand and come around the desk.”

Melanie stood and walked around my desk until she stood next to my chair. While uncertain about what I was about to do, she was smiling and expecting something sexual.

I explained, “Unless there is some compelling reason, you have a new dress code for my office.” I reached under Mel’s conservative and cute knee-length skirt and grasped the sides of her lacy thong and pulled it down her legs. She was wearing sexy heels and held my shoulder to step out of them. I made a show of putting the bikini panties in my top drawer. “Do you understand?”

Mel grinned from ear to ear. “I certainly do.”

I ran my fingers up one leg right up to her crotch, and then slowly penetrated her tight little hole with two fingers. Mel spread her legs in invitation. I pumped a few times until I heard her sigh and then groan. She held onto my shoulder to steady herself as her knees weakened.

“OK, enough for now,” I said. “We’ll talk later.” I waved my hand dismissively to her but she was frozen in position with her eyes closed.

She gasped, “That was so nice. Thank you.” She walked kind of gingerly across my office with a special waggle to her hips. I wanted to throw her down on my leather sofa and fuck the daylights out of her but I resisted.

An hour later, Sheila, my long-time aide, friend, and new Chief of Staff, came into my office with a sheaf of papers in her hand. She laid several of them out on my desk and explained a few things to me and asked a few questions. As she did, I couldn’t help but notice that she was unusually close to me – inside my personal space. This was fine with me, but unusual for her.

After she’d apparently finished, she stood right beside me and said, “Oh, I heard about the new dress code for your office. Here.” On that note, she produced a pair of sexy pink lace panties from a skirt pocket and dropped them into my hand.

Sheila smiled at me. “You can check if you want. Please, I want you to.”

I bahis siteleri did want. I ran my hand up her stockings, feeling the change over to the taut skin of her upper thighs, and then the pubic hair on and around her labia. I gently rubbed the area, allowing my fingers to slide into her slit and even to ‘catch’ at the opening to her vagina.

As I felt Sheila, I said, “Why yes, it is such a pleasure to see how fast a new dress code can propagate through the staff until it is fully adopted. I may have to check for compliance several times a day, if that’s acceptable.”

Sheila gasped out a whisper, “Oh, God, I hope so.” I withdrew and patted her mons to show I was done checking. On that note she waltzed across my office on the way past Melanie to her office. She also had that wonderful motion of her hips that caught my attention all the time.

I kept smelling my fingers for the next hour and having very impure thoughts about my staff.


A midday call from Mark was unusual, so I jumped to answer the phone. When I came on the line I was surprised to find that Cindy was also conferenced in.

Mark said, “I wanted to talk to the two of you together, because I think we may all be in agreement about something, and I didn’t want to delay action on it.”

I asked, “What, Mark?”

I could hear him take a deep breath, “You both love Melanie, right?”

“Absolutely.” “She’s the best, yes.” “She’s like our other sister we never had.”

“Do we want to have her live with us? Maybe as a trial?”

I jumped, “OH, MARK, YES!”

Cindy squeaked, “Please make it happen. That’d be so nice.”

“You two wouldn’t be jealous?” he asked.

“No. She’s so sweet … and smart … and pretty. How could we be jealous of her?”

“Because I see her on and off all day long, and sometimes she’s going to have to travel with me, plus you know I’ll make love to her.”

I jumped in, “You’ll just have to take each of us along some of the time.”

I laughed, “I will.”

I urged, “Go ask her. Don’t let her say no.”

After he rang off and the conference call ended, I called Cindy. “What do you think?”

“I think we’re getting another sister – a younger one. She’s very smart and innovative.”

I ventured, “Plus she can really eat pussy like a champion.”

Cindy laughed, “I noticed. We’ll work on totally corrupting her, hopefully starting tonight.”


As I was prone to do about half the time, I yelled out, “Mel, come in when you have a moment.”

She appeared at the door with pen and steno pad in hand. She was ready for me to launch into some long dictation or rattle off a list of action items for her or somebody.

I motioned for her to come closer and she gave me a wry smile. She knew I was going to finger her cleft again. She moved right next to my chair and stood with her legs slightly apart.

Melanie asked, “Is this the way you want me when you call … sir.” She knew I didn’t like being called ‘sir,’ but I could tell she was teasing as I was teasing her.

“Yes, Ms. Wood, exactly like this unless I give you different instructions.” As I spoke I ran a hand up the inside of her legs until I could stroke her slit. I pulled my hand out and sniffed my fingers. “You smell absolutely delicious.”

In an unsteady tone, Mel gasped, “Thank you … sir.”

“I have a further question for you considering our discussion this morning.”

I nudged Melanie around my desk to the chair in front and she sat down. She pulled her dress up slightly and spread her legs so that she was flashing me her naked pussy. I loved my secretary.

“Melanie, would you move in with us? We love you and want you with us.”

Mel’s mouth flew open and then started to move but no sounds came out. Finally, she choked a bit. “But … you … errr … what about Cindy and Elsa?”

“They want you too. I talked to them about you. We all want you with us.”

Mel gasped, “Oh, God, … YES. A thousand times yes. When? How?”

I spoke, “You could take the limousine at five and collect some things from your apartment. Pick me up on the way to the condo. We want you tonight.”

“Oh, yes. Yes, I’ll do that. What about my roommate?”

I shook my head, “What roommate? This is an offer for you only.”

“Oh, I know that. No, I meant, what should I tell her.”

“Why don’t you tell her you’re going to stay with some friends for a few days. Be noncommittal. If you like staying with us, you can make it permanent.”

“OK. The lease is in her name.”

“We’ll make sure that she doesn’t suffer financially from you moving out so suddenly, if that’s your final decision.”

“OH, GOD, I already know it will be. Oh, this is the best day of my entire life.”

Melanie popped up out of her chair and started to run for the door in glee. She stopped short, and hurried back. “Was that all? I mean was there anything else you needed me for?”

I waved dismissively again, and then made bahis şirketleri a show of smelling my finger. She grinned and ran out. I felt sure she was going to tell Sheila what had just transpired.

I was just starting a meeting at five o’clock with some of our finance people about budgets in our Latin American subsidiaries. As Melanie escorted the men and women into my office, she whispered to me, “Leaving to get my stuff.” I just nodded, and we parted but not before I got a huge grin from her.

When the meeting broke up at six-forty-five, Melanie was back at her desk typing up some notes I’d left her. She had the amazing skill of accurately reading my handwriting and doing a masterful job of editing what I wrote so it made sense. I thanked my colleagues for staying late, and then watched them leave on the elevator to the lower floors. I was actually leaving kind of early.

Melanie said, “It’s just us, and the limo is downstairs with some of my stuff in it.”

“Let’s head home and see what the dynamic duo is up to.”

“Oh, this is so exciting I’m about to burst.”

As we got into the limousine, I found that not only was the large trunk full of boxes and two suitcases, but many dresses and hang-up things lay on the bench seat in the long black car. We were home in five minutes.

The driver, two security men, and I helped carry things up to my penthouse. When we came in Cindy and Elsa went into gales of giggles and laughter with Melanie. I’m not sure I’d ever heard such happy sounds. The mood was contagious. The girls did a little dance together. I should have had a May Pole in the living room for them there was such gaiety.

For the time being, we settled Mel in the guest bedroom nearest the master bedroom. The room had a king-size bed and a large shower. She could also get back and forth to the master bedroom without having to go through the living room. I explained that we wanted her in bed with us, but her stuff had to temporarily be in the other room due to temporary space limitations. I made a note to talk to Barnes and Sheila about additional wardrobe and dresser space.

I suggested we go out to dinner to celebrate the expansion of our family. As the last of Mel’s things arrived, I made arrangements with the driver to take us out. He in turn contacted security.

The girls selected a pub with a happy after-hours crowd in it. We got a booth towards to rear of the place, and ordered. The most expensive thing on the menu was $19.95, unlike the usual places I frequented. We got glasses of wine, and ordered burgers and fries. It was perfect.

We all made love to Melanie that night until I feared we had worn her out so much she’d miss work. She must have had two-dozen hard mind-blowing orgasms on cock or someone’s tongue. She went over two hours nonstop with each one of us focused on her as a welcoming gesture.

At first Cindy was eating her wet pussy, then I’d fuck her, then Elsa would do her, and I’d fuck her. Then Cindy would bring out a toy, I’d fuck her, and Elsa would sixty-nine with her. We went on and on, but the unspoken rule was that Melanie had to have lots of orgasms.

Surprisingly, for all the times I fucked her I didn’t cum in her. I gave that privilege to Elsa first and then Cindy as they drooled over Mel’s cunt. Mel eagerly cleaned up the recipient while the other girl in our midst ate her. I got in the snack act part of the time.

Amazingly, Mel and I were at work at seven a.m. the next morning. I noticed Melanie walking kind of gingerly in the morning. I did check to be sure she was adhering to the dress code. Sheila volunteered her compliance by coming in and hiking up her skirt to show me her newly manicured pussy. I love creative and obedient women.


A month went by. We were an exceptional foursome: Mark with his three ‘lovelies,’ as he called us collectively. Melanie proved to be a joy to live with; not only was she equally as horny as the rest of us, but she was a bit of neatnik, so we never felt we had to clean up any mess she’d left behind. We all behaved well and played nice with the other children. I had my usual peeves with Cindy, but Melanie sometimes intervened in a soft way and kept things from getting out of hand.

During the month we also had twelve more martial arts lessons, every other day during the week. Wan Suh liked our progress in his classes, and we had moved along through the basics, as he called them. We were also toughening up our bodies with intensive exercises in-between classes and using weights in Mark’s gym.

Both Cindy and I had gotten to the point where we could do two thousand sit-ups over each weekend, and we no longer needed the motivation of one of us lapping at the other’s pussy for each sit-up, although we did explore that inducement occasionally.

Wan Suh started having Cindy and I spar with one another since we were evenly matched. At the same time, we were learning how to fall, drop and roll, and other recovery moves so we could get right back into the fight. He taught us how to diagnose our own sparring matches.

Melanie had started to exercise with us, but at a much reduced level. She did start to go to the gun range with us each weekend, however.

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