Bigger Down There Ch. 16

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I’m conscious that the time between chapters is getting ever longer, so apologies — it’s just a consequence of having a full-time job which involves shifts, a busy social life and the effort to fit in some training and sport (as well as finding time for an active sex life)!


At the end of the last chapter I recall that I said that I had discovered a couple of things about myself, and one of those was that being slightly submissive did not have to involve pain, humiliation or aggression.

I am starting to learn a bit more about all that, and what is interesting is that in a one-on-one situation I’m both a ‘giver’ and a ‘taker’, but if I am in a group situation (and by group, I mean 3 or more), I am quite happy to become a ‘taker’.

There is quite an implication to that if you are a girl like me. I am effectively giving the group carte blanche to stretch me out as they see fit, and as I am already extremely well developed in my cuntal area, it must look exceptionally obvious that I am very receptive to being reamed out which in turn always seems to encourage them to expand my horizons (and probably theirs too . . . . .).

I am finding it more of a turn-on if I am restrained in some way, so that I have little or no control over what my cunt may have to take or be subjected to.

My partner Helen (who is the mother of my bestie), is as big a deviant as I am when it comes to obsessing about being really opened up and I aspire to having a cunt that is at least as well fleshed out and industrial in proportion as hers, and we are putting a lot of effort in having me catch up with her.

To this end, we have been seeking out ever larger items to use. In Helen’s case, my single hand is actually quite loose inside her, and it needs two to have a good impact, so we have been using something else which is giving us a lot of scope.

The thing is, that as much as we like being widened out, plastic is not a particularly tactile material, and although silicone is better, only one of you gets to experience the sensitivity or sense of feel. Vegetables are interesting, but the same observation applies, and from the internet we have encountered ‘footing’. This has various descriptors, including the aforementioned footing, but we have also seen the term foot-fisting and foot-fucking (but not the type where the female has a cock between the soles of her feet).

I typically take a five or a six in a UK shoe size (I think that’s about a 7 or an 8 in US sizes), so that should give you an idea of where we are going.

A foot is not quite as malleable as a hand in that it can’t easily be formed into a tighter profile, so you have to experiment a bit in order to find a comfortable position, but ‘footing’ Helen has a real Wow factor for me, and I am loving it.

Over and above all of that, I remain hugely committed to opening up my own cunt to ever larger proportions. It is important to understand that this really is something that I desire and obsess over more than most ‘normal’ people could possibly imagine.

After a more thorough than usual fisting session administered by Helen a few weeks ago (where she got the flats of both hands into me, so not a complete double fisting, but possibly the next best thing), she questioned me carefully about how far I wanted to go, something she periodically raises.

It wasn’t necessary for me to think too much about my answer, and I reiterated that I had no limit in mind, I just wanted to be as loose as I can possibly get. From memory, I think the words ‘permanently gaped and hanging open, to the extent that I am conscious of my size the whole time,’ were what emanated from my upper lips.

‘I want to live in the knowledge that I have trained my cunt to be something far beyond what it was ever designed to be. I want other ladies to be shocked and to stare when they see me.’

It would be almost impossible to describe the feelings that shoot through me when another lady glances my way, looks away, and is then unable to resist looking again, often in disbelief.

I don’t want anybody to feel bad or embarrassed for me, just to be consumed by the enormity of my genitalia. That is absolutely guaranteed to get my girly fluids swirling, and make me feel abnormally good about myself.

Such an incident occurred recently at the gym. For some reason I was there on my own. I can’t remember where Freya was that evening, but I was in the shower and had just finished my hair when I noticed a lady probably in her mid-thirties almost frozen to the spot with her eyes focussed on my big sloppy slot.

She was definitely caught out, and she knew it. I guess that as I had been in the process of washing my hair, she had worked out that my eyes would be closed (or at least closed for a bit longer), and I would therefore not notice her sneaking a look. However, notice her I did, and she clearly knew she had been ensnared. But the thing was, although she managed to tear her canlı bahis eyes away for a second or two, she couldn’t keep them away, and try as she might, she could not stop herself from looking again.

I gave her (and me!) a treat — something to really look at, and on the pretence of washing myself, peeled my lips back with one hand while I gave myself a gentle soaping with the other.

Her right hand didn’t know what to do with itself. She was engrossed only with my meaty gash (she never really looked at my face), and that right hand was hovering in the immediate vicinity of her own slit, but it was almost as if she couldn’t bring herself to stimulate herself in front of me, even though I am certain that’s what she wanted to do.

Even after I had finished showering and was back in the changing area, she kept stealing surreptitious glances at what to her probably looked like a piece of wreckage. I was leaking into the gusset of my tight white cotton knicks when I left the gym, and spent a good part of the evening trying to imagine if she was likely to tell her husband or boyfriend what she had seen, but more tantalisingly, how she would describe it.

I hope all that doesn’t make anybody feel that I am a bad person — more that it gives you an insight into what makes me tick.

Anyway, back to the bedtime conversation with Helen. Having openly admitted my commitment to continue wreaking havoc on my cunt, Helen appeared to be debating with herself what we could do next to continue my journey.

The dildo pants are not doing an effective job anymore, as we have not been able to find an attachment with more girth. We’ve got plenty of big toys, but they are difficult to use other than for recreational purposes. We both felt that I needed something that I could wear during the day. That’s something I am very interested in, as I like to be perpetually reminded of my size (even when I am at work), and more importantly, keeping up the effort to maintain an unorthodoxly large cunt that does not conform to anybody’s concept of normality.

Helen hit on what we have subsequently ascertained is a great idea. Her starting point was that a butt plug was going to work a lot better than a regular dildo. We needed something which can be held in place (so preferably with a ‘base’, and that’s not how most dildoes are designed). Second (and these two bits are quite important), I was not looking for G-spot or clitoral stimulation. I want to be kept stretched, not on the brink of orgasm. I need to be able to work, and we both wanted something that could be kept in place all day.

A bit of research identified two potential options: an A Bomb, or a Hole Punch. For a couple of reasons we selected the A Bomb, although it has to be said that the alternative option was quite interesting, and looks like it may well have some potential.

The one we ended up selecting is thicker than your average dildo and not too long. I love having Helen work it into me in the mornings, I can keep it in place, and the feeling is quite remarkable. By the time I get home (or even to the gym) I usually need to get off and a new pleasure has become oralising it after it has been in me all day while I fist myself out.

I love feeling it against my cuntal walls through the day, and I especially love the film of secreted slime that coats it when it is extracted, and the beautiful taste of naughtiness as it pops into my willing mouth.

Freya is aware of the plug, and she is encouraging me to be more adventurous with it when we are together.

For example, she likes to have me kneel over her face and ram it in and out of me while she masturbates, and best of all, she is getting more vocal which is a big turn-on for me as I love the hint of an accent that inflects her vocabulary.

‘Fucking ram it in and let me watch you ruin your big hole with it,’ is a frequent line, and ‘show me how it stretches your huge cunt.’ Is another one. As I said, we like for me to kneel over her face so she can get a close-up (and I think she likes the cunt splat that splashes onto her face and upper body as well), and as I am into watching her jill herself off, I normally kneel over her face but looking towards her feet.

Freya is giving me a bit more freedom to pleasure her these days (at first it was mainly me watching), and as I had suspected, she can take four of my fingers relatively easily, and I am certain that we both know that it’s only a matter of time before she is going to take my whole hand. She’s getting much more assertive at pushing herself onto my fingers when I am in her, and from about two weeks ago, she has been licking my cunt dribble off the plug. Last week, as soon as I took it out after a gym session (not that I keep it in for my workouts, but it goes back in straight after showering), instead of presenting it to her mouth while she was lying supine in readiness for some heady mutual masturbation, I let it wander over the entrance to her rampant cunt, bahis siteleri and she seemed to want it in further. Only when it had both our juices on it did I let her have a lick and she really went to town tonguing the glaze off it.

The only issue with the plug, in terms of using it at the front as opposed to the rear, is that it doesn’t work too discretely with yoga pants or leggings. You can see the base a bit too easily, and while I’m very relaxed about showing a cameltoe (and mine is more noticeable than most I think), a flat round base doesn’t quite do you any favours, although I did wear it with leggings once going from the gym to Freya’s as a dare from her.

In addition to all that, Helen has started to use the spreader bar on me a bit more regularly. She has to get me in the right sort of position because she likes to secure my wrists to the bar at the same time, so it is about making sure that I don’t topple over.

I’m enjoying that spreader bar, believe me. Once I am secured to that, Helen can have her way with me and I am powerless to resist, so it’s becoming a great way to insert some pretty big things in me and all I can do is to surrender to them.

It is important to appreciate that the level of trust between us is immense, so there is no fear factor — just a sense of the unknown, but in the knowledge that we both want the same thing — pure cuntiness!.

I am beginning to think that it might be quite exciting for Sam and Lizzie to come home and find me secured to that bar just to see how they would react and what they would do . . . . . .

One of the best things is that Helen is spending more time on my ass now that we both know that I am becoming extremely amenable to being violated there. In fact there’s something very feral about having your anal passage invaded while your ‘proper’ hole is left unfilled. My clit becomes extraordinarily and hyper sensitive and I have not yet worked out why that is.

I would love to be able to adequately describe the fervour that consumes me when I feel Helen’s fingertips tracing round my anal opening, knowing that those very fingers will be probing deeper into my rear orifice sooner rather than later. I am sure that my ass inadvertently opens itself up of its own volition to inspire her to be more invasive.

The feeling of Helen’s hand entering my nicely loosening butt hole is sensational, and she has taken to teasing me about what might happen when we get to one of Sabine’s parties, more of which soon. By now, I knew that this was becoming a certainty. I was increasingly confident that Helen was in dialogue with Sabine as she appeared to know a lot about the available apparatus that will be to hand.

For me, I couldn’t wait. I still haven’t got over the sensory overload that resulted from having a cuntful of fist and another hand, wrist deep in my ass at the same time. What Helen and Sabine did to me on that Saturday morning still resonates on an extraordinarily high level in my sub-conscious, and although I haven’t mastered getting into an ergonomic and comfortable position to hand fuck my own ass yet, I am working on it.

The trouble is, that while it feels beautifully depraved, doing it to yourself does not have the same level of ambience as being fucked out by a hand that is not yours, and being fucked by two hands simultaneously that don’t belong to the same person is off the scale in terms of the vibe that I get from it.

Anybody who masturbates regularly, and is then masturbated by a hand that is not yours will know what I mean — it’s just a completely superior buzz. I am fortunate in having friends that are happy to indulge me in my cravings, and for me, that’s what I am about. I crave being obscenely stretched and having my holes manipulated.

It’s like a drug for me. If you wanted to torture me, all you would need to do is to prevent me from abusing my slutty cunt hole for a week. I would probably be unliveable with. Even the desire to show myself off gives me a high, but it comes nowhere near the astronomical high that comes from having my womanly anatomy and genitals mistreated.

Helen is also getting much more casual with her peeing antics. A couple of weeks ago when we were stood in the kitchen, Helen was wearing one of her long tees, and as she was facing me to talk, halfway through our conversation, she just let the piss fall out of her.

There was no warning — not even a hint that she needed to piss. She simply began pissing in mid conversation.

I tell you, it was a big moment. It was the fact that she carried on talking that made it even more erotic. The spectacle hit me deep in the core of my clit and I am definitely going to do the same thing one day soon.

As it was, she let me clean her up by catching the last of her drip-dry residue with my mouth, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I had only recently been myself, I would have let go in a similarly casual manner for her own delectation. bahis şirketleri

Helen’s dramatic flaps actually retain quite a bit of juice, so licking the piss wash out of her is seriously pleasurable.

Anyway, back to all things anal. Helen assures me, and it is something that I know from my own exploration of Helen’s backside, that ultimately I will be able to take her much more deeply into my sublimely elastic shit hole than I can into my cunt box. I know how far I can go into Helen, and the notion of her being able to go elbow deep into me back there is giving me exceedingly immoral and outrageously carnal thoughts.

Before I go into our visit to Holland, there is one more thing that is still fresh in my mind for the sheer filth factor of the experience.

It would appear that at some point when I was either not paying attention (possibly too wrapped up in my own lust), or simply not present, Helen and Freya have been having a sexual ‘bucket list’ conversation. I became aware of this several weeks ago when Freya turned up at our house late one Saturday afternoon. It was surprising as I had actually had a hockey game that morning that Freya had turned up to to spectate, and even though we had spent a bit of time together afterwards, she had not mentioned that I would be seeing her later.

It wasn’t an issue that she had turned up, seemingly out of the blue — far from it, but I will admit to being slightly surprised.

She had a small overnight bag with her so it looked as if she was planning to stay, and she looked even more sexy than usual. There was a glint in her eye, and her and Helen exchanged conspiratorial glances more than a couple of times over the next hour.

There were more exchanges as we shared a light-ish dinner, and eventually I felt compelled to ask what was going on.

Helen responded with ‘I’m glad you asked us that darling. We’re going to have some fun.’ What followed once everything had been washed up was wickedly sexy.

Looking back, I am now thinking that Helen was testing me to see how compliant I was prepared to become. Being told to strip (not that I was wearing much!), felt slightly more of an instruction than a request, and as I unclothed myself, Helen was following suit.

On the lounge floor was a single quilt covered by a couple of soft towels. Freya was down to a pair of tight, what looked like Tactel type material panties and an even tighter sports bra, both in grey, and the crotch of the panties which was moulded supremely and very erotically over her beautiful mound and slot was showing signs of a highly aroused fuck hole (although I should probably use the term wank-hole for Freya as that’s what she does with it).

Helen lay down on the quilt and got me to mirror her position. Once in situ, Freya was prepared and knew what to do. She wiped some lube around the collar of my cunt and rubbed a more generous amount over my butt. She delved into the overnight bag and emerged with two pink double ended dildoes.

I could see Helen nodding as I allowed Freya to insert the end of one them into my slimy cunt, and the end of the other into my very willing ass.

Helen was observing carefully, and once both of my holes were stuffed, shuffled up to be closer to me. She then paused, looked at Freya, telling her she was ready, but she needed the ass one first.

I was acutely conscious of the other end of the lowermost dildo being worked into the tighter of Helen’s two holes as I was feeling every manipulation of it, and then the movement ceased.

‘Now the other one,’ Helen instructed. This went in rather more easily as although it was of a reasonable girth, it was inferior to the hole into which it was entering.

Knowing that Helen and I were so intimately connected was mind-blowing in itself, and as Helen was edging herself towards me, I was sharply aware of every millimetre of travel.

I was already secreting a good amount of slop from my eager cunt but what happened next elevated the encounter to a whole new level.

With her panties still on, Freya kneeled over me and pushed her panty wrapped cunt into my face and mouth. She smelt heavenly, and I was loving the taste of her grool through the texture of those panties, but she then compounded things by leaning forward which allowed her bra covered tits to rub against Helen’s clit.

As you would imagine, this had the effect of making Helen jerk around, and of course, each time she convulsed, there was a corresponding tremor in my own cunt and ass.

I started to push back towards Helen’s sex cavities which made her flinch even more.

I was building up to a fucking massive cum. Every time Freya lifted a little I pulled her back down so that she could forcibly face-fuck me. Her delicious grey panties were much more wet than they were dry, and I could detect the outline of her very slick cunt rim and lips which were plastered to the crotch of her panties with my tongue.

Freya pushed out a good dollop of girl goo when she did actually cum, and as you would imagine, that had me writhing about more than ever, and in turn, edging both of the phallic cunt and ass insertions back into Helen.

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