Big Sister at the Cabin

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This is my first I’ve made, so tell me how you feel about it in the comments, and let me know if you would like a second part involving some other people. 😉 Anyways, I hope you enjoy. Sorry if my grammar isn’t great.


I’ve been a pretty normal guy my whole life, but that drastically changed when I hit puberty. I started noticing girls, and one girl in particular. My older sister. She’s two years older than me, and I started getting attracted to her when we were both much younger, ten years ago I think, I’m 23 now. I never told anyone except my best friend, and he understood, so that made me feel better, but I still felt disgusted at myself for thinking about anything like that. I mean, she’s my sister! I can’t be thinking like that.

But anyways, over the years, I started peeking on her when I could. When she changed, when she took a shower, when she bent over to get something in the kitchen. God was she hot. Straight blonde hair, blue eyes, big ass, nice toned legs, flat stomach, and her tits were pretty big, 36C I think.

As we grew up together though, we grew apart, and I understood why, she didn’t want to hang out with her annoying younger brother. But I wanted to be with her, even if it was just watching a movie or something. But growing up apart didn’t change how I felt about her, I wanted to be with her in more ways than one. I wanted to have sex with my older sister.

But jumping to current times, I was going on a trip with my twin cousins Riley, Rachael, and Alice, my sister. The twins are 24, I think, I haven’t seen them in years. Luckily Alice still hadn’t found out about my feelings, which hadn’t gone away from my teenage years, or so I thought.

I show up at her house and saw my cousins cars already there. I get out of mine, and knock on the front door.

“Jake! It’s been forever!” Alice says as she hugs me.

I happily hug her back, “I’ve missed you.” I say, then let go. “Are you gonna invite me in, or just let me die out here?” I joke.

“Oh of course, come on in!” She smiles and waves me in.

I see my cousins sitting on the couch, watching some dumb reality TV show.

“Riley, Rachael! Hey!” I say, and hug them both.

“Hey Jake, it’s been so long.” Riley says, smiling big.

“It has! It’s been what, three years?” Rachael asks.

“About that, yeah.” I say, sitting down with them. “But anyways, when are we gonna leave?”

Alice replies, “About 3:45, so an hour ish.”

“Alright, who’s car are we taking?” I ask, looking at Alice’s breasts for a moment.

“Well, mine obviously.” Alice says, adjusting her shirt a bit to cover her cleavage. “It’s the biggest out of all ours.

“Sounds good.” I smile.

An hour later, at 3:30 everyone puts their bags into Alice’s car, and I drive. Alice sits in the passenger seat, and the twins sit in the back. I drive for somewhere near two and a half hours, and we finally get to our cabin.

I casino siteleri get out, “Anyone need help with their bags?” I ask, grabbing mine.

“Of course we do, were all weak.” Riley jokes.

“Oh so I’m just your personal bellboy now?” I laugh, and grab a few more bags.

“Sure, why not.” Alice smiles, and looks at my crotch, or maybe she didn’t.

I take all the bags inside, and set them in the living room area of the cabin. Riley and Rachael take their stuff into the first bedroom, and I put mine in the furthest bedroom from the living area. Alice put hers in the bedroom between mine and the twins. Which was very beneficial to me, there was a hole in the wall from my room to hers, and it was in a dark corner so she wouldn’t notice. We all go to the living room to watch a movie and eat before bed. We choose a horror movie, something about a cabin in the woods. Which is exactly where we were, a cabin in the woods.

Alice sat next to me, and scooted kinda close, maybe 5 inches of space between us. Then the movie got to a scary part, and she jumped and put her head on my shoulder, facing away from the TV.

“You alright?” I ask her in a hushed tone.

“I- I’m fine.” She says, her head still on my head.

“Then you wouldn’t mind moving your head?” I ask, planning something.

“Oh ye- yeah sure.” She says, then slowly takes her head away, and tries to scoot further from me.

“No, stay close, I just don’t want your head on my shoulder.” I whisper to her. She moves back next to me, our legs now touching. I put my hand on her thigh, and just keep it there.

She looks at my face, then my hand, then my face again. She does that for about thirty seconds, then sighs and relaxes. Further into the movie, at a calm part, I start to move my hand further up, near her crotch. Her breathing picks up pace slightly, but she stays quiet. I look at her face, and she’s biting her bottom lip, and she looks very comfortable. When the movie ends the twins go to bed, and Alice goes to her room. I quickly run to mine, and turn the light off. Walking to the corner where the hole in the wall is, I peek through and see Alice slowly taking her shirt off, she was almost doing a… a striptease. Maybe she was, maybe she knew, oh god if she knew, I was fucking dead. But I continued to watch anyway, and my cock was rock hard when she finally took her shirt all the way off, and I could see her bra covered breasts. “Fuck those things are great, so big..” I say to myself, as I slowly take my cock out of my shorts. I start to jerk off as she unhooked her bra. In my head I was in that room waiting to suck on her tits. Then her bra falls to the floor and I moan loud as I cum all over the wall, and she looks over at the hole, but before I run away from it I see her grin.

I wake up the next morning, and of course my cock was hard. I decided to not jerk off. I leave my room in nothing but my boxers, forgetting I was canlı casino with other people. I walk into the kitchen and see Alice bending over to grab something from the cupboard. I just gawk at her big ass as she stays bent over.

“Hey little brother.” She says and smiles, before standing back up. “Enjoying the view?”

I feel my still hard cock twitch, and she looks down at my crotch. “I- I don’t know what you mean.”

“You know exactly what I mean..” she says seductively, then walks away, her hips swaying, and I just stare at her.

Later the twins get up, and we all go outside to hang out for a bit. Oh yeah, the cabin was in some woods by a lake.

“We’re gonna go for a swim.” Riley and Rachael say at the same time then giggle.

Me and Alice stay by the lake, just relaxing, when suddenly she stands up.

“Hey guys!” Alice shouts out to the twins.

“Yeah?” They ask back.

“Me and Jake are gonna go talk, so just go inside when you’re done!” She says, then grabs my hand and pulls me to her car.

“Wait wh- what are we gonna talk about?” I ask nervously.

“I know what you did last night Jake.” She says nonchalantly, and looks me directly in the eyes

“W- n- I- I didn’t do anything. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I say, very clearly lying.

I’m leaning against her car, and she comes closer to me. “I know you were peeping on me.” She whispers into my ear. I accidentally moan when I hear her say that. “Does little brother like her sister talking like that?” She asks, clearly trying to trap me so she could say I tried to make a move on her.

“Y- no..” I lie again, my pants bulging because of my hard-on.

“Don’t lie.” Alice smirks as she pushes me hard against her car, then kisses me hard.

My eyes widen in surprise, but I relax as I realize what’s happening. I’m kissing Alice, the one girl I’ve wanted to be with for so long. I grab her hips, and kiss her back with the same force and intensity she kissed me with.

She pulls away for a moment, “I know you’ve been looking at me all this time. I just thought you’d make the first move.”

“You’ve known?” I ask, not entirely surprised, I wasn’t exactly sneaky when I peeked on her. She kisses me again, and I quickly switch positions with her, so she’s pushed against the car.

“Fuck me Jake.” She whispers.

Now this, I was shocked by. “Are you serious Alice?”

“Yes brother.. I want you to fuck me.” She moans.

“Open the back of the car.” I smile.

She goes and opens the trunk area of her car and sits down.

“Take your shirt off.” I say, standing in front of her.

“Is little brother dominant?” She asks, her voice dripping with sexiness.

“Yes I am, now take your shirt off.”

“Yes sir.” She smiles, and seductively takes her shirt off.

“Bra as well.” I say, rubbing my cock through my jeans.

“Mm, does little brother kaçak casino want to see big sister’s titties?”

“Yes I do.” I say, grabbing her face and kissing her hard.

She kisses me back, I push my tongue to her lips, and she accepts it. ‘Holy shit’ I think to myself, ‘I’m making out with my sister’. I start to explore her mouth with my tongue, moaning into her mouth.

She pulls away, “Fuck me Jake, I need your cock in my pussy.”

I immediately pull my pants down, “Take the rest of your clothes off.” I say to Alice, who starts to take her bra off. Her bra drops, along with my jaw. “Holy shit those are great.” I say, gawking at her.

“Wanna touch my tits brother?” She asks looking me in the eyes while I stare at her bare breasts.

I reach over and grab both her tits in my hands.

“Mmm that feels good Jake.” She moans taking her shorts and panties off.

My jaw drops further when I see her bare pussy in front of me, “You’re not a virgin are you?”

“Is it bad if I’m not?” She asks nervously.

“No, it’s fucking hot if my sister’s a slut.” I say, rubbing her nipples.

“Mmm you like your big sis fucking other guys? You like thinking of me having a big cock in me?” She asks, clearly trying to get me hornier, if that’s even possible.

“Spread your legs.” I say sternly, pulling my boxers down to reveal my seven and a half inch hard cock.

She opens her legs to show me her pussy, and I moan when I see it, and I see her eyes widen when she finally looks at my cock.

“So does Alice want this big cock inside her?” I ask, as I slowly rub her pussy lips with the head of my cock.

“Yes!” She moans loudly, thrusting her hips into the air.

“Don’t move.” I say, grabbing her hips, and pushing into her wet slutty pussy. “Fuck you feel great, Alice!” I moan as I feel three inches of my cock get engulfed in her fuck hole.

“So do you!” She whimpers and moans.

I bend over so that I can kiss her again, and move my hands to her sides, staring her in the eyes.

“You like little brother’s cock inside you?” I ask, pushing the rest of my cock into her.

She gasps, then whimpers, “Yesss Jake!!” She shouts, loud enough for the twins to hear.

“Good!” I moan as I start to fuck Alice’s pussy hole fast, “Cause I love fucking your slutty cunt!” I shout as loud as she did.

“I love it when you talk like that little brother!” She moans, neither of us even trying to be quiet anymore.

I start to fuck her fast, “I’m gonna cum!” I moan, after a few minutes of that speed.

“Me too!” She shouts as she rubs her clit and I slam into her nice wet cunt.

I thrust hard into her as I cum inside her unprotected pussy, “Fuuckkk Alice!!” I shout.

Her body shakes, and her pussy clenches my cock tight, “Yeeessss Jake!!” She screams, “Your cock is amazing!!”

After we both cum together, I slowly pull out. “We should go before they start to get curious.” I say smiling big.

“Oh of course, not like we were screaming or anything.” She smirks.

I smile, and we get dressed to walk back to the cabin. Her pussy filled with my cum.

To be continued… (maybe.)

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