Betty’s Busy Fingers

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Friday night, and Betty left work to drive to her apartment. She had plans for the evening and for the weekend and expected to enjoy herself, although she would not be seeing anybody, at least not a real person. After finishing her leftover spaghetti, warmed in the microwave and washed down by a glass of red wine, Betty went to her computer and got online. She had a date with Literotica, and hoped to find a new story by her favorite author. The author might be a man, she thought, because he wrote that he was a man, but Betty always felt very comfortable, as if she were talking to her sister, or reading a hot, sexy letter from a girlfriend. She suspected that the writer might be a woman who wrote as if she were a man, but all Betty really cared about and wanted to do was get herself off while reading. What she really wanted, although she realized it was foolish, was to be all of the women in the stories. “George Boxlicker, I wish you were licking my box,” she thought, even though she knew he was a fictitious character.

After she got to Literotica, Betty went to the story index. Instead of wading through the long list of authors’ names, she knew a shortcut. Click on Sci Fi & Fantasy and then the letter “Z”. The last story on that page was about Zuzie, and Betty smiled when she recalled the story. It had been funny and sexy but Zuzie wasn’t human and Betty hadn’t cum while reading it, so she had read a different story while masturbating. After she clicked on his or her byline, she had a long list of stories by her favorite author. He, or she, whichever, was prolific and Betty hoped to find something new. “Otherwise,” she told herself, “I’ll read that story about that lucky Karen.” She had gone off for a long weekend with George and he had eaten her pussy and fucked her everywhere he could and Karen had cum nine times. “I sure wish I could have been Karen,” Betty said, under her breath.

Her ISP was slow but when she finally had the list of stories, a delighted smile almost bisected Betty’s rather plain face. There WAS a new story and, how wonderful! It was an erotic coupling story and it was about a woman named Elizabeth! Her checkbook and apartment lease and other official and legal documents were in the name of “Elizabeth” but otherwise Betty never used her full name. For tonight, though, she was definitely Elizabeth. She printed the story, smiling even more when she saw how long it was. “I’ll bet George makes her cum three or four times,” she thought deliciously. She knew the women in the stories always cum at least twice and one lucky woman, Jenny, had cum six times in one afternoon. She couldn’t match either Jenny or Karen but Betty did expect to cum twice while reading about the “lady friend”, as he called them, of George Boxlicker. The bottle of baby oil and her two dildos would help her accomplish that.

Betty, or “Elizabeth” as she was now thinking of herself, had a few chores to attend to, laundry to sort, dishes to wash, a letter to write. As she went about these things, she sipped occasionally on more of the red wine, not getting drunk, but getting what she thought of as “sort of mellow”. The red wine helped her not think too much about the fact that she was going to be spending Friday night reading a dirty story and masturbating. Betty was chubby with an unattractive face, so men didn’t pay much attention to her, and she was much too shy to make the first step, so George Boxlicker and her dildos were her date that evening. “Someday,” she thought, “I’ll find my own George Boxlicker, and I hope he will like my pussy as much as the original likes his lady friends’ pussies.

At nine o’clock, with her chores done, Betty finished her last glass of wine and put on her negligee that she usually reserved for these times. Usually, the women that George was pleasuring were naked, even when they slept, but Betty compromised because she felt sexier in her nighty. She had turned down the bed earlier and, after slathering baby oil on her hands, Betty lay down, her dildos close at hand, and prepared to read. The bigger dildo was named Big George and the smaller one was named Little George. Big George was for her pussy or her mouth and Little George, after being covered with baby oil, would be for her ass, if George fucked his lady friend there. Sometimes, when there were two men and a double penetration, Betty used both dildos. She drew the line there, though. Even if the woman in the story was enjoying a DP and sucking a cock, Betty had no way of accommodating the third man.

Betty started reading and was immediately delighted when she saw Elizabeth in the story described as a big, beautiful woman. “How about me, George?” she asked. “I’m a BBW too and my name is Elizabeth.” The paper casino oyna didn’t answer so Betty read further. As usual, George spent a long time licking and sucking on the paper Elizabeth’s breasts. The real Elizabeth cupped one of her own titties in her right hand and started licking her nipple, which was already erect. The printed sheets, stained now with baby oil, were in her left hand. As George moved his tongue from one nipple to the other, Betty moved her hand and licked the other nipple. When George started sucking on a breast, with his tongue caressing the nipple, Betty cupped one of hers in her hand, squeezing her erect little nubbin between her fingers and gently massaging herself. Just as George’s mouth moved from one breast to another, Betty’s hand did the same.

Elizabeth in the story urged George to start eating her pussy, her “cootie” she called it. While he licked his way down to her pubic hair and got up and positioned himself between her legs, Betty kept massaging her breasts. Not until George actually started eating his lady friend’s pussy did Betty’s hand go to her own pussy. This was what the baby oil was for. In the story, Elizabeth’s pussy was squirming on the bed and juices were flowing from it from the way George had been pleasuring her breasts. Betty’s pussy was also squirming on the bed and producing some juice but not enough to lubricate the fingers that would be duplicating the actions of George’s tongue, so the oil was a compromise. He had a whole mouth full of saliva but Betty didn’t want to keep interrupting her pleasure and licking her fingers so she had settled on the baby oil. Later, her pussy would be wet enough that she would be able to use her own juices but until then, the baby oil would do the job.

When George Boxlicker started by licking the juices from his lady friend’s pussy, Betty caressed the edges of her vagina. When he began licking the lady’s pussy lips, Betty’s well-oiled fingers slowly caressed her own pussy lips, matching the woman in the story. As she read about George’s tongue licking its way to Elizabeth’s mons, Betty’s fingers moved along slowly caressing her soft pussy lips, past her clit, to the end of the outer lip, to fondle her own mons. As she read about Elizabeth in the story, praising the work of George, the real Elizabeth echoed her words. “Oh, George, I really love that. I love the way you eat my pussy. Keep doing that.”

George did continue, sucking the abundant juices from the pussy of the fictitious Elizabeth, and starting to lick her other pussy lips. The real Elizabeth did the same thing, dipping her fingers into her pussy, where the juices had started running freely, and caressing her other pair of labia. Just as Elizabeth in the story was fucking her pussy against George’s face, to his pleasure, Betty’s pussy was involuntarily fucking against her hand. Just as George’s lady friend was moaning from the pleasure she was receiving, Betty was moaning from the pleasure she imagined she was getting from George’s tongue and lips “Oh, George, I love that! I love the way you eat my pussy!” George’s lady friend hadn’t said that but the real Elizabeth saw nothing wrong with ad-libbing when she felt like it. .

This time, when George finished licking to the end of his lady friend’s pussy lips he caressed first her clit hood and then under the hood to pleasure her sweet love toy. Betty followed suit, and as she gently rubbed her finger tips against her engorged clit, she burst out “Oh, George, I love it. Lick my clit. Lick my clit!” But George did not continue to lick his lady friend’s clit; he brought his mouth back to her love hole, and Betty’s fingers copied him, dipping into her own vagina and starting to probe under her inner pussy lips. While Elizabeth in the story was fucking her pussy into the face of the man who was eating her pussy, the real Elizabeth fucked her own pussy just as strongly into her hand, ecstatically imagining George’s tongue where her fingers were.

In the story, George Boxlicker could tell that his lady friend was close to cumming, and Betty could tell that she was getting close to cumming also. When she read of the woman in the story begging George to suck her clit because she wanted to cum, Betty responded “Me too. Me too. I wanna cum too. Suck my clit, George.” But George wasn’t ready to suck anybody there just yet, and he probed his tongue between the top edge of his lady friend’s vagina and the base of her clit. Betty’s fingers did the same and both women were moaning and thrashing around on their beds, totally enjoying what was happening to their pussies.

Betty knew from reading many stories that when George Boxlicker reached that point of a story, the next thing he did was start canlı casino to suck on the lady’s clit and this time was no exception. His tongue pushed the fictitious Elizabeth’s clit hood out of the way so he could wrap his mouth around her clit and suck on it and caress her with his tongue. The real Elizabeth dropped the pages of the story and peeled her clit hood back with her left hand so she could get all the fingers of the other hand around her engorged love toy. She could no longer read what the woman in the story was saying but Betty was moaning and sobbing “Yes! Yes! That’s it! I love it! I love it! Suck my clit, George,” and she continued with this mantra until she started cumming.

Usually, George’s head gets squeezed by the legs of whoever his lady friend is when she starts to cum. No head was available but Betty squeezed her hands and jammed her pussy against them, and her hips swiveled on the bed while she continued cumming. When she climaxed, it was with a thrust of her pussy one last time against her fondling fingers, lifting her ass off the bed, and then she lay quietly. That was not the end of Betty’s date, and she knew it. George’s lady friends always climaxed at least once from his eating their pussies and then they fucked and the women always climaxed at least once more. Betty didn’t know which dildo she would be using, possibly both, but whichever way the Elizabeth in the story liked to fuck, that would be the way the real Elizabeth would use the dildos.

When she was ready to continue, Betty gathered up the oil stained pages, discarded the ones that were finished, and posted her dildos close at hand. As she found her place and started reading, Betty’s fingers were lightly playing in her dripping pussy. “Oooo, George, that feels so good. I’m glad you like my pussy juice because it feels so good when you lick me there after I cum,” she murmured.

According to the story, Elizabeth, whom Betty thought of as something of a cry-baby and a bossy bitch, liked doggy style, some kind of sideways thing and the missionary position. Betty wasn’t sure about the second one but she could and would fuck George in the other positions. “Any way you want to fuck me, George, my pussy is all yours. My ass or mouth too, if you want them.” Betty knew she would be very accommodating if somebody as nice as George Boxlicker were in her life.

As Elizabeth in the story got into the doggy style position, the real Elizabeth did the same. George admired what he coyly called her “pretty pink rosebud” but said that his lady friend would allow nothing there. “You can fuck my ass hole, George, and I’ll suck you off afterwards,” Betty said, but nobody heard her. Since Little George would not be used that night, Betty tossed him aside and he rolled onto the floor.

Once in position on her hands and knees, the fictitious Elizabeth reached back one hand and opened her pussy so George could thrust his cock in. The real Elizabeth, with her weight on her knees and left hand, reached underneath herself and rubbed the tip of Big George in her juicy pussy and then placed the tip at the entrance to her vagina. Her dildo is flesh-pink, about the color she believes George Boxlicker’s cock to be, and seven inches long, a good size for her and about the size of George’s cock. It is made of a lifelike plastic and has veins that appear realistic and are designed to stimulate the lining of a vagina. At the handle end it flares into a semblance of balls and the base is flat, so it can be set upright on a floor or chair. Once the tip was in Betty’s pussy, she turned it back and forth to be sure it was started in cleanly, and then she slowly pushed in the first two inches. Betty sighed at the delicious feeling and said “Oh, George, your cock feels so good in my pussy.” With a few more strokes it was all the way in, and Betty leaned forward, her face in her pillow and stroked her dildo in and out, while rocking her pussy back to meet her hand. It felt good, not as good as George’s cock would have felt, but good, and at every stroke it felt better. Betty sighed and moaned at the pleasure she was giving herself with Big George. As she stroked in and out, Betty resumed reading the story. “Mmmm, I really love that. Fuck me slow and deep,” was the dialogue in the story and the real Elizabeth repeated it. In the story, George and Elizabeth fucked for about five minutes in the doggy position. Betty didn’t pay any attention to the time, but just continued enjoying what Big George was doing to her pussy. When she decided it was time, Betty read what the Elizabeth in the story did and then duplicated it as best she could. She lay on her right side and, since she couldn’t rest her foot across anybody’s shoulder, she hitched kaçak casino herself up to the head of the bed and rested her foot on the headboard while bending her other knee. Surprisingly, this was a pretty good position and when Betty bent forward, she was able to thrust her dildo even deeper into her pussy. “Oh, George, that feels so good. Put your cock all the way into me,” she whispered, as she thrust her dildo deeply into herself. As she read further, she saw that Elizabeth in the story was also bending forward but that was because George was fondling her boobies. Accordingly, the real Elizabeth fondled her own breasts, teasing the erect nipples.

In and out went the cock of George into his lady friend’s pussy and in and out went Big George into Betty’s pussy. Both Elizabeths were tremendously enjoying what was happening and both were moaning from the pleasure. In the story, George was also moaning and Betty could almost hear him as she drove his namesake into herself. For several paragraphs, the story included no dialogue so Betty contented herself with moaning and whispering to herself how good George was to her to be calling on her, of all people. In the story, the characters switched to the missionary position, and Betty did too but she made a mental note to get sideways in the future because it had felt really good.

Lying on her back, Betty imagined George on top of her, while lucky Elizabeth in the story had the real George to comfort her. That Elizabeth could hold him tightly, but the real Elizabeth could only hold the imaginary George with one arm because the other hand was still thrusting her dildo in and out, while she fucked her pussy back to meet him. Elizabeth in the story murmured words of encouragement to George, and the real Elizabeth echoed her. “Oh, George. I love your cock in my pussy. Keep fucking me. Let’s fuck all day.”

In the story, George responded to his lady friend, telling her how he loved her pussy. Betty imagined the words being said to her and answered him. “I’m glad you love my pussy, George. It’s all yours, any time you want it, and it’s only yours.” Intellectually, Betty was well aware that there was nobody in her bed but herself but she imagined that, in some parallel universe, George Boxlicker was on top of her, stroking his wonderful cock in and out of her pussy, just like she was stroking Big George in and out.

In the story, Elizabeth started moving her hips in a circular motion and Betty duplicated her. George timed his strokes to achieve the best contact with her clit and his cock went deep into his lady friend’s pussy. Betty thrust Big George into her own pussy and achieved the same contact. “Ooooo,” the fictitious Elizabeth moaned. “That’s gooood. I love your cock on my clit.” The real Elizabeth moaned the same happy words.

Betty saw the story was almost over. That meant the woman would be cumming soon, and then George. It was NEVER the other way around. “I believe that nice guys finish last” he sometimes said, apparently quoting some baseball person. George Boxlicker was a really nice guy and Betty wished she could find someone half as nice. Until then, she had to settle for the stories and for the dildos she had named after him.

Since the story was almost over Betty started fucking herself faster so her climax would coincide with the climaxes in the story. She changed the angle into her pussy so Big George would rub strongly against her clit and kept going faster until she felt herself starting to cum. “I’m cumming, George! I’m cumming!” burst out of her mouth and she dropped the pages and held the dildo with both hands, continuing to ram it in and out of her pussy.

When Betty climaxed, she grunted and her legs squeezed her hands holding the dildo. Her fucking was over for the night, and Betty sighed, pulled Big George from her extremely juicy pussy, and dropped him to the floor to join his smaller namesake. She would clean him off in the morning.

After cumming twice, Betty was tired and relaxed and ready to sleep, but first she wanted to see the last paragraph in the story. She read about George Boxlicker whispering sweet nothings to his lady friend and kissing her gently on her mouth. For what seemed like the millionth time, Betty wished she could change places with the woman in the story.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it, and that you will express your opinion, with feedback and by voting your opinion. You can leave public feedback here to be read by any other readers or you can send it to me. You can remain anonymous or you can leave your email address. I like getting feedback because it helps me write more and better and I always answer any I can.

The story “I Call on Elizabeth”, which was described in this story is available and the stories “Karen’s Birthday” and “I Call on Jenny”, which were also mentioned, are also available. Feel free to read these and anything else you want.

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