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I’ve always been attracted to mature women. Even as a young man. Though, to be honest, I can find something to like about most women.

In my early teens our family moved to Lauderdale By The Sea, a small town at the North end of Ft. Lauderdale. it’s about a mile long and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Water Way.

Our house was about two blocks from the beach. Not a bad way to grow up. In those days we wore cut off jeans for swimming, and mine rarely dried out during the Summer. We were either at the beach or somebody’s pool almost every day.

This particular Summer I had a girlfriend, sort of. It was the early seventies and terms like “open relationship” were being used. The girl in question, Sarah, didn’t like it much, but as far as I was concerned, the fact that she was eager to have sex with me any time I wanted didn’t mean I had an obligation.

Matter of fact, her family was a lot more interesting than she was. Her Mother and Step Father were two of the most charismatic people I’ve met to this day. There was a constant social buzz going on at their house.

Her family were what Florida natives call “snow birds”. They’d migrated to South Florida from Chicago. They had lots of stories about Chicago Winters. I wondered why they’d stayed as long as they had.

Sarah’s Mom’s best friend from Chicago, Betty and her husband had also moved South. They had a condo on the Intracoastal Waterway. The two families got together often. This particular evening it was at Betty’s condo, and i was invited along.

Betty’s husband (his name escapes me) was usually out of town. He probably still had business interests in Chicago. But the result was that Betty was left to her own devices most of the time. She spent her time at the condo in Florida and he supported her. This arrangement probably suited both of them fine since there didn’t seem to be much warmth between them when they were together.

The events of the evening have mostly faded from memory. There was the usual chatter and tinkling of glasses. But I do remember Betty. She was wearing black slacks which showed off a shapely figure and a white blouse. She always wore her shoulder length blonde hair in a ponytail and this evening was no exception.

The reason i remember Betty so well is this. Sarah and I were sitting on the couch when Betty appeared across from us and leaned over the coffee table to clear some glasses. As she did this she looked at me and said that any time I wanted to come over and use the pool or get some sun I was welcome. She lingered long enough for me to take in her impressive cleavage. I also remember Sarah commenting “She likes you”.

I was eighteen at the time. i didn’t have any great understanding of women then, nor has that improved much. But something in my hormonally charged adolescent mind was stirred to take Betty up on her offer. I wrote down her phone number while everyone was saying their goodbyes.

During the next few days I thought about Betty and her offer more than once. So the next sunny day that I had at my disposal I dialed her number.

The phone rang three times “Hello”?

“Hi Betty” I said “This is Bill, Sarah’s friend”.

“Oh, hi Bill” did I note a catch in her voice? “How are you”?

“I’m fine” I replied. “It’s a nice day. I thought I’d take you on your offer of a swim”.

“You’re certainly welcome” she said. “In fact, I was just thinking about you”.

“Oh really”?

“Yes, I have some things to do around here and I need some help”.

“It isn’t any actual work, is it?” I asked.

“No” she laughed. “I’m just rearranging some things and I could use the help of a tall man”.

I should note here that when I started my tenth year of High School I was 5′ 6″ tall. At the end of that school year I had grown to 6′ 4″ tall. Unfortunately, I hadn’t gained much weight. My nick name in gym class was “Spider”. My Dad noticed I didn’t take my shirt off much and asked me if being thin made me self conscious. I admitted it did, and the result was a weight set under the tree for Christmas.

At first I was excited about it. But when I realized they were called weights for a reason, the new quickly wore off. Dad would not be deterred. I was to lift according to the brochure casino oyna that came with the weights, three nights a week, or I would be grounded. I eventually learned to enjoy the benefits of lifting. And while I never became heavily muscled, people stopped calling me spider.

“Well, okay” I said. “As long as I get in a swim later”.

“No problem” again the laugh. “It’s just a few things”

“All right, I’ll be there in a few”

“Thanks, I’ll see you then”.

I pulled on my cutoffs and a t-shirt and headed up the street. The short walk to the condo went quickly and soon i was knocking on Betty’s door.

She answered the door in a pair of white shorts and a hot pink blouse. The effect was dazzling to say the least. The shorts were, well, short. And her blouse was not quite unbuttoned to the point where I could see the top of her bra. I now realize that Betty had purposely chosen a bra that morning that was a size too small.

I almost regained my composure in time to keep her from noticing the effect she had on me, but not quite. She had caught me looking. But all she registered was a secret little smile.

The smile quickly switched to the one she wore for company. She stepped back and said. “Come on it”.

As i stepped into the foyer of her condo I noted two more things. She was wearing perfume. Just a hint. Not over powering and just the right amount so that it was more of a suggestion than an out right statement. The second thing I noticed was fresh lipstick. Not too much and expertly applied to accentuate every tantalizing contour of her lips. I confess that long soft kisses are one of my very favorite things. Betty’s lips looked like they were perfectly suited for that very thing.

This was going to be tough. I’d have to get through the day without making an idiot out of myself.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Again there was something in her smile. “I’m going to have a beer.”

“If you’re going to have one, sure”. I needed something to take the edge off.

Betty padded into the kitchen on bare feet. Her toe nails painted to match those perfect lips. She came back in a minute and handed me a cold Carling Black Label.

“Thanks” I said.

“You’re welcome” from her. Something in her eyes, and that smile again.

I took a long pull on the beer. It was ice cold, crisp.

“I just have a few things” she said as she headed into the master bedroom. She opened the closet. “I want to clear a few things off the top shelf and put them in the other bedroom closet. Then I have a couple of other things to take care of.”

Betty got a step stool for me so i could reach items at the back of the shelf. There were just a few boxes, and none of them very heavy. She directed me as to which ones to hand down. Each time I handed her a box I got a spectacular view of her cleavage. Those incredible tits seemed to be wrestling each other to jump out of her bra. She would then turn to put the box down and I’d get a look at the inverted heart shape of her ass.

The effect she was having on me was alarming. I was getting an erection, and it wasn’t going to be easy to hide in my cutoffs. Particularly since, as usual, I wasn’t wearing underwear.

I attempted to turn away to hide my steadily thickening cock. But as I did I lost my balance. The next few seconds are a blur. The stool wobbled, Betty grabbed me to keep me from falling, I fell anyway and we both ended up on the floor, me flat on my back with her on top of me.

“Bill, are you okay?” she asked. I don’t remember what I said, if anything. Like I said, she was on top of me and that was about all I could process . While she had been great to look at, actual contact with her put me into sensory overload. She feigned an attempt to get up, but her movement was more lateral than vertical and only served to tantalize. I remember her saying my name a couple more times, then, I was kissing her.

Her lips made good on their promise. They were incredibly soft and electric. She protested a little at first. “Oh Bill, no” but she leaned into each kiss. That incredible body seemed charged with electricity. I went very quickly from semi hard to iron bar rigid.

Our mouths were now locked in a continuous dance of lips and tongue. Her hips rolled and canlı casino her ass undulated under my right hand. She trailed her mound along the length of my stiff cock, removing any lingering doubt as to what she wanted.

Then, she shifted to the side and slid off of me saying “Stop, stop a minute”. Her eyes stared deeply into mine and her right hand trailed across my chest, down my body and came to rest on my cock. She didn’t so much grip it as encircle it. Her fingers cupped under the hem of my shorts and she trailed them along my length. She kissed me lightly a couple of times then climbed up on the bed.

As I stood up to join her she was pulling the covers down. She lay back on the pillow with that ponytail trailing across her shoulder and looking me in the eye, her perfectly manicured finger tips worked at the buttons on her blouse. I stripped off my t-shirt and crawled up to her.

As I leaned down to kiss her she reached up and pulled me to her. Her kisses were urgent, deep, probing. My right hand cupped her left breast and as i gave it a gentle squeeze she moaned. I could feel her nipple through the lace of her bra.

I pushed myself up to my knees above her and undid the last two buttons of her blouse. She reached behind her to unclasp her bra and those incredible tits sprang free. From that point the rest of her clothes came off very quickly.

She reached out, tugged at the hem of my cutoffs and said “Let’s get rid of these”. I stood at the side of the bed and undid my shorts and slid them off my hips. She watched intently as my rigid cock shaft was revealed. The shorts hung on my cock tip for a second and then, as my length sprang free it swung in an arc across my left hip and then back to front to point at her like a divining rod.

Her breath caught, and I could see color come to her cheeks. “Oh, it’s beautiful” she said, as she reached out to cup my balls with her left hand. The fingers of her right hand caressed the tip of my cock and gently slid down the shaft to close around it. “Give it to me, now” she said as she pulled me closer. She cupped her left breast and trailed the tip of my cock across her nipple. I could feel her taught, distended nipple flick the end of my cock.

Her eyes held mine in an expression of wanton lust. Slowly, she lay back on the bed, never letting go of my rigid shaft, and pulled me down on top of her. She guided the tip of my cock to her slit and rubbed it along the length of her pussy. She was extremely wet and my first thrust met with little resistance. I pulled out then trailed my cock head along her slit again and eased back into her quivering wet little pussy again.

She kissed me passionately. “It’s been a long time for me, Bill”. she said. With the first two thrusts I’d gotten about half way in. I pulled out a little and rotated my hips then eased the full length of my cock into her. She gasped, moaned and shuddered all at once.

“Jesus! You’re going to have to go easy with that thing”. I could feel her horny, wet little pussy griping the length of my shaft. She whispered in my ear “I haven’t had a man in a long time”. Her breath was warm on my ear and neck. “You feel wonderful” she said. I could feel her hips rock underneath me.

I lay on top of her, leaning on my right elbow. From this position I could alternate between kissing her and sucking on her right tit and I made the most of it. Her nipples stuck out about half an inch and were incredibly responsive. Her aureolas weren’t very large but were covered with little bumps. My hand gripped the underside of her breast and squeezed so that the nipple poked directly at me. I tongued and sucked it greedily and in response, she moaned and writhed underneath me.

“Ooohhh, f-f-fuck” she panted. It was the first cursing I’d heard from her. It was an incredible turn on. Her hips gyrated in a motion meant to gobble up as much of my shaft as possible. Her movements were slow, deliberate and powerful. She alternately held her breath and gasped for air. The room was filled with the wet, sloshing noise of wanton sex. I kissed her roughly then went back to her nipple. “Mmmph! oh Jesus!” she said. ” Her hips ground and her pussy gobbled. “Fuuuckkk me!” and I certainly was. I was grinding my cock into her with short deep strokes. Her hands kaçak casino flew to my ass and gripped hard, digging her nails into the flesh of my ass. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuckmeeee!” she screamed.

I kept the full length of my body in contact with hers, and just slowly, deliberately pumped her. With each thrust I penetrated her as deeply as possible and held it there, grinding the tip of my cock into the gristle at the bottom of her cunt.

She loved it and made sure that I knew it. “God your cock feels good! Unnhh! Uh oooo! You know just how to fuck my pussy!” My cock head found a spot deep in her and her legs shot straight out to the side. No thrusting now. I maintained contact with that spot and just ground. Her thighs quivered and her body shook. “Uh! Ahhhuuh huh, huh, ssshhh! JESUS! I’m cu, cu, cumming!”. I jammed my cock into her and held, making sure the tip never left that spot.

She held me tight to her as she quivered and quaked through her orgasm. I let her quiver and quake. Let her run her course. She lay under me with her face buried in my neck, her breath coming in ragged gasps, then deeper and more even until it returned to normal.

She covered my neck with soft, gentle kisses and her hands caressed my body. “God, I needed that. You can’t know how much I needed that” she said. We kissed and caressed and held each other for some time.

But I hadn’t come yet. And she was still wet. I eased the shaft of my cock out of her and, leaving just the swollen soft tip in her I began gentle thrusting, just at the opening of her soft pussy lips.

She kept her bush trimmed but not shaven. The little hairs tickled at the sensitive skin on the end of my prick. It was driving her crazy.

Experience told me that now that she had come I could do pretty much anything I wanted. Not that I wanted much. I just wanted to look at her beautiful ass while I fucked her. I pushed myself off her and guided her up on her hands and knees. The view of her ass sticking up in the air is burned into my memory. Her sweet little pussy was framed by the cheeks of her ass.

She was looking over shoulder at me. Well, not me precisely. She was looking at my cock as I was lining it up to slide it into her again. I teased her a little more, trailing the wet tip up the inside of one thigh, along her slit and then back down the inside of her other thigh.

Her face was flushed. “Put it in, dammit!” The time for teasing was over. The tip of my fuck tool found her opening and I sheathed it in one hard stroke. My thighs smacked into her ass cheeks. “UH!” and then “Uh, ooohh, unnhh, ooo” as I drove my cock into her hard with each stroke. The sounds of fucking filled the room. My thighs smacked her ass with a steady rhythm as I pumped her with the full length of my burning shaft. Her pussy sloshed, slurped and farted with each stroke.

Her head was down in the pillows and a steady stream of moans,curses and screams spilled out of her. At one point I thought she was going to chew the corner off the pillow. She alternated between what sounded like crying and cursing like a construction worker. “Fuck me! you big cock motherfucker! Aaiiieeeeee! Oh Jesus! Fuck, Fuck, God yes! Give it to me!” And I definitely was. But I could feel myself building toward the inevitable. She felt so good there was no stopping it.

The crescendo of my thrusting started to build. i had no control left. Our bodies slapped together as I pumped her. She moaned and screamed into the pillow, backing into me with every stroke. I felt that familiar tingle and then I was shooting my cum into her. I pumped and held my cock in deep, one spurt, a couple of more thrusts and another spurt and then another. I just held myself against her until my dick quit throbbing and shooting.

She could feel that I was spent and she eased down to rest on her belly. All I could do was to slump down on top of her. We were both covered with sweat and out of breath.

After a minute or two i slid off her and rolled over on my back. We just lay there, regaining our composure and savoring what had just happened.

“Jesus, you fucked the Hell out of me”.

“Well, if you didn’t look so good, things like that wouldn’t happen to you.”

At first she chuckled at this, then began to laugh out loud. I joined in and we laughed together, the laughter easing away any last barriers between us.

She leaned over me and kissed me, softly and said “It’s going to be a wonderful Summer”.

And it certainly was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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