Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 24

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Somehow we managed to make it through the rest of the day without letting the feelings we’d stirred over the kitchen table get the better of us. “How come you’re not on nights again this week?” Tim queried.

Beth shrugged. “Just the rota, I guess.”

I messaged Amy, and she got back to me straight away letting me know she could see me the next day. “Are you sure?” breathed Beth when I told her.

“Absolutely,” I nodded. “Imagine Tim’s face when I slip off that lacy dress of mine – he’ll already have been able to see hints, but a waist chain through my navel bar, and another chain from there down between my thighs to that metal ring he’s craving so much…”

Beth’s eyes widened. “And what about – you’d have to take it off sometimes, though – something from there going the other way, up to the waist chain at the back.”

I gave a quiet gasp. “I could have it on while we’re in class, and on the ward – how good would that feel while I was sitting, walking around… And when we got home I’d be so ready for whatever we’d been imagining…”

I had another thought. “If we were really careful, I could leave it there while Tim was in me.”

Tim came back into the kitchen, obviously picking up the charged atmosphere. “Whatever you two are talking about, the answer’s yes,” he chuckled.

“So when are we going to pick out our new yacht?” Beth teased him. “You’re just going to have to wait to find out what we were really saying.”

It was starting to go dark, and Tim glanced at us. “Early night?”

“Mm, sure.”

Beth and I sprawled on the bed. “Hmm,” I mused, grinning at Beth. “What a dilemma. We promised we’d do what Tim and I did with Liz, but we didn’t actually say who’d be where, did we…”

“Or whether we’d come first, or afterwards,” she capped my tease. “Why don’t we let Tim decide?”

He looked at us thoughtfully. “Hmm.”

“What?” queried Beth, raising her eyebrows. “Having trouble with that sweet shop again…?”

“OK,” grinned Tim. “Beth, how about you show us what it was like when you were with Claire -” I gasped, remembering how intense Beth’s description had been – “then I’ll close my eyes and try and work out which of you has me inside, and which one is in her with the toy.”

“Mm,” nodded Beth, throwing me a conspiratorial wink. “We can work with that.”

I thrilled as she pulled me almost roughly towards her, lips urgent on mine, then her hands squeezed my breasts, fingers moving to my nipples, twisting a little, the sensation sharp enough to make me gasp but at the same time exquisite. “Too much?” she whispered anxiously, and I shook my head. “Please, now,” I begged, and it was almost a relief when she pressed two fingers into me, thrusting hard, the pad of her thumb brushing my nub. I fumbled for her, missing then finding her entrance, sliding fingers deep into her, hearing her moan of satisfaction. “Mm, harder.”

We lost ourselves in one another, fingers thrusting, and I felt myself starting to tense, my eyes locked on Beth’s. She smiled knowingly, her expression turning to one of triumph as I cried out, feeling my still-smarting nipples harden, my hips flexing against her hand, warmth spurting to coat her fingers. “Ohhh…”

I found my concentration again, and Beth’s face betrayed her increasing need as she rocked against my fingers, her hand sliding between her thighs to touch herself. “Mm – oh god – yes -“

She tilted her head back, gasping, and tensed around me, tight enough that I knew the feeling would be with me afterwards, her hips moving, shuddering. Just when I thought she would relax, she moaned again, a spurt of warmth onto my hand. “Mmm…”

We held one another, both breathing rapidly, and Beth ventured a soft kiss on my cheek. “OK, love?”

I smiled, nodded. “Mm.”

Beth turned to Tim, watching us with a rapt expression. “Ready for your part?”


He laid back on the bed, closing his eyes, and Beth checked that he wasn’t cheating by waving a hand in front of his face, getting no reaction. “OK,” she leaned over to murmur in my ear, “we’re going to change the rules a little.”

She casino oyna opened the bedside drawer, finding the toy and the bottle of clear liquid. She unscrewed the top of the bottle, and tilted it to let the liquid drizzle onto Tim’s hardness, running down from the tip to pool a little.

He smiled, puzzled, and Beth wrapped her fingers round him for a moment, making sure he was completely slippery. “Now, Alice,” she murmured, “you remember that time I told you about…”

I threw her a knowing look, and slid my body across Tim’s but facing the foot of the bed, reaching behind me to press his tip into the centre of my pink star. I lowered myself slowly, carefully, until he was deep inside me there, and took a drawn-out breath. “Mmm…”

I looked across at the mirror, seeing the puzzled smile still curving Tim’s lips. But his eyes stayed closed, and I watched as Beth slid the toy into place between her thighs with a quiet gasp.

She moved closer, and put her hand flat on my chest, easing me slowly backwards until I was resting my weight on Tim. Beth watched my face as she pressed the tip of the toy against my entrance, then slid inside me, her mouth forming an O of pleasure as her mound rested against mine. “God, Alice, why didn’t we do this before?” she breathed.

She lifted her head to look behind me at Tim. “Figured it out yet?” she teased, and he opened his eyes. “I love the way you mix things up,” he chuckled.

I felt him flex his hips, move inside me. “Mm,” he gasped, “I hope you don’t need me to hold on very long.”

Beth shook her head. “Don’t worry.”

She began to move in me, reaching fingertips to find my nub, and I gasped. “God, Beth, I’ll definitely go again if you do that.”

“I’m counting on it,” she chuckled. She thrust more insistently, and at the same time I felt Tim slide his hands around to cup my breasts, touch my nipples softly. “Oh – mm – oh god -” My back arched, and I gasped as I felt warm wetness spill from me, run onto Tim’s still-penetrating hardness. He must have felt it too, because he moaned, “God, Alice -” then he was thrusting again, and I felt warmth spurt into me, then again and again. “Ohh…”

Beth breathed in deeply, and with the toy still in me, she leaned forward, laying her body against mine, our breasts pressed deliciously together. “Mmm…”

Finally we disentangled ourselves from one another, and I curled up on the bed, thighs pressed together around my fingers, my body echoing all the sensations of fullness. Beth surrounded me with her arms, gently stroking my hair. “OK, love?”

I nodded. “More than OK…”


My appointment with Amy was mid-morning, and I smiled at Beth with more confidence than I felt as we walked into the shop. “How are you two?” Amy queried, and I nodded. “Good, thanks. We’re really enjoying the navel bars.”

“Well,” her voice turned business-like, “this one’s a bit different, but you’ll be fine – I’ve done this dozens of times.”

She glanced at Beth. “I take you two want to stay together.”

Beth swallowed. “Definitely.”

At Amy’s request, I’d worn a short skirt, and she patted the chair. “Whenever you’re ready, take off your panties and sit down, put your feet up in these, and I’ll be right with you.”

I complied, and Amy drew up a stool between my spread thighs, pulling on gloves. “Is there, um, something for the pain?” Beth queried.

Amy shook her head. “Sorry, we’re not allowed to. But the painful part really doesn’t last very long.”

She reached into the steel tray for the needle, and glanced at me. “Ready?”

I nodded, and I felt her fingers gentle on me – she tactfully ignored the fact that I couldn’t help being a little wetter than I’d expected – then I clenched my teeth together, determined not to frighten Beth, as an unbelievably sharp sting jolted through my most intimate place. The room swayed a little around me, but I kept my eyes open, and saw Amy’s nod of satisfaction. “All done.”

She picked up the metal ring with its gleaming ball, and slid it through the opening she’d made, making sure it was firmly fastened. “OK. canlı casino Again, you read what you need to do. No sex -” she grinned, “well, not there at least, not until you’re sure it’s healed.”

“I promise,” I chuckled. “Thanks, Amy.”

I slipped my panties back on, the intriguing sensation of something in me definitely more noticeable now than the residual sting, and let my skirt fall back into place. “Do I look any different?” I teased Beth, and she shook her head, her face still a little pale.

“Come on,” I touched her arm, “let’s go to the burger place again.”

Amy gave us a last smile as she closed the door behind us, and we walked to McDonalds, getting our lunch. “I hope Tim appreciates it,” Beth managed a smile, and I grinned, raising my eyebrows. “We didn’t actually tell him what I was going to do, did we. How am I not going to have sex with him for a week?”

Beth cheered up, her eyes dancing. “You can just tell him it’s your period -“

“- which we don’t have, because of the pills,” I chipped in.

“But he doesn’t really know that, does he – guys don’t,” she laughed. “Anyway, you know how much he like to fuck your breasts, too, and if he really can’t live without – well, you know – I’m more than happy to help.”

We dissolved into giggles. “Come on,” I grinned. “Let’s get home, and see if your plan works.”

When we got home, I went into the bathroom to undress, leaving my panties on and slipping a panty pad into place. Tim was in the living room, and I joined him on the sofa, getting a welcoming kiss. “Kept something on to tease me?” he murmured, slipping his hand between my thighs. His fingers encountered the bulky pad, and he caught his lip between his teeth, blushing crimson. “Oops – sorry, Alice – I – I didn’t -” he stuttered, and I heard Beth’s unmistakeable quiet smirk.

“It’s fine,” I reassured. “It’s only for a few days, and I’m not going to deprive you.”

I moved to my knees, my fingers round his hardness making it obvious what I meant. I wrapped my lips around his tip, my hand moving on his shaft, and looked up. “You know I love it when you come all over my breasts,” I murmured. “I can dabble my fingertips in it, then suck them, or Beth can put them in her mouth.”

Tim gasped as I continued to fantasise, moving my fingers more insistently on him. “Oh – yes -“

I put my mouth on him again, my tongue swirling, and I felt him stiffen, heard his moan. I moved back, and his first spurt splashed on my throat, the second on one breast. “Mm…”

Beth casually drew her fingers through the sticky blobs, then tongued them clean. “Now, Tim, there’s something I need, too.”

She laid back on the sofa, parting her thighs, and Tim took the hint, moving to breathe in the scent of her arousal, then starting to use his tongue on her. I knelt beside him, fingers stroking Beth’s breasts, my other hand on Tim’s back. “See, here we all are together,” I murmured.

Beth began to moan softly. “Mm, Alice, my nipple, like Claire, you know what I mean -“

I nodded, drawing my fingertips together, and as I twisted gently she cried out, her fingers tangling in Tim’s hair, pulling him into her. “Oh – yes – oh god – mmm…”

She broke, gasping. “Mm, intense…”

Tim was gentle, thoughtful with me for the next few days, and Beth and I made sure we indulged him in every way we could think of, apart from the one that ensured my surprise for him remained a secret.

Finally Saturday evening rolled around again, and I made a point of removing my panties when Tim was looking, while Beth propped herself on one elbow on the bed. “Tim,” I murmured, “is there something you’ve been missing?”

I flowed up against him, and his eyes widened. “Mmm.”

I felt him move his hand from my hip to stroke my mound. “Don’t stop,” I breathed, and his fingers explored lower. I could pinpoint the exact moment when Tim’s fingertip brushed something he wasn’t expecting, and he stilled. “Alice…?”

I couldn’t help my soft chuckle. “You know how much we all appreciated Liz’s little addition – I couldn’t resist.”

Tim’s eyes were wide. “Alice – that’s kaçak casino amazing – did it hurt?”

I caught my lip between my teeth, remembering. “Like anything, but only for a second.”

Tim’s fingers stilled on me. “But it’s OK now?”

“Fine,” I reassured him. “Hope you didn’t mind my little deception.”

He chuckled. “I did think it was a bit odd, but I wasn’t going to ask questions.”

“Huh,” teased Beth. “Men – as long as you get to put your thing in us, you don’t have to know how we really work, do you.”

“You can show me in that textbook one time,” promised Tim earnestly.

He grinned at me. “If what you told me about is anything to go by, that’ll end up with a, mm, practical demonstration anyway.”

I gave him a playful punch. “Anyway, stop changing the subject. You’ve got a girl in front of you who’s not been touched properly for a week, she’s all wet for you, what are you going to do about it?”

Tim glanced at Beth, one eyebrow raised. “Let’s both do something about it, shall we, Beth.”

She returned his knowing look. “Lie on the bed, Alice, far enough down that I can – you know.”

I laid down, and Beth knelt above my head, bending to kiss me. Her mouth moved to my breasts, and at the same time I felt Tim start to explore between my parted thighs. His tongue hesitantly brushed over the metal ring, and I gasped. “Mm, like that, just move it around, it’ll pull at me a little.”

I started to kiss Beth’s so-enticing breasts above me, and for a few moments she enjoyed the sensation, her mouth more passionate on my nipples in response. But then she began to move further down, pausing to tease my navel bar with a tonguetip, kissing my mound, then – ohhh, god… Her mouth joined Tim’s, the tips of their tongues sometimes exploring here and there, sometimes meeting one another through the centre of my ring, or gently battling one another for possession of the prize. When Beth had it, she would give it a soft tug with lips or teeth, making me cry out, then Tim would retrieve it and circle it with his tongue slowly.

I felt Tim’s fingers probing softly against my entrance, and I swallowed. “Mm, Tim, that feels nice. Maybe we ought to play it safe, though, and wait a little while longer before you go in me? Beth and I can make sure you don’t miss out.”

He chuckled softly. “Don’t worry – for once in a while I can help myself with that.”

Beth’s entrance was in reach of my mouth, and I began to use my tongue on her, wondering if she might someday overcome her apprehension and acquire some addition of her own. But her response when my tonguetip brushed her hard nub made me forget everything but our shared pleasure, and I moaned softly. “God, Beth, yes…”

I moved on her more insistently, stroking her bottom, my fingertips sliding into the cleft seeking the place where I knew she was craving my touch. I pressed into her yielding centre, and I felt her mouth lift from me, then her body stiffening as she groaned, pushed down onto me, warmth slipping to wet my lips. “Ohh… yes…”

Her tongue returned to its task, her own need no longer diverting her attention, and again I felt the tug of my ring as teeth gently clasped it. “Mm – oh, soon…”

I felt Tim’s tongue probe inside me, then return to its so-exquisite battle with Beth, and the tension inside me began to build to a peak. Suddenly the sensation changed, my nub with its captive ring drawn between lips into the warm wetness of a mouth, tongue flicking the ring first one way then the other, then sliding over my softly suckled nub, and I cried out as all of me seemed to melt, pure warmth and ecstasy spreading from my centre outwards, wetness sliding from me onto lips, mouths. “Oh – oh god – yes – ohh…”

In the midst of my own release I heard a gasp from Tim, and I knew that his fingers wrapped round his hardness had brought him to his own peak just as he felt the satisfaction of my climax against his mouth and tongue. I imagined him stiffening, then creamy fluid spurting unchecked, pooling on the sheets, his fingers slippery.

Finally I subsided, gasping, and Beth moved to wrap her arms around me, Tim doing the same. “Mm,” I breathed, “Beth, that was…”

I felt her smile. “It was, wasn’t it. I’m sure there’ll be a chance for you both to return the favour soon…”

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