Best Buds Part 1

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“yo, you about mate?”
“What ya looking for?”
“Five mins, usual.”
There I was going to pick up yet another ten bag of weed. Why?? You ask! I’ll tell you why.

It started last summer. I had just turned 18, was 5ft 7 medium build, short brown hair and bright blue eyes. It was summer break and one of my good friends Callum, was back in town from uni, so naturally we arranged to meet up. Should this be a good time to mention that Callum is hot as fuck?? Oh yes… I’m gay… Callum is around 5 ft 9 slim, tight ass, long dark brown hair and facial stubble to die for.
Anyway, we arranged to meet up at mine Friday as I had a free house. I rung up my best mate Nicole and invited her over too. Nicole is the prettiest girl I know. She’s slim, blonde hair, 34C and legs to die for!
So Friday night came and I said goodbye to my parents. Jumped in the shower and then the door bell rung, I run to the door in just a towel, water still dripping down my body and I opened it to find Nicole.. In a really nice short dress with some killer heels. I invited her in and went and got changed. Callum as usual was late by about half an hour… By this point me and Nicole have already finished off two bottles of wine.
When Callum walks into my living, my jaw drops. He is wearing a pair of Black CK boxers, cuffs, and a collar with a bow tie. Wow did he look hot.
After casino oyna the initial shock of Callum’s attire and many playful jokes we decide to play a game of twister…… well within 5 mins were all on the floor in fits of laughter as Callum’s cock had fallen out the leg of his boxers.
Suddenly Callum sits up and says… Its time, it can not wait any longer!!!
Me and Nicole look at each other confused and say “eh?” Callum walks over to his bag (mmm he does have a nice ass,)and pulls out a ten bag of weed and says “where having fine tonight!”
Ten mins later, splif rolled, sparked and being passed around we turn on the t.v to listen to some tunes… after a few more splifs had gone round and everyone was feeling the buzz, Callum changes the channel and Sex programme comes up on screen.. He decides to leave it on and within seconds me and Callum are both sat there hard as rocks…. Callum’s being more visible than mine, tenting in his boxers.
Callum turn to Nicole who is sat next to him and starts to kiss her as his hand makes way up under her top to feel her stunning breasts and tweak her sensitive nipple. Nicole kisses back and her hand instinctively goes to his cock and starts rubbing his pre-cum all over his sensitive throbbing head.
I’m sat on the other sofa hard as a rock watching a live porno… but its not enough.. And by this point I’m high enough to canlı casino have lost all nerves, I Shout over” Yo Callum, Nicole… Mind if I join in??” The both just moan a mmm not wanting to part lips.
I walk over and get on my knees by Callum, I slowly take his hard cock head into my mouth as Nicole continues to jack his shaft off. I’m swirling my tongue all around the throbbing cock, by this point Callum has managed to get Nicole’s jeans off and has moved her panties to the side. He’s slowly rubbing on her clit and then teasingly slipping his finger into her tight hole. I move off of Callum, in front of Nicole and start to flick my tongue over her clit then I start to stick my tongue deep into her hole, tasting her sweet nectar. I can’t stop myself I move my lips on to her clit, clamp them down with a slight suction and hummm so that it vibrates on her clit.
Nicole’s now lent over and started sucking Callum’s cock, tasting him for herself, he sees the opportunity of her exposed ass hole and leans over to slide one of his thick fingers into it, I hear a muffled moan from Nicole and feel her pussy tighten around my tongue that’s now lashing all over her clit and the inside of her lips.

Suddenly, Callum pushes me away, pushes Nicole to the floor onto her hands and knees and slides his hot cock into her hole in one quick motion, Causing Nicole to gasp in surprise but kaçak casino moan at the same time. I go under Nicole and carry on licking her clit and his cock moves in and out of her tight hole, in long slow strokes to begin with but building up pace gradually. All the licking of her clit and the immense fucking Nicole was getting from Callum sent her over the edge, she shouted out in a very high pitched voice ”ahhhh fuck yrh” suddenly I get a small flow of her sweet love juice in my mouth,.

I get up and position myself behind Callum, who’s still sliding his cock slowly in and out of Nicole. I push him forward so he is bent over Nicole and aim my cock at his tight hole. I push inside just till the head pops in. I feel him tighten up and Nicole moans as Callum’s cock has grown inside her. I hold my position for a good 5 mins until Callum begs me to fuck his tight ass while he fucks Nicole’s brains out. At this point I slam my cock all the way to the hilt then slowly start to pull almost all the way out. Then slam it back in again… Steadily the rhythm picks up and all 3 of us are moaning like fuck. Callum’s playing with Nicole’s clit whilst fucking her which sends her over the edge.

Callum feeling Nicole’s pussy tighten around his shaft suddenly unleashes squirt after squirt of cum deep inside Nicole, this sends me over the edge and I pull out twist Callum round and cum all over his face, chest and in his mouth. Exhausted from the last 2 hours of sex, we all fall asleep on my living room floor.
End of part 1.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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