Ben is Kept Under Control Ch. 03

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I’d met Marco, a curious straight boy and Robert, a stern older man, at a party at my friend Carlo’s place. I’d given Marco a blow job after the party and the next Robert had fucked me and pissed down my throat, then left me tied up with a butt plug up my ass while he went out bar hopping with Carlo.

He left me feeling incredibly frustrated and horny as hell. At first, I thought he was just teasing and that I’d hear him coming back through my front door any minute, so I lay quietly waiting for his return. But when he didn’t appear, my horny frustration turned into anger and jealousy. I was angry at Carlo for taking him away and jealous of all the sexy boys he’d be looking at and flirting with while I’d been left on my own.

And what if the two of them were planning to take one of those hot boys back to Carlo’s? It wasn’t fair. I wasn’t going to let him treat me like this. I worked myself up into such a state that I decided to use the scissors he’d left on my night table and cut myself free!

But rolling over and sitting up had the unintended but pleasurable effect of shoving the butt plug further up into me. It felt so good in fact that I temporarily forgot about getting free and started rocking backwards and forwards, making the plug rub up against my prostate.

That only got me wanting more, so I turned over and lay on my stomach. With my wrists tied behind me and my hands in reach of the plug, I could work it up and down while rubbing my stiff dick between my stomach and the mattress. It only took a couple of minutes of frenzied activity before the sheet under me got soaked and sticky with the results of a satisfying orgasm.

After that release I fell into a deep sleep, out to the world, until Robert shook me awake at two in the morning.

“Hey sleepy-head, there’s a lot of good-looking men in this town. Carlo and I had a good time. Mind you it’s always fun to flirt with a sexy man when you know you’ve got a guaranteed fuck waiting for you back at home. Talking of which, let’s get these ropes off and check my boy’s OK.”

He sat down on the bed and untied me, then let me sit up while he rubbed my wrists and felt my hands.

“It feel’s OK, blood’s flowing alright,” he said, grinning evilly at me. He was back and in charge again and I’d given in and was back under his spell; A couple of hours before I was totally pissed at him, but now none of that mattered anymore.

Since my hands felt OK, he moved down the bed a little to give my ankles a rub, and as he did so his hand touched the big circle of dried cum on the sheet. I put my head down in embarrassment as he taunted me.

“This sheet is stiff with cum. It looks like one desperate bondage boy couldn’t help getting himself off, am I right? Couldn’t wait, eh?”

I just nodded and couldn’t look him in the eye.

“That’s a bloody waste, especially since you’re about to get tied up again and have that randy arse of yours fucked hard and long. You might have enjoyed this more if you’d waited.”

He pushed me down onto my back, pulled my arms above me and tied my wrists to the headboard. Then he raised my legs up and over my torso and bound my ankles next to my wrists. He pulled the plug out of my ass and worked in a big gob of lube before leaning forward on his knees and stuffing his stiff dick into my hole. Six hours after he’d first put his dick in me, he was fucking me once more.

“Squeeze that cunt, kiddo. Make those muscles work my dick. Yea, that’s a good boy.”

It was obvious that this time he intended to keep fucking until he came and he was right about doing me hard and long. Even though I’d cum earlier, my cock had still got hard the moment he tied me up and now it hung over my face, dribbling precum. He kept up the fuck for a long time, pulling out and shoving back in, pumping away at my insides, until suddenly and with neither of us touching it, my cock couldn’t hold back a moment longer and a sudden shower of cum came spurting out of, drenching my face and upper chest.

Soon after my eruption and maybe because my ass muscles spasmed and tightened during it, I heard him choking out “Fuck, fuck, fuck” and his own orgasm followed. He pulled out of me instantly and sprayed a torrent of cum in the direction of my open mouth, face and upper chest.

He collapsed onto his side breathing heavily, leaving me in blissful silence, trying to lick up the cum from both of us that had landed near my mouth. Then, concerned that he was going to leave me tied up, I nervously cleared my throat, and was happy to see him look over and grin.

“Well, Ben, you look pretty hot trussed up like that, but I guess I really shouldn’t leave you like that all night.”

He took another photo with his Polaroid, then untied my legs and wrists and let me down gently onto the mattress.

“Go have a pee and wash your mouth out – I don’t want to be sleeping next to Cum-Breath-Boy all night.”

I jumped up and rushed to the bathroom and when I bahis firmaları got back, he beckoned me to lie down next to him and murmured,

“I was going to keep you tied up all night, but I’d better let those rope marks on your wrists fade a bit by the morning. We’re meeting Carlo and his friends for brunch in the morning and I don’t want them to think I’m a total bastard!”

This was the first I had heard of brunch plans. Apparently, the rest of my weekend was being organized for me! But I wasn’t complaining; I liked having my life run according to Robert’s Rules and I dropped off to sleep. I was content that tomorrow would take care of itself; or should I say, Robert would!

I slept like a log and woke up on Sunday morning around ten o’clock alone in the bed. After taking a long look at the two Polaroids he’d left on my bedside table, I pulled the sheets back and grabbed my dick for a slow jerk-off while re-living the night’s fun in my mind. I was still stroking when I heard the balcony door slide open in the living room and a moment later Robert strode in, catching me dick-handed.

“I go out for a little fresh air, and you start having a wank? And you came all over the sheets last night while I was out. We’ll have to do something about slowing you down, you randy bugger. But for now, go have a shower and clean your ass out while you’re in there; I don’t want any messy surprises when I fuck you this afternoon. Don’t bother getting dressed, just make some coffee and join me out on the balcony. And keep your hands off that dick, OK?”

I took a hot shower and douched as instructed. Even though I made sure not to touch myself, my dick still got hard from just thinking about him while I was making his coffee and when I took it out to him, I had a raging erection. I had never been so thankful for the waist-high concrete wall at the front and the high dividing walls on either side!

Meanwhile, in contrast to my naked state, he was wearing jeans and a shirt while reclining comfortably in the only patio chair I had, with the bottle of lube and the butt plug sitting on the little table at his side.

With nowhere else to sit, I plopped myself down on the concrete floor next to him while he told me about some of the hot and handsome guys he’d seen the night before while out with Carlo. I knew he was just winding me up, but I didn’t care. They might have been just as cute and sexy as he claimed, but it wasn’t one of them sitting next to him nor was it one of them who he was going to fuck later that day!

After a while he stopped talking and during a long, silent pause his demeanour visibly changed. He picked up the bottle of lube and the butt plug and moved the side table around in front of him.

“Let’s get you ready for brunch; bend over with your backside facing me.”

Once I’d turned around and put my bum in the air, he stuck a finger in me and began lubing my insides. Before long he had all four fingers in me, but just when I was getting off on the manipulation, he pulled them out and gave me another order.

“OK, stand up for a minute. Now, do you see this plug? It’s going to sit right here in the middle of the table and your hole is going to find it and sit on it. But you can’t use your hands; put them on your thighs and look at me while you’re going down; I want to see your face when your hole swallows it up. This should be fun”.

I stared into his eyes and squatted down, hoping to find the plug. There were a few failed attempts where my ass kept knocking it off the table and he would laugh and stand it back up, but eventually I succeeded. My thighs were already screaming with exertion from all the squatting when suddenly my asshole found it and gripped it; I didn’t take any chances and plopped straight down, not stopping until my cheeks hit the table top. When he saw my face register the shock he grinned and laughed.

“The look on your face was priceless! Now, before you start to enjoy having your ass filled again we’re going to go inside; there’s something else I want to do before we meet your friends.”

We walked back into the living room and he sat down in the same armchair where he’d spent the previous night watching the football game while pissing in my mouth.

“Here, lie down across my knee. You came without permission last nigh and this morning I caught you in bed having a wank. That behaviour deserves punishment.”

Of course, he’d never told me not to cum or have a wank without his permission, so he was obviously coming up with an excuse for doing what both of us enjoyed. I was more than eager for my punishment, as my hard dick showed by poking against his thigh while I settled across his lap. He began by gently rubbing my ass cheeks and pulling on the butt plug, but then he gripped the back of my neck tightly with one hand and spanked my backside with the other.

At first, each individual blow wasn’t too hard, but before long the accumulation really hurt. He’d stop every so often to kaçak iddaa gently rub my cheeks and then carry on with the spanking. Despite the pain I could tell that my cock, trapped between his thighs, was staying hard as a rock.

Still, I was thankful when eventually the blows ceased. He pulled me up off his lap and stood me up, then went to get the Polaroid to take a picture of my ass. When he showed it to me, I couldn’t believe how purple my cheeks looked, even though I could feel the pain. How would I be able to sit at my desk at work the next day, let alone on a restaurant chair in less than an hour? He put the photo down and steered me into my bedroom.

“Now, get and hurry up and put some clothes on. We’re due at the restaurant soon.”

The café we were going to was Carlo’s regular haunt. Knowing it would be packed with other gay men and since he and Robert had gone boy-watching the night I put on the tightest pair of jeans I possessed and a body-hugging T shirt. I wanted Robert to be watching me, not all the others!

When we arrived at the restaurant, our friends Al and John, sitting with Carlo in his favourite booth, looked surprised when they saw us walking towards them. Al shook his head and grinned.

“You’re looking particularly sunny today, Ben. Robert, you seem to be having quite an effect on our normally bashful young friend. He doesn’t usually flaunt his sexiness like this. He’s never worn a shirt like that to our Friday night dinners.”

I could feel my face going red with embarrassment, soon made ten times worse by John pointing out the faint rope marks around my wrists and remarking that they must be part of the reason I was looking so satisfied that morning! Up till that moment I’d never been sure what Carlo had told our friends about my BDSM interests, but now I realised they were fully aware.

Carlo joined in the good-natured ribbing,

“Ah, those pale white cheeks of his that burn red at the slightest thing. Don’t be so embarrassed, Benny, you’re among friends here. Hey, come and sit down next to me.”

Forgetting for one instant about the state of my ass and the butt plug inserted in it, I sat down heavily on the seat and tried to scuttle crabwise around the horseshoe-shaped booth to where he was sitting. Instantly my bruises screamed at me, making me grunt with shock and pain. Carlo looked first at me, then at Robert and giggled.

“Talking of pale cheeks burning with a rosy red glow! I can see you’re up to your old tricks, Robert? You spanked the poor boy before you left to come here, right? You’re a rotten devil!”

That led to an embarrassing conversation about what he’d done to me over the previous fifteen hours, much to the amusement of the other men at the table. It wasn’t until later, after Al and John had left and Robert had gone to the men’s room, that Carlo got serious and asked me if I was really enjoying my time with Robert. I told him truthfully that I was having a fabulous time and thanked him for setting me up with such a masterful guy.

“I figured you’d be a good match, though I did worry a little about Robert’s temper. I remember how angry he’d get with his subs if things didn’t go his way, but he’s older now and he’s probably calmed down.”

“But talking about hot men, I got a call from Marco yesterday. He gave me a silly song and dance story about bonding with you over sports when you walked home together and said he wanted to get in touch with you so he could go out to a ball game with you.

“I know that’s a load of crap because he’s never shown the slightest interest in sports. But he is a real cock hound just like yours’s truly and with his fiancée away for a whole month I’d been wondering how long he’d be able to keep it in his pants. Spill it baby – did you and he mess around together after the party on Friday night?

“I know what a sneaky bastard that nephew of mine is and at the party I noticed him staring at you a lot, though I figured that was because you were the only guy there who wasn’t more than twenty years older than him. But he came into the kitchen at one point to ask me where you lived and then he hung around at the end of the evening and didn’t leave until he saw you walking out the door.

“I know he’d be desperate to get his rocks off and I’ll bet that goody-two-shoes girlfriend of his made him promise not to touch another woman while she was out of town. So, he sees the perfect way of keeping his promise; in his straight boy mind, a blow job from a fag won’t count. Fuck, I can see it in your face, I’m right, aren’t I?”

I was embarrassed but there was no reason to deny what his nephew had got me to do in the small hours of Friday morning. I smiled and nodded and admitted I’d sucked Marco off.

“Don’t worry, Ben, I won’t give away your dirty secret; I know you don’t run after straight boys. But tell me, did he suggest doing anything kinky while he had you down there on your knees?”

“No, just a quick, drunken blow job, that’s kaçak bahis all he wanted.”

“It’s just that he’s been fascinated by my sex life ever since I came out to him. I didn’t tell him about the BDSM stuff at first, but a boy of mine was in college with him and the little slut bragged about this older man he’d been playing with. He didn’t say my name but somehow Marco connected the dots and realised it was me he was talking about.

“Ever since then he’s been really curious. He even told me he tried some naughty stuff with an old girlfriend of his. But his new fiancée is a straight-laced Grace Kelly blonde who won’t hear of anything even remotely kinky.”

Robert, just back from the bathroom, chimed in.

“He’s certainly a tasty side of straight beef. How long before that girlfriend of his gets back to town?”

Carlo laughed and replied,

“That’s what I mean about him being such a cock hound – she left on Tuesday and four nights later he’s already sniffing around Benny, desperate to get a blow job! It’s a family trait – though now that I’m older I usually manage to keep it in my pants for at least a week!”

We all laughed and then Robert asked,

“You said he’s really curious about kinky sex. Curious enough to play around with a couple of guys?”

“There’s a big difference between getting a drunken blow job and getting tied up by a gay top!” was Carlo’s sensible answer.

“Who’s talking about tying him up? I’m suggesting giving him a show and letting him watch me do some naughty things to our young masochist here. After all he didn’t flinch when he saw my finger up Ben’s ass on your balcony two nights ago and a few hours later he was happy to put his heterosexual cock into the same homo mouth. He sounds like a very curious straight guy. I’d love to find out exactly how curious.

“Maybe he’s just one of those straight guys happy to get a fag to give him a good blow job, but in his case, with his family history, we could interest him in something a little kinky.”

Carlo laughed and slapped him on his back as we all stood up to leave,

“Family history indeed! Well, Bobby, you’re the same calculating bastard you always were! And I love you for it! I’m obviously not getting involved in any of this, but I will give you Marco’s phone number, But only if I get your promise to tell me everything that happens, OK?”

As we left the restaurant, it occurred to me that neither of them had bothered to ask my opinion about being involved in more sex play with this straight guy. Robert was talking about a lot more than cock sucking; he was imagining a BDSM scene with Marco either looking on or even participating.

But I could see why they didn’t bother asking; after all I was completely under Robert’s thumb by this time. I wasn’t going to object to being tied up and fucked by Marco if that’s what Robert told me he wanted; and I was especially not going to raise objections when at this moment we were heading back to my apartment for Round 3 (or was it Round 4?) of my perfect submissive weekend.

Back at my apartment, as I was taking my clothes off, he told me that since he knew I’d still be hurting from the spanking he wasn’t going to make me lie down or sit for a while. That sounded uncharacteristically caring of him, and it didn’t take long for me to realise he was just playing me.

Once I was naked he pushed me back across the living room until he had me standing immediately below a hook in the ceiling. (The previous hippy tenant of my apartment had hung an indoor plant pot from a macramé hanger which I’d thrown it out when I moved in; but I hadn’t unscrewed the hook and Robert had noticed it earlier.)

He got a pair of handcuffs out of the bag he’d left at my place and bound my wrists in front of me. He threw a length of rope over the hook, pulled my arms above my head and tied the cuffs to it, forcing me to stand almost on tiptoe.

He made the power dynamic between us blindingly obvious by remaining clothed while having me stand naked and helpless in front of him. He put his arms around my chest, then dropped them down to caress my ass and jiggle the butt plug inside me, while kissing me for the very first time since we’d met.

His kiss was not gentle or romantic, but determined and forceful. His tongue took possession, shoving my own tongue to the side, and exploring every cranny of my mouth, until I felt I could hardly breathe. When he withdrew, he bit my lips and wiped his tongue all over my face, coating it with a mix of our saliva.

At the same time as he possessed my mouth, his hands were roaming all over my body, pinching my armpits, rubbing my stomach and feeling the tension in my back and shoulder blades as they stretched up to the ceiling. Then he began playing with my dick, squeezing my balls in the palm of his hand, and poking my navel, before staring seriously at me for a few moments.

“Carlo told me you were a good boy and so far, that’s been true; no stupid attitude, no silly giggling, whimpering or whining, thank God. You ready for more now?”

“Yes, please Sir, absolutely ready,” was my whispered response.

“OK, but remember, no backtalk now and no fidgeting.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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