Beloved Bitch

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The day these life-changing events took place I was at home on holiday, so I was being thoroughly lazy. Although it was early afternoon, I’d just finished shaving and was looking into the mirror, daydreaming. Being home alone I started a conversation with myself.

“What’s wrong with you Robbie? You’re tall, dark and, well, not bad looking. How come you don’t have many dates?

“I’m really shy. I find it bloody hard to chat up girls.”

“Get over yourself Mate.”

My monologue was interrupted by the sound of a car in our driveway. I went to investigate. I parted the curtains and peered out, surprised to see a police car. After a short while the patrol car’s rear door opened and my interest spiked as Renee’s shapely tan legs appeared. (I’d recognise those legs anywhere). The rest of her followed. I gently caressed my cock through my jeans as she walked up toward our house. That girl was hot enough to cause any man do the same. Tall and blonde, curvy, big breasted. Pretty face, pouting lips. I had secretly lusted after her for years. (Well of course it was secretly, because she’s my sister. And because she was always such a bitch, treating me with contempt and never missing an opportunity to taunt me, put me down.)

On that particular afternoon, Renee’s expression was unusually subdued, in complete contrast to her clothing: florescent-green flip-flop sandals, very short denim skirt and a Hawaiian-print off-the-shoulder blouse, so far ‘off-the-shoulder’ that a lot of her cleavage was displayed. My half-hard cock and I reckoned that she wasn’t wearing a bra, from the way her tits swayed as she walked.

I adjusted myself then opened the front door. “Now what’s happened? You left here in Mother’s car. Where is it?”

“Fuckin’ cops impounded it if you must know.” She snapped at me. “Nabbed me driving it, and as you so smugly reminded me this morning, Smart-Arse, my licence is already suspended. They got me for drink driving too. I was just over the limit.”

“Shit! You are in big strife now. You were stupid to take the car. Asking for trouble.” I scolded her. “I can’t go and get the car for you. Sure, I’ve already turned eighteen, but if you ever listened you’d know I don’t have a licence.”

Renee’s lip quivered and tears rose up in her eyes. “Don’t you start. I know. I know. I stuffed up big time. I’m a loser.”

I twisted the knife. “Yep. You sure are.”

Immediately I wished I could take it back when she broke down completely and sobbed as if her heart would break.

“Oh R-Ro-Robbie.” Renee choked. Then, taking me completely by surprise, she grabbed me around the waist, raised her sad face to me and asked for my advice. “My life is such a mess. What’m I gonna do?”

I had no clue about fixing her problem, so I put my arms around her and ushered her inside. It felt good to be so close to her, despite the fact that she was normally an utter bitch toward me. Renee’s only a year-and-a-bit older than me, so we grew up together. My feelings for my big sister were a mish-mash of frustration, hope, envy, desire and anger. Normal sibling rivalry stuff? Maybe. I don’t know. All I do know is, for siblings we’re an extremely odd couple. I’m shy and nervous and she’s the total opposite, a real wild-child. A flamboyant, careless risk-taker. I’ve always wanted her to be like her; wanted her to like me, and so I always ended up getting hurt by her meanness. I was drawn by her sexually provocative ways and her stunning good looks. As well as all that, I’d always had a soft spot for her. I felt protective toward my sister. Well, I suppose everyone does, don’t they, no matter what?

Renee pulled me closer, raising her mascara streaked face to look up at me.

“Kiss me.” She said urgently, then kissed my mouth quickly before I could pull away from her. “I’ve been flirting with canlı bahis you for ages. Why haven’t you ever kissed me?”

Surprised again, I snorted. “You might’ve called it flirting but to me it was nasty teasing.”

As kids Renee and I had been close, but for the last three years at least, she’d become moody and difficult. One moment she’d be mean and spiteful, doing stuff like mocking me in front of my friends, the next, when our mother wasn’t looking, she’d flaunt herself so as to tease me mercilessly. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I called her behaviour sexual harassment. Ever since I was about fifteen, Renee would pull stunts like walk past me after her shower wrapped in a towel. She would smirk, knowing full well that I was thinking about her naked body under that towel. Other times she’d make an excuse to look over my shoulder when I was sitting at the table reading and press her big soft breast against my upper arm; or maybe she’d rest her cheek against mine as she did so. Just when I was starting to enjoy the contact she’d pinch me and walk away. Lots of times she sat very close to me on the couch to watch TV, so close that her warm thigh rubbed mine every time she moved. Then she would do something to spoil the moment, like grab the remote and change the channel.

“Anyway,” I continued lecturing her, “what’s with all this carry-on all of a sudden? You’re my sister, you shouldn’t have kissed me like that.”

“I don’t care a shit about should or shouldn’t.” Renee pressed one hand between my shoulder-blades and one behind my head, then she kissed me again. Longer this time. Sexier. Her open mouth tasted of the ginger wine she’d been drinking. I pulled away from her.

“Don’t you like it?” She mocked.

I did like it. A lot, and she knew damned well I did, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit it, so I reminded her again of the trouble she was in. “You should never have taken Mother’s car. You’ve made such a mess of things.”

“Oh shut-the-fuck up.” She pushed me and the couch caught the back of my knees so that I fell back on it in a sitting position.

“I’m sick of her and her nagging.” She continued. “I’m fed up with wishing and hoping my dull life will improve. I’m tired of waiting for you to make a move. I’m gonna do something about all of it.”

“What do you mean Renee?” I stupidly asked, scared but excited by what I thought she meant. “Don’t go doing any more dumb stuff. You’ll only be sorry afterwards.” I reasoned.

As if to show me what she thought of my advice, she pulled her short little denim skirt up and I saw a flash of her white panties before she stepped out of her sandals and climbed onto my lap, facing me, with her knees on the seat each side of my hips.

“I’ll shut you up.” She wrapped her both arms around my head and pulled my face into her pillowy breasts. “Can’t talk now can you?”

I tried to speak, but with my mouth and nose buried in the smooth yielding valley of her upper breasts I couldn’t even think. My garbled reply was muffled. She pulled my face even tighter against her and wriggled her bottom on my lap, on my rapidly growing erection. She raised herself up a bit, grabbed my hand and pushed it between her thighs, right up against her silky nylon crotch, then rubbed herself against it.

When I started to remove my hand she commanded, “Robbie! Don’t you dare take your hand away!”

Here would be a good place to say I pushed her off me and walked away, ran away, but I did not. Could not. As I said earlier I lusted for Renee. She’d flaunted herself around me, annoyed me to distraction. Maybe this time it would be different. That soft spot I had for her, was more of a hard spot by then. Perhaps it could be said she was taking advantage of my naivety, but if I wanted her to, was it still exploitation? I don’t think so.

Shocking bahis siteleri me even further, she urged. “Come on, you can do better than that. Finger me.”

God help me, I did it. I knew full well how wrong it was, but I did it anyway. I stretched the leg of her panties aside and perpetrated one of the sins I had so often fantasised about, but never ever actually intended to commit. My trembling fingers brushed her curling pubic hair then slid lower, seeking and finding her opening. Her vagina. Renee’s pussy. My own sister’s cunt.

She purred when I stroked the swollen dewy lips. “Mm mm.”

I felt a twinge of guilt but my desire instantly overwhelmed it. I eagerly fumbled about, until Renee grabbed my wrist and guided my inexperienced hand. She was as hot and wet inside as she had been in my imagination. She rode my two fingers for a couple of minutes then unbuttoned the waist of my jeans and whipped the zipper down.

“Renee!” My protest was weak.

She wasn’t really fast or strong enough to enforce the outcome, but I admit I didn’t resist as much as I really should have. To tell the truth I didn’t resist at all, but helped her by raising my bottom off the couch cushion. With a few tugs she had my jeans and boxers down to my knees. Renee didn’t waste any time removing her own underwear, she just hitched forward and moved my fingers aside to carefully ease herself onto my erection. The incredible softness of her pussy enfolded my cock-head in it’s moist warmth.

‘It’s Renee,’ I thought. ‘Renee, and we’re actually gonna do it.’

I felt unable to move, frozen in anticipation. Renee wriggled her body gently to aid the penetration and pressed down slowly. The heat inside of her increased as my virgin cock went ever deeper into her slick tightness.

“Oof! You’re a big boy,” she grunted, then began a delicious up and down motion that had me shivering.

In the eyes of society, what we were doing was completely wrong, bad, illegal even. But nothing ever felt more right, except for the fact that the elastic leg-band of her panties was a tourniquet on my hyper-engorged penis. While the exquisite sensation of being inside my secret heart’s desire was driving me toward the brink, the pain from the tight elastic kept my orgasm at bay. Struggling to cope with the guilt, the excitement and the pleasure/pain, I vaguely remember that at some point I spurted the essence of my shameful hunger deep within my forbidden lover, but just how and when it occurred, is no longer clear.

“Woo, it’s better than I thought it would be.” my sister panted. “I’ve done it lots of times with that selfish oaf Tim, but with you it’s so much better, even though you’ve finished and I haven’t yet.”

I seethed with resentment at the thought my lover had ever given herself to someone else, but found some comfort in her saying it was better with me.

My emotions were a whirlpool of the love for the woman in my arms and the afterglow from my first-time fuck, mixed up with jealousy, guilt, anger and self-loathing. I didn’t trust myself to speak without crying.

Finally, with my throat burning, I manages a breathless croak. “We shouldn’t have done that. It’s so wrong.”

Renee was still breathless from exertion and excitement. “Yeah,” she crowed, “that’s what made it so good. I love doing what I’m not supposed to do.”

“But Renee…”

“Shut up!” She interrupted, raising up and releasing my cock from delight of her body and from that torturing elastic. “Just shut up. You so loved it. You know you did. I’m waiting right here until you’re ready to go again.”

I tried to say something. “Renee…”

She silenced me with a look and a wriggle on my naked lap. “Mm, from the feel of things you’ll be ready soon so stay right there Buster.”

She climbed off my lap and slid her bahis şirketleri cum-drenched panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She pulled her skirt up and used the driest part of the silky nylon to blot her pretty blonde-haired pussy, the first I’d ever seen. My still exposed penis treacherously surged to full rigidity.

Renee threw her panties aside and giggled. “Ready already Robbie. You are a wonder. Come on, we’ll do it this way this time.”

She turned her back to me, hitched up her short skirt again and carefully squatted over my bare thighs.

She reached behind herself, groping for my erection. “Don’t just sit there. Help me.”

I was lost in lust again by then, so I took her hand and guided it to her intended target. I groaned at the touch of her soft little hand on my fat cock.

“You like that don’t you.” She purred in her old sarcastic way. “Then I’m gonna creep into your room late tonight and give you a hand-job you’ll never forget.”

I didn’t say anything for a while because I think I nearly fainted with ecstasy when she lowered her beautiful bare heart-shaped bottom down and guided my eager hardness into that just glimpsed cunt of hers. She was so exquisitely hot and slippery that as soon as my cock’s head nudged it’s way inside her again, I forgot all the old animosity. I forgot about how wrong it was to fuck your own sister. Everything except the fervour of our coupling was swept away.

“Renee, oh Renee.” I gasped and with my hands under her skirt I interlocked my fingers on her soft belly then pumped my hips in sync with her rise and fall.

“Oh! Oh! Yes! Rob!-Bie! Yes!” Her cries of pleasure were also in time with our movements.

Our mating that second time was a little less urgent than the first. I had time to appreciate the pleasure that only sex with a loved partner can bring. After a while she started to tremble and I felt her pelvic muscles ripple with her orgasm. I wanted to last longer but Renee’s wanton gasps and grunts were so erotic to my ears that before very long my body spasmed too, propelling a flood of my incestuous sperm into her womb, but I felt no shame this time. Only love. Sweet love and contentment. Renee was love-struck and dreamy too. She twisted sideways on my lap, swivelling on my deeply embedded cock so we could look at each other. We kissed. Many times. Gentle, soft, loving kisses.

Renee spoke, her lips brushing mine with each syllable, her breath sweet with ginger wine. “I need to apologise for being a mean old bitch all this time. It’s just that I felt such, er, an un-sisterly attraction toward you that I didn’t know how to deal with it. I hid behind my trashy clothes and bitchy talk and bitchier behaviour rather than risk the embarrassment if you rejected me.”

“Apology accepted,” I grinned. “I reckon you’ve more than made up for any hurt feelings I might have had.”

“I’m glad you’re alright about it then,” Renee returned my grin, then winked, “and I haven’t nearly finished apologising yet.”

She reluctantly stood, carefully easing my softening cock out of herself. “But I think I’d better shower and change my clothes. We’re supposed to have dinner ready when Mother gets home from work.”

“Okay.” I smiled at her. “Sis, I don’t mean to upset you by bringing this up now, but she’s gonna be awfully angry about the car though. And about the cops.”

She sighed. “Yes, I reckon so.”

“Renee don’t fight with Mother. Please. Don’t spoil this afternoon, what we had together.

“Oh I promise I won’t.” She smiled back. “I feel at peace now, such a load off my mind that I finally got to make love with you. I’ll tell her I’m sorry and I’ll mean it. Because I really am sorry. For everything”

I stood and pulled up my pants, flinching as my wet jittery cock folded into my boxers. I hugged her lightly. “Good girl.”

She gave me a wicked look. “You’ll see just what a good girl I can be when I climb into your bed tonight and give you that hand-job I promised you.”

Renee kept both her promises. Life is good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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