Being a Nephew

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Karthick was amusing himself watching the hectic activities taking place downstairs. Being just above 20 years could often be an awkward situation in life where it is equally difficult to play around with the younger ones or spending some time with the older lot. However, his young blood kept warming him up occasionally to have a close look at those colorful females who kept filling the hall with grace and glamour. Almost all the women seemed to be competing with each other in exhibiting their extravagant silk sarees although he could realize that they were feeling the discomfort on such a sultry day. He smiled to himself as everyone pretended to be doing something worthwhile by rushing from one corner of the house to another. Most of the guests were either related to his Dad or Mom and they were as a matter of fact rendering some festivity to the house. While the kids preferred to spend their time playing in the garden, the senior citizens had resorted to their share of petty gossips and there were a couple of groups engrossed in playing cards. The marriage hall was buzzing with lots of activity and noise all around. Kamali, Karthick’s younger sister was getting married the next day.

“Don’t worry young man,” a female voice shook up Karthick. “Your marriage isn’t far away.”

Karthick turned around and smiled. It was Revathi, his Dad’s only sister. She looked somewhat a world apart from the other female members with a neat chiffon saree and just a single rose decorating her long hair brushing against her waist.

“Don’t frighten me,” He said laughingly. “I am content being a single.”

“Ah, I know,” Revathi exclaimed with a mischievous smile. “You are too handsome to get into any encumbrances so soon.”

“Not really,” Karthick laughed. “I am just looking for the right sort of girl.”

“That’s a pity,” Revathi got closer as she spoke. “It’s going to be a bit difficult to find a suitable mate for a cute boy like you.”

Karthick laughed aloud and offered a seat to Revathi. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse revealing her cushy smooth right arms completely. She settled down on a chair close to him and flashed a smile at him.

“Your mother was telling about some girl,” She queried with curiosity.

“You mean Priti?” Karthick quipped. “She is just a friend.”

“Just a friend?” Revathi’s eyes rolled as if she couldn’t believe what she just heard.

“Of course,” Karthick retorted with a smile. “Nothing more and nothing less.”

“I hope it is as simple as it sounds,” Revathi said. “You are simply good looking and it won’t be a problem to find a nice girl”

“I hope so,” Karthick replied while his eyes were well settled on his aunt.

“I wish I had a daughter,” Revathi said with a touch of genuine regret in her tone. “I wouldn’t think even for a second to make you my son-in-law.”

Karthick laughed aloud and said, “It is too late now.”

As a matter of fact Revathi’s family was well known among the family circles for their looks. Her husband resembled a popular Hindi movie star while both of their sons were considered as the most handsome amongst the whole family tree. There were times when Karthick had envied his cousins. “It is too late to dream as well,” Revathi spoke again bringing an abrupt end to his ongoing imagination.

It was one of those moments where a naughty boy could crack a few jokes with a woman twice his age. Anyway, Revathi has always been some sort of a progressive woman although she hadn’t dumped all the conventional virtues into the trash. She was sportive, humorous and outspoken to the core. Naturally, she always jelled well amongst the male members more than the fairer sex. Karthick was very much aware that most of the female members in the family circle branded her as a ‘flirt’.

“You can’t reverse the past,” Karthick spoke with a gentle sigh. “If I have an option to rewind my past, I would rather think of better options.”

“What are those?”

Karthick preferred not to reply as he wasn’t sure how she would respond. He realized that he wasn’t able to take off his eyes from his gorgeous aunt and the brief conversation had induced a strange feeling about her. He had managed to carry their relationships with dignity for long until strange feelings about Revathi crept in his mind just a few months ago.

“There is no reason for you to hesitate,” Revathi spoke in an assuring tone. “We are away from the crowd and I really want to know what is in your mind.”

Karthick smiled nervously as he couldn’t gather the courage to come out with any honest reply. He soon found out that her eyes were probing into him and after a few delicate moments, he had to take his eyes off from his aunt.

“I can see you are nervous,” Revathi giggled. “But I know what is bothering you.”

Karthick wasn’t unduly surprised as he had always considered Revathi a very smart woman. He had been staring at her for so long that there was every possibility that she might have observed where his eyes were straying.

“Kamali canlı bahis is getting married tomorrow,” Revathi paused for a moment before continuing to speak looking straight into his eyes. “That is worrying you.”

Karthick was somewhat amused at her remarks as he began laughing.

“I haven’t finished yet,” Revathi smiled as she continued. “She is two years younger than you and I know you need to wait for at least another two years for your marriage.”

Karthick froze at once as Revathi had hit the nail right on its head. His eyes widened as he listened to his aunt with rapt attention.

“She is now exposed to marital relationship and sex at a very young age. But, you have to wait for some time for your turn.”

Karthick wished he could disagree but he wasn’t in any mood to disrupt Revathi.

“You guys are always curious about sex but you don’t get it,” Revathi winked at him. “Your anxiety to have a go at real sex keeps growing all the time but there aren’t many outlets for you.”

“No. it is not that…you see,” Karthick stumbled for words as he feared that Revathi might think that he was sex starved.

“No inhibitions young man,” Revathi interrupted and placed her right hand on his wrist gently.

“I know this is the problem with most of the youngsters,” Revathi spoke sounding very genuine. “You guys keep thinking about sex all the time but never admit.”

It was a mild embarrassment for Karthick as she was absolutely right. While the conventional society regards a girl’s puberty rather seriously, more often than not people tend to ignore the harmonic transformation of teenage boys. He couldn’t recollect when he started staring at women as it was difficult to trail back and remember.

“Boys of your age are fond of looking at breasts,” Revathi resorted to be a bit blunt sending a shiver in Karthick. “I know you were looking at my breasts ever since I came.”

“Not at all,” Karthick couldn’t remain silent as he felt offended at her remark.

“I don’t blame you,” Revathi cut him short at once. “It is very natural.”

Karthick had never expected this and his head bowed in thorough embarrassment. He was cursing himself for letting his aunt know that his eyes were straying on her. For a few moments, it looked like the whole world had gone silent.

“Have you ever touched breasts?” Revathi sent down a thunderbolt. Karthick shook unable to believe what he was hearing.

“Have you?”

Karthick had to answer and he hesitantly shrugged his shoulders.

“Have you seen breasts?” Revathi persisted.

“Not yet,” Karthick replied with a shy smile.

“Poor guy,” Revathi laughed, stood up and walked past him while Karthick sat like a statue. Revathi was looking back at him as she rushed down the stairs with her typical smile. He could hear Revathi’s voice mingling with the ever-increasing noise downstairs as he presumed that his aunt has had her quota of teasing for the day. He remained alone in the terrace for a few minutes before he heard Dad calling him. He was dragging his feet down the stairs and he saw Revathi standing close his Dad in the sitting room.

“Karthick, you have to accompany Revathi,” Dad ordered. Karthick looked at Revathi who was sporting a very mischievous smile.

“She had left some jewels at her place. Go along with her.”

Karthick sheepishly followed Revathi to her car. He took on the driver seat and they didn’t talk much during the brief drive. But, Karthick could clearly see his aunt smiling occasionally watching him through the corner of her eyes. Revathi’s house was just a few minutes drive from the marriage hall but Karthick was so nervous that it looked like an eternal drive. It was a mixed feeling that engulfed Karthick as they entered inside Revathi’s apartments.

“Make it quick,” Karthick told Revathi whose smile got broader after they got inside.

“Are you in some hurry?” Revathi asked.

“Yes,” Karthick replied without daring to look into her eyes. “I guess I might have some work in the hall.”

“You have a good two hours before the groom arrives,” Revathi said. “Be a man and look at me when I am talking to you.”

Karthick hesitantly looked up and immediately bowed his head down seeing Revathi still smiling at him. Revathi closed in and made him sit on one of the chairs in the sitting room. She went on her kneels, placed her arms on his thighs and looked straight into his eyes.

“You know something,” Revathi spoke as her face was just a couple of inches away from his chest. “I haven’t forgotten anything. I just wanted to bring you here when there is nobody around.”

She almost breathed on his chest and her feminine fragrance struck him like a lightning. His legs trembled nervously as she was thrusting her body between his spread legs. Her breasts brushed his pants before resting on his thighs. Karthick really wanted to wrap his legs around, lock her waist and let their bodies press against each other. The extreme proximity to a woman about whom bahis siteleri he had been dreaming for quite some time triggered an untimely arousal. He couldn’t help looking down at his crotch momentarily and felt ashamed to notice that it was a big bulge. Revathi, the smart woman that she is, immediately sensed his feelings as her eyes descended on his increasing bulge. Her arms inched upwards from his thighs, caressed his arms, and reached through his shoulders before holding his face gently. Karthick’s eyelids stopped batting as he got over all the hesitation and stared straight into his aunt’s eyes. Suddenly, Revathi pulled his face towards her and planted a firm kiss on his lips. Karthick closed his eyes for a moment, relishing the feel of his aunt’s soft lips pressing against his. Revathi’s right hand moved down brushing his neck, chest, and abdomen before gripping his bulge. His adrenal began flowing like a wild stream as his aunt kept caressing, tweaking and gripping his bulge under his thick pants. He had to pull of his face from Revathi’s clutches as his head jerked back to rest on the chair.

“Relax and enjoy,” Revathi whispered. “I am going to awaken the sleeping demon.”

Karthick threw all caution to the wind at once. His hands hurriedly cupped Revathi’s breasts and gave them a nice squeeze.

“Ohhh!” Revathi smirked. “I forgot you are a breast lover.”

She stood up and began walking towards the bedroom. Karthick got up and followed her as if he was spell bound.

“Close the door,” Revathi instructed. She was extending the top end of her saree towards Karthick as he returned after closing the door. She wasn’t wearing the usual safety hook, which pins the shoulder part of the saree with the blouse. Karthick had to make minimum efforts as Revathi swirled around as he began pulling the saree. He stood stunned watching the wonderful shape of his aunt devoid of a saree. He could see her big sexy navels just above the petticoat robe. His eyes soon reached to her sharp looking breasts almost thrusting through her bra and blouse. He took a few leaps to reach Revathi and hugged her with passion. Their bodies pressed against each other leaving no space for even air to pass through.

“I have to wear the same dress again,” Revathi cautioned. “Or someone might suspect.”

Revathi relieved herself from Karthick, took a step backwards and unsnapped her blouse hooks revealing her lacey black bra. Then, she held the loose ends of her petticoat for a moment and as Karthick watched holding his breath, she pulled off the strings to let her petticoat fall down in a heap on her feet. It was an awesome sight seeing her with just the bra and panties on although it didn’t last long. Revathi eventually pushed down her panties sending it rolling over her smooth silky thighs and legs.

Karthick’s heart was beating like thunder while his dick grew like a python inside his brief. His eager eyes wandered over his aunt’s flat stomach for a while before getting further down to rest on her pubic hair.

“I know I have quite a bit of a garden there,” Revathi laughed.

“Please take off the bra,” Karthick hissed in excitement.

“Why? What’s so special about those?” Revathi teased him by sending her arms behind as if she wasn’t going to take off the last piece of cloth on her body.

“I had peeked once,” Karthick stumbled as she spoke. “You were serving me food and I watched your bra strap peaking out of the neck. Since then I have been imagining about your breasts captured in your bra.”

Revathi smiled listening to his innocent confession and enjoyed Karthick’s eyes explore her body. “Ok. Get on the bed.”

Karthick walked towards the bed watching his aunt all the time. Revathi joined him at once as she reclined on her left arm close to him.

“Keep watching your aunt’s cleavage while I get a feel of your member,” Revathi fingers began stroking up and down on his bulge. “I want you to get desperate to stick your shaft inside me.”

“Please,” Karthick began pleading. “I want to see your breasts. I want to touch and feel them.”

Revathi giggled as she continued teasing his bulge while he twitched at every touch. His hands reached to her bra to unclasp the hooks but in vain as she repeatedly pushed his hands away. He was feeling unduly uncomfortable underneath his brief as his dick was stirring like a spindle. He suddenly pulled off his brief exposing his long meat to his aunt’s gaze. Her eyes widened like a screen seeing his thick, strong and meaty dick looking almost threatening. Revathi felt as though her mouth had dried up as she involuntarily licked her lips. She couldn’t resist the temptation to hold the huge dick once making Karthick groan gently.

Revathi looked at Karthick for once and was amused to see that he was still staring at her breasts. She concluded that it was too much of a teasing for a teenager and unsnapped her bra hooks in a flash. Karthick was dumbfounded to see her huge sharp well-shaped globes hanging before his eyes as his bahis şirketleri hands began itching to grab them and give them a nice squeeze. He gently slid down reaching towards her wonderful breasts and began brushing his lips against her hardening nipples. Revathi let out a very gentle moan feeling his rough lips on her nipples while she wasn’t content playing with his dick. She was grabbing his dick, squeezing it gently and stroking the surface with her tender fingers. Karthick’s tongue popped out of his mouth and began licking his aunt’s nipples with lust.

“Mmm, Karthick,” Revathi let out a murmur again as he started licking her breasts faster. “They are already hard and might burst if you keep doing that.”

“I feel like being in heaven,” Karthick muttered. “Wonderful watching your breasts rise and fall.”

“Wonderful watching your long dick as well,” Revathi said with a naughty smile. Karthick looked down to see his enormous dick raring to go and presumed that his aunt was justified in making such a blunt comment about it. Revathi took a step forward by grabbing her nephew’s ever-growing dick and almost dragged it inside her mouth. Karthick felt a gentle shock all through his body immediately after her tongue brushed the tip of his dick for the first time. She closed her eyes, started sucking the gigantic meat as though she was relishing a huge chocolate bar. Karthick sat somewhat motionless as his aunt sucked and pulled his dick without relenting.

It took a few seconds for Karthick to make up his mind to reach out for her tits again while the lady kept her engrossed in a sucking spree. Karthick realized that his dick was growing inside her mouth every time his fingers pulled and tweaked her nipples. Her eyes opened once in a while to watch her nephew mashing her tits. She knew that the young man was waiting for his turn to pounce on her tits to suck and squeeze them like never before. She also realized that he won’t be able to withhold his impending explosion. Karthick wasn’t relaxing his grip on her tits until his aunt’s sucking eventually induced the much awaited explosion sending a sequence of cum shots inside her mouth. He eyes widened in disbelief to see his aunt trying to gulp his cum as much and as fast as she could. His dick sent a few more lumps of cum even as it slowed down and shrunk inside her mouth. Revathi leaned back resting on her elbows with closed eyes while her tongue licked all around her mouth searching for whatever drops that had escaped. She eventually opened her eyes with a mischievous smile.

“What a mess you have made of my mouth,” Revathi winked.

“You almost killed me with that,” Karthick spoke reciprocating her smile. “I guess you could milk an ox as well.”

“Ox?” Revathi giggled. “I don’t think we should be talking about your uncle now.”

“I know,” Karthick said laughingly. “But I have plans to emulate him in some ways.”

“May I know how?” Revathi smiled pretending as if she couldn’t understand.

Karthick nearly pushed her making her body bang on the bed. He launched on her tits and began playing with them for the umpteenth time. Revathi initially laughed seeing the youthful exuberance of her nephew repeatedly targeting her boobs. However, she began swirling and swaying in joy as the youngster made his lips, tongue and fingers dance all over her tits and nipples.

“You seem to be fascinated about those juggs,” Revathi hissed biting her lower lips. She knew that her tits have always attracted men and boys all the same way. They looked like enormous fleshy hills with pinky areola holding somewhat long hard nipples.

Revathi inadvertently uncrossed her legs momentarily before they went around wrapping Karthick hard enough to let his awakening dick to bush against her public hair. The lady shook for a split second before grabbing the youngster’s dick and plugging it inside her pussy.

“Now, go ahead and do the real big thing,” she whispered. “Fuck your aunt like whore before it gets late.” Karthick finally relieved her tits, gasped for a while and managed to speak in a hoarse voice.

“You have almost drained my dick.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Revathi slapped his cheek gently. “You can go on and on.”

She was right. Karthick surged forward and backward to let the whole head of his dick force its way inside his aunt’s moist cunt and began moving in and out. Revathi flexed her legs while wrapping his waist.

“Fuck me. I am starving,” Revathi said as if she was pleading to be fucked. Karthick realized that his dick was enlarging like magic and that too with tremendous vigor.

“Watch me,” Revathi said prompting Karthick to pause for a moment. Her hands clutched her tits and began pressing them against each other. She began pulling each one of her nipples upwards and every time they were released she let out a loud moan. Karthick’s blood was now boiling like hot melt iron seeing the erotic visual feast presented by his aunt as he resumed rigging her pussy like mad. His balls slammed against thighs as he kept the momentum of his pounding going. As seconds passed by, he felt as if he had mastered the art of fucking as he went about withdrawing the whole of his dick from her pussy and driving it back with more force.

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