Beginning to Cuck

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Okay so this is my first gay cuck story, some of these events are true and most of it is fantasy. I hope you enjoy.

I noticed that this fetish started to develop when our we started engaging in more and more threesomes. My lover and I both have been together for about 7 years now. I’m a vers bottom and he’s a strict top.

The guys that play as our third tend to be a compromise on what we like in guys, usually Asian or white men that have a twink type body.

Anywho, my lover is pretty picky when it comes to guys of other body types, so I tend to look for guys that he might want to top. I should probably mention that we have different libido levels and he usually doesn’t want to have sex frequently, so it is a real treat when he is actually in the mood.

My lover (Tyler) found Nick off of Grindr and Nick is definitely Tyler’s type, which was a twinkie Asian. Nick was cute, polite, and about my height. After some light conversation we ended up taking the party to the bedroom and man oh man was it super hot. Tyler and Nick began to make out with each other and had their arms all over each other as I watched on the bed getting hard at the scene transpiring in front of me.

I was mesmerized for a few more minutes before I got jealous and walked over to them and led both of them to the bed. I joined their make out session and was greeted with some French kissing by Nick, which got interrupted by Tyler when he tilted my chin towards him so that we could have a long intimate kiss. When me and Tyler’s lips parted, Nick mimicked Tyler and tilted Tyler’s chin and pulled Tyler in for some hot tongue action.

Normally, I let Tyler take the lead when it comes transitioning from making out to blow/hand jobs, ultimately to sex. The reason being that we experience whisky dick once in bahis firmaları awhile, and well its not fun for both sides. And I also experience this weird complex in my head where the narrative goes like, ‘here I am, blowing my fiance, but he is not staying hard. Is there something wrong with how I’m servicing him, like does he want more teeth or should I suck on each of his balls more? Or could it be that it is just me not being able to satisfy him?’. And it was clear to me that Nick and Tyler were more interested in each other more than me, which was understandable, because Nick and Tyler met on Grindr.

Since Tyler and Nick were too focused on making out with each other, I took the advantage to service both of them. I unbuttoned Nick’s jeans, slide off his boxers, and got Nick naked because well… guests first right? Next was Tyler, but he was so impatient that he reached over and starting giving Nick a hand job as I was trying still unbuttoning his jeans.

Shoot, I mean by the time I was able to expose Tyler’s member and looked up at Tyler for any acknowledgement, Tyler was already giving Nick a blowjob; meanwhile, Nick had laid his head back onto my pillow.

The scene was my fiancé blowing his Trick (Nick) and Nick was serviced on my side of the bed by my fiancé, while I undressed my fiancé at the foot of the bed. I wanted to enjoy Nick too, so climbed over to kiss my fiancé on the cheek, which prompted him to come up for air from Nick’s dick. We shared a kiss and I could taste Nick’s precum all over my fiancé’s mouth. It was so friggin sexy, erotic, and a little humiliating in a some sense.

Here was my fiancé, pleasing another man with lips he’s only shared with me and to taste that guy’s essence all over my fiancé. It was like Nick was claiming Tyler as his territory now, and kaçak iddaa that thought got me so hard, I had to stop touching myself so I didn’t cum, right then and there.

When I snapped out of my daze, I took Nick’s tip into my mouth and sucked lightly. I noticed that Nick’s member was covered in this slick and warm film or translucent slime. It definitely tasted like my fiancé’s breath and the thought occurred to me that I am pretty much tasting my fiancé’s throat juices from when he was deep throating Nick along with Nick’s dripping precum.

I licked Nick’s slit and his precum was more sweet than salty and there was a lot of it, I wouldn’t say it tasted like pineapple though lol, but I could see why my fiancé couldn’t get enough of Nick’s dick and why he did not care to share.

Nick was already hard from my fiance blowing him a moment ago, so I just dove down and attempted to deep throat Nick as well. He was definitely longer than my fiance and me. The boyfriend and I are both roughly 6.5″ and Nick had to at least be 7″, meh I can’t math during sex.

Anyways, I couldn’t deep throat to Nick’s base to bottom him out, only my lips touched his pubes, but I did notice that his pubes were moist. Meaning that Tyler was able to completely deep throat Nick and I was doing a sub par job.

As I continued my blowjob with Nick, he and I held eye contact with his beautiful Hazel-Green colored eyes. Tyler positioned himself so that he could give me a blowjob while Nick could blow him and the three of us made this gay love triangle on our queen sized bed lol. I tasted more and more precum coming out of Nick and I could also feel my fiance moaning since he was vibrating around my member.

Nick lightly tapped me and said that I needed to stop sucking him or he would have came in my mouth, kaçak bahis which I was opposed to since I don’t really enjoy swallowing very much. So I took a break and leaned back so I could catch a breather, while Tyler moved from making out with my member to making out with Nick. This went on for about another minute before I left to get us three bottles of water from the fridge.

I returned to Tyler on his knees at the head of the bed and leaning on the headboard for support, as Nick was down on all fours in front of Tyler giving him a blowjob, oh and Tyler’s ass was on top of my pillow to help him stay propped up for Nick. I am sure he had no malicious intent, but it kind of felt like I was disregarded, like making Nick and Tyler happy was the utmost priority.

So I put down the water bottles on my nightstand and crawled behind Nick. As I bent over and got on my knees, Tyler reached out and held Nick’s ass cheeks open for me. Nick’s ass was hairless just like how Tyler likes them, with a purple starfish and it got pinker towards the center. I kissed my fiancé’s hands as they held Nick open, and I lightly nipped at Nick’s butt cheeks that caused his starfish to twitch.

I took a long lick starting from Nick’s taint to the top of his crack and I tasted sweat. I was grateful that it was not swamp ass, because that would have been the end of that story lol.

I recalled in our conversation earlier in the evening that Nick mentioned he just got out of dance class and came straight over to play with us. So here I am finding out that, it also meant that he didn’t have time to shower before we all played. It wasn’t that big of a deal for me, plus I enjoy the sweaty musk of men.

With my tongue, I traced over the edges around Nick’s hole, every once in awhile licking the center. I could feel Nick’s hole tense up around my tongue with every swipe. I stuck my tongue into the center to taste Nick.

To be continued..

Please let me know how I did and thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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