Bed , Breakfast Ch. 02

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Once I turned 18 my relationship to Vanesa changed. One day instead of just kissing me on the cheek before sending me back to my room she kissed me gently on the lips. A few days later she began to teach me to kiss, slowing down my over-eager tongue and subtly nibbling on my lips. When Rita came over on the weekends I knew she suspected something was “off,” by the strange, amused looks she would send in our direction. Although I was never alone with Rita for very long, she, too, became a regular part of my fantasy life. Like Vanessa, she was short and slightly overweight, favoring heavy red lipstick.


Rita came over, after I turned 18, and we opened a bottle of wine. I wasn’t of drinking age, of course, but it was a special occasion. I sat between Rita and Vanessa on the couch. Rita and I made out for the first time while Vanessa unzipped my pants and began to toy with my cock. She knelt on the floor and took it in her mouth. It was an indescribable sensation and, of course, I came almost immediately in her mouth. Being 18, though, it wasn’t long before I was ready to go again. It was decided that I would spend the night with Vanessa and then go to Rita’s house for a few days.

We cuddled in bed as she continued her sexual education of me, teaching me how to touch her gently on her breasts and as I massaged her clitoris with my other hand until she came, moaning deeply. She casino siteleri gave me another quick blow job in the morning and I came instantaneously, much to my embarrassment.

After that, I spent every night in Vanessa’s bed. She taught me the subtleties of a woman’s body. I gradually developed some self-control and learned to delay my climaxes and to make love slowly, bringing her to a gradual climax.

She called it “slow fucking”: we would lie next to each other and gently caress each other’s bodies, avoiding the obvious erogenous zones until we couldn’t stand it any more. Then, still moving slowly, we would each masturbate side by side, then gradually begin to “help” the other person. By the time I entered her we were both highly aroused. I would begin to thrust slowly, guided by her hands on her butt, and then gradually increase my speed and depth of penetration until we both reached a climax.


Vanessa thought it would be funny to set me up on a blind date. When I arrived to pick up “Amy,” a woman of about 60 opened the door. “Are you Jason?” she asked. I was. I wasn’t sure what to say next, but the woman invited me in and offered me a drink. I didn’t know when her daugher (or granddaughter?) would be coming downstairs, so I found myself rather awkardly sipping a rum-and-coke next to this woman on a love seat. After a few minutes she said that perhaps we had both been canlı casino the victims of a prank. Vanessa had told her that she was setting her up on a date with “Jason, a gentleman of means.” She had assumed that I would be an older man, and instead a teen-aged boy had shown up on her doorstep. I told her that Vanessa had told her that I would be going out with a cute girl named “Amy”—someone my own age, I assumed. “Now that you are here,” said the woman, “we should just finish our drinks. I am Amy, of course, and Vanessa was playing a joke on both of us. You can have leave whenever you want. I don’t think you really want to spend the evening with an old woman.” Because of my developing relationship with Vanessa, I was open to the sexuality of older women. I told Amy that I thought we should play a prank on Vanessa by pretending that our date had been fantastic, without even letting on that we had been pranked. Perhaps I should stay out all night and make Vanessa and Rita think I had got lucky with her? Amy agreed. After a few moments of hesitation I leaned over and tried to kiss her, but was met by a slap on the face.

Amy had become another person. She began to berate me, calling me a pervert and telling me I had no business trying to be “fresh” with her. After listening to her verbal abuse for another few minutes I went in for a kiss again, not knowing what else to do. I caught her hand as she tried kaçak casino to slap me a second time. “I’ll leave now,” I said. “I’m very sorry for offending you. I’m not used to drinking alcohol and you are a very sexy woman. I got carried away.” She nodded her head and we both got up from the couch. As I was about to leave she said that I deserved at least a little something for having put up with Vanessa’s prank and her own slap to my face. As I tried for a third time to kiss her, though, her hand slapped me once again. By this time I was getting a bit frustrated so I grabbed her face with my two hands very hard and stuck my tongue down her throat, forgetting everything Vanessa had taught me about slowness and subtlety. After a few seconds Amy started kissing me back. We made out for about ten minutes and then she took me by the hand and led me up to her bedroom. I knew that what older women lacked in youth they made up in experience. While Vanessa and Rita had always given the orders in the bedroom, I decided I would dominate Amy completely. I took her head and moved it down to my cock. She started to give me head with abandon. While with Vanessa I had been more passive, I decided I would take charge with Amy, who in spite of her initial feistiness was actually quite submissive.

After sucking my cock for a few minutes she mounted me and I entered her. This time I lasted at least ten minutes before I came. I woke her up a few hours later to fuck once again. Later, I figured out that Amy had been in on the prank the whole time. It was all part of Vanessa’s plan to sexually control me by making me dependent on older women. It was certainly working.

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