Becoming Omega, Part 4

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Becoming Omega, Part 4

Men around her. Her, naked and collared on the floor, her lips snarling and her eyes fluttering. Drugs swimming through her veins and her cunt throbbing. Cameras around her, the world watching. They were going to destroy her. Omega felt her heart skip a beat and she knew, if it all ended now, she was where she was supposed to be.


She smiled. Her eyes fluttered.

“Beat me,” she whispered.

They stepped forward, silent.

“Fucking beat me,” she screamed.

Closer now. Still, they said nothing.

“Kill me if you want.”

They laughed.

“She really will do anything,” said one. Jack laughed.

“She loves me that much,” he said.

“I do,” she said. She knew she was nothing to him.

She felt contact before she heard it. Jack’s heel hit her stomach. Her hand found her ribs and her eyes found Jack.

It wasn’t betrayal she felt. It was comfort.


A foot hit her rib. Another ricocheted off her thigh.


She felt a hand in her hair. It pulled her backward and she found her head on the ground. Four men stood above her, undoing their belts. Four cocks. Four cocks to please. Four men to satisfy. Four men to satiate with her existence. She had value.


One glanced to Jack.

“Can we?”

“Be my guest,” Jack said, gesturing down to the broken slut before him.

The man looked to her, evil in his eye.

“Hold out your face,” he said. “I’m going to break your jaw.”

Her eyes went wide. She glanced to Jack. He nodded. Slowly, she moved her face forward, exposing her casino oyna neck. Her cunt throbbed in her ears.

“Break it,” she snarled. He chuckled. Jack squatted by her side and put his hands around her throat.

“You heard the cunt. Break her jaw.”

As if in slow motion, the man extended his leg behind him and swung forward with everything he had. His shin connected with her jaw and she swore she heard it break.


They laughed. She tasted iron on her tongue. Blood. She spat out a tooth.

She began to speak, but her mouth didn’t work.

“Iw wathent harrr enuh.”

Another man belly laughed.

“You’re still conscious, so no it wasn’t.”

“On your back,” said Jack.

“Yeth Thir.”

Omega rolled onto her back and pulled her legs over her head. Her hands found her asshole and she spread it wide. A stranger dropped to his knees before her, stroking his cock, and lined it up with her open asshole. Jack straddled her head, his cock rubbing her cheek.

He lifted his cock so she could see it. Blood was smeared around the tip.

“Open your broken mouth, hole.”

She dutifully obeyed, her jaw creaking on its hinges.

All at once, a cock filled her ass. She yelped and Jack plunged his dick down her throat, muting her. His hands wringed her neck. Her vision blurred as her body spasmed, and she felt warm comfort in the deathly look in Jack’s eye.

The man behind her finished quickly, and another replaced him. He plunged deep inside her, cum dribbling from her asshole, as her vision crossed and finally faded to darkness.

Her body shuttered in the dark, spasming and twitching canlı casino and cumming, while Jack and his friends fucked the unconscious meathole before them.


“Good morning, hole.”

He was just a hazy blur, but she knew it was Jack.

“Hello Sir.”

Her jaw throbbed. She tried to pull a hand to her face but found it constrained.

Her body spasmed in ecstasy. She felt different. More even than the drugs had ever done. She was hornier than she had ever felt. She could feel her swollen cunt between her legs.

“Try not to speak,” he said. “They did some wonderful work on you, but it’ll take a minute to get used to.”

She lay still, locking eyes with Jack to share her pleasure.

“You’ve been under for three days,” he said. “A few have taken a turn on the new you, but you’ve been mostly undisturbed. Had to give you some time to recover.”

She turned her head to him, quizzically.

“Those men invested. You did well, Omega. Not only did they pay for your recovery, but they made a few improvements along the way.

She tilted her head.

“First of all, your nose has been altered slightly so it curves up in a button. We’ve installed a bullring large enough to hook to cables. Your tits are similar, with hoops through each nipple. We decided to wait on your cunt, but you have two studs in your lower back, which we’ll likely replace with hooks later for suspension. We’ve also removed your teeth and fitted you for dentures. We’ve inflated your lips roughly three times the size, so your mouth is basically a liquid pillow.

“But by far the best modification is your collar. It’s been sewn into your skin kaçak casino permanently, and it has been custom made with a medical cartridge, which injects a new cocktail into your bloodstream. The cocktail is far more potent than your original regimen, sweetheart. It has two components: in addition to a heavier drip of MDMA, there’s a radical hormone enhancement. You’ll be on the edge of orgasm permanently; you’ll crave cock every second. It has the added benefit of enhancing your tits. I don’t know if you can see from where you are, but they’ve already nearly doubled in size. They’ll likely max out between double and triple E.”

She smiled.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“There’s one new task for you each night, Omega,” Jack said.

“Anything, Sir.”

“You’ll notice a dildo mounted to the wall in the foyer of your apartment with a cage around it. Each night, instead of sleeping in your bed, you are to deepthroat the dildo. The cage will lock around your head and it’ll hold you there, and I expect you to sleep in that position. It’ll train your throat. Understood?”

“Yes Sir, understood.”

“Good girl.”

And so Omega left her bed and found her way home just as the sun was dipping from the sky and she found it there, pink and rubber and standing firm. It wasn’t enormous – maybe six inches. And she thought she’d catch up on sleep, so she dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around the cock and thrust until she was down to the base and nearly gagging. And the mechanism locked around her head, and she felt a certain relief of tension, and her cunt throbbed but she couldn’t rub it. And 1250 people watched from cameras in every corner of the room.

She smiled as she fell asleep.


Part Five coming soon. You can contact the author at verballicentia [at] g mail .com

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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