Beach Bullies

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Ashley didn’t get to the beach often, but when he did he liked to spend some time getting a decent tan. By chance he’d come across this small ledge that allowed him to stretch out and enjoy the sun without any chance of offending any prudes that came by. The ledge was part of what used to be a trail up the side of a cliff, but a slip and dropped a switchback into the sea below, meaning that the path from below came to a dead halt, while the path that led down to his ledge was now overgrown from lack of use. So Ashley had come to the beach today to work on his tan and go swimming later.

The beach immediately below Ash was almost deserted. Not an unusual occurrence as there were better beaches with better facilities closer to town and it was only those seeking a little privacy who continued on to this one. Now Ashley was watching an interesting little scenario developing on the beach below, irritated because he strongly suspected that he was going to have to interrupt his sunbathing and go down and lend a hand.

Janet had accepted Brian’s invitation to the beach outing. He was her steady boyfriend and she suspected that now she was eighteen he would want to take their relationship to another level. Suspected, hell. She damn well knew he wanted to move it along. He’d dropped enough hints about the matter. The problem was that she wasn’t quite sure she wanted to go that far yet, at least with him. Yes, she was interested in sex and looking forward to starting a proper relationship sometime, but she wasn’t certain that Brian was the right person. She knew that he’d be making a heavy pass sometime that day and was prepared to go along and see what happened. She could always say no.

Things had started to go wrong for Janet when Brian didn’t stop at one of the regular beaches but continued on to a more isolated area. With no-one around it might be hard to get Brian to stop if he started pushing too hard. She hadn’t said anything but resolved to keep her wits about her. As they headed down to the beach area, Janet was relieved to hear another car pull up above. A bit of company would ease the tension. It wasn’t until the new arrivals joined then on the beach, smirking, that Janet realised just how much trouble she was in. The new arrivals were Rob and Teddy, friends of Brian but not really friends of hers. To be precise, she couldn’t stand them.

“What’s going on Brian?” she asked, trying to hide the nervousness in her voice.

“Oh, nothing much,” laughed Brian. “I just happened to tell them I was going to get laid today, and they asked if they could come along and watch. Maybe have a turn afterwards. You don’t mind do you?”

“Are you out of your mind?” Janet replied in a suppressed scream. “I haven’t agreed to have sex with you and I’m definitely not having sex with them.”

“Beg to differ,” said Rob, “but just how do you propose to stop us?”

Standing there in just a bikini, Janet knew she stood little chance of fighting them off. She braced herself, meaning to run back up to the car-park, hoping to get to the road and possibly some help when Brian suddenly moved, grabbing her arm. Janet screamed, but couldn’t stop the other two boys from swiftly pulling down her bikini pants and undoing her top. Then Brian released her to stand naked in front of them, the boys enjoying their mastery over her. She looked around desperately, seeing that they were between her and the path to the car-park, hoping for something or someone to help her.

Ash realised that the girl was in trouble and was resigned to having to go down and assist. He saw the boys below starting to strip off their clothes, and as though this was a signal the girl turned and ran, straight towards the old trail that finished just below his ledge. He waited to see what would happen.

Janet fled up the old trail she’d spotted, praying it led somewhere safe. She heard the boys cursing and telling her to stop. She also heard Brian yelling that the trail was a dead end and she was just being stupid.

The three young men started up the trail, hunters after their prey. “No need to hurry,” observed Brian. “The trail ends in a sheer drop. She’ll be resigned when we get there and probably won’t even fight.”

Janet continued up the trail, crying as she ran, only to come to a sudden halt with a sickening plunge in her stomach as she realised that she’d run out of path. Then she heard the voice and looked up, startled, to see someone looking down at her.

“If you put one foot on that rock there,” said Ash, pointing, “and step up onto that little ledge there you should be able to reach high enough for me to grab your wrist.”

Janet looked at the stepping stones pointed out. They would give her about four feet of height and she doubted that he’d be able to reach her, but what had she to lose. Her virginity was what, she decided, and scrambled quickly from rock to ledge and reached as high as she could.

Ash watched the girl scramble towards him, then leaned out and down as far as he dared and managed to snare her wrist. casino oyna He quickly pulled her up, his second hand reaching and hooking between her legs to hoist her up and onto the ledge. Moving quickly, he rolled her flat against the back of the ledge, telling her to be quiet as he lay next to her.

Janet gave a short scream as she felt herself being hoisted up into the air, the scream becoming louder and shriller as she felt his hand slide between her legs to give her that extra hoist onto the ledge. Scarlet faced she turned to face him, only to find him shushing her and indicating that she needed to lie at the back of the ledge against the cliff face. As he joined her there, Janet realised that the ledge sloped down, effectively hiding them if someone tried to look onto the ledge. She lay quietly, waiting.

Brian and his friends came swaggering up the old trail, laughing when they heard the scream from above. “She’s found the dead-end,” guessed Brian. “Now all she can do is wait.”

“Oh, I think we can find other things for her to do,” sniggered Teddy. “We just have to use a little imagination.”

The hunters came around the final bend and stopped, staring at the empty trail. “Where the hell is she?” asked Rob.

The boys moved cautiously to the edge of the trail. She couldn’t climb down and a quick glance up showed the nearest ledge was ten to twelve feet above them so she couldn’t go up.

“You reckon she could make it to that ledge?” asked Brian hopefully.

“I couldn’t make it to that ledge,” said Teddy. “She wouldn’t have had a hope.”

“Then where the hell is she?” demanded Rob.

Brian was standing at the end of the trail looking down at the sea. “You know those red thongs she was wearing,” he said.

“The only things she was wearing,” sniggered Teddy.

“There’s one floating down there,” said Brian dismally. “That scream we heard must have been her running of the path without realising.”

There was a moment of stunned silence. “What the fuck are we going to do?” asked Brian.

“Not we, you,” said Teddy. “Rob and I aren’t even here. She’s your date. You’ll have to tell the cops that she went swimming and went under all of a sudden and you couldn’t find her.”

“You’re just going to run out on me and leave me to explain it to the cops and her parents?” cried Brian, angrily.

“Too right,” said Rob. “The whole thing was your idea. You sort it out. Let’s go Ted.”

Listening to the conversation, Janet was hard pressed to stop from laughing. It served them bloody well right. If it wasn’t for their behaviour she wouldn’t be in this situation. Thinking about her situation suddenly brought to mind just what her situation really was. She was lying naked on the ground facing a naked man and, it was finally registering on her, an aroused naked man. She was quite sure that wasn’t a baseball bat that was lying between them pressing against her stomach. She twisted slightly, trying to ease away from that contact, only succeeding in rubbing herself against it.

Ash heard the conversation below and smiled in satisfaction as he heard the young men start to beat a hasty retreat. He also felt Janet starting to twist against him, and the accompanying sensations that drifted up from his erection. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he warned. “It might be dangerous.” He felt the girl freeze in place, then tilted his head back to have a look at his catch.

Janet heard the murmured warning and went still, but she could feel a little flutter of excitement in her stomach. She was naked and a naked man had just recued her and was currently pressing interesting equipment against her. If he just moved slightly his cock would be pressing against her pussy and she wouldn’t be able to stop him taking her. The thought made that little flutter start to burn, and she could feel her legs turning weak.

The man moved back a little to get a look at her, and as he did so her flattened breasts filled out so that when he stopped her nipples were brushing against his chest hair. Janet could feel that her nipples were swelling slightly, interested in the brushing motion of his rough hair caressing them.

“Hullo, Janet,” said Ash. “Fancy meeting you here.”

Suddenly Janet’s eyes focused on him. “Ashley?” she exclaimed. “How did you come to be here?”

“Just lucky, I guess. I take it that the three dickheads were your boyfriend Brian and his two ratsy mates? Told you when you first started dating him that you were making a mistake, and may I suggest again that you stop wriggling against me. I’m sure you don’t want to face the consequences of that right now.”

“Yes, that was my ex boyfriend Brian, with Rob and Teddy. And I’m not wriggling against you,” she lied, knowing full well she was and enjoying the feeling. “And you wouldn’t be feeling anything if you weren’t pressing this thing against me,” she added, reaching down to take hold of his erection and move it away from her.

“Possibly,” Ash conceded, “and while I’d like to continue playing around canlı casino and seeing what develops I regretfully feel that we need to get some clothes on before Brian brings out a search and rescue team and tells your parents that you’re lost at sea.”

“You’ve got tickets on yourself,” snapped Janet. “Nothing would develop. What am I going to do about clothes, anyway?”

“Well, if you care to release me, I can get up and get my clothes. I’ll wear my shorts and you can wear my T-shirt. It should cover you pretty well. Then we can head to the car-park and see if your clothes are there.”

“Release him?” Janet wondered, then turned an interesting shade of red as she realised that she hadn’t let go his cock when she moved it aside. Hastily snatching her hand away she asked what would they do if Brian or his mates were still there.

As he rose, Ash gave her a smile that sent a cold chill through her. “If Brian is still there I’ll probably break his arms,” he said. “It will save me having to find him and do it later. His two pet monkeys I’ll go easier on, but I suspect they’ll bolt when they see me.”

“He wouldn’t,” she thought as she slipped on the T-shirt he handed her. “He’s only saying that.” Janet looked at Ash again and suddenly seemed to see how big he really was. And he’d lifted her up the side of the cliff so easily. “I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble,” she said uneasily.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Ash. “If you want something to worry about, start thinking about what you can do to stop me when I look you up and finish what we nearly started here.”

“What did he mean by that? Surely he didn’t intend to try and have sex with her sometime?” As Ash led her back to the road and the car-park she considered what he’d said and how she would react if he did come around. The trouble was, she found to her disgust, that she had no idea of what she’d do if he came around and wanted to have sex with her.

Arriving at the car-park they found it empty. Janet ran down to the beach to see if her bikini was there but that was also gone. Furious anew, she stormed back to the car-park, glaring at Ash and daring him to say a single word out of place.

“My car is just up the road a bit,” he said quietly. “Near where the old trail meets the road.”

Getting in his car they headed back towards town. Very shortly after that Ash saw a police car heading in their direction and quickly flagged it down. As he had suspected it was on the way to the beach to start a ground search while waiting for the water police to arrive. He and Janet explained the situation, Janet definite that she didn’t want to press charges. “Although,” mused Ash, “I wouldn’t complain if someone grilled that oaf very hard about what happened at the beach, dropping words like rape and murder, and forgetting to tell him that Janet is alive and well.”

The officer frowned and said that they didn’t do things like that, but they probably would question Brian further. They’d already called off the search and sent a message through to let her parents know that she had been found safe.

Ash drove Janet home and when dropping her off, told her to be ready at 2:00 the next day. He would stop by and take her out.

“Not to the beach, I trust,” Janet said with a smile.

“Certainly not. No, I intend to take you around to see my unit and after you’ve seen it I intend to remove your clothes and do interesting things to your body.” Ash left with a wave, leaving an internally panicking Janet behind.

Sunday afternoon, and Ash called past to pick Janet up. Sitting in the car she observed, “My mother thought I might be going to the hospital to see Brian.”

“Now why would she think that? Did Brian have an accident?”

“It seems he was caught up in a brawl last night. Mum heard about it in church this morning. Several people got hurt and Brian has a broken arm.”

“How unfortunate. It’s sad that we live in such a violent world. Still, if these things have to happen I’m quite content to have then happen to Brian and his friends.”

“I suppose you’re going to say you know nothing about his accident,” Janet flatly stated.

“Oh, there was nothing accidental about what happened, I assure you,” said Ash.

Janet glared at him. “You had no right to touch him. I’m quite capable of dealing with him.”

“But now you won’t have to, will you?” said Ash. “I also left a message with his two monkeys and they won’t be around to bother you either.”

“What happened to them?” Janet asked curiously.

“My understanding is that they had a fight and gave each other black eyes. Teddy may have a broken nose to go with his black eyes, but that’s his own fault for having such a big nose.”

“They gave each other black eyes,” she asked suspiciously.

“Would I lie to you?”

“Probably. Where are we going, anyway?”

Ash laughed. “I told you yesterday. First to look over my flat and then…”

Janet blushed but was determined to set the record straight. “I have not agreed to let you kaçak casino do interesting things to my body, as you so quaintly phrased it,” she said.

“I know, but I’ll let that pass. I’m sure we’ll work something out once you’re naked,” Ash murmured, leaving Janet fuming but strangely excited.

Pulling up at his unit, Ash escorted Janet inside and told her to have a look around while he made some coffee. Janet browsed through the unit and then joined Ash at the kitchen table for the coffee. “I noticed you had some badges in there for Aikido,” she said. “What is that?”

“It’s a form of martial arts,” explained Ash. “I do it for a hobby and compete in some tournaments. I’m not bad at it, actually.”

Janet thought of Brian and his broken arm and his friends with their black eyes, and the type of brawl they had had suddenly became a lot clearer. “I somehow or other had the impression that people were only allowed to use martial arts in self defence. Not to beat up other people,” she added pointedly.

“That’s true,” explained Ash, “But if say, just as an example, three hoons tried to beat up someone who knew martial arts, that someone would be fully entitled to defend himself.”

“I see,” said Janet, seeing very clearly indeed. “Has anyone told you that you’re a bit of a bastard at times?”

Ash looked rueful. “This implication has been expressed at times. It’s a cruel world.”

Janet looked down, trying not to laugh, while Ash continued. “I have a small problem that I need your help with.”

When Janet gave him an inquiring look, he explained.

“If I just take your clothes off you may get me confused with those idiots from yesterday, so I find myself unable to just strip you the way I want to. However, as I can’t really do interesting things to your body while you’re fully dressed, your clothes still need to be removed. If I’m unable to undress you then logically I need you to take your clothes off for me.” Ash smiled, waiting expectantly.

Janet stared at him, shocked. “Just take my clothes off in front of him because he wants me to? Is he mad?” But behind the shock Janet could feel that little glimmer of excitement re-emerging, warm and trembling.

“Do you really think I’m going to get undressed because you want me to?” she demanded.

“Yes,” came the bland answer. “Can you start with your blouse? You have lovely breasts and I want to see a little more of them.”

“You’re mad,” breathed Janet, “I’m not doing a strip tease for you or anyone.” She raised her hand to her breast defensively, and she did not undo that button. It slipped out when she clutched her blouse. As did the next one. Janet couldn’t believe she was doing this as her buttons slipped out one by one, revealing a pretty lacy bra and a very generous expanse of breast and cleavage. Heat was rising through her, warming her, and her clothes were starting to feel oppressive, constricting her.

Ashley watched with interest as Janet undid her blouse and slipped it off. Her face was flushed and she was breathing harder, while her nipples were noticeably puckering and pressing against the lace covering them. “And the bra,” he breathed quietly as she paused after putting the blouse to one side, smiling warmly as she reached behind her to unhook it.

“Fair’s fair,” Ash told her, and took of his t-shirt, leaving them both stripped to the waist. Not wanting to push too far or too fast, Ash didn’t push to have Janet finish undressing. That would come but there was no need to hurry. Right now he wanted to kiss her, and followed the thought with the deed.

Janet stood in front of Ash, breasts proudly jutting forward, wondering what he was thinking, what he was going to do. When he reached out and pulled her towards him she moved forward, letting him pull her against his chest, again feeling that rough hair rubbing against her breasts, her nipples. She lifted her head and his mouth came down upon hers, savouring, tasting, crushing and conquering, while his hands reached for and covered her breasts, squeezing them and teasing her nipples. And all the while that flame of excitement continued to grow, warming her all the way through and igniting a fire deep within her.

Continuing to kiss him, she felt as though she was floating, finally coming down to earth to find herself standing in his bedroom, not entirely sure of how the transition came about. She stared at Ash with eyes wide, knowing what he was about to tell her to do, and knowing that she was going to obey him. She sighed slightly, admitting to herself that he didn’t need to ask. She leant her head against his chest while her hands dipped down to undo the button and zip on her skirt, letting it drop, and kicking it to one side.

Suddenly Janet laughed at Ash. “As you say, fair’s fair,” she mimicked, and swiftly undid his trousers, letting them fall for him to kick aside.

Ash smiled at her. “Don’t stop there,” he murmured.

Janet looked at him, her eyes sparkling as she reached to pull down her panties, only to stop as she hear Ash say, “No. I’ll take them off later.” She looked at him confused for a second, then realised what he wanted when he plucked the edge of his boxers, quietly daring her to do something about them.

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