Bathhouse Lures Ch. 02

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I couldn’t help myself from arriving very early on a Friday, taking the first chance to visit the baths again. The person at the counter grinned slightly, in a knowing way, when I paid and he gave me my towel and locker key, 10 minutes before the posted opening time.

This could only be a short visit, but as with many earlier ones, hopefully it would provide more than enough experiences for a story. Writing what happens extends the pleasure, as the memories are more than enough to get me hard. And when hard, such stories are much easier to write. Though the temptation to jack off just adds to the desire for the reality of uninhibited male sex.

A rising desire to be satisfied by the apparently neverending variety of a bathhouse’s offerings, as I found myself rearranging schedules to go back again, just two days between visits.

Doing less work in the forest than originally planned, it was possible to carve out an adequate amount of time to enjoy a stay at the baths. Getting sweaty after cutting some wood in the forest offered the ideal opportunity to warm up and relax among a group of horny strangers sharing a Turkish bath afterwards.

Even arriving 10 minutes before the official opening time, I was not the first man in the locker room. Going to the bar counter, I ordered my normal beer, followed by wandering over to the Internet terminal, seeing what sort of other bathhouses might exist in the region. Making some preliminary planning concerning motorcycle day trips when the weather finally turned warm.

The whirlpool became my first destination after returning the empty beer glass, and doing a preparatory hit of poppers upstairs. Looking at the clock, the time was almost precisely 3pm, the technical opening time of the baths.

Downstairs, I showered, spending extra time soaping my cock in the deserted space, enjoying how it stiffened a bit, unconcerned about anyone seeing me. After brushing the water off my bare skin, it was just a couple of strides to complete wetness of the hot tub. Going up the whirlpool steps, I saw a man in the rear left corner, legs spread, elbows resting on the top of the tiles. Being a Friday, this was perfectly unsurprising, and when entering the heated water, his looking at my crotch was discretely obvious, much like my looking at his was must have been.

He was in the left diagonal corner of the jacuzzi’s octagonal arrangement, making it easy to choose the left straight part of the bench. His right hand had entered the water as I sat next to him, much like my own right hand had begun to touch my swelling cock. The water was clear, giving güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri each of us a fine view of sexy cock touching, enjoying the shared and growing horniness, our legs spreading and rubbing, our free hands running over the other’s already naked body.

Left hand stroking his thigh, our legs pressing, the touch of his fingers on my nipple made me gasp. My cock was jutting from my fist as my hand moved between his legs, sliding over his balls, beginning to touch the bushy root of his uncut cock as he slid down the bench a bit, ensuring my hand would continue its journey. After having looked so closely at his cock, similar in size and shape to my own, I let my gaze roam to his face.

He had a rapt look – a mirror of my own state, that of a turned on slut. Bringing back memories of intense orgasms in the distant past, cumming simultaneously with a friend as we watched each other. An expression of a man whose mind has fully surrendered to the primal power of an erect cock. In circumstances designed to help such a thing happen among strangers.

We were playing with each other in the currently still water, both of us stretching out, enjoying the public but empty hot tub in a manner which the baths have long specialized in. No words necessary to express desire or delight, both us of entranced by another man’s talents, sharing a bit of purely physical male intimacy, indulging in the straightforward simplicity we obviously craved, two horny men indulging ourselves.

At some point, a heavy set man entered the water, choosing the right side of the pool, after we both looked at him as he stood at the top of the whirlpool’s entrance. Easily a decade younger than me, with black framed glasses, maybe the same age as the man I had been fondling.

We continued to clearly stroke each other’s cock in the clear water, both of us watching as his hand went between his legs, followed by us returning our concentration to more immediate concerns, confident that he was getting as turned on as we already were. A not exactly difficult assessment, and one that was confirmed when he moved closer, his right hand clearly fondling his already plainly half hard dick.

He moved closer when the central fountain started to roil and splash, prompting the man I was jacking off to move up to the top level. I shifted position, putting my leg between the bench and my ass cheek, raising me up enough to avoid most of the flying spray. My hand remained on the other man’s rigid cock, displaying it to anyone interested, fully aware that the other man had lost any restraint he may have had while güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he looked at how I was playing with it.

Both of us were showing off, and both of us knew it. The man above us leaned back, his legs spread, cock jutting in my grasp, clearly demonstrating just how turned on he had become. And waiting for someone to take advantage of that fact.

When the other man moved closer, I tilted the cock in his direction, an invitation that I knew the other man was no longer able to care about. I was delightfully motivated, no longer able to hide just how much I was enjoying playing with my cock while another man moved closer, his hand touching mine as it stroked a stranger’s cock.

The man with the glasses went down on the sitting man’s cock, his mouth engulfing it, lips sliding down the shaft as the moans started. I couldn’t stop from watching the cocksucking, fist pumping my cock, completely entranced, my left hand sliding up over the cock sucked man’s nipple, my right foot sliding over the cocksucker’s rigid rod.

It didn’t take long for the man getting sucked off to lose control, but to my surprise, the man doing the sucking did not swallow the cum, prompting me to leave with a measured haste, having no personal interest in cum in the water. And a bit unhappy, this being the first time I had ever seen such unnecessary messiness.

Heading upstairs to do more rush and to check out the porn and cabins for anyone laying on the stomach, a seemingly clear signal of desire and intent, I saw that more than 20 minutes had already passed. Following a deep hit from the little brown bottle, I went directly into the porn theater. Sitting in the center of the middle, there was a man to my left, another man beneath me, and two men above, one in the right corner, the other laying flat on his stomach

A twosome on the screen, the rush pumping through me, I started to stroke myself, looking at the other men. Jacking off to porn is enjoyable, but sharing the experience with others is fantastic. It didn’t take long for my cock to rise as I opened my towel, just like all the other men.

Turning my head to the left to get a better look at the horny cock stroker next to me, he gestured me to move closer, his finger motion an obvious invitation, matched by how he spread his leg out, making it easier for me to see his erect cock.

I moved, retaining enough distance to keep watching the porn, which was showing some sexy rimming, making me harder. Temptation grew, making me let my hand touch the bottom of his foot. Hearing a low sigh, my hand began to explore, güvenilir bahis şirketleri running along his sole and over his toes, then sliding upwards, lightly touching, feeling the quite soft hair on his skin.

He shifted position, making more of himself available to my touch. After a moment of teasing, I began stroking his inner thigh, seeing how his cock grew as he pumped it. His moaning was perceptible, but not exactly public.

The man beneath me had already moved over, and my attention turned to watching him stroke his now growing cock, as he stared at my exposed crotch. Spreading my legs wider, I draped my left leg over the right leg of the turned on stranger next to me. We were all hard, and the porn on the screen was hot, as the two men rimmed each other, both cocks erect, demonstrating just how good it felt to have a mouth pleasure your ass.

Reaching my left hand up to the man on his stomach, I played with his thighs and balls, my hand coming closer to his cock in a measured fashion. Which was interrupted when a hand enclosed my cock, beginning to move up and down, pressing my hand out of the way. The moans were not only mine, as the man next to me rubbed his cock over my leg.

Looking down, the sight of a mouth near my cock tempted me to enjoy a bit of uncovered cocksucking, but I was able to say ‘condom first.’ After putting on the condom, he just licked my cockhead a couple of times. It felt nice stretched over my shaft, the sheath creating a wonderful pressure over my cock head as I played with myself watching him go down on the man next to me.

The porn scene had changed at some point, along with a new man standing in front me. I began to stroke his cock as his hands began to play with my nipples. The man next to me left, while the man beneath me shifted to the left, clearing a space for the new man to move closer. The new man stepped up onto the first broad level beneath me, blocking the screen.

Which was fine as I watched him fist his rigid cock, an entrancing view. When his cock began to rub against my nipple, I couldn’t stop from moaning, and pressing against him. His pre-cum was a perfect lubricant, as his thrusts matched my stroking.

At some point, as the sensations and sounds increased, it was clear that he was going to cum on me, which just made me harder. As his orgasm started, the hot liquid jets against my skin were irresistible, making me orgasm in turn, cock quivering, the condom stretched tight over my cock head and shaft. Hot cum coated my cock as another man’s cum splashed on my body, carried away by the reality of being a total cum slut, my cock jutting as his sexy orgasm spread itself over me.

The condom turned out to be a good thing, since there had been no reason to be concerned about making a mess. I rubbed myself clean, then went downstairs to shower myself clean, knowing that another trip here was inevitable.

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