Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 20

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A bathhouse steamroom likely remains the easiest place to have group sex with other men ever invented, and entering one often allows a visitor an opportunity to indulge in such addictive pleasures. Sunday afternoons at the local bathhouse can get quite crowded, though arriving at opening time provides some insurance to avoid the crush in the later afternoon. Though after having been here for an easy 30 minutes, without any particular contact, a crowd was hard to see.

Though part of the reason may have been due to the time spent exploring the new expansion upstairs, which added an easy half dozen new booths. It did not really impress me, if only because my tastes tend to run in a more public direction in the main, and so many new private spaces would likely take away from available partners spending time in the porn theater area, or darkroom. Further, none of the new spaces seemed to have a screen, or other creative additions, such as gloryholes.

This made the bathhouse more typical of others I have visited in other cities. Likely, this also makes sense in terms of visitors – the baths are generally a very inexpensive way to have private sex with other men, without complications. Wandering around today, it was hard to gauge any changes, apart from having more space to wander around in. After a fairly long and relaxing stretch on the darkroom platform, I put the black bag away in my locker, then headed down to the steamroom.

Several towels were in the cubbyholes, unsurprisingly. Going in, deciding to head straight for the back, merely glancing around as my eyes adapted to the dark. One man was at the door, and a couple of others were in the dimly lit front section. Cautiously entering the darker section, confident that opportunity would arise at some point, the first sweep was disappointing, as the back space seemed empty. This happens, so after completing that first quick steambath tour, I looked at the whirlpool, which seemed full, though the way someone had hung their towel blocked the view to a notable extent (there is also now a sign on the Buddha figure saying not to put any towels there).

Returning to the steamroom, one man was leaving as another entered, with a second man putting his towel into a cubbyhole. After putting away my towel, I opened the door and entered the enveloping steam, again going directly to the rear area. After a couple of non-committal brushing encounters, a man started to play with my cock. Reaching down to do the same with him, I felt he was wearing a cock ring. As we both grew harder, he leaned in, as if to kiss, something I like to wait a bit to do.

Apparently sensing this, beginning to lick a nipple, making me moan, bending down to kiss his neck and ear, right hand starting to play with his nipple. Continuing like this for a while, he then lifted his head, causing me to start kissing him deeply, bringing his hard cock against mine. Turning our kiss into a intimately sloppy one, both of us moaning, jacking off cock to cock. I was the one to start jerking us off like this, but he knew how to distract me, starting to rub and squeeze both my nipples.

Sharing the same interests and talents resulted in both of us growing extremely horny, revelling in the entrancing magic of hot sex within a bathhouse steambath. When he drew back a bit, it was clear to both what would be happening next. As he bent down, my hands went to his head, feeling how it moved down as his lips slid over my quaveringly ready cock, delightfully drowning in the pleasure of getting sucked by a man. Following deliciously blissful interval, he straightened, returning to kissing and cock rubbing.

This pattern repeated itself several times, never providing a break in which to use poppers. The sex was so good that even opening the poppers would undoubtedly lead to unavoidable orgasm, something worth avoiding so soon in a visit. However, when he rose this time, my cock erect and wet, he turned around. I reached out for his erect cock, turning him back to me, quickly finding his mouth and kissing him deeply. However, part of me started to consider his offer, a part that is not only getting ever easier to tempt, but one which exists beneath rational thought.

Continuing to kiss and grind, I began to slide a spread hand over his ass. Exploring and pleasuring him, my fingers discovered his crack was already lubed, leading to even dirtier thoughts. But like the poppers, using condoms was beyond my ability. Not that he seemed to care about condoms, his slippery ass so easily available for fucking. As became obvious after sliding a finger past his soft and yielding anal ring, his reaction reflected through his suddenly sloppy kissing and more intense grinding. Leading me to start to finger fuck him, something he clearly wanted.

A canlı bahis şirketleri third man joined us to my left as my cock was being sucked, his hands on my cheeks, turning my head to kiss me full on the mouth. I couldn’t resist opening my lips to let his tongue explore, hips starting to pump my length into a willing stranger’s wet open mouth. This was the sort of sex I have grown to crave, surrendering to the mindless sensations of pure male sex. A hand went down to the base of my cock as it filled a stranger’s mouth, bringing me to the edge of orgasm while being kissed.

As my cock sucker stood up, likely having sensed how close I was to cumming, my head turned back to him, seeking and finding his willing soft mouth. As we began kissing, the second man’s mouth began to envelop my rigid cock. In a wonderful haze, it was easy to lead my original partner’s cock close to the oral action. Soon, both of us were being sucked off while kissing so good, the sort of slutty wet mouth pleasure that occurs when utterly turned on inside a cock sucker’s mouth, cock to cock.

So turned on that certain nasty thoughts became irresistible as they arose. Ones that seemed in control of my actions, a hand moving down over a waiting bottom’s horny smooth ass, aware that this was only the first step. Fingers soon slid into his crack, exerting a bit of pressure to have him turn his ass to my cock, wet from the saliva of two men. The remaining rational part of my mind accepting the undeniable reality of how such an entrancingly horny state was impossible to override. Yet still able to find a compromise even as his hand began to guide my cock to his hole, which felt so fantastic at first contact. A contact helplessly desired from the discovery of his lubed rear.

This is something becoming harder to avoid, especially since during my last visit, my cock had enjoyed a series of experiences in the steam room. Involving a minimum of two men, likely three, and possibly four, all offering my cock the opportunity to slide over their welcoming holes between kissing and getting blown, though none were lubed. I am starting to fall under yet another bathhouse spell, it seems, and today, it felt so good to let it unfold.

However, luckily for me, he was not interested in seducing my cock deeper, but just wanted to start fucking. As this remains a serious boundary, I pulled back a bit. My right hand, which had been stroking his cock, moved to my now slick cock, left hand continuing to pump the third man’s hard shaft as we kept kissing passionately. After making sure my cock would not be pulled into further temptation, I put a finger inside his inviting ass, pleasuring him while preventing myself from easily going deeper even as my cockhead could feel his soft entrance.

The pure sexual bliss filling me was incredible, and only slowly did it even become possible to realize that a large part of it was caused by my own ass being finger fucked. The combination revealed how heavenly one of my longest held fantasies could feel, being fucked and fucking at the same time. The deep kissing just added to the glorious delight of my cock sliding around my finger over his unbelievably smooth anus.

As the man to my left continued his exquisite finger fucking, I removed the blocking finger, finally allowing my horny naked cockhead to feel another man’s willing opening, a heavenly sensation. The head of my cock fit his soft hole perfectly, with just the slightest pressure necessary to open him wider, until the cock ridge slid past his anal ring. One of my longest held fantasies was happening, being in the middle of a sandwich, just like I had seen so long ago, so turned on.

Thankful that poppers had not been involved, since that meant I would not have had the restraint to keep from riding his tempting ass, just fucking a man with my naked cock for the first time, my own ass being filled by a stranger. The part of me wanting to mindlessly surrender to the pleasure of filling his lubed and available hole did not win out today, but what was going on had already gone quite a bit further than ever expected. As it was, my flared cock ridge only slid inside briefly a couple of times before starting to finger fuck him again, using two fingers at this point, pushing in deep while rotating.

Soon, I began to ride the man bent in front of me, nicely lubed cock sliding between his ass cheeks and over his balls, a slippery right hand jacking his rigid cock off, from just under his cock ridge and down to the cock ring at the base of his shaft, my thrusting cock and hand moving in the same rhythm. One matching how the third man’s finger – or maybe two – was fucking me. I was in paradise, of the sort first revealed in my early 20s, after buying my first gay porn mag at the same canlı kaçak iddaa adult bookstore where I bought poppers and watched porn in the video booths.

Just picking up such an explicit magazine had sent a certain forbidden thrill through me, adding to the intense initial excitement caused by seeing a naked male threesome on the cover. This was my first time actually looking over the gay porn section, helped by the weed and beer I’d enjoyed beforehand, along with the fact that my cock was already hard when deciding to ‘experiment.’ Leaving the store, my rigid length undoubtedly obvious underneath my jeans, a sense of pure horniness filling me, having taken an actual step in the direction of getting off by looking at men having sex with other men.

Getting home, smoking a bowl before getting undressed, filled with nervous anticipation, a sense of uncertainty about looking at such porn, even privately. All these feelings being combined with an overwhelming horniness that had become irresistible after first noticing the hardcore group sex on the magazine’s cover. Representing what I imagined male only sex to be – hard cocks being pleasured openly.

Instead of going page to page in sequence, I let the magazine open in front of me. Resulting in my hand grasping a waiting erect length, captivated by what had appeared – scenes of three naked men with hard cocks having hot sex in variations I had never considered. Scenes that were like magic in their effect, drowning me in pure desire. The weed started to have its own sensual effect, making it so easy to imagine what it would be like to be part of such a threesome.

The poppers bought at the same time as the porn added to that first impressive wave of uninhibited lust, fully entranced by seeing what it would be like to be part of a male only menage a trois. Orgasming so long and hard, cum jetting so good. The second time orgasming that night involved fingering a Vaseline lubed ass. The next morning, after waking up several times during the night to play with my stiff cock, the pictures made me cum a third time, going through the entire magazine front to back, fantastically turned on seeing how three men could have sex with each other.

Now, lost in the steamy darkness, the scenes from that magazine were becoming magically real. The bathhouse is a place to have group sex, something true since my first visit, going down on a hard cock while being rimmed. Not that the basic rules had changed, except for condomless blow jobs, but these pleasures were even more fantastic than imagined, decades ago. What was most amazing was how skillfully someone kept finger fucking me, along with being so tempted to just mindlessly fuck a man. Being balanced on the edge of that opportunity for far longer than anything that could be considered accidental, or explained away as ‘it just happened.’ This was what I desired, amazed at how close things had come to fucking a stranger bareback.

My first partner left the heat just as the finger (fingers?) inside me withdrew. Making me beg ‘Finger fuck me again .. please .. in my ass .. finger me.’ His mouth met mine as I felt his finger start to go inside, unavoidably slumping in response, wanting it as deep as possible. My hips began to move, right hand at my cock, wrapped around his stroking fingers, utterly lost in paradise, entranced by how good it felt to have a stranger finger me. He was by far the most skilled man for this encountered at the baths, a rigid cock showing how much he enjoyed what he was doing to me.

Finally, the conditions were simply too much to remain, even while kissing with such passion. Regretting the need to cool down, a part of me just wanted to remain enslaved by the sheer delight of being finger fucked so well by a stranger. A man who had been skilled enough to start fucking me without my awareness, cock sliding over a man’s lubed ass. Realizing, a bit surprised, that he had taken full advantage of my sluttiness to make me even more horny.

Showering after leaving the steam room, it was impossible resisting soaping and playing with a still horny cock. Generally, the downstairs showers do not seem to be a place for sex, but the wonderful feeling of slippery soap on jutting cock is far too tempting to avoid whenever leaving the steambath to cool down. Especially after such a delightful encounter, demonstrating how incredibly hot it is to have sex with other horny men, especially uninhibited kissing mixed with intimate naked anal play – as first seen in that gay porn magazine decades ago.

After drying off, I returned to the darkroom. Laying back, condoms and poppers easily at hand, well positioned to take advantage of any visitor interested in exploring. Something that quickly happened, with a man coming in, who easily canlı kaçak bahis found my spread leg, soon following where it led upwards. It took little time before he went down on me, my hands soon guiding his head up and down my erect shaft. No longer pretending that getting sucked like this was just a coincidence, instead making it clear from the start that I wanted to be oral sex from a man.

Beginning to simply surrender myself to his mouth, the sensations so delightful, aware that yet again, I was allowing myself to be used by a cock sucker. With a certain awareness that this time, resisting his skills, if things kept going in the same lovely direction, would be impossible. Today, after would had already occurred, my mind was uncertain about how much longer I could stay with my legs spread, moaning, as he went down on me without giving in to what still feels like forbidden temptation. Something along the lines that if orgasm doesn’t happen, then what occurred was not really sex, regardless of how good it felt or how long it went on.

And sometimes, being something like a tease is just too much work.

There is always a certain tension in having sex with multiple partners over a couple hour visit, since at least one or two individual cock suckers want their mouths filled with cum. This is not true personally, as cock sucking itself is a real turn on, without feeling any need to make someone cum, especially if they don’t want to. As I have discovered, many bathhouse cock suckers are notably better than a woman, in large part due to how much they want an uncovered cock in their mouth. A feeling I completely understand, being an avid cock sucker myself, one that definitely prefers an uncovered cock.

The attractiveness of their desire is hard to overstate, particularly when already naked and horny. Further, every single man who has gone down on me to the point of orgasm has swallowed, whether at a gloryhole, a porn theater, or the baths. Something generally rare among the women who have sucked me off, making cumming in a woman’s mouth often feel somehow interrupted. Or worse, knowing that simply letting my hot cum flow is not what she wants, removing any interest in doing something someone else does not want to happen. This is just one of the areas where men are better.

Practice certainly plays a role, as many bathhouse visitors have had years of experience in orally pleasuring other men. Something now pretty much taken for granted when getting head, as the third man of the afternoon kept sucking my wanting length. Men also know just how impossible it is for a man to resist a wet open mouth, as every man knows the truth that the best blow job in the world is the one you are getting right at the moment – and as the baths have taught me to fully appreciate, with a bare cock and no worries about cumming in my partner’s mouth.

After what happened in the steam room, there seemed little reason to look for more group sex, leading to concrete thoughts of just giving in to filling a man’s mouth with cock and hot cum. Though not yet, taking my cock out to stroke its wet length, withdrawing instead of cumming too fast.

His devotion to cock sucking was extremely satisfying, even as the darkroom space became more crowded. I needed to push away a couple of men while getting blown, surprised at how clueless they seemed to be. Nonetheless, it made no difference to the man between my legs, who continued to lead me ever deeper into temptation. He seemed to understand that seduction works with a slut better than demands, allowing me to sink ever more into the exquisitely delight of oral sex, only slowly making it more difficult for me to pull back from the edge of filling his mouth with hot cum.

Finally, no longer able to completely stop from going too far, I knew he could now taste the result of his efforts. Cumming is hard in a way, though getting ever easier at the baths, where so many men are just waiting for the chance to suck another man off. And this sort of preliminary release tends to lead in one of two directions – certain orgasm, or a certain break which can last for a while, and depending on fate, the rest of the visit.

Today, the decision to simply pump his mouth full of hot cum was beyond my ability to stop by now. Sometimes, mouth fucking is fantastic, but the best orgasms involve doing nothing except letting the other person make me cum. Saying things like “fuck yes .. suck me .. fill you .. cock sucker .. cum slut .. I love .. sex with men .. god yes” as the heavenly pulses rising from my balls to the tip of my cock entered his mouth. Being drained while drowning in fantastic liquid sensations, feeling cum surround my cock as he kept his lips sealed on my shaft.

After orgasm inevitably receded, he kept sucking a now ultra-sensitive cock, balancing it between pain and pleasure, until finally rolling over. Leaving me utterly and completely limp, mind blank, having experienced the sort of intense sex which is more easily found at the baths than anywhere else.

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