Basement Parties Ch. 02

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It had certainly given me ideas. The fact that I had this basement full of toys and games that young men liked. It seemed to me that I should make use of it. After all, I was now a true MILF. I’d given pleasure to a young friend of my son’s. He’d left here that weekend rather happy. Wanting more, of course, but happy.

I’m Wanda Ferguson. My husband is busy all the time now. He thinks he’s successful. And I suppose he is, in some ways. But he’s not getting this choice pussy of mine. I know it’s good. It’s great when I play with it and fuck it with my toys. And it was great when Ted licked it for me. I know he liked it, as well as my luscious breasts. I’m a great MILF. That’s why I decided to enjoy being a MILF.

It was interesting to me that I loved watching two girls having fun together. I mean in porn movies, of course. I hadn’t done anything like that myself. But I really got off when I was using my vibrators and watching girls eating each other, and sometimes fucking each other, too. I had begun to think I might be bisexual. Because I still loved cock. Don’t get me wrong.

So I decided it was time to do something about it. To hell with always just playing with myself. There were plenty of young things in this town that would love making love to me. I knew that. I believed it, and I was going to find out.

My first thought was of some of my son’s old friends from high school. They had all graduated and were now in college, or had decided to stay here in town. We had a vocational/technical school. It was perfect for young men who wanted to work with their hands. I sort of liked the idea of men who could use their hands. You know? James had a good friend in high school, named Victor, who was still here. I knew his family well. His mother was a dear friend.

My husband was out of town for one of his conferences. He would be gone for a week. I called Victor the next Saturday. I was going to ask him to help me with one of our pinball machines. One of the flippers was sticking. It wasn’t important, but it would get him over here. He was still living with his parents so I called there.


“Hi, Marge? This is Wanda. Could I speak to Vic, please? I have a little problem he might be able to fix for me.”

“Of course, dear. Just a sec. He’s right here.”

“Yeah? Mrs. Ferguson?”

“Hi Victor. I’m sorry to bother you, but would you be able to come over and look at something in our basement? One of the pinball machines is messed up.”

“Oh, sure. Yeah, I’ll come over in about an hour. Okay?”

“Perfect, dear. I’ll see you then. Bye.”

It was summer. James, my son, was at college in summer session. His father was gone for days. I was alone. I dressed up in a little summer dress. I didn’t bother to put on a bra or panties. This was going to be fun, or my name wasn’t Wanda. Anyway, I heard the doorbell ringing just an hour later and when I answered it there was Vic. He was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, along with flip-flops.

“Hi Vic. Come on downstairs to the basement. You’ve played these pinballs plenty of times. I know you can fix it. I mean, you’re a mechanic now, right?”

“Well, Mrs. Ferguson, I’m not really a mechanic yet. I’ve got a year done now, and I should be able to get a job working on cars in another year or so. So, I guess I’m a kind of mechanic, yeah.”

We descended the stairs to the basement. It had a full screen television on one wall, with a sofa and several chairs scattered around. Also, a pool table, and the two pinball machines. We walked over to the one I wanted him to look at. He had brought a tool box with him, in anticipation of what he might need.

He sat his tool box down and I went to a chair nearby. I sat down and crossed my legs. I had nice legs. I had nice everything, to be honest, and I always was. Anyway, Vic started getting the machine open with some screwdrivers, and would look over at me as we chatted. He was looking at my legs.

Finally, I uncrossed them and just let my skirt ride up. casino siteleri I knew he was getting a shot of my shaved pussy.

At last he finished his work. He turned on the machine, which had been unplugged, and tried it out. I stood up and came over beside him. I could see his prick was hard in his shorts, as he flipped the flippers. At last he tilted it and the game ended. I reached down and stroked his cock.

“Jesus, Mrs. Ferguson, what the hell! What would James think?”

“Silly boy. Who’s going to tell James anything. Besides, he’s not in charge of me. No one is anymore. I can enjoy anything I please now. I want to enjoy you Vic. Is that a problem, baby?”

“Ah, fuck, Mrs. Ferguson. God, you’re so fucking hot.”

“Call me Wanda. Now kiss me. And mean it, you little mother fucker.”

And he did, making me feel twenty years younger, as his tongue began exploring my mouth. And I returned the favor, as I rubbed his prick, and his hands went automatically to my breasts. Men always loved my tits. As we were making out I moved him over to the sofa.

We both sank onto the sofa as we continued kissing, and fondling each others bodies. I found that he was not wearing underwear. The little pervert had been thinking about me already, I could tell. That was perfect, as I stroked that long, hard shaft, poking out of the leg of his shorts. His hand had sought out my pussy, pushing my sundress out of the way, and sinking fingers into my wet cunt.

“I want to fuck you Wanda. Please, let’s fuck. I’m so fucking hard!”

“You get the pussy to fuck after you eat it, little perv. Those are the rules around here. Momma gets her pussy eaten before anything else happens. Want some pussy, baby? Get your fucking clothes off and eat my wet pussy.”

We both stripped off the little we were wearing, and I lay back on the sofa with my legs spread widely. Vic was on his knees, and he jacked his cock as he lowered his mouth to start licking my pussy. He was smart enough to begin with the clit, and it caused me to have a nice, little orgasm. It also caused the cream to start flowing. His lips and tongue were tasting my flavors.

My hands were massaging my breasts. I did love touching myself, and feeling the hard nipples. I pinched and pulled on them as Vic continued ramming his tongue into my juicy cunny. It was causing me to tremble as orgasms ran through my body. It was good being a woman who could keep coming over and over.

Vic was still jerking off his cock. I could see that as I glanced down occasionally between climaxes. He was young and I knew he would be ready to shoot his spunk soon. I had enjoyed his pussy eating, and now I wanted to please him in the same way. I was a nice person, you know. I lifted his head away from my pussy.

“That was perfect, Vic. Just fine. Now momma’s going to suck your cock for you. Would you like that, dear?”

“Ah, fuck yeah, Wanda. God, please suck it ma’am. I’m ready.”

With that I leaned forward and praised him for his good work by doing a great job on his prick. The head was purple and I took it into my mouth and chewed on it as he started groaning. My fingers on one hand were fondling his balls, while the other hand was pressing a finger into his bung hole. I know men like that a lot. He was sweet enough to be squeezing my breasts at the same time. Vic was a good boy.

My tongue was wet with drool. I loved sucking cock. I was running it up and down his hard dick, and then bobbing my head while my mouth was wrapped about his prick. I knew he wouldn’t last long. They seldom do when I blow them. I rammed a finger into his ass hole, sucked hard on his cock, and took the stream of come he shot out. It filled my mouth, and I swallowed all I could.

“Ah, Wanda. God, it’s so fucking good. Ah, suck it, suck it. Damn, you’re so fucking fine, lady.”

I kept stroking his prick as I milked out every last drop. I had been coming myself, and the sofa was soaked with my fragrant fluids. I moved away from his cock, canlı casino stood up, forced him down onto his knees, and pushed my cunt into his face again. I needed a little more of that mouth on my pussy. It was good. He gobbled up my juicy fluids and I caressed his hair.

“That’s a good boy. Well done, baby.”

He rose and kissed me.

“You’re so fucking fine, Mrs. Ferguson. I mean, Wanda. When can I do this again? I never met anyone like you before, ma’am. I really want to fuck you. Is that bad? I mean, god, we did all this. I’d love to fuck you Wanda.”

“Tell you what, baby. Are you still dating Kirsty?”

“Yeah, sure. We’re gonna get married some day, I think.”

“You bring her over with you next time. Okay? Understand, baby? Bring your girlfriend with you, and you can fuck my pussy.”

“For real Wanda? I don’t know. I don’t know what she’d think. I don’t know what she’d do.”

“Leave that to me, lover. Wanda will take care of it. You two come over tomorrow, Sunday, for lunch. Tell your mom I’m making something special for you, to thank you for fixing the pinball. Okay, sweetie? Bring Kirsty with you and we’ll have so much fun you’ll never forget it. Trust me, baby.”

He agreed, of course. Who wouldn’t? Off he went to think about getting some of my pussy. And I was planning the little lunch party for him and Kirsty, for tomorrow. It would be fun, of that I was sure.

I slept quite well that night, even if I was alone. But I knew that Sunday would be a good day. It would be the first day I would have ever made love to a girl. I knew it would work out. I just knew it.

Kirsty was as old as Vic. Both were nineteen now and they had been together for two years, at least. They must have a good relationship. She must trust him. That was all to the good.

They both arrived at one o’clock for lunch. I could see that Kirsty was a little hesitant. I suppose she had been wondering why they were coming over to my place. She hadn’t been here since James left for college. But I remembered her. She was a lovely little thing, with curly, brown hair. Her body was rounded and she had soft flesh on her. She was not skinny. But she was a cute, charming girl. She was even tastier looking now.

I had been seduced when I was younger, several times. It had actually been pleasant, because I always knew I could say no. I was never really forced to have sex. I had concluded last night, while I was thinking about this lunch date, that I would seduce Kirsty. I would not force her. I would just find out if she was interested in girls, or not. Perhaps she had never considered it. I was going to give her a reason to think about it, seriously.

They came into the house, and I led them to the basement stairs. The basement was my lucky place. We had a table and chairs down there for casual dining. Today I had brought the lunch down there. These two young people knew this basement, so they weren’t really surprised. Downstairs we all sat down on the sofa. Kirsty was in the middle. I was serving a cold lunch so there was no hurry to eat.

We chatted as I thanked Vic for fixing the pinball. And I found out what Kirsty have been up to since graduation. The two of them were full of plans for the future. Kirsty had been working and saving money for when they got married. I was close beside her as she chattered. I held her hand, which was warm, and smiled along with her as she talked about herself and Vic.

“You two are perfect together. You know you’re the prettiest little girl around here. Vic is lucky to have you, Kirsty.”

“I don’t know about that, Mrs. Ferguson. I love him and I know he loves me.”

“You young people need to call me Wanda now. You’re adults. We’re all adults here.”

I took her hand up to my lips and I kissed it. She smiled tentatively, then more broadly.

“Thanks Wanda. It’s very sweet to have us over like this.”

“It’s my pleasure. Let’s go ahead and have lunch.”

We rose and sat down at the card table with kaçak casino its cold cuts, bread and salads. Again, Kirsty was between the two of us. We served ourselves and began eating, and as we did I was touching her, on the shoulders, and on the legs. I kept smiling, and her smile back was encouraging. Finally, I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips.

“That’s for being so sweet. I think I could just eat you up, sweetie.”

She blushed bright red, and then Vic leaned and kissed her too. Right on cue. She returned it, of course. His hand went to her leg also and he was rubbing it, as I was rubbing the other. She broke off his kiss and glanced at the two of us, back and forth. I leaned in and kissed her again. I was getting creamy as I gave her some tongue.

I knew it was going to happen when her tongue pushed into my mouth. My left hand went up her leg to her crotch, as my other hand held her curly haired head. I kissed her harder and pressed her pussy through her panties. She moaned.

I stood up and took her hand. Walking over to the sofa, I kissed her softly again, as a woman kisses another woman. Then I sat us both down on the sofa, as Vic followed. I began kissing her softly, and then more forcefully, licking her lips, and nipping them gently with my hands on her curly head. I was ecstatic when I felt one of her hands slowly rubbing my breast. As that happened Vic was sitting on the other side of her. His hands were busy on his girlfriend’s tits and pussy. He was getting her hot and ready for me.

At last I arose and stripped off my dress. I was naked underneath. I helped Kirsty remove her things, including her blouse, skirt, bra and panties. I could smell her aromatic pussy juices, and see how wet she was. She was still blushing bright red, but it was charming. Vic was naked too, as quickly as us. His cock was jutting out, hard and ready to fuck something.

I pushed little Kirsty back down against the arm of the sofa, and got between her legs. I wanted to lick my first pussy. I was so looking forward to it. I kissed her lips first, and then started the slow descent down her soft, rounded body. I was tasting all of her delicious femaleness. I sucked on each breast, making them turn crimson, and moved to her navel. My tongue tickled it, and then I was at the clitoris.

While I had been making love to little Kirsty, Vic had been behind me, licking my pussy and pucker. He knew how to please a lady. And he remembered my promise. He could fuck me if he brought Kirsty over. She was here, getting the works from me, so he wanted his pussy too. I could feel his hardness slowly entering my pussy, and I leaned back to get more, as I moved down to suck on some tasty pussy.

Kirsty was starting to howl now. She had never had another woman eat her cunt. This was new, and she was certainly enjoying it. She hadn’t known what she was missing. I hadn’t either, but I was making up for lost time. I was savoring the cream she was feeding me. Such a precious little pussy. It still had its hair, but it was sweet. Mine was hairless, and Vic was ramming his hard cock into it. I was coming continually now, and I think Kirsty was too.

Of course Vic could never last as long as the ladies. We were still coming when he let go all of his spunk, filling my pussy. He kept humping for at least ten or twenty more thrusts, giving my cunt more of his seed, until he was through. I was relishing my grand climax, as his come filled me, and screamed with the raw pleasure of taking young cock.

He pulled out, and I felt come leaking down my thighs. I laid down on Kirsty, feeling her little titties pressing against mine, and I kissed her.

“Oh, my, god. Omigod. I came so hard Vic. I came so hard Mrs. Ferguson. God. It was so fucking good.”

“Umm. Yes. Perfect little girl. You’re absolutely perfect. My first girl, and you’re perfect. Vic, that was some good fucking baby. Momma liked it a lot.”

“Me too, Wanda. This has been the best day ever. Except when I met you Kirsty, of course.”

That was when I realized that this basement was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I was really going to enjoy it more and more. Something told me that it would see lots more action. And I would be in the middle of it all.

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