Bare and Tiny 1

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[b]Bare And Tiny1 By Will Buster

This is a work of erotic fiction. I hope you enjoy this juicy story. Let me know if you want more of Jack’s exploits.

Jack was one of those guys that was hopelessly addicted to hot, young nubile teen pussy. He didn’t have much difficulty finding such hot treats because of the internet and the willingness to search and travel a bit. He liked his conquests to be petite, girlish and act like little baby sitters that were being seduced into the filthiest little tricks that a tight pussy and rimming anal cavity could perform. He didn’t care what color they were. It didn’t matter too much if they were attractive or plain. What mattered was the girlish shape and the sizzling carnal contact that Jack’s ten inch prick craved.
He loved to hear the youngsters scream out with pain and lust when he split their virginal pussy or drilled deep into their quivering rectums. He simply made the assumption that the girl was 18 even if it was very obvious she was not. After all, the web site clearly proclaimed that all female members were at least 18 years old. If the slut turned out to be younger that was her problem. If she had lied to the web master he figured his ass was safely covered.

Jack was white, twenty one years old and the possessor of a thick, long cock complete with bulging head and a pair of balls that seemed to contain quarts of warm sperm just made for those little cock sucking throats. It wasn’t just getting the slut in bed for a bang. He loved to use every part of the tramp when he got her in the sack. This is why he especially liked meeting up with a hot little piece on Friday night. It gave him the week end to get better acquainted with every inch of the little chick’s writhing holes. It was better to pick up run aways though because there were no parents to have to work around.

The best thing about this dating service was that he spent little or no money on the chicks. Oh he might have to fork out some bread to get some liquor to make the little fox drunk so he could have an easier time to have his way with her or to simply remove any inhibitions from the little dream boat but apart from the cost of being in the internet dating service, his expenses were minimal.

His first significant lay was Susie. He met her at a McDonalds one Friday night and she’d agreed to bring him to her place for some inspiring nooky.
Susie was a very cute little black girl with long black hair, thick sensual lips and two little cup shaped titties that just begged to be sucked, tweaked and bitten. Once she got him behind closed doors there wasn’t much time for talking. She’d already traded over a score of email messages with jack on her PC. She knew what he wanted and the idea of being spread apart on a bed to have her holes pounded and her mouth squirted into was a super turn on. The only thing she hoped was that he hadn’t lied about the size and shape of his dick.

Susie was not a virgin. She was far from it. She’d been balling boys in high school since she was 13. Now she was six months beyond 14 but her tits had not developed very much and her pussy was still very tight and sometimes was slow to wet. When she got turned on however, she became a cock craving cunt that would do anything to reach orgasm. Her legs were slender and silky smooth and her belly was soft and flat. The young slut had trimmed her pussy hair into a tempting triangle and she’d had her nipples pierced. Two tiny little ringlets protruded from her pecks adding stinging pleasure to her breast when she was sucked and fondled.

It didn’t take Susie long to discover that Jack’s monster was ten big inches. Once they’d stripped down and gotten on the bed, he got her on top so she could suck down on him while he ate her hot black hole out. Susie loved the feel of that warm, soft yet hard bone fill her small mouth and then her throat as she expertly slid her sucking mouth up and down the superbly long shaft. She just loved playing the dirty little black chick ho and she quickly found out that he knew how to play with ho pussy. She was moaning in seconds as his tongue tasted, licked and probed above, below and between her cunt lips.

“Gimme dat juice baby! I is thirsty! Mmmmmmmm! “She slurped and his cock popped out of her mouth for a moment as she deliberately teased him.
“I’m gonna suck your big white dick off baby! Susie is one nasty ho!”
Suck! Slurp! Swish! Swish! Gag! Suck! Her tantalizing sounds mixed with her urgent, salacious moans. Her cunt was frothing and dripping now. He lubed his little finger in her cunt juice and carefully slid it into her tiny pucker. Susie sucked in her breath in pleasure and surprise as her anus was explored slowly and gently.

Susie was barely five feet tall and her girly shape was a major turn on for Jack. He was big and strong and had no problem lifting or man handling a little tart like this Susie was. His powerful hands gripped her tits hard as he sent his tongue into her cunt or flicked it all over her swelling clit.

Susie knew how to give excellent head. After all, the young broad had received plenty of practice and opportunity to improve her oral skills in and out of school. Her mouth kept sliding and sucking, adding that delicious friction to his dick. She tickled his balls with her fingers and hummed in time to some rock music that was on the radio. Susie’s wicked mouth swirled and twisted over the bulging head before engulfing his shaft with her succulent deep throat strokes. Her cheeks visibly imploded with the power of her dick sucks.

Jack could not hold back. He gripped Susie’s thighs, spread them way casino siteleri apart and he gnawed her clit as his erection became an explosion.
“Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhhh! You fucking little teen tramp! Swallow it ho!”
He yelled into her cunt as his seed jetted into Susie’s guzzling throat.
“Suck me! Oh you fucking slut! Suck it! Oh God! What a cute little whore you are!”

Susie giggled as she completed drinking his warm dick milk. She loved swallowing cum especially from such a big, fleshy piece of man meat. She guzzled, gagged and greedily gulped until at last her belly was full of his seed and his prick was cleaned off.

The young black tramp soon crawled up to kiss him. He tasted his own lust inside her creamy mouth and he held her onto him, waiting for his body to recover for the next adventure. Her tongue slithered into his mouth. The young bitch was certainly aggressive. It was obvious to Jack that although this chick was still pretty young, she craved sex as much as he did and she loved a take charge guy. Of course she’d made that clear in their e mail to each other. She’d sent him a photo of her juicing crotch with a white dildo stuck almost all the way into her stretched pussy. She had another, smaller one inside her ass to. Susie let him know that if they got together she expected him to go around the world with her multiple times. That’s why they got together on the week end. Fuck time wouldn’t interfere with his work time.
“You like your hot nigger bitch Massa?”
Susie knew from experience that white boys liked a hot black ho to talk like some pre civil war slave slut.
“You gonna fuck your little slut ho Massa?”

“You better believe it Susie. Take those nylons off right now. I want every inch of you to be bare, you hot little tart.”

Susie gave him a blinding white toothy smile before capturing his mouth again with hers. Somehow she moved up her right leg and she began to peel off her stocking. She got it down to the calf and then she did the same with the other. Then Susie sat back and slipped them off. She leaned back, letting his cock rub against her groin and she pushed her now completely bare right foot into Jack’s eager mouth.

“Yes baby! Suck those little nigger toes! Suck them toes! Oooooo! You’re so naughty baby! I’m gonna fuck your dick something nasty!”

As he moved his mouth from foot to foot, Susie grabbed his cock and jerked it with her small fingers, getting him harder and harder until she knew he was ready for her aching pussy hole. Regretfully she had to remove her toes from his mouth to insert him properly and then she slammed all the way down on him, engulfing his prick with her little, flexing fuck hole. She fell on him to kiss while her body thrashed and bucked wildly on him. Jack grabbed her hips forcing her wider open and then he lunged forward to meet her devastating sex strokes.

Between salivating kisses he yelled, “Fuck me you wicked ho! Fuck my cock! Work it! Work it! Yes! Oh God! Yes!”

Their tongues renewed their twisting tasting tricks while his bone searched and re-searched her boiling box. All that matter to Jack was the itching, tingling sensations that rioted through his shaft and prick tip. She was so fucking tight and she knew how to fuck cock like a ten year slut.

“Fuck your nigger bitch Massa! I loves it! Oooooooo! Fuck me! Oooooooo! Ooooooo! You’re so fucking big in my box! Yeah baby! Fuck me! Fuck me! Shoot all dat nasty juice up my dirty fuck hole!”

Passion quickly erupted through Susie’s impaled groin like an overwhelming tidal wave. Susie shuddered and convulsed as her lust poured out, drenching them as well as the sheets. Susie didn’t care. She was a sex pig addicted to fucking as much as this white whore master was. If she fucked him real good and acted extremely bad and filthy he might go steady with her for a few months. As her passion kept blasting through her, she sent a flood of spit into his mouth accompanied by her darting, stabbing tongue.

“More fuck boy! More! Fuck me hard!”

Jack grinned to himself. This was going to be one hot weekend.
“I like your little baby pussy ho! You like ass fucking to?”

Susie giggled, “Yeah baby! Anything you want! I’m all yours till Sunday night! My parents are out of town. Isn’t that nice?”

He rolled her onto her back and then buried his prick down to the root. Harder and harder he drilled her fiery wetness. Her pussy sheathed his prick with clenching, urgent pussy strokes that turned his lust into a furnace of raw need. His fingers gripped those tiny tits super hard and her legs were around his neck and shoulders as she permitted him total access to her tiny cunt hole.

“Fuck my cunt! Yeah! Yeah! Just like that! Force me to fuck your big cock! Oh God! Yes! Yes! Aaaaaahhhhh! Aaaaahhhh! Fuck! Again! Fuck it again! Fuck a baby into my pussy!”

His drilling became a frenzy, a blurring pounding frenzy! “Ffffffuuuucccccckkkkkkk! Yyyyyeeeeeeesssssss!”
Jack screamed as his jism rocketed into her churning channel. He slammed into her, desperate for more and more ecstasy.

“Gimme dat juice baby! Your nigger ho loves it! Yeah baby! Yeah! Fill dat bad black pussy! Yeah baby Gimme all dat juice! God it feels so good when you keep squirting it in!”

It took him awhile to get his breath back. When he eventually did he asked, “Just curious, how long you been fucking around?”
Susie smirked, “All the way since da eighth grade baby. I hadda take the pill or I’d be a welfare mommy by now. I done white boys and big black bucks and even canlı casino an Asian or two. I don’t like talking dat much. I like doing what feels good and you feel real good baby. I just love sucking and fucking that big meat of yours.”

He gave her a long, tender kiss and then moved down to her taunt nipples.
“Oooooo baby! You like your little ho doncha?”


“”Ooooooo, you so naughty! Oh baby! Suck my clit! Eat me out just like before! Get me hot again!”

He traced circles around her clit and cunt with his licking tongue. He loved the taste of her used pussy. It tasted of her juices and his leavings. He sucked and drank her while his fingers probed and explored her groin. Jack gently plied those sticky, wet cunt lips apart so his tongue could get in as far as possible. His little finger lubricated her little ass hole once again. Susie knew he was getting prepared to fuck her ass hole when he became hard enough.

Susie used her fingers to pry open her pussy hole wider for him. “I know just what you want honky. You wanna fuck my tiny black ass hole and pump it full of your hot cock cream!”
“Yeah! You gonna get it bad ho!”

The foxy little whore’s hands forced his face down hard on her streaming groin. “I knows it baby! You gonna fuck all of me over and over again and I just loves it cause I’m a hot, filthy fuck ho! Oooooo Jack! Jack! Suck my cunt~! Ooooooo! Ooooooo! Suck my ass! Lick me all over! Eat your nigger bitch bad!”

She lunged to meet his slurping mouth and moments later his tongue slipped into her pungent little ass hole.
“Ooooo baby! Do my shit hole! God! It’s so soft in my ass! Lick it! Lick it!”

Suddenly she screamed when three then four of his fingers jerked into her tiny cunt. “Aaaaaaahhhh! Aaaaahhh! Fucking fist me! Yes! Yes! Just like that! God!”
His hand wiggled fingers inside that tiny cave of flesh and then he got his thumb inside and clenched his fist. At first his penetration was slow as he stretched her hole and then he banged deep into her sending his little black trick into orbit.

She screamed and yelled as her sex erupted from his vicious thrusts. Two fingers from his other hand were screwing her anus now. Susie lay on the bed shrieking while her body shuddered and lunged, greedily demanding as much as he wished to give. She was helpless to resist him anyway. Her body had to have this virile attack because she was hopelessly addicted to orgasm.

Jack finally got hard enough and with his re-stiffened resolve he re-mounted his hot, cunt whore.
Jack carefully lined his cock head up to the little anal entrance and then rammed it home. It went in surprisingly easily. At that instant, Jack realized that this young, teen whore had done a lot of ass fucking already and the bitch was only fourteen. Christ these bitches some times got a real early start. Well he sure wasn’t complaining as his cock pierced her squeezing little rectum.

Susie squealed as that pleasant pain shocked her impaled tiny ass hole like some searing lightening bolt. “Ooooooo! Fuck my ass! Fuck! Fffffuuuucccckkkkkk! It’s so big! God! God! Fuck my ass! Fuck my baby shitter!”

His hand re-entered her pussy while she anally rimmed his thrusting prick. His other hand toyed with her pierced nipples or squeezed her tits while his double penetrated ho yelped, whimpered and quaked from one climax to the next.

“Rim my cock bitch! Come on slut! Fucking rim it bad! Ass fuck me you little slut! Yeah ho! You know how you fucking fox!”

She strained and jerked on him, showing off exceptional anal skills for one so young.

Jack groaned, “You like ass fucking slut?”

Susie’s voice whimpered from the ecstasy and the anal pain. “Yes!”

“Is that because you are a dirty little nigger piece?”

Susie gasped, “Yes! Yes! I’m a dirty nigger bitch!”

“Do you love to fuck cock all night?”

“Yes! Fucking fill me all night long baby!”

“Do you love being my naughty little chick?”

“Yes baby yes!”

“Do you need my big dick?”

“Yes baby! I love it! Just keep ramming me!”

Jack was building to a golden moment. “Oh God! You’re such a cutie pie you little whore! I’m gonna cum! Jesus Christ! Shit! Fuck me Susie! Please! Fuck my cock nasty! Yes! Yes! Yyyyeeeessss!”

Susie was howling with extreme need now as well. “Give it to me baby! Fucking fill me! Yeah baby! Yeah! Dat’s it! Oh yeah! Yeah! Squirt up my ass!”

She felt him tense, jerk and then his cream jolted into her ass hole. She kept performing and performing forcing more and more of his seed out of that hot, long cock. Susie made him drain it all up her shitter until he collapsed on top of her spent for the time being.

“You a real bad white boy baby. You just love fucking your little chicky boomer Susie. “

He lay there, trying to get his breath back. “God Susie you are one hot slut.”
“Yeah and this is just Friday night. Do you like my two tight little holes Jack?”

“Yeah. You better believe it.”

Susie smirked while his cock continued to trickle inside her hot anal channel. “I can tell white trash. You just love doing hot nigger snatch. What else you gonna do to me honey?”

Jack gripped Susie’s little tits hard. “Would you like me to sit on your face, fuck your mouth and make you swallow down my dick juice slut?”

“Yeah baby. I knows dat will taste real good. I already had some and I’d just love to drink some more. I’m a very thirsty little girl you know.”

“Well you’ll kaçak casino have to wait awhile. I gotta build my strength up.”

She leaned over and kissed him for a long time. She found his brown hair and matching expressive eyes irresistible when combined with that thick dick.

“You just play with me until you get hard again big boy. Your little fuck mama real hot for you. You ain’t going nowhere until Sunday night. Maybe even Monday morning. Maybe you’ll like fucking your little black ho so much, you might take Monday off sick. What you think fuck boy?”
He groaned with delight as he thought how the rest of the week end was going to go. Susie was hot, black, filthy and completely unrestrained. She was a female animal in heat when his meat was deep inside either of her two miniscule holes. Susie was his first piece of dark meat and he liked it. He liked it a lot. The ebony tramp was greedy for his cock and for every climax he was capable of supplying her and there was one rule that Jack followed above all others.
He looked over at his new depraved slut. “I aim to please, Susie.”

She laughed, “I knows it Massa! I’m gonna bust your fucking balls before you gets back to work. You gonna be real tired when you get back to dat office. Now get back inside me and fuck me!”

The next morning, they were still lying naked in his bed. Susie was giving him head while he lay back enjoying the show. Up and down her pretty afro face kept moving, showing off her exquisite oral skills. “You know Susie, what I’d really like is if you could find me a few nasty young runaways. You think you could find me a few?”

She mumbled, “Umm-Hmmmm!”

“You get me a runaway or two slut and I’ll keep you around. You can come here after school about supper time for some dessert you hot teen trick! Suck it, suck it off slut!”

She moaned and hummed on his trembling meat. Susie swished her saliva just right while her tongue wiggled and slurped all over his dick. The young slut sucked him hard, eager for his juices. Then he grabbed her head and forced her mouth and throat down on him all the way to the root. “Oh fuck! Fuck! Shit! Eat me!”

Jack gritted his teeth and launched a volcanic eruption of gizz forcing the young tart to gulp and swallow. “Drink it bitch! Yeah! You’re a good whore Susie! Real good! You can come back and get some more, any time you want! Just get me a hot runaway or two cause I need young, tight, teen pussy!”

She stopped gagging at last. With a lip smacking grin she asked, “Do you want any pre teen stuff, fuck boy?”

“How old?”

“I knows a little chicky slut and she’s only twelve. I jest know she’ll like your meat Massa Jack. She ain’t no run away but I’ll keep my eye open for one. But this little chick I’m thinking of can sneak over hear for a few hours on the week end. Her name is Tammy and she’s a blonde. If I can get her over here, you wanna try her out?”

Jack slid his fingers into Susie’s oozing slit. “Yeah slut! Bring the little tramp over here and I’ll improve her education, if you know what I mean.”

She was already straddling him while she gripped his re-stiffened man hood in her small hands. “I knows what you want fuck boy. You want tight, wet pussy and you don’t care how young . You just want it so you can fuck it hard! So fuck me hard you fucking bastard! Aaaahhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! God! Bang my pussy you fucking horny stud! Yes!”

Up and down Jack’s young whore rode! He couldn’t seem to get enough of her tight snatch or anal crevice. He gripped her waist with his strong hands and forced her to slam down even harder while he lunged up to bang his head into her aching cervix. Susie groaned with exceptional sex pain and then she poured and poured with an explosive ejaculation. “Ooooooo! Ooooooo! Fuck my cunt! Aaaaaagggghhhhh! Pump a fucking baby into my pussy! Fuck my baby pussy! I’ll get you Tammy! Just keep fucking me!”

Jack was in control now because he wasn’t even close to squirting off. “Do you promise Susie? Will you bring Tammy here so I can fuck her little holes?”

“Yes! Yes! Anything! Just blast my cunt!”

He rolled her over easily and now he re-mounted her and viciously fucked her pussy, banging her hard and drilling into her cervix. “You fucking slut~! Fuck my cock whore! Fuck it! Yes!”

Jack loved hot, urgent young teen lust. Once ignited it kept going for very long and satisfying sessions and Susie was certainly one good fucking session. He forced her slender legs back to her fucking ears and plowed the bitch until she screamed with the ecstasy of multiple climax. She squealed, “Fuck me harder! I want it harder! Pound by box! Fill it! Shoot a fucking brat into my cunt! Aaaaahhhhh! Again!”

He mashed his tongue into her mouth and gripped her nubile tits. With utter ferocity he hammered his rod into her slit and finally exploded! His balls felt like they were on fire and burst after burst of his white hot baby batter poured into Susie’s open womb. Lucky for all concerned she was on the pill. Susie shoved a finger into his anus and even more of his cum erupted into her pussy. She clenched his dick with her cunt. It was like a vice grip as she deliberately extended his seminal ecstasy. He absently wondered how such a youngster could be so damned good at fucking cock. She must have had a good teacher because she new this stuff before she’d gotten into his bed. At last he came back to the planet.

She snickered, “Do you like fucking your hot little Susie, Massa?”

He gasped, trying to get more oxygen into his lungs. “Yes.”

“You still want me to bring Tammy over here so you can make her little holes nice and sore?”


“Okay Massa! Jest so long as I can watch!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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