Barcelona Vacation Ch. 03

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After spending a few fantastic days of relaxation and decadence in Barcelona, Melody and I had to go home.

When we got to the airport though, we were told that our flight had been delayed, but that the airline would provide us with a hotel for the night for free. Neither of us had to go back to work for a couple more days, so we really weren’t too bothered about it.

I spied a group of sexy college girls in what looked like volleyball uniforms waiting around near us at the airport. I got the impression (or the hope) that they were on the same flight as us that was delayed, and would be going to the same hotel as us for the night.

“Don’t even think about it!” My wife said smiling at me knowingly.


“You think I don’t see you checking out those tight little asses over there? Please!”

We laughed as we left and caught our cab.

It was a five-star hotel, not far from the airport. Not too shabby, I thought.

As we were checking in, who should come through the door but twelve of the hottest young babes I’d ever seen, all dressed in matching short skirts and tank top sports uniforms: the girl’s volleyball team from the airport! Most of them were blonde, they all had on running shoes, there were tits and asses of all shapes and sizes; suffice it to say that they were so hot as to nearly make me cum in my pants at the mere sight of them.

Melody gave me an encouraging look, and I couldn’t help but wonder…

After we’d done checking in, Melody strolled over to the group of girls, as cool as a cucumber, and said offhandedly to the most slutty-looking of them, “Hey, we’re having a party tonight in our room if you wanna come. Nothing fancy, just a quiet party with a few friends. It’s room 303 in case you’re interested,” smiled, and came back to join me.

“Hey,” one of them with dark eyeliner and blonde pigtails called after her, “yeah, that sounds like fun; I’ll probably see you there.”

Melody smiled back at her, and we got in an elevator.

“What’s casino siteleri going on?” I asked my wife, smiling wide-eyed.

“Tryin’ to fulfill your every fantasy while you’re still young enough to have fantasies,” she replied.

“I’ll never be too old for fantasies.”

“I know, but maybe I will…”

“And if that ever happens, it’ll be just fine with me, baby, because all I need is you. But I’m glad you aren’t yet!” I squeezed her ass and kissed her.

In our room, she sucked my cock, and let me take her from behind.

“Oh yeah, baby! Fuck this pussy! Fuck my fucking pussy!”

I held on to her big, hard fake tits as I fucked her smooth teen cunt. Fuck, I love my wife!

I smacked her ass as I rode her fucking-hot, wet teen pink-hole.

I pulled my dick out of her snatch and flipped her over onto her back on the bed. I held her legs apart, lowered my face down to her cunt, and began licking out her pussy and asshole.

“Ooooh yeah!” she moaned as I pleasured her cunt with my tongue.

I slid my tongue as far up her tight brown-hole as I could and wriggled it around.

After a while we positioned ourselves in a 69 with Melody on top. She sucked my shaft, and I licked out her pussy and asshole. It was heavenly!

I guess we were in the 69 for longer than I thought, because just then there was a knock at the door.

“Those girls, Mel?”

“We’d better go find out!”

My wife skipped to the door, throwing on a skimpy black dress on the way, and opened it. I got under some sheets.

“Oh hello, we weren’t expecting anyone quite so soon, but that’s alright. Come in, please!”

Babe after babe filed in through the door until there were at least seven girls standing around, a couple sitting down, and they had all noticed me under the covers there. I gave them a little smile, which some of them returned.

They were even hotter than when I’d seen them earlier, if that were possible. They had all put on makeup canlı casino and clubbing-clothes. I noticed Melody noticing my reaction and smiling.

Despite the potential awkwardness of me being naked there in the bed, and it not really turning out to be the kind of party they’d probably expected, Melody put them at ease with her charming magical social skills.

They were all relaxed and hanging out together, and it wasn’t long before one sat down next to me and I could feel her hand sliding under the covers, and along my thigh towards my dick.

I looked up at this slutty little angel as she gently grabbed my cock and started slowly jerking me off under the covers. She bit her lip, and it looked like she was getting turned on also.

Another two babes noticed what was going on and joined her sitting down beside me. Soon their hands were under the sheets too, kneading my balls and jerking me off.

Another babe swam under the sheets from the foot of the bed, and I felt the young lady’s warm wet mouth enfold my cock-head. She slid her lips down the length of my dick, taking the whole thing into her mouth, and began sucking me. Up and down my dick, she slid her lips, massaging my cock-head with her tongue.

Soon everyone was watching, and they didn’t look displeased, either.

One girl pulled her dress down over her tits and began massaging them. Another few reached up their skirts and started touching their pussies. I noticed Melody grabbing the camcorder and finding the best angle from which to capture the action.

Holy fuck, I was thinking… what amazing fucking karma!

Soon they were all getting naked, or half-naked, kissing me, touching me, pulling my fingers onto their totally waxed-smooth, warm, wet twats, asses, and college-girl titties.

It was like having my own private harem!

They took the sheets off, and the girl whose mouth was sucking my dick was replaced by a babe’s pussy-hole. Her love-tunnel slid down over my hard rod like a glove of flesh kaçak casino filled with warm KY, and I felt my cock-head bottom-out at the back of her young womb. She lifted herself up, sliding her sloppy cunt up my shaft and slamming it back down, taking me up to the balls. She fucked my cock reverse-cowgirl like that for some time, her asshole staring straight at my face, as other girls straddled my face to get their college-girl pussies eaten out; they all seemed to be totally waxed-smooth. I tongued their assholes and squeezed their boobs and nipples as the girls swapped my cock from hole to hole, and from girl to girl.

After an hour, I’d had my cock up seven different babes’ assholes, seven different pussies, and down seven different babes’ throats, squeezed seven different perfect college-babes’ asses, seven different amazing sets of college-girl titties, and kissed seven different babes gorgeous young lips! I was ready to cum!!

First we arranged the sluts in a row, and I fucked them hole after hole after hole, in all of their twenty one holes. Then we stacked their asses and pussies up in several different ways and I fucked all their holes one after another again. I did ATM, MTA, ATP, PTA, PTM, MTP, PTP, ATA, MTM, MTMTATATP… etc., etc.

Finally, they all crowded around me on their knees with their heads back and their mouths open wide.

“Aaaaaaaah!” sang the chorus of seven horny wide-mouthed bitches ready to take my cum all over themselves and into their mouths.

I didn’t have to jerk my cock for long before I was blasting a huge load of cum all over the seven gorgeous young slut’s faces, tits, and mouths. Most of them took a turn sucking my super-sensitized cock in their mouths before getting dressed and heading back to their rooms.

…And Melody had got the whole thing on film!

Soon, my wife and I were alone again together.

I wondered for a moment if my wife might be some kind of a hypnotist, I mean, how else could she have arranged something like this?

But she was sucking my dick back to life before I could finish the thought.

And I was fucking her up the ass from behind before the smell of the orgy with the college-girls had cleared from the room…

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