Bad Dolly Ch. 03

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Mr. Wells pulled up across the road from my house. We hadn’t spoken the whole ride home and I was beginning to think perhaps he was done with my presence. I looked over to him nervously and smiled. He looked over to me, his eyes flicking toward my breasts and the short hem of my dress.

‘Well, this is it then. I’ll ring my associate tomorrow and transfer to town when I get home.’ He said to me, as though he was speaking to his secretary. The taste of his cum still resonated in my mouth and I leaned over slowly, giving him a devilish grin. I made sure he could see down my dress, though my tits were nothing to brag about, they were perky and supple, the very antonym of his wife’s.

‘I’m afraid we’re not done just yet, Mr. Wells.’ I was excited by my own words. He raised an eyebrow questioningly. I played with his tie flirtingly and leaned closer until I reached his ear, then began nibbling softly on his lobe.

‘You’re going to risk being seen in the car with an old man?’ He shuffled away from me and looked me up and down. I rolled my eyes at his rejection as if to say ‘oh well, your loss’ and leaned back back into my own seat. I thought for a second, perhaps he really was done, but I’d at least let him make the choice, so I’d know for sure. ‘No, with an empty house, I think we could do better than a car.’ With that I opened the door and got out, leaving him to wonder.

I walked up my driveway and produced the key to my room, it had a ranch slider and sat at the right side of the house, if anyone pulled up they couldn’t see my room and anyone could make a quick escape out the side gate.

I got into my room and looked around. It wasn’t too messy, just a few clothes and books scattered around. We didn’t have a maid to clean up after us. I stuffed my clothes under my bed and shelved the books. Taking another look around, I realized how uncomfortable it might make David. Photos of his daughter and I were plastered everywhere, along without our other high school friends. My immaturity shone through relentlessly in this room. Letters declaring my love for past crushes, with huge hearts with arrows going through them sat on my desk. My queen sized bed had a billowy pink duvet on it, with purple pillowcases and fluffy cushions. My curtains hadn’t changed since I was 11, although I’d outgrown my unicorn phase a long time ago.

I snapped out of my embarrassment trance and figured, hell, if he wants to fuck an 18 year old, he’s just going to have to deal with uncomfortable situations like this.

That’s when I heard footsteps on the back patio. Shit that was quick, I thought, though I’d been standing there for at least five minutes. I leaned on my desk, still standing, waiting for him.

His shadow appeared at the ranch slider and I felt my heart warm up again. Whenever I knew he was around or when I saw his face a huge rush encompassed me. I couldn’t help myself, I had big crush on him and he was only making matters worse by doing this with me. He frightened and excited me, I had almost no time to think about the gravity of what we were doing, and I knew that when I fell asleep tonight it would come, full force and drown me in guilt; not only for Madge and Amber, but for myself.

‘Dolly?’ He said as he carefully peeled back the white veil behind the ranch slider and stepped through, perhaps expecting my father to be standing in front of me with a baseball bat at the ready. He was a master excuse maker, so that probably wouldn’t be too much of an ordeal for him, anyway.

‘May I ask who’s calling?’ I said in a high voice, then frowned at my own idiocy. If he wasn’t so interested in fucking me, he probably would have fobbed me off by now. To my surprise he chuckled, but didn’t reply. He came through the thin curtain, then walked over until he was arms length away from me.

He always looked so nice in his business suits, I knew he had an incredible body underneath, but there was something so arousing about the thought of being taken while he was wearing it. Then it dawned on me. He is going to take me while he’s wearing it. We’re alone and will be for however long he stays. There won’t be any more casino siteleri interruptions, no more people to ruin our intense heat. This is it. He’s going to fuck me; my own best friend’s father is going to fuck me.

My heart pumped faster and harder until I could hear the blood in my head again. I looked up at him, trying to keep calm. He was so fucking sexy, I couldn’t have thought of anyone else I’d rather lose it to, if only there wasn’t such a fucked up situation around us.

‘So nobody’s home?’ He questioned seriously, looking toward my door that lead into the house.

‘That’s right. And they won’t be for a looong time, Mr. Wells.’ I eyed him sensually and took his tie again, gently tugging him toward me with it. He responded by stepping the final step that it took for our bodies to be together. He looked down into my eyes and I saw him drink in my facial features.

‘You are stunning, Dolly. You grew up so fast.’

‘I’m glad you noticed.’ I said smugly, but inside I was almost screaming, I wanted to kiss him so bad.

‘How could I not notice a sexy young woman in my own home?’ While he said this, he smoothed his hand up my thigh, passed the hem of my dress. He pulled my head towards his and our lips met finally. I melted into him instantly, my lips moving with his and caressing my hands up his chest to his shoulders, holding onto his neck and head. I felt heat rise up inside me and I wanted more, needed more.

We kissed deeply, his tongue expertly wrestling with mine while his hands trailed all over my body. The hand holding my head slipped down to my left breast and squeezed gently, the thumb flicking over my hardened nipple a few times, which made me draw in breath sharply and bite his lip softly. His other hand continued, very slowly, up my dress to my firm ass. He massaged my right cheek for a while, on top of my panties, then slipped under the fabric and continued.

I could feel his bulge growing harder and more prominent. I shifted one hand from his neck, down to his crotch and rubbed the outside of his pants hard. I wanted him, badly, I wanted him to release his cock and force it inside me, I didn’t care if it hurt, I didn’t care what anyone would think, I didn’t care if guilt would kill me, I just needed him inside me, my pussy ached and I ground it into him, replacing my hand.

He could clearly sense my desperation. He pulled away from kissing me and looked at me for a while, taking in the sight of me, ravenous and desperate for him. He smiled with satisfaction at what he was doing to me, then lowered to his knees.

I lulled my head back and groaned in anticipation. He slipped his hands up my thighs again, without looking up or lifting my dress, and pulled my panties down in one swift motion. Then he smoothed his hands back up, taking the hem of my dress with them.

He softly pushed me onto my desk, so I could spread my legs comfortably. I obeyed, spreading them wider. I felt his hand move over to my mound and I shivered in excitement. I looked down at him, his face was inches from my pussy, he was admiring it. His thumb slid over my clit hood, already drenched in my honey.

‘Ooha,’ the moan escaped my lips uncontrolled. He looked up at me and smiled, keeping eye contact as he slowly circled my clit over and over. Not fast enough to build up to orgasm, but just enough to tease and build the tingling heat that was torturing me, until I couldn’t take it anymore.

‘Mr. Wells please!’ I breathed heavily, and looked at him pleadingly and noticed my juices were dripping almost to the floor. He seemed happy with his work and stood up, letting my hem fall down again. ‘Why are you doing this to me?’ I moaned, I’d never been so desperate for anything in my life.

He looked down at me again, brushing hair out of my face and tutted. ‘It’s going to be okay Dolly, you’ll live.’ He walked over to my bed, stayed standing and pointed to the bed, beckoning me over to it. I couldn’t understand why he had teased me so much, got me so worked up and wet.. I was about to burst.

I walked over, feeling my wetness drip down my thigh. I lay on the bed, the way I always canlı casino did, with my head on the pillow. I was swallowed up by my thick blankets and cushions almost immediately. Then he was beside me, sitting, facing me. He untied my dress at the back of my neck and pulled it down, leaving me completely exposed. I stared at him the entire time, writhing each time his skin touched mine.

Once I was naked, I felt a strange aura of control. I leaned over and tugged at his belt. He looked and me smugly and undid the belt for me. I unbuttoned and unzipped his suit pants and pulled them down, his cock springing up, large, veiny and covered with precum. I held it firmly and pumped it up and down a few times until he stopped me.

‘No, my good girl, this time is different.’ He placed my hand back to my side and I leaned my head back into my pillow in frustration. I was almost angry with him. He’s done this to me, in one weekend he turned me from a straight A, trustworthy girl, to a home wrecking little slut. And now he won’t give me what I want. I felt like telling him to get out.

Then suddenly he was on top of me. I gasped in fright as I felt the full weight of his body on me, then when I registered, I spread my legs and hooked them over his hips and grabbed his head, kissing him deeply again.

He kissed me for a while, then shifted so he was semi-kneeling in between my legs, his cock still standing at attention and my pussy right in front of it, begging to be filled. He took his cock in his hand and stroked it slowly, the same way he’d down earlier in the day, in his office.

Behind his head, on my wall, I caught a glimpse of a photo. It was Amber and I in her pool. I was looking at her dad stroking his cock, ready to fuck me and she was completely oblivious. But it wasn’t guilt that coursed through me, it was lust, the idea made me hot. I gyrated my hips so my pussy lips touched his knob.

‘Come on, Mr. Wells, I know you want this just as bad as me..’ I pleaded, trying to keep a flirty attitude, but failing in my desperation. He kept stroking and looked at me concerned,

‘I do, Dolly, I really do. But I want you to know that this is probably going to hurt. And I want you to say you want it.’ I knew he wasn’t being overly confident or controlling. He wanted to know that I knew what I was doing, that he wasn’t just taking advantage of me.

I sat up, pulled his face to mine and whispered, ‘I want you to fuck me, Mr. Wells, I want you to fuck me the way you always wanted to fuck your wife. I know it’s going to hurt, but it’s worth having you inside me.’ I lay back down and spread my legs wider, shifting my hips readily.

I thought that I heard him purr, and he leaned forward directly over me and shuffled in between my legs until his cock was aimed right for my tight cunt. I lifted both knees so they were under his armpits, giving him total access and control of depth. My pussy throbbed with need and desire.

I felt his knob spread my pussy lips gently. He pushed into me, only the head, and the width of his cock caused a light pang of stretching pain, but it was accompanied by a kind pleasure I had never felt before. He looked up at me, trying to read my expression. I was cringing slightly from both sensations. ‘Keep going, it’s okay,’ I breathed.

His big cock probed deeper and the pain and pleasure intensified. He pulled out and pushed in a few times more, I felt him enter untouched territory each time and more searing pain and pleasure enveloped my body. Finally he was inside me all the way, and on the final thrust I felt a jolt of electric pleasure that over powered the pain. ‘Auh, yeah,’ I winced.

I hadn’t looked at him while he was exploring my pussy, but I opened my eyes now, to find him frowning with concentration. ‘Are you okay?’ I whispered.

‘You’re tighter than I imagined..’ He grumbled quickly. I was proud of my little pussy, obviously I was so tight he was having trouble stopping himself from coming and I had already finished him off once today.

‘Is that bad?’ I asked innocently and he shot me a cross look,

‘It’s fine.’

Then he thrust once, quickly kaçak casino and hard, ‘AH!’ I yelped, my pussy had only just gotten used to his girth and any movement provoked a little pain, but more pleasure than I could have imagined. The spot at the end of the thrust flared up again, causing the yelp.

He smiled, satisfactorily, and kissed me, hard. This time he thrust a little slower, and I felt every inch of him exit and enter my tight cavern. My eyes rolled and I pushed my head back into my pillow, the pleasure had officially overcome the pain and I was in heaven.

He sat up and held my knees where they were, thrusting rhythmically, progressively getting faster and harder. I looked at him fucking me in his nice business suit and a surge of excitement and lust hit me, just as the tip of his dick hit that spot again. His balls slapped on my ass but I could barely hear it over my own moans. My tits jiggled up and down with each thrust and he stared at them, mesmerized.

He continued hitting that special spot every time he thrust, and its electricity spread through my pelvis and down my legs, I was sure I was coming. ‘Ohhh.. Ohh, Mr. Wells, I think I’m coming.. It feels so good, ahhh.. Ah fuck..’

He looked at me, concentrating hard, and began thrusting harder, the feeling in my pussy intensified. I had no idea so much pleasure could be felt, but with each thrust in, my spot opened up another window of bliss. My moans filled the room, I mewed and groaned, whispered how good I felt and how close I was.

The dam of pleasure had almost burst when he finally murmured, ‘I’m going to come soon, Dolly.’ And that was all I needed to hear. Knowing that he was just as close to orgasm as I was pushed me over the edge.

Burst after burst of cool orgasm shivered down my legs and through my pussy. My nipples pricked and goosebumps flared all over my body. I writhed and squirmed underneath his exploding cock, pumping me full of hot cum, I felt his girth expand inside me, intensifying the crashing waves of bliss coursing through me.

I gripped his suit sleeves as he pounded the last of our orgasms out of us. He slammed into me, over and over until he felt my pussy relax. He pulled out slowly as my orgasm was subsiding, he was already softening. I pulled a towel out from under my bed, cleaning up the cum that was spilling out of my stretched and used cunt. He wiped his cock off and zipped himself up.

I lay on the bed, completely spent. I was finally deflowered, and by my best friend’s dad, no less. He sat on the bed, facing the room, instead of me. I felt like he might have regretted doing this and felt guilty, even though he had caused all of this.

‘Mr. Wells, are you alright?’ I asked gently, sitting up and placing my hand on his back lightly.

‘Of course.’ He smoothed his hair back and got up. I felt like a common whore. Why did I think I was special in the first place? Did I really think he would actually like me after taking my virginity? Of course not. I was just a play thing. I flopped back onto my bed, saddened by my own naivety.

He turned to me, ‘I wish I could stay, Doll..’

‘I know.’ I was throwing a good old fashioned teenage patty. I looked away from him and stared at the wall, slipping myself under my rustled blankets.

‘I don’t think you do.’ He said, suddenly mere inches away from the back of my head. I turned my head slightly, but not enough to see him. I felt his breath on my neck, then his lips softly tracing my skin and I tilted my head in satisfaction. He lightly traced his fingers down my arm and back up causing a sprinkling of goosebumps to appear.

‘I really wish I could stay. I’m sorry that I dragged you into this, but I’m glad it’s something. You’re a good girl, and you shouldn’t get upset over an old man like me.’ He chuckled into my ear and I smiled, ‘it’s up to you whether there’s a next time, but if my input helps, I’d love to have you again. I’d love to show you want I could do to your body.’

My raw pussy moistened again at his words and I felt better. He wasn’t using me. Well, he kinda was, but he was on the same page as me; wanted to fuck all the time, but knew we had to wait and be careful. I rolled around to face him and kissed him squarely on the lips, then smiled confidently,

‘There will be a next time, Mr. Wells.’

To be continued…

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