Back Seat Brunette

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Author’s Note: All persons in this work of fiction are at least 18 years old.


For the last few weeks, Rick Dempsey and Ray Collins had been discussing what they would be doing for the rest of their lives. They were both 18 years old, had just graduated from the local high school and were debating whether to join the military service or go to work in one of the factories in town until they were drafted or got married. Except for some kind of trade school, college was not even considered an option for young men such as them at that time and in that small Midwestern city.

Early one warm evening, they were riding in Rick’s car and sharing a six-pack of beer when Ray spotted a young woman with a shapely ass ahead of them and to their right. Daylight Savings Time was in effect so there was still more than enough daylight for them to see her clearly. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and walking by herself and they recognized her as Susan Albright, a pretty girl with dark brown hair who had been a year ahead of them in high school. She had a reputation for being “easy” and some girls in their school had even been known to call her a slut although the boys had only nice things to say about her.

Rick pulled up beside her and Ray leaned out the window. “Hi, Sue,” he greeted her. Ya want a beer?”

She walked over and looked in the window. Recognizing both the young men as former schoolmates, she replied. “Hi, Rick. Hi Ray. Don’t mind if I do. It’s pretty warm tonight and a beer would hit the spot.”

He got out of the car and opened the door to the back seat. Susan got in and he followed her. The car was large, as most were at that time and she noted the back seat was spacious enough that she could lie on her back with comfort. Her reputation was well earned; she was a young woman who enjoyed sex with a variety of boys and men, knew how to keep her mouth shut and never had a bad word to say about anybody’s performance.

Susan would drink the beer but she also knew the reason the two boys had for offering it to her and for giving her a ride was to fuck. She was not at all averse to the idea of taking on one or both of them so she had no objection when Ray put his arm on the back of the seat behind her and his hand on her bare thigh. Instead, she smiled at him, took a sip of the beer Rick had handed her, moved in closer and smiled at him again after lowering the can from her mouth.

Encouraged, the horny young man moved in closer. slid his arm down until the seat until it was loosely around Sue’s back and moved his other hand so his fingers were lightly squeezing the inside of her thigh. Her lips went from a smile to puckered and she leaned toward the man beside her. He accepted what he considered an invitation and planted a kiss on those lips. She kissed him back and, while their lips were plastered together and their tongues were entwined, Ray moved his hand from her thigh to under her t-shirt and up her body to cup one of her big breasts, which were encased in a bra.

“Let me take this off,” Susan suggested when the kiss ended. She reached up behind her back to unhook her bra and pulled it down and off, setting it on the seat beside herself.

This encouraged Ray even more and the next time they kissed, with their tongues meeting again, he pushed Susan’s t-shirt up out of the way, fully exposing both breasts, and gently held one in either hand. When this kiss ended, he bent down closer and kissed both nipples. She responded by taking hold of the hem of her t-shirt and peeling it of over her head, leaving herself naked above the waist.

Ray wrapped his arms around the semi-nude form of the sexy brunette and started licking her nipples, his tongue alternating between the luscious orbs. Susan was breathing heavily, enjoying the foreplay but also anxious to get to the main event. She could feel her pussy starting to lubricate as well as smell the familiar aroma. Gently, she pushed the eager young man away, placed her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and slid them and her damp panties around her ass and down her thighs.

Susan raised her legs with the clothing around her knees. “Pull these things off the rest of the way,” she instructed Ray, who was more than happy to comply.

Naked, except for her shoes and sox, she leaned against the door and slid casino oyna her ass forward to get comfortable for what was about to happen. However, there were still some things that had to be done before Susan and the young man in the back seat could start doing what they both very much wanted to do.

“You can’t do anything with your pants on, you know,” she told the man who was leaning over her.

As if to emphasize this, Susan sat up slightly and reached down to unbuckle his belt and open his fly. Ray took over from there and pushed his pants and jockey shorts down below his knees, letting his stiff cock spring free. Susan was not disappointed at the size of the organ which would soon be inside her pussy but there was one more detail to take care of.

“Have you got a rubber?” she asked.

He did, of course. At that time, all young men carried condoms at all times, in case an opportunity to use one should arise, as it had for Ray and Rick. He opened the foil packet, removed the contents, held the latex disk against the end of his cock and rolled in into place. He was ready to fuck and he prepared to penetrate Sue, who was spreading her pussy lips with her fingers.

As could be expected, the other man in the car was fascinated by what was going on in the back seat of his car and peeking in the rear mirror competed with watching out for traffic. It was late enough by then and they were in a residential area so there weren’t many vehicles on the street but there were a few and he came closer to colliding with some of them than he and the others liked. Susan had a solution for that rather dangerous situation.

“If you want to watch, park the car somewhere. Don’t worry. You’ll get your turn too.”

Somewhat embarrassed but more elated than anything else, Rick pulled into the church parking lot and found a space behind the building, out of sight of the street and anybody, such as the police, who might be driving or walking by. To be even less visible, he turned off the interior lights so they wouldn’t come on when a door was opened. With that taken care of, he shut off the engine and turned to lean against the back of his seat again so he could watch what was going on. He couldn’t really see much from that angle because his friend’s body was in the way but he could hear what was happening and imagine the rest.

Still holding her lips apart, Susan looked down the length of her body and saw Ray’s cock approaching. He was guiding it with his right hand while his left hand was pressed against the seat beside her. Sue’s head was braced against the arm rest at the end of the seat and both knees were bent, allowing her to lie flat on her back the way she liked. Her left foot was resting on the floor and the right one was pressed against the other arm rest. In that position, she could stroke the back and sides of the man above her and fuck back to meet his thrusts into her.

Ray had also gotten into a comfortable position on the back seat of his friend’s car. He was kneeling between Susan’s spread legs with one hand supporting his weight and the other guiding his cock. As he leaned closer, his knees remained bent and his sneaker shod feet would be braced against the door on that end of the seat. When the end of his cock made contact with the waiting pussy, he rubbed the tip in the wetness to spread the lubrication.

Susan felt what Ray was doing and murmured in his ear “Right there. Now, give it to me! Really give it to me!”

He gave it to her, thrusting forward and feeling the end of his cock wedging between her fingers and into the wet hole beyond. Susan sighed happily at the initial penetration and spread her legs slightly farther apart. Ray was the most excited he had ever been. His sexual experience was rather limited and the hot, slightly older chick in the back seat with him was easily the prettiest girl he had ever even kissed, let alone fucked.

Rick was almost as aroused as his friend. He was equally inexperienced and he was really looking forward to when it would be his turn in the back seat with the pretty brunette. Even though all he could actually see was a pair of white legs wrapped around his friend’s hips and hands stroking his back, he could hear what was happening and his imagination filled in the rest. His cock was stiff and he was tempted to relieve himself by masturbation canlı casino but he resisted doing so. He knew Sue’s pussy would be infinitely more fun than his own hand so he waited and watched as well as he could. While he was waiting, he fished a condom out of his wallet and rolled it into place because he wanted to be ready when it was his turn and have as few delays as possible.

Susan may have been having the most fun of any of the people in the car. She loved being fucked, especially by young men, and expected to come several times that night by taking on the first man, then the second, followed by both of them again and to continue like that until everybody in the car was happy and satisfied and unable to do more. She was certainly satisfied with what was happening to her so far. Ray’s cock was big enough to fill her pussy and he was ramming it all the way into her and massaging her clit with his shaft, just the way she loved getting it and she could feel her first orgasm of the night building steadily within her body.

Ray could feel his climax building too. Although Susan was better looking than any of his limited previous sex partners, that was not the most important part. Others had simply lain on their backs and let him pump in and out until he came but the pretty girl under him in the back seat of the car seemed to be reveling in the fucking as much as he was. She was moaning in joy and thrusting her pussy back to meet him while her hands caressed his back and her legs were waving in the air and gripping and releasing his hips, all in the same rhythm as his cock plowing into her.

“Harder, Ray! Fuck me harder! I’m ready to come!” she whispered into his ear.

Knowing that and hearing Sue talking to him in crude language like that made the young man even more excited. He began plunging his cock into her harder and faster and could feel his climax gathering from all parts of his body and preparing to explode.

Susan just barely beat him to it. “Oh, god, I’m coming,” she cried out joyously and her arms and legs clamped onto the man who had just brought about that glorious event.

Ray pounded his cock into Susan even faster and more strongly, until his climax rose to the surface and erupted. He shot a big burst of cum into his condom and continued driving his cock into the wild pussy under him until he ejaculated again. He felt his partner’s body abruptly clench under him; her arms and legs tightened their grip and she rammed her pussy against him for a final time.

After their tremendous, almost simultaneous climaxes, Ray and Susan wanted to rest for a few minutes but Rick was not going to allow that. From the noises they had made and from their movements and the sudden cessation of those movements, he was sure they had come, which made it his turn in the back seat with the hot brunette. He got out of the car, went around to the back door and opened it, to be met by a pair of feet in sneakers. With no hesitation, he pulled his friend off Susan and out the door.

His pants and underwear were still down around his ankles so Ray stumbled a bit until he caught his balance by leaning against the rear fender of the car. Rick paid no attention; he was much too preoccupied in getting his cock into the pussy that was waiting for him in the back seat. Susan’s legs were still spread and there was still enough daylight for her to see his eager face and hard shaft. No invitation or any formalities were needed so she reached down between her thighs and spread her pussy lips. His tight jeans were already unfastened so he pushed them and his jockey shorts down to his knees and leaned over the waiting and available woman.

With his own body blocking what little light was coming through the window, he was unable to see exactly what he was doing or where he was going but Rick could get close enough for Susan to help. While the fingers of one hand held her lips apart, she used the other hand to hold his cock while she guided it to the right place. After rubbing the tip in her wetness of her pussy, she smiled and whispered to him what she wanted.

“Stick it in me, Rick. Right here. But take it easy. We’ve got all night.”

Somewhat chastened, he plunged his cock into the wet hole that he knew was awaiting him. Besides the plethora of juices, Susan was somewhat stretched from the kaçak casino first man to fuck her and Rick’s cock, although bigger than that of his buddy, burrowed into her easily. As she had done with the first man, her legs were wrapped around her new partner’s hips and her hands were ready to caress his back as soon as he lay closer atop her.

Because of the relative intimacy, she continued to whisper. “That’s it! Right there! Now, let’s have some fun and not be in too much of a rush.”

Susan’s pussy felt so good around his cock – warm and wet and snug – that being patient was difficult but he did slow down after she said that. Rick slid his arms under hers and lay above the eager brunette with most of his weight supported on his forearms. After lying like that for a few seconds, while he reveled in the way Susan’s pussy muscles were massaging the entire length of his cock, he drew away, paused, and drove his shaft all the way into her. When she felt his cock surging into her pussy, Susan fucked back and their bodies met with a soft “splat” and sighs of joy from both people.

By that time, Ray had pulled his clothing back into place and gotten into the passenger seat of the car. He sat looking over the back seat at his friend and the girl he had just fucked. He couldn’t see much beside her pale arms and legs but he could hear what they were doing and saying to each other. She had been really terrific, giving him the best sex of his limited experience and he wondered if Sue would want to do it again when she and Rick had finished. He had more condoms and he knew his cock would be fully hard again in a few minutes, especially from listening to the people in the back seat and thinking of what it had been like and would be like if the girl was willing.

She was definitely willing to fuck the man with her in the back seat then. Over and over, she thrust her pussy back to meet the cock that was plowing into her. Susan’s soft hands stroked his back and her legs rose into the air and kicked back and forth in her joy. She felt her orgasm as it mounted inside her body and told her partner how she felt.

“Your cock feels really great, Ricky, so big and hard. You’re gonna make me come like crazy.”

To make her prediction come true, on his next thrust into her pussy, Susan moved slight down the seat while fucking back and the big cock made better contact with the base of her clit. It felt better to her partner too, although he didn’t know why. All he knew was that he was no more than a few minutes away from filling his condom with his semen.

Although he was on top, the much more experienced Susan was in charge of their coupling. On every stroke, she responded until she was on the verge of coming. Once again, she gave her partner directions.

“I’m ready to come, Ricky. Now give me your big cock and make it hard and fast. My pussy really loves it.”

He was relieved because he was on the verge of coming too. Rick plowed his cock in and out of the very active pussy under his body while Sue met every stroke he made. The young man could feel his climax, the best of his life so far, bubbling up inside him and ready to erupt out his cock.

Once again, Susan beat her partner to their climax. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” she cried out ecstatically.

Her arms and legs locked onto Rick and her body thrashed from side to side on the narrow seat. While she was in the throes of coming, his climax exploded and he squirted a big wad of semen in his condom. Sue hadn’t finished coming yet so he continued plunging his cock in and out of her writhing pussy and ejaculated two more times.

She cried out even more loudly as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Susan’s back arched; all her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy against Rick for the ultimate time before collapsing back onto the car seat. He sprawled on top of her, feeling at peace with the world and proud of bringing the pretty girl to what was obviously her climax.

After her second orgasm of the night, Susan lay happily while she rested and caught her breath. As she had told Rick, they had all night; it was still early and she wanted to fuck some more. Raising herself up slightly, she saw Ray in the front seat, leaning on the back and gazing at her naked body, even though it was too dark by then for him to actually see more than a white form.

She smiled at him, which was probably not visible either. “It’s your turn again, Ray. I hope you’re ready for some more.”

He was ready, willing and able and Rick would be too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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