Back in the Game

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Dear lord, how long has it been?

This is all I could think as I got ready for the first date I had had in almost 15 years.

Let me explain. I’m getting divorced. He fell in love with my best friend. He wanted sister wives. I said no thanks. So, divorce.

Now, here I am, at 44, going on the first date I’ve had since my 20’s. I’m 5’7″ full figured with shapely, but unused, 42 H’s. I say unused because I almost can’t remember the last time I had sex, or anything even close to sex. As a sexual being, that’s been a hard road to slog.

I have finally decided that it’s time to find myself again 100%. So, I got on a couple of sites to try to find someone to at least talk to for an hour and, maybe, get a free glass of wine. I’m not aiming high yet.

I was, now, finally, going on my first date in years. His name is Charlie and he’s a teacher. From what I know so far, he teaches high school and is originally from Scotland. He came to the states for a woman, married her, had a couple of kids, and she left him for her boss, a low-level state rep with the “right address” and income level.

I dressed deliberately- Black slacks that hugged my curves and ended just at my ankles, black flats (I’m not a heels girl), and a royal blue top that had a deep V-neck to show off my assets just the right amount. My chin length auburn hair was tousled and free. My makeup was simple – mascara and tinted gloss. I’m not a fussy female.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but I knew I needed a night out and was hoping for some decent conversation, if nothing else. If we hit it off, maybe more. It had been a long time, so I was nervous.

I arrived at the agreed meeting place right at 7 pm. I’m annoyingly on time. I looked for Charlie but did not see anyone who looked like the very scholarly picture I had seen. I waited and five minutes passed, then ten.

Well shit! Did I just get stood up?

Right as I was preparing to leave, he breezed through the door looking frazzled and windblown, his wavy golden-brown hair tousled. His eyes met mine and a sheepish smile formed on his lips.

“Hi!” He said with enthusiasm.

“Charlie?” I asked cautiously.

“Yes!” He answered. “I’m so sorry I’m late,” he began, “I had a hell of a time trying to find parking!”

“Not a problem.” I responded cautiously.

At this point, realizing that my party was all here, the host sat us at a table in the corner.

I took a moment to look him over as we took our seats.

He was tall, about 6’4″, cute but not handsome with blue eyes and that boyish, tousled hair. A very slight 5 o’clock shadow showed on his jaw. He was wearing medium wash blue jeans, a nice button up shirt, and a VERY teacher- like jacket with the elbow patches.

“What have I gotten myself into?” I wondered.

Then, he smiled, and most of my worries stopped in their tracks, dazzled by that smile that lit up the room.

“So, what brings you to a dating site?” he asked, his accent slightly undoing me.

“Oh lord, are you sure you want to start with that?” I answered, chuckling.

“Why not?” He answered, smiling encouragingly.

I then told him my sob story of woe, which just felt kind of pathetic. He murmured and nodded in all the right places, showing that he understood the amount of awful I had gone through.

Then he shared his story. He had been married to a woman he met while she was studying in Edinburgh. They had moved to the states to be near her family and then all had fallen apart. She had custody of the kids because of her new marriage and the opportunity to send them to “the right” private school. He saw them every other weekend. He loved his kids. That was plain to see.

We ordered meals and drinks and split an appetizer of a black bean dip with chips and veggies.

As we talked, I realized that he was funny and smart and entertaining. I was really enjoying myself. This was unexpected!

As I drank, I realized that my shields were falling and I was focusing on his lips as he talked with that sexy accent, his hands as they gestured, his smile as he talked about things that made him happy. I watched his broad shoulders move under his jacket and I started imagining my hands gripping those shoulders. When, at one point, he stretched out his long legs while telling a story, I imagined what they would feel like under my hands. I guess my sexual appetite was awake again! Before I knew it, I wanted him so badly I could barely sit still. My hands twisted together in my lap, itching to either touch him or to touch myself. I felt my throat go dry and kept drinking anything that was placed in front of me. I noticed him watching me as I talked as well. He was charming and curious, and we never ran out of things to talk about.

By the time we finished our entrees, I was wet and throbbing. I excused myself to the ladies’ room and was grateful that it was a single restroom. I locked the door and leaned back against it, my hand moving into the waistband of my pants, stroking my pussy through my panties, feeling the wetness. I felt my cheeks flush with desire and realized that casino oyna I needed to stop as I was taking up the only ladies’ room. With great reluctance, I withdrew my hand and licked my fingers, tasting my arousal, which only worked me up more.

“I am SO going to have a good masturbation session tonight!” I thought, conscious of how swollen my clit was.

I flushed the toilet and ran the sink for form and went back to the table.

The waiter had brought our dessert orders, coffee and chocolate lava cake for me and coffee and cherry cheesecake for him.

I sat down and smiled brightly at him.

“I hope this isn’t too forward,” he said, grabbing my hand on the table, “but all I can think about is you taste like.” He said, his voice lowered so as not to carry to the surrounding tables.

I was so stunned I almost choked on my wine.

“Excuse me?” I said in disbelief.

“I want ye” he said again, thickening his accent. He lifted my hand to his lips and his tongue flicked over my fingertips. He smiled at what he found there.

My heart started pounding, my breath hitched, and my breasts heaved with my increased breath.

“Wow!” I said, breathlessly.

He looked at me and, for the first time, I could see it in his eyes. He DID want me. I was stunned.

Before I could even think about what I was saying, “Why?” came out of my mouth.

“Because you are funny and smart and beautiful” he said, “And all I can think about is how you’ll feel sliding down my cock.” He finished in a low purr.

My breath hitched as I pictured his words. His blue eyes changed from cute and slightly nerdy to smoldering and intense. He DID want me! ME!

I was slightly dizzy from the wine and from the thought of him wanting me and knowing how badly I wanted him.

I spooned into my chocolate lava cake and the center oozed out slowly. I dipped the spoon in the hot chocolate and slowly licked it with the tip pf my tongue, staring at him as I did so. I made it clear that this was only the beginning. I’m not sure I even tasted the cake or the “lava”. I used that cake and spoon as a surrogate for him and his cock. I licked, sucked, flicked, etc… all while watching his reaction. As I ate, he watched me, squirming in his seat. His eyes got darker and darker until they were a cobalt blue. I knew that I was flushed and breathing hard. He fought back with the cherries on his cheesecake, flicking his tongue over the smooth flesh of the fruit. I licked my lips and smiled.

“Check!” he called out to the waiter, who rushed it over quickly.

I made a move towards my handbag and Charlie waved it away quickly.

He paid the tab and stood up, extending a hand to me.

I grabbed his hand as if it were a life line and I were drowning.

Once I stood up, I swayed a bit from the booze and the depth of desire. I was throbbing all over. I wanted him like a starving person wants food.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the sidewalk.

“Come home with me.” He said. “If not, let me come home with you.”

My brain was of two minds about it. On one hand, it was saying “NO NO NO! What are you doing???” On the other hand, it was screaming, “OH GOD YES! FUCK ME!”

The second voice won. We got into our lyft and zoomed back to my place.

No sooner were we in the door before he spun me around and slammed me against my own wall.

“I’m done waiting. I’m done being mild mannered! I fucking want you and I want you now!”

He then crushed my mouth with his, forcing his tongue into my mouth to swipe and dance with my tongue. My lips were assaulted. My mind was reeling. My body was on fire. My pussy was wet and throbbing. I had never been overpowered like this and I welcomed it!

“Oh god!” I managed.

His hands were racing around my body. My knees were weak. His mouth was demanding but soft. His hands were rough but tender. His manner intense but caring. He slid my arms over my head and held them there with one big, strong hand. The other slid around my jaw and fisted in the hair at the back of my neck, pulling my head slightly back while he crushed my mouth with his. Then he pulled slightly back and looked at me, those deep blue eyes flashing with heat.

“Are you mine for the night?” he asked.

“DUH!!” I thought, but all I could get out was a slight moan and a nod.

He dropped his lips back to mine, this time slowly and deliberately. He kissed gently and nibbled at the corners of my mouth, teasing me. He nibbled and sucked on my lips and slid down my right jaw to my neck. My head dropped back and to the side, allowing him access to the sensitive flesh on the side of my throat. This is one of my weaknesses. If Dracula were real, I’d be a goner! A little nibble on my neck and I’m putty in your hands.

His hand slid from my hair to my waist and down to cup my ass. The other hand held my wrists fast above my head. I probably could have pulled away but had no desire to do so. I had never had someone just take me over this way. Who knew that this seemingly mild-mannered teacher had this level of command and passion?

He canlı casino finally released my wrists and my arms fell to his shoulders, my fingers digging into the soft fabric of the sport coat he still had on. He nibbled and sucked on my neck, both hands now gripping my ass and pulling me to him, all the while keeping me pinned to the wall.

Finally, he lifted his head. Both of us were breathing hard. I felt dazed and like I was coming up for air after being underwater. He pulled back slightly, looking at me. I was pleased to see that he looked as dazed as I felt.

“God, I want ye verra much.” He said, his accent thick with desire.

“Yes.” Was all I said. It was all I COULD say!

He stepped back, allowing me to straighten up off the wall. I took his hand and led him into the bedroom. I turned on the bedside lamp, which emitted a soft glow, giving off just enough light to see what we were doing. I reached for him and slid the jacket off his broad shoulders. I took it and placed it carefully over a chair. When I turned back to him, my mouth watered. My god, how did I ever think this guy was nerdy???

I moved back to him and slid my hands up his chest, feeling the muscles jump under my hands. He was nicely formed with some muscle but not super defined. I could feel his heart beat jumping under his skin, the heat rising off his skin. I unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt, exposing his chest with just the right amount of hair. I kissed him where the buttons parted, sometimes flicking his skin with my tongue. He had the most intoxicating scent, musky and male and warm. He tasted slightly salty. I wanted more! I pulled the hem of his shirt out of his jeans and finished with the buttons. I slid the shirt off his shoulders, and it fell to the floor in a heap. I walked around him, my hands trailing along his skin as I looked him over. I stopped directly behind him and pressed myself against his back. I kissed and flicked right between his shoulder blades and he inhaled sharply. My hands slid around his hips and unbuttoned his jeans. I slid my hands into his boxers and slid them down until they dropped to the floor. My hands settled right where his hips met his thighs. I have an unhealthy obsession with that crease on a man. I can’t explain it. I pulled him back to me and slid myself against his now bare ass. Letting go for a moment, I pulled my top over my head and dropped it on top of his shirt. I again pressed my body against his back, this time rubbing his back with my lace covered breasts. He moaned slightly. So did I. I slid my breasts down over the tender flesh of his ass and took a nice bite of the flesh, just hard enough to tease.

He then spun around quickly and grabbed my upper arms and roughly pulled me to him, growling, “God, I canna stand it anymore!”

He then crushed his lips to mine, his hands working on the waist band of my pants. He made quick work of the button and slid them down to my ankles. His hand went to the front of my panties, sliding up and down the damp crotch.

“Holy shit. You’re dripping!” he exclaimed with surprise.

“And this surprises you?” I said with a slight smile. “I’ve wanted you for hours now. I’ve been wet the whole time.”

He moaned again and dropped to his knees, burying his nose between my legs, inhaling. I tried to let go of my embarrassment and just enjoy but it took some effort. He nuzzled my clit through the thin fabric and my knees buckled. His arms held me up and held me to him, his hands massaging my ass and pulling on my skin.

He stood again, looked over my shoulder to find the bed, and drove me backwards awkwardly, as my pants were still around my ankles, giving me very limited movement. He flung me down on my back on the bottom of the bed and pulled my pants off, discarding them over his shoulder to land who knows where. I felt exposed and vulnerable, lying on my back in nothing but my bra and panties under his hot gaze. He dropped to the floor and pulled my legs over his shoulders, again pushing his nose against the heat of me. Then he started nibbling my tender flesh through the thin cover that stood between him and the core of me. His lips and teeth became more and more demanding until I heard a RRIIIPPPPPP as he used his teeth to rip the barrier between him and my pussy. I felt the air on my nether lips once the panties were gone. I shivered under his now quite active mouth that was sucking and licking and flicking with abandon. He flicked and sucked and nibbled and drove me higher and higher, my body writhing under the hands that were holding my hips in a vice so that I could not get away, not that I wanted to.

I felt the building of pressure, the release that I had not been given by another person in many many years. I could hear my ragged breathing and my loud moans and gasps and couldn’t seem to help them. All I knew is that I wanted what he was giving me like a thirsty woman wanted water. Right before I fell over the edge, he stopped moving and I cried out!

He smiled against my tender skin and chuckled, “Not yet, my dear.”

I whimpered, writhing under his hands, my body pleading for the kaçak casino release I had been denied.

As I calmed down, he started again, oh so slowly. I could feel the building begin again, but so much deeper and slower. One hand let go of my hip to tease the opening of my pussy as his teeth scraped ever so lightly on my clit. I arched my back off the bed, gasping loudly.

“Oh, you like that?” he said in a deep voice, his breath on my skin.

He continued to tease my clit with his mouth and my hole with his fingers. I could feel my response dripping out of me, his tongue taking the time to lap it up with one long lick from the base of my pussy, up and over my clit. I was whimpering and shaking and moaning and begging him to do… What? I couldn’t think. I could barely breathe! I was gasping and reaching for the release I knew was out there but that was being denied in a delicious sort of way.

He felt my agony and finally gave me what I wanted. He thrust his tongue inside me, flicking the opening, his fingers working my clit. Then he switched places, his mouth on my clit, sucking and flicking hard, and his fingers teasing my cunt. I was climbing higher and higher. Right as I thought I would never cum, he thrust his fingers deep inside of me, curling the tips towards the front of my vaginal walls and I came loudly with one long wail, my body convulsing as he continued to fuck me with his mouth and hands. He didn’t let up and I fell off the world a second time, sobbing with both pain and exquisite pleasure. My whole body was experiencing an orgasm not just my sex. I had never ever felt anything like this before.

Finally, he stopped moving and I began to come back to my senses. I was at once euphoric and mortified!

“Oh. My. God.” I finally managed when I could breathe again.

“You ok?” he asked with a self-satisfied smile on his face.

“I might be in about 10 years.” I responded dryly, covering my eyes with my arm, my chest still heaving.

“Stay there. I’ll be right back.” He said.

I must have dozed for a few minutes. Next thing I was aware of was Charlie gently wiping my pussy with a soft warm cloth, cleaning me up. Once he was done, he hoisted me up the bed a bit, climbed on the bed behind me and spooned with me, pulling the blanket at the end of the bed over our bodies.

I woke up a little while later, disoriented and deliciously sore. I remembered where I was and what had happened earlier. I could feel him breathing deeply, his body pressed to mine, skin to skin. I wiggled my ass a bit to see if he was awake. He wasn’t. I carefully slid out from under his arm, which had been thrown over my waist, and tiptoed to the bathroom so as not to wake him, surprised to find I was still wearing my bra. I instantly discarded it.

Things taken care of, I walked back into the bedroom to see that he had rolled onto his back, the blanket having slid off the bed, leaving him naked and exposed to my eyes. I took the time to look him over. He was nicely built, at least to me he was. He had a little bit of a belly, strong muscled thighs, the hint of muscle tone in his chest and arms. A true “dad bod” if ever there was one. I loved it!

My gaze moved to his cock, lying sleeping in a thatch of warm brown hair. It wasn’t huge but wasn’t small by anyone’s measure. I giggled as I thought of Goldilocks, “Just right!”

Carefully, I moved onto the bed at his feet, sliding forward on my belly between his spraddled legs. As I moved closer and closer to the sleeping cock, I lightly drew my tongue up his inner thigh. He twitched but did not wake. Finally, I was close enough to flick the head of his member with my tongue. I did so and tasted the salty, musky, sexy taste of him. My heart was pounding and my palms were itching to feel him in my hand and in my mouth.

I slid closer and lifted his balls with one hand. They were heavy and warm and hanging low. I lifted them to my lips and kissed each round. I lightly sucked one and then the other into my mouth, feeling their shape with my tongue. I lapped at them, feeling his cock stir against my face. I wrapped one hand around the base of his dick, squeezing lightly to massage the growing thing. As it grew, Charlie moved and moaned and began to wake.

I moved swiftly and took him into my mouth down to the root and felt him grow and grow. As he grew, I had to adjust my oral grip and began to suck and slide my tongue up and down his shaft. My hand gripped him around the base, holding him tightly. His hand fisted in my hair, letting me know he was fully awake now. I looked up to find him watching me intently. I smiled around his dick and doubled my effort. I sucked and pumped and flicked and worked him fully. I watched him watching me, smiling around his rock-hard cock. I moved as various speeds, sometimes hitting the back of my throat with his spongy head, sometimes just flicking the tip. I could feel his heartbeat in his cock against my tongue. I felt his muscles quivering, letting me know he was getting close. When I felt his balls draw up, I stopped moving and it was his turn to cry out. I smiled and blew cool air over his head. His dick jumped. I dipped the tip of my tongue into the tip of his cock and tasted the moisture I found there. His head fell back against the bed, his eyes closed, his chest heaving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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