Baby Sister Blair

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In the dead of night, when everyone was asleep and no one was looking, Blair did things that her WASP mother would call disgusting and reprehensible. Blair on the other hand, although a perfect perky 18 year old lady during the day, would open her secret drawer at night and do things to her body that would no doubt embarrass her entire family. Blair had a dirty little secret, she liked to be stretched and filled, a little pain and a lot of orgasms. In her secret drawer, in the bottom of her closet, she had a wide variety of sex toys. Her current favorite being a 12″ dp dildo that at its max was 3″ wide. She loved how it filled her and she could and would play with it, abusing her pussy and asshole for hours.

One night, while Blair was playing, her older brother Elijah had come home and drunkenly stumbled to her door. Blair, unfortunately, didn’t notice him before he saw her. Elijah watched in morbid fascination for a few minutes, quickly sobering before he spoke or moved.

“Blair! Jesus, what are you doing to yourself?” Elijah had always known his sister was a pretty attractive girl but he hadn’t seen her nude sense they were kids, boy had he missed out! At 5’9″ and a slender size 2, her huge perky breasts and upturned pink nipples were a surprise. Her skin was smooth and pale as milk, accented by her waist length thick black hair, that fell in waves. He let his eyes travel down her flat stomach to the little patch of hair barely visible between her open knees, along with whatever toy she was sitting on. When he said her name, she snapped her head up in shock and then she came.

Blair was mortified, she just came in front of her big brother and because she was too stunned by his presence to remove the thick dildo from her tight little pussy, another orgasm was building fast and she knew this one would be big. He was openly staring at her naked body and she liked it. When he tried to subtly shift the large bulge in his jeans, Blair lost her control and came again, squirting her bed with her juices as she did. Elijah gasped and ran out of the room but not before Blair noticed a nice sized wet spot on his pants.

The next morning Blair was up early and ready for school. She wore her shortest little plaid skirt and white button down, no bra or panties. She was leaned over on the counter having a bowl of cereal when Elijah walked in, he could see just a bit of her slit and ass. “God Blair, don’t you ever put that thing away?”

“Actually big brother it’s never really out, in fact you’re the first person who has seen it!” with that Blair was out the door and head to school. She thought about last night and Elijah the entire time she was there.

When she arrived home that afternoon it was to an empty house. She found a note on the counter from her big brother saying he had gone out and would be home late. Although slightly disappointed Blair got on with her afternoon, she knew she would see him later.

Later into the night after her shower and a little play time, Blair had laid down for bed when she finally heard Elijah creep into the house. It wasn’t long until she heard the undeniable sounds of a giggle. Blair was instantly furious! “How dare he watch me last night, and cum at that, and then tonight bring home some tramp! Well, I don’t think so!!” she ranted to herself. She got up and pulled on her tiniest see through robe, marched over to his room and flung open the door, “Elijah! What do you think you’re doing? You know damn well you aren’t supposed to bring home any ‘friends’ after what happened last time!” she gave the girl a mean glare while she said this. Elijah meanwhile was dumbstruck, it took a solid minute before he could speak and by then the naked girl had already climbed out of his bed and was getting dressed.

“Blair what the fuck?! What in the fuck are you talking about, last time??”

Blair smiled a sweet smile, “oh you know when the last one tried to rob us and mother put a ban on you’re ‘friends’ being here until you decided to have a little better taste in the company you kept.” and with that Blair walked back into her room. It wasn’t long before she heard the front door slam, followed by Elijah pounding up the stairs, Blair faked sleep.

Elijah wasn’t having any of it. “God damn it, I know you’re awake!” she kept up her act anyway. Elijah just stared at her a few casino siteleri minutes before he spoke again, “OK baby sister, if that’s how you want to play then that’s how we will play.” He walked over to her closet until he found the small knot hole that opened the secret drawer, “My my Blair, you have quite the collection here…ah this is exactly what I want.” He approached her slowly, fully giving her the chance to ‘wake up’ but of course she didnt. Once at the edge of Blair’s bed he whipped back the covers revealing her naked body.

He started slowly, by gently sucking on one perfect nipped and then the other, watching them grow hard and stiff. He slowly trailed his fingertips down her tummy until he reach the little bit of fluff hiding her most delicious parts, still she didn’t stir, he repositioned her legs so that they were wide open. He observed his handy work for a moment before deciding that it wouldn’t do, so he grabbed a throw pillow and wedged it under her ass, much better he thought.

His beautiful naked sister, propped up and splayed open for all to see. He could already see the juices dripping from her pussy, she appeared to be soaked, what a lovely sight. Elijah just sat there on his knees between his sisters spread legs, staring at her juicy little cunt for a few minutes before he moved or did anything, finally he told her, “Blair, for acting like an immature brat you will be punished also for pretending to be asleep your punishment will be a little more than it would have been. Also, since I’m down here you should probably know, men tend to like a little less fluff. Leave a bit at the apex but shave the lips clean.”

Then he did something that neither of them ever thought would happen, he dove face first into her dripping pussy and started to clean her up. Blair gasped, she couldn’t help it! Elijah lightly kissed her outer pussy lips, then licked them clean before running his tongue up her slit, mmmmm she tasted sweet. He gently opened her to see her folds and cumhole and the little hood that held the magic button. He repeated the move from before with gentle kisses and then the tongue bath, he ran his tongue in and out of her tight little hole getting as much of her juice as he could, then he went further down and licked up what had ran to her asshole. He saved the best and the punishment for last.

He started to gently lick and suck on her clit, he could see her breathing hard and feel the heat from her skin, he stopped long enough to whisper don’t forget the punishment, and went back to the clit tease he was performing. He was slowly fingering her ass as he did, then he took out the toy he had found, an anal stretcher. Without any warning he pushed it into Blair’s tight little ass, he could feel her tense up but he wasn’t done. He continued to lick, suck, and nibble her clit and when she had relaxed, he gave the spreader a couple of turns.

He had been right in his assumption that she never played with this, he could feel her discomfort, so he locked the toy into place, gave her pussy another good lick and a slap and informed her to not touch the toy that he would remove it tomorrow. Then he left the room, leaving Blair unsatisfied and unhappy.

Blair lay there for hours unable to fall asleep due to her discomfort and dissatisfaction, she must have finally drifted off though because the next thing she knew it was time to get up for the day. She rose slowly the uncomfortable intrusion immediate, as she made her way to the closet she saw a note from Elijah that said “wear a short skirt and no panties”

Blair complied with the request and since her parents would be out of town at least another week, she chose a flimsy spaghetti strap top to go with it. She walked carefully downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat, Elijah sat at the table waiting for her.

“Good morning baby Blair, how are you?”

“I’m fine thanks and yourself?”

“Oh I’m fantastic. Why don’t you reach across the bar and grab a banana for breakfast and then come have a seat with me.”

Blair did as he asked, what choice did she have she couldn’t get this thing out of her ass by herself. She reached across the bar, her skirt coming up to reveal exactly what he wanted to see, her perky little ass with the anal stretcher still in place and the back of her slit. He was up in canlı casino an instant, standing behind her. He ran his finger up that cute little slit and noticed she was already wet, “Keep reaching” he told her, so she did while he began to finger her. Running his long thick fingers up and down her wet slit, plunging one deep inside her, then working in a second before leaning in close to her ear,

“Did we learn our lesson Blair? If you take away my pleasure I’ll give you some pain?”

“Yes Elijah”

“Very good Blair, would you like me to remove your toy?”

“Yes please.”

“OK. Bend over and put your hands on your ankles.” With that he removed his fingers from inside if her so that she could comply. Once bent Elijah observed her beautiful ass, then took a picture with his phone for later. He released the hold button so the stretcher would contract and very gently removed it from his sister’s, now gaping, ass.

“How does that feel little sister?”

“Better, so much better. So good, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Stay like that a minute.” he took another picture. Then he went back to playing with her cunt until she was pouring but he wouldn’t let her cum.

Blair was beyond frustrated at this point. Denied twice of an orgasm and left a constant sticky mess because of it. She decided to go get a shower hoping the hot water would ease her painful ass a little, she wasn’t in there 5 minutes when Elijah walked in and told her no touching herself and to shave as he had instructed the night before. Blair did as she was told for fear he would put the stretcher back in her ass. She didn’t mind having something in her ass but that was bigger than normal and left in far longer. Blair laid down for a nap and that’s where Elijah found her, sound asleep in her bed with not a stitch of clothing on, after a moment’s hesitation he decided to join her. He stripped down naked revealing a monster cock that was rock hard in the process. He climbed into bed behind his little sister, wrapped his arm around her and relaxed.

After about an hour, he couldn’t take his own restlessness anymore and began to play with one of Blair’s exposed perky pink nipples. He pinched it and rolled it back and forth in his fingers and watched as the little nub grew into a long hard point. Then he did the other one, he could feel her heat on his cock pressed against her. He kissed her neck lightly and moved one hand down to her hot pussy, happy to find that she had removed all hair except a small patch at the top of her slit. He ran his fingers over the freshly smoothed skin and then a little deeper so that he was running his fingers over her slick hole and clit. Blair started to moan. He knew the moment she woke up because she arched her back so that more of her titty was in the one hand and her cunny closer to his cock. Elijah lined his cock up and rammer into her hard, Blair screamed.

Elijah paused “are you ok? I thought you’d like it…”

“I do I just um, I’ve never had anything besides a toy in me”

“Wait, are you telling me that you were technically a virgin?”

“Yes, but…no point in stopping now.”

Elijah just shook his head then slowly pulled his cock back out of her. He rolled her onto her back and started kissing her and feeling her soft body, then he pushed into her gently, making her gasp. He fucked her at a nice rhythm, after all it was his baby sister’s first time. He fucked her for a solid hour making her cum 3 times in the process, he was about to pull out to cum but she wrapped her legs around him tight pulling him in deeper and then he lost it, giving her 5 good squirts of cum, filling her womb up with his seed.

They lay there about 10 minutes before Elijah sat straight up in bed “oh my god are you on the pill???” Blair just laughed and nodded yes.

Later that evening, Blair walked into the family room to watch a movie, dressed in her jammies, she didn’t know that big brother was in there as well, she sat on the opposite end of the couch as him. After a moment he asked her,

“What are you doing and what are you wearing?”

“I’m watching TV with you and these are pajamas?”

He looked her up and down a few minutes, “No. That won’t work stand up and strip those off and then come here.”

Blair looked hesitant. She knew it was wrong kaçak casino what they had done, but it had felt so good and so right. “Now!” Elijah shouted. Blair stood and stripped naked then walked to stand directly in front of him. “Clasp your hands behind your back, turn around and bend over. I need to check and make sure I didn’t hurt you.” Blair did as she was told, spreading her feet apart for balance. Elijah looked at her asshole first, a little puffy and a soft finger slide inside revealed it was tender and still stretched out inside. Next he bent closer to examine her tight pussy. It looked even more yummy now, still a light pink from earlier. He spread her lips apart to look closer, her clit was swollen and begging to be kissed and her cumhole, no now his cumhole, was already starting to drip. He slid a finger inside, nice tight and wet, just the way he liked it. Her clit started to swell even more, apparently she wanted to play with her big brother again, he leaned closer and flicked it with his tongue, receiving a startled gasp from baby sister Blair. He really loved that sound. He began to lick, nibble, and suck on her excited little clit, when she started to wiggle he slapped her ass for her to be still.

He kept his mouth on her clit and 2 fingers inside of her, moving back and forth until she was moaning the whole time, then he stopped. “Stand up and turn around.” Blair did and noticed that Elijah’s huge cock was hard and poking out of his boxers, a little gush escaped her pussy. “Come sit in my lap Blair, straddle me.” She did so with her hands still clasped behind her back, thrusting her large milky white titties in his face. “Perfect.” he said as he took a nipple in his mouth. He suckled that one and played with the other until whatever was on TV went to commercial, then he swapped again until commercial, Blair was writhing in his lap, his exposed cock and boxers were soaked in her pussy juice.

He instructed her to release her hands and lift up, when she did he positioned his cock under her cunt and told her to sit down and get to work fucking him. As Blair lowered herself Elijah rammed up into her hard and was delighted to hear another sound of pleasure from his little sister. Blair started to bounce, those huge titties in his face bouncing around, finally he grabbed one and sucked on it until he could taste blood, her nipple was huge now, he did the other one. Delighted with his results he put his hands on his baby sisters hips and fucked her like his life depended on it. He didn’t hold anything back he fucked her and fucked her and fucked her until she squirted and sprayed him everywhere then he once again filled her belly with his hot cum.

She laid her head on his shoulder to catch her breath. He told her she could turn around but that she had to stay naked and sitting on his cock. He helped her spin around so that she could watch tv, still on his cock, she leaned into him so that her back was against his chest, he now had a perfect view of those perky tits. Blair was wiggling around getting more comfortable but before Elijah new what he was doing he was running his hands up and down her body, feeling her getting wet all over again. He settled his hands on her breasts, massaging them, kneading them, pinching and twisting her nipples, all while telling her to be still and feeling her arousal start to run down his cock. “Show me how you make yourself cum Blair.” His cock still inside her Blair started to rock back and forth on it and rub her clit. He still had his hands on her tits as she started to bounce a bit more, he could feel the build up of her orgasm, and when she came for him, all over his dick and lap, it was a beautiful thing. “Stand up leaning forward. Hands on the coffee table”. As she complied he started fucking her hard from behind. As he was slamming into her he said, “How’s that feel little sister?”

“Mmmm big brother you feel so good. I don’t care if it is wrong, I could fuck you everyday.”

“Sister wants to fuck her brother everyday huh?”

“Yes.” he slams into her extra hard.

“Yes what?”

“Yes big brother”

“That’s better” As usual he fucked her until she had cum 3 times before he filled her womb with his hot potent cum.

Afterwards he took little Miss Blair to bed. They slept in her room and in the early twilight hours of morning, Elijah was spooning his baby sister and fucking her in that position. It was barely 6am as they lay there cuddling and making love when they heard the most heart stopping sound possible. Their father clearing his throat from the doorway of Blair’s room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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