Ayurvedic Treatment

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She was lying on the bed near her snoring husband. After some frantic fucking he had fallen asleep as usual without caring for her. She came from an Indian village and accepted this as being sex. She had never experienced the sensation called an orgasm. Nowadays she was obsessed with thinking about sterility and it was the main point to ponder over tonight. A multitude of scenes were flashing through her mind. She was actually dying from the taunts of her mother-in-law, husband and other family members. For no reason she was scorned solely because in five years of married life she hadn’t borne a child. They believed that she alone was responsible for this. Several days previously the couple had gone for a check up to the doctor. He clearly stated that the husband was the sole reason for her sterility; she didn’t have any problem. However, he was convinced that the doctor’s report was false. He couldn’t accept the defect lay with him. His mother spread the news, ‘Because of her, the family was deprived of an heir.’ In this whirlpool of thoughts, she wasn’t aware when she went to sleep.


She was making the morning tea. Her hair was undone; her eyes were swollen. She was more upset about her parents’ order to her not to divorce because in her cast a girl’s second marriage was prohibited. Her father didn’t want his daughter passing her whole life in solitude. His much uttered phrase was, ‘The matter would be settled, so be patient.’ The tea’s aroma made her feel that it was ready. She was pouring it into saucers, when she heard the voices.

“Mummy, yesterday I passed through Ram Square. There’s a tent near the road which is an Ayurvedic clinic. I’ve read that they cure barren women.” It was her husband’s voice.

“So you think we should go there to cure your wife,” said her mother-in-law.

“We’ve got to mom; there is nothing else we can do.”

“Yes, the doctors blame you for her barrenness, and I know you aren’t. This barren thing brings a curse on our family.”

“I’ve no faith in these fool doctors, so I’ve decided to take her for ayurvedic treatment today.”

Each word was piercing to her ears.


He opened the tent’s curtain which served as the door to the tainted ayurveda clinic.

“Come in. Have a seat,” said the foxy man who was waiting for prey.

Inside she observed plenty of transparent bottles containing colourful pills – red, black, yellow, blue, orange and almost every colour which existed on earth. Some had dried leaves, roots, and stems. The air was full of the strange perfume of these medicines. There was a table resting on which were photos of some big Indian politician, film stars and cricketers taken with this doctor. He sat in a corner wearing a deep red shirt and a black pent. His chubby belly peeped out from behind a tightly closed button. He had a dark complexion and a beard. The couple sat down illegal bahis in front of him.

“So, what’s your problem?” asked the doctor with a jarring voice.

“We have been married for five years, but I can’t become a father,” the husband said with worry on his face.

“Huh, now you’re my patient, there’s nothing to be anxious about. I’ve ayurvedic medicines specially chosen from the jungles. By the way, have both of you been checked out?”

“Yes, by three doctors, and they all told me that I’m the responsible person. They don’t know the fact that it is only because of her that we’ve no child. It’s told in Hindu scriptures that women are the sole cause of…” The doctor’s voice interrupted him.

“Come inside. I’m going to check you both.” He led them into the small partition made by long curtain. There was little space with one bed in there.

“Lie here, you,” the doctor said to the husband.

The doctor counted his pulse by holding his wrist, and murmured something.

“Undo your pent,” another order came. As he did, the doctor held his penis, stretched out the foreskin and examined the glans. Sometime later, he declared, “You’re all right, you don’t need any treatment.”

The husband smiled with pride and did up his pent.

“Sister, your turn.”

She lay down and he repeated the same process of taking her pulse, maybe to show his genuineness. Then he slowly pulled up her skirt until her knickers could be seen. He removed this obstacle and parted her bush. As he found her vagina, he pushed his fingers inside. His facial expression became serious as if he had found the truth.

“She’s sterile,” concluded the doctor, watching the husband. He continued, “Now come here,” and she arranged her clothes and both sat down.

“She needs at least two month’s treatment. After this, all your problems will be solved. It’s my guarantee,” he told the husband.

“Thank you sir!” The husband couldn’t repress his joy.

“I’m giving you these pills.” He opened one of the bottles. “Take the yellow pills three times a day after meals; the red twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening before your meal.”

He wrapped all the tablets in an old newspaper.

“You may have intercourse only on the following dates – 5, 10, 12, 14, 17. Plus don’t drink any milk until the treatment ends. That will be five hundred rupees,” he said ending his advice.

The husband handed over the rupees. She couldn’t figure out what the relationship was between milk, dates and barrenness. But it was India’s ancient ‘ayurveda’ and foreigners were also mad about it.

“Come back in two days and I’ll check the progress,” he said. The couple left the tent clinic.


Two days later the couple were back on the same chairs.

“I want to check your progress,” said the doctor and the three of them entered the same place. illegal bahis siteleri She lay down.

The doctor examined between her legs and said, “It needs a massage. It’ll give a quick result.”

The husband was shocked. He didn’t like another man massaging his wife between her legs.

“Give it to me. I’ll massage her at home myself.” He controlled his anger.

“No, you can’t. During massage, particular pressure has to be given on the organs and I’ve to follow it, otherwise it can’t produce any result,” countered the doctor.

Half heartedly the husband approved and the doctor started his work. At the outset she was embarrassed, but later his gentle touch gave her peace, which she never got before. She didn’t show her happiness in order not to embarrass her husband. It lasted for five minutes.

“Done,” he said and the doctor closed the oil bottle. “Come everyday. It’s really useful for barren women as my long experience shows”

The husband nodded and said nothing. Both left for home.


Everyday the couple visited the doctor for her massage. During the massage the husband consciously stood there and paid attention to ensure that the doctor didn’t do anything except massage. The doctor, by his innocent and serious expression, won the heart of the husband. The worry began to disappear. He started to believe that the doctor was a good person.

Ten days passed. The husband’s work was to polish a diamond. He had to spare at least half an hour for his wife everyday. Now he had full faith in the doctor’s morality and he didn’t wish his daily wage to be cut because of this treatment.

One night he told her, “I’m not coming tomorrow. I think the doctor is good.”

“But I can’t go alone. We should not put too much confidence in any man. Don’t you read in the newspaper what they do on the pretext of treatment,” she argued.

“All doctors are not the same. I can read in the face how one is on the inside and my conscience tells me he’s good.”

“Whatever your conscience tells you, I can’t go alone.”

“Try it for some days. If you find any problem tell me and I will come with you,” he insisted.

“Okay,” she said; she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

“Don’t go to sleep too early, her husband said, “It is the date when our ayurvedic doctor suggests we have intercourse in order to get a good result.”

He unbuttoned her nightgown, pulled her panties down to the knees, widened her thighs and started to thrust. Her dry vagina couldn’t accept it and ached severely. However she kept quiet. After he had ejaculated, he left her and fell asleep. She remembered the gentle massage of the doctor.


As planned earlier, today her husband was not with her. She was lying with her legs wide open in the clinic. The doctor looked happy seeing her alone. He took some oil and began to massage her. canlı bahis siteleri Ten minutes passed but his work wasn’t finished in the same way as on other days. She was enjoying it, closing her eyes. She imagined it would never end, but her moral consciousness cautioned her frequently. She wasn’t here for pleasure but treatment. The doctor was happy as her massage made her moist. He didn’t want to miss the chance. He might know, his colourful pills and massage could do nothing for her but only his penis could. He reached up to her breast by reaching under her bra. She was astonished. Before she could react, he removed her clothes and jumped on her.

“What’re you doing?”

“My loving sister, without this you can’t bear an aunt,” he announced with his lusty voice.

“Your…ayurvedic medicine?” she gasped.

“It isn’t medicine but just colourful peppermints.” With which he stripped her completely naked, dumping her clothes down by the side of the bed.

“I am loyal to my husband. I can’t do this!” she cried out, trying to push him aside.

He balanced himself on the edge of bed and said,” Then you will never achieve your goal.”

And he couldn’t wait any more. He began to suck her breasts. The lightening passed through her spine. She had never been sucked before, only penetrated violently. Her mind became confused.

“If I don’t become pregnant I won’t be able to live with my torturing husband. This way, I’ll get a child and another most important thing is PLEASURE which my husband can’t give me.’

Her thoughts broke apart as the doctor touched her labia. It was creating a delightful spark inside somewhere. Then what happened next she didn’t know. She only knew that she was worshipped like a Goddess by this doctor. He kissed, licked, sucked, and fingered each atom of her body. That made her vagina dripping. Suddenly she was filled with something long, a meaty tool. It slipped inside her and then began a to and fro movement. This time it was not painful but divinely pleasurable. Her moans were of joy not of pain. For the first time she realised that intercourse was the most enjoyable activity gifted by the gods. She came in extreme joy and forgot everything around her.


She changed completely. She was eager everyday to be explored by the doctor. She never told her husband what type of treatment she had been getting. And the main reason for her happiness was she was pregnant. She was going to leave behind all taunts and tortures.

“I have missed a period,” she said one day.

“What a surprise!” her husband said suddenly sinking in the ocean of happiness. He continued, “The ayurvedic doctor came into our life like a god. Tomorrow we’ll visit the gynaecologist to confirm.”

The report was positive. Both of them went to the doctor and thanked him for his treatment. He mother-in-law boasted to every neighbour about the approaching good news.

However the wife sometime thought she had done something wrong but merely to enliven her almost dead marriage!


I’m thankful to Zebra20001 fro editing this story in just two days!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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