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After you left this morning, I decided to sleep in a bit. The bright morning sun streamed in through the window, warming the whiteness of the sheets that still held your scent. And not simply the light flowery notes of your perfume, but the deeper aromas of our lovemaking the night before. I inhaled deeply and let my mind wander, recalling the soft brush of your lips against mine, the sweetness of your breath and the taste of your mouth. casino siteleri

I felt myself stiffen at the thought of you, and as I put my fingers to my lips to gather some saliva to use as a lubricant, I noticed that my lips were lightly bruised — and I suddenly remembered why — recalling how you had knelt above me, thrusting your pubic mound towards my waiting mouth. As I looked up at you – you smiling down at me, your breasts flushed pink, your pubic hair brushing against my nose and mouth as my tongue sought and found the moist groove between your labia, then probed and pushed ahead, working your lips apart to slide the tip of my tongue down the space between your swollen outer lips and the delicate inner lips, soft as the petals of a flower.

Your casino oyna smell filled my senses — deep and strong and pleasantly so — it made my heart race and my hands grasp your buttocks to pull you into me as I kissed you, my lips and tongue searching for and finding your tiny nub, so sensitive and it took it gently between my lips, tasting your unique taste — the memory of it hardens my erection even more.

Surfacing from my memories of the night before — but only briefly — I found myself stroking my cock, my hand sliding along my shaft and up over the now-purple head, simulating the attention you had given it the night before…

I returned to the memory of your hips thrusting against my face as your excitement grew, how your juices mixed with my own saliva, wetting down your pubic hair and soaking my face. The warm aliveness of your body as my hands slid up your sides, stroking the sides of your breasts and taking them into my palms, squeezing and tugging at your swollen nipples. And your moans — god, the excitement of hearing your cries of pleasure as my mouth took you in, enveloping your clit, gently canlı casino sucking and moving down pushing my tongue up into you. You called my name, you pulled my head into you as you bore down harder, your breath coming quickly now, hips bucking until with one great cry you threw your head back and I felt your orgasm convulse through your entire body as I pulled you close. Holding you while you came — the beauty of that moment — and then your damp relaxed body collapsed on top of me, your hair falling over my face, your mouth close to mine and we kissed.

Back in the bed alone this morning, I sighed at remembering how you felt in my arms. Opening my eyes, I thought of getting up and perhaps having some breakfast, when I noticed your panties crumpled on the floor where they had been tossed the night before. Bending down to pick them up, my fingers felt the softness of the fabric, and I thought of how it had fit snugly against your body. The crotch of your panties still bore the impression of your body and remained just the slightest bit damp — your dampness.

My heart raced with excitement and I sat back down kaçak casino on the bed, my head light. My erection throbbed once again, so hard that it seemed the skin might burst. I touched myself again, laying back on the bed in the morning sunlight, the pinkness of my loins, my thighs contrasted against the whiteness of the sheets, the blackness of my pubic hair, the deep redness of my cock protruding from there. All of these places still glowing from your loving touch just hours before. nakitbahis

Holding your panties in one hand, I softly rubbed them over my public hair, the folds of my scrotum — this caused my arousal to reach a new level, and my balls drew close up against my body, and I could feel the heat of my own liquid start to fill my balls, pooling at the base of my cock. I lifted your panties to my lips — inhaling your most intimate scent — and that was it — I thought my heart would literally burst as I was overwhelmed by your aroma, the thought of you, the touch of the fabric, and the white hot fluid that rose up the shaft of my cock, exploding from the tip as my hips thrust into the air and I cried out once, twice, again as the spasms peaked and then began to subside… Breathless, I thought again of you in my arms, your skin against mine as we both lay relaxed and satiated… And I wondered how long until you would return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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