Ava’s College Wrestler Pt. 02

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Ava (29 yrs.) is a true blonde (40-24-36) who stands naked in front of the bathroom mirror. She ties her hair into a ponytail as her huge tits jiggle. Her thick, blonde pussy, shines in the mirror. She cups her tits and admires them. Her hand picks up a perfume bottle and sprays it over those massive tits.

She says, “I’m keeping these wrestlers warm this winter.”

It’s February and the university invited other colleges to their annual tournament. Ava had already searched the first bus of visiting wrestling teams. She likes the athlete named Paul (20 yrs.) who is a blonde. He stepped off the traveling bus who has a left black eye.

On Saturday afternoon. Paul stands naked on a weight machine in the locker-room. He is 5’11” and weighs 174 lbs., who has broad muscular shoulders. Both of his feet step off the machine and he stride’s over to his locker. He grabs his wrestling suit and gets ready for his match.

Paul’s wrestling match is over and he unstraps his head gear. He steps over next to the referee and his hand isn’t raised. He lost his second match of the season. He congratulates the winner and stomps off in disappointment.

The hallway doors swing open. Paul runs into Ava and knocks her backward. She’s wearing a sweater with no bra on underneath. casino oyna His arms catch her and his eyes notice her jiggling tits.

He says, “I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

“I’m alright. Are you Paul?” she asks.

He answers with a smile, “Yeah, that’s me.”

She looks at his black eye, “I’m Ava. What happened to your eye?”

He shakes his head, “Nothing, I just got into a fight.”

Ava gently touches his eye with her hand. She says, “Looks like it hurts. I live off campus. Do you want to have a drink tonight?”

Paul chuckles, “Sure, to celebrate my loss.”

Ava reaches into her pocket and pulls out an iPhone. She hands it to him, “Call me. I’ll give you my address. Bring my phone back to me.”

She leans in and kisses him on the cheek. He smiles nervously as she walks out of the doors. His eyes follow her nice ass.

On Saturday night. The security camera aims down at a narrow walkway that leads to Ava’s apartment. It’s snowing and Paul is seen walking down the steps on the side of the building. He’s wearing his university jacket, gloves and stocking cap.

Paul’s clothes and shoes are piled right next to the bed. The ceiling fan rotates slowly and the center light shines down on an empty bed. The naked bodies of Paul and Ava are canlı casino on a chair. She is straddled on top of him with her hands gripping his broad shoulders. Her head is thrown back with her blonde hair hanging loose.

His right hand grips her heavy left tit and his mouth covers her pink areole. His tongue flicks that erect nipple. His left hand is in between her legs and middle-finger is buried deep inside of her wet cunt. She grinds her hips forward and backward. Her own righthand squeeze’s her other nipple.

Paul feasts on that tit, “Mmm. Mmmm.”

She moans, “Oh, Paul. Find it. Find that spot.”

Ava’s head leans forward with her hands gripping harder on his shoulders. Her eyes look down as she grinds her hips. His finger digs deeper.

“Fuck… Paul. There you go!” she moans.

His tongue circles around her nipple. “Mmmm. Mmmm” he mutters.

She keeps grinding as his finger keeps digging. Ava’s body flinches, “Shit. You hit it Paul!”

His finger discovers her G-spot. She responds, “My Gawd…! Gawdd…! You hit it…!”

Paul keeps his finger in the same spot and rubs. Her body begins to buck on his lap. His mouth lets go of her tit and he looks up at her.

He whispers, “Right there?”

Ava’s grinding hips are uncontrollable kaçak casino as she screams, “YES… PAUL… RIGHT… THERE!”

Paul let’s go of her tit and grabs her butt cheek.

She has an intense orgasm, “OH… FUCK… FUCK… RIGHT THERE… PAUL!”

He keeps his finger rubbing that spot as her body shakes in another orgasm.

She can’t stand it, “FUCK… PAUL… UHHHHH… UHHHH… UHHHHHHH!”

Another orgasm shoots through her body. Paul wraps his hand around her lower back and holds on tight. His finger keeps rubbing that spot.

Her tits flop and shake as she yells, “UH-UH-UHHHHH…! UHHHHH…! UH-UH-UH-UH…! GAWD…! GAWD!!”

Ava’s body keeps shaking who leans over jerking her head. She breathes hard, “Paul… Stop… I Can’t… Take it… Fuck!”

He whispers, “Are you sure?”

“Yes… That was… Fuck” she answers.

Her body keeps shaking as he pulls his finger out of her cunt. His other hand still holds her lower back.

Paul stands and lifts her body up. He steps over to the bed and lays her down gently. She continues to breathe heavily as her tits heave up and down.

He bends down and pulls out a condom package from his jacket. His fingers tear it open and he slides it over his thick, 6 and ¾ inch cock.

“I’m so damn hard Ava” he states.

She replies, “Give me a few seconds baby.”

He steps over and crawls on top of her. They kiss deeply and he begins kissing her neck and then her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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