Autumn Days Ch. 02

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You best read Chapter One before you read Chapter Two, it would give you a leg up in the adventures of this old sea Captain..

I put her down on the front deck of the cabin, opened the door and showed her inside. A look of surprise came on her face as she looked around.

“Amos this is not a cabin, this is a mansion, it’s beautiful, I never expected anything like this, you have everything anyone could want here,” she said.

“I love my creature comforts Rachel” I replied.

“You certainly do,” she replied as she made her way around, “My mother would kill for a place like this up here.”

She looked into my bedroom and squealed in delight, “You have a king size bed,” she said.

“Why does that surprise you?” I ask.

“Well I thought there was just you living here,” she replied

“Does that mean I can’t have a big bed?” I ask.

“I guess not but don’t you get lonesome?” she ask.

“Sometimes,” I replied.

“I can take care of that Amos,” she replied as she took my hand guided us to the center of the bed. “Let me stay Amos, please, let me stay and take care of you,” she said.

“You think I need taking care of do you?” I ask.

“Well of course you do, look at him, he is getting hard already, and look at your testicles, they are so big and full, they definitely need attention,” she said.

She pushed me back on the bed and arranged the pillows under my head.

“Amos I have always fantasized about making love to a man, to do all the things that I have seen women doing in films and pictures, do you mind?”

“What pray tell can you do that you haven’t done already?” I asked.

“I have never had the chance to look at a real cock, look at it and hold it in my hand. I have felt it in my pussy and my butt and it was wonderful, but I want to look at it and feel it, the same with your testicles and your rectum, I want get to know this thing that makes me feel so good,” she replied.

“Lets make a deal, you can get to know me if I can get to know you,” I replied.

“Deal” she squealed

She knelt between my legs, stroking him gently, running her hand up and down him, leaning over and kissing the tip as she inspected every inch of him. She pushed my legs apart and snuggle between them, her head resting on my leg as she stroked my cock and gently lifted my testicles, licking and kissing them, then doing the same thing to my cock as she made her way up his length. This lasted until she had him good and hard and she took him in her mouth for a bit. I watched her as she worked her way up my body, rubbing her tit’s against my stomach as she licked and kissed her way up far enough to be able to guide my cock into her love nest. “I love your cock Amos, I simply love him,” she said as she worked herself around until she had ever bit of him deep inside. I could barely feel her moving, at least outwardly. The inside of her pussy was alive as it fondled my cock, gripping and relaxing until she pushed her self up and exclaimed, “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes!!!” as she climaxed.

I rolled her off me after a bit, holding her close as I explored her body. I was as fascinated with her young body as she was with mine and began caressing her, looking for her erroneous spots. I licked her nipples and one spot she didn’t know turned her on, her arm pit. She had shaved them clean and squealed with delight as I ran my tongue over them. I did like she had done, and followed my fingers with my tongue as I kissed my way down her body, licking and kissing until I was at the center of her erotic being. I caressed the lips of her pussy, running my fingers up and down them, feeling their puffiness from our love making, gently inserting my finger until I could feel her ‘G spot’. I rubbed it gently as I ran my tongue over her clit, making love to her little cock as she had done to mine. She screamed as another orgasm washed over her.

“Fuck me Amos, give me your cock now, please, I want it so bad,” she begged.

I was completely taken with her, the way she wanted to experience everything there was to know about sex. I never in my wildest dream thought I would be making love to a women as young as she. I was guessing but she was probably no older than twenty if that, fifty plus years younger than me. I moved up between her legs and shoved into her, driving as deep as I could possibly go causing her to grunt as I hit bottom.

“Fill me, fill me with cum, fuck me full,” she said as she raised her hips up to meet my every thrust, her head rolling from side to side as her body took control. “Oh dear god that’s so good, so fucking good, I never thought it could be this good, fuck me Amos, fuck meeeeee!!!!!!!” she exclaimed. I drove into her as hard as I could, slamming my hips against her as I pumped rope after rope of cum deep in her throbbing cunt. “Take it Rachael, take it all, fuck me you little slut, fuck my big cock,” I said canlı bahis as I became as lust driven as she. If we didn’t reach our climax at the same instant it was close. We held each other as close as we could and let the feeling wash over us.

I rolled us over so she was laying on top of me, my dwindling cock still inside her.

“Am I really a slut Amos?” she ask as she raised herself up and looked at me.

“Maybe for the moment you were, and there is nothing wrong with that, you simply let you body take control of your mind and opened yourself to its demands, something not many women will allow,” I replied.

“Really?” she ask, “Why”.

“There are many reasons I suppose, religious up bringing, fear of loosing control, fear of being hurt, the old saying is that every women wants to be a slut in the bedroom and a lady everywhere else,” I replied.

“Is that a mans saying or a women’s?” she asked.

“That I don’t know,” I replied, “probably a man’s”.

She pushed herself all the way up and ask “Have you made love to a lot of women?”

“How many is a lot?” I replied.

“More than ten,” she replied.

“Yes,” I replied.

“More than twenty?” she ask.

“Probably,” I said.

“Wow!!” she exclaimed.

She sat on her throne, wiggling around until she had me just where it felt the best and ask, “How long is he Amos, did you ever measure him?”

“No, I never have, but he seems long enough to fill you nicely don’t you think?” I replied.

“Very nicely, even better than my mothers big dildo and its seven inches long,” she replied.

“Did you measure it?” I ask.

“No, that’s what it said on the box it came in. Do you have a ruler?” she inquired.

“On the desk,” I replied.

She pulled off him, letting him flop against my belly as she headed out in to the living room. I wondered at her curiosity. I actually had never measured him, I simply knew I was bigger than the average man and left it at that. She came back, crawled up on the bed and took him in her hand.

“Now my pretty one, lets see just how big you are,” she said as she lifted him up.

“You can’t get a good measurement if he is not hard can you?” I ask.

“I can take care of that,” she replied and took him in her mouth.

I didn’t think she would be able to raise him after the work out he had just been through but then I underestimated the power of this beautiful young women and watched as she stroked and sucked him back to his full hardness.

“My mother will never believe this,” she murmured to herself as she put the ruler next to him.

“What?” I ask.

“Amos your cock is just under nine inches long and I bet he is all of that just before he shoots,” she replied.

“Does he get bigger then?” I ask.

“Wonderfully so,” she replied as she put her leg over me and sat down, wiggling until the lips of her pussy were spread around him, not putting him in, just sliding up and down him.

“What makes you think your mother will not believe I’m that big?” I ask.

“She told me about my real daddy, she said he had the biggest cock she had ever seen and it was almost eight inches long,” she replied.

“What of your step father?” I ask.

“She has never said other than to say she married a dud,” she replied.

“That the reason for her collection of dildo’s?” I ask.

“That and the fact that he can’t get it up,” she replied.

“Well you said she married him for his money, apparently it doesn’t matter that much to her,” I replied.

“It doesn’t most of the time, not until she watches you, that’s the way I found you, I caught her using her big dildo as she watched you through her binoculars,” she replied.

Her description of her mother using the dildo on herself as she spied on me and the ministrations the lips of her pussy were giving my cock had caused him to harden, enough so that she was able too slip him back into her love tunnel.

“I love your big cock Amos, I simply love him, do all men have such big cocks?” she ask.

“I’m afraid not, there are men with longer and bigger cocks than mine Rachael, probably not many, but there are some,” I replied.

“I don’t want anything any bigger than what I have right now and I have him right where I want him thank you very much,” she said.

“Your insatiable,” I said

“You think so?” she replied.

“I know so,” I said.

“Amos, have you ever fucked a man, I mean fucked a man in the ass like you did me?” she ask.

“I have,” I replied.

“Have you ever let a man fuck you?” she ask.

“No” I replied, “Why do you ask?”

“My mother thinks my step father likes it that way,” she replied.

“Really, what makes her think that, does she thinks he’s gay?” I ask.

“She caught him using one of her dildos up his butt once,” she replied.

“What did she do?” I ask.

“Nothing, bahis siteleri he doesn’t know she saw him,” she replied as she pulled off me and headed for the bath room.

I laid there wondering about this family, wondered about her mother introducing her to the pleasure of her dildo’s, yet she said she was on birth control pills, she had apparently planned on fucking a real cock some time soon, had she planned on it being mine??? I had seen her mother enough times to know who she was but couldn’t remember ever seeing her step father, at least not to know who he was. Now Rachael wanted to stay with me and said her mother wanted my cock, it made me wonder just where all this was headed. One day at a time Amos, one day at a time I thought.

“Are you hungry little one?” I ask when she came back.

“Quite frankly I’m starved,” she replied.

“Do you like steak?” I ask.

“I love it, do you have a grill?” she ask.

“I do indeed, on the back deck,” I replied.

She walked to the back of the cabin an opened the slider and stepped out on the deck, “You have a hot tub!!!” she exclaimed, “can I try it?”.

“Of course you can, your already dressed for it,” I replied.

“In the buff you mean,” she giggled.

“Yes you little nymph, in the buff,” I replied as I took her in my arms and kissed her. I rolled the top of the tub back and helped her in, watching her as she settled herself on one of the seats and laid back until the water was up to her neck.

“This is heaven,” she said.

“Good, you soak while I start the grill, you want a salad or a baked potato with your steak?” I ask.

“Can I have both?” she countered.

“You may,” I replied.

It would take a bit to thaw out the steaks, just enough time to put the potatoes in the upper part of the grill and let them start to bake, the salad being the easy part. I walked over to the tub.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked her.

“Are you going to have something?” she asked.

“I thought I might have a single malt,” I replied.

“That’s scotch isn’t it?” she asked.

“It is, have you tried it?” I asked.

“That’s what my mother and step father drink, I usually just have a glass of wine but I would love to try some scotch with you,” she replied.

“It might make you loose our inhabitations you know” I said.

“Oh dear God, that would be terrible,” she giggled.

I poured us both a drink of 12 year old Glenlivet and joined her in the tub, sitting on the edge with my feet and legs in the water. She took her drink and sipped it carefully, tasting it, then sipped again.

“Mmmm, I like that, she said.

“Good, just sip it slowly, it’s made to enjoy,” I replied.

“Like lots of things you have Amos,” she said.

“Oh, like?” I ask.

“Your body and your beautiful cock” she said as she slipped between my legs and took my cock in her hand, stroking him for a bit and then taking him in her mouth.

Rachael had ask if she could stay with me and I wondered at the possibility. Could I possibly keep up with this young nymph, would she lose interest if my staff lost its ability to get hard and fill her ravenous desires, then there was her mother, was she as much of a nymph as her daughter, time would tell. I had learned long ago to just enjoy the moment, enjoy today, the present, right now, which I was doing as Rachel pulled off my cock, took a sip of scotch and took him back in her mouth.

“Know what?” she ask as she pulled off him again.


“Cock and Scotch is a wonderful combination”. Dear God I had created a monster…

The autumn air turned chilly as the sun went down, enough so that you needed a robe of some sort. I put on my terrycloth beach robe and found Rachel one of my flannel shirts that would have covered her nakedness if she had buttoned it, she didn’t. Rachael was a beautiful women, just watching her go in and out of the cabin as she gathered the things to set the table for us caused a stirring in my loins. I surprised myself actually, I had never had a problem getting an erection but this young lady was putting ‘Ole George’ on overtime. She came up behind me, slipped her arms around me and laid her head against my back.

“Are there any young men like you Amos?” she ask.

“Probably not pretty one, not just like me anyway, haven’t you met anyone in college that might fit the bill?” I asked.

“My age, no, a couple of the professors are nice but the guys my age are a bunch of jerks, always trying to impress everyone with there superior intelligence and always hitting on you, not like you, I practically raped you,” she said.

“I didn’t put up much of a fight as I recall,” I replied.

“Your big cock seemed to like it,” she giggled and took him in her hand.

“He did indeed and if you don’t like your steak burned you best stop bahis şirketleri that,” I said.

I hadn’t been around many women Rachel’s age as life aboard ship didn’t attract that many, at least not with the American Merchant Marine. I answered her many questions as we ate, finally going inside as the sun set and the temperature dropped. I poured us another single malt, turned on the gas to start the logs in the fire place and pulled her down on the couch with me.

“How long were you at sea Amos?” she ask.

“Most of my life it seems, but actually just over thirty years,” I replied.

“There’s a picture of two women on the mantle, who are they?” she ask.

“My wife and my daughter,” I replied.

“But you here alone, what happened to them?” she ask.

“My wife died of cancer and my daughter is somewhere in South America, she’s a missionary or something, I really don’t know, I haven’t seen her for several years,” I replied.

“You don’t seem bothered about it,” she replied.

“She has her own life Rachael, just as you do, she was free to do as she pleased and she did,” I replied.

“You never tried to stop her?” she ask.

“I helped her weigh the pros and cons of what she wanted to do, the final decision was up to her,” I replied.

“Like with me?” she ask.

“Yes, like with you,” I replied.

“Does that mean I can stay here if I want?” she ask.

“Lets just say you can go and come as you please,” I replied.

“I like the cuming part,” she said as she leaned forward, took off her shirt and pulled a blanket over us, pressing her naked body against mine.

The malt along with the fire took its toll and caused us both to drift off until the fire died down and the room lost it’s warmth. I carried her to bed, pulled the down comforter over us and pulled her close to me, I could get use to this I thought as Rachael took my staff in her hand and wiggle herself tight against me, her leg over me, her mound against my leg.

I slipped out of bed the next morning, went to the head, (the bathroom to you land lovers) and made the coffee. It was a beautiful morning, the sun just breaking over the horizon as I walked down to the lake and dove off the end of the dock. How many times had I woke during the night, woke to find Rachael caressing me with her hands and her mouth, finally turning on her side and guiding my cock into her body, working slowly back until he was seated as deep as he could possibly go, then uttering a long sigh she drifted back to sleep. That’s the way I had woke up this morning, my half hard cock still nestled in her love canal. She whimpered as I pulled out of her, her hand reaching behind her trying to find me and hold me there. The memory was vivid in my mind as I swam, vivid to the point I could still feel her, feel her womb gripping my cock, her hips working ever so slightly back and forth even in her sleep, I started to harden as I swam.

‘Your nuts Amos’, a small voice said in my brain, ‘just fuck her and send her away like you have done with the others, fuck her and her mother, maybe even give the old man a poke or two, don’t fuck up your life by getting emotional’ it said. Right, I thought, where could it possibly lead anyway, an old man with a young girl, don’t be so fucking naive, I would be dead and gone before she reached the prime of her life but most of all it would not be fair to her.

I turned around and started back to my cabin, not thinking actually, just swimming as hard as I could, working my muscles until they started to sting then easing off and coasting along on my back as I approached my dock. Rachael was standing on the end of the dock, standing along side another women, Rachael in the shirt I had loaned her, the other women in a three quarter length beach rode. I swam to the end of the dock and looked up at them.

“Good Morning Amos, look who came looking for me,” Rachael said.

“Good Morning Amos,” Rachael’s mother said.

“Good Morning Mrs. McCullough” I replied.

“Jean Amos, please call me Jean,” she responded.

“Very well, good morning Jean,” I replied as took hold of the end of the dock and looked up at them. Jean was standing directly above me, giving me an unobstructed view up under her robe, mother was as naked as her daughter.

I walked down the dock until I could step up on it and took the towel Rachael handed me.

“When did you call your mother”? I ask.

“She didn’t Amos, I tried calling her and got no answer so I drove up this morning to make sure she was alright and found her note that said she was over her, I saw you swimming and decided I would come meet you,” her mother said.

Rachael dropped her shirt on the dock, walked over to her mother, untied the belt of her robe and pulled it off her shoulders leaving her standing as naked as she and I. She put her arm around me, took my cock in her hand and stroked him for a bit then turned back to her mother, “You can stop wondering now mother, he is even bigger than you thought, come feel him” she said.

“My dear God, he is huge” she exclaimed as Rachael’s stroking started him to harden.

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