Australian Visitor Pt. 02

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My husband had most of the week off to tour his step-brother around. We found small times for some fun.

My husband questioned me a few times as I walked around with no bra and only underwear and a t-shirt. I just commented that we are family and it doesn’t matter.

I’d taunt his brother by bending over or flashing him at times.

When my husband would jump in the shower in the morning I’d jump on my step-brother in laws face and shower it with my juices. His tongue kept getting better and better.

It all built up the tension, so when i sent my husband to the store for some groceries, his quick runs to work for a meeting we would watch the car drive down the street and as soon as it was out of sight he would be inside one of my holes.

He had me laid out on the kitchen counter, table, couch, even the stairs. This kid could fuck me. I came a lot that week. I’m pretty sure I was bent over everything in the house, but our sex was always frantic. Not knowing when my husband would be home.

My husband finally was out for a few hours playing his weekly soccer game. This time I had on lingerie casino siteleri accentuating my tits and booty. Showing my glistening pussy as I walked toward my step brother-in-law watching TV on the couch. He was leaving the next morning so this was our last time. I bent over in from of him so he could see how wet and throbbing my pussy and clit were. I dropped to my knees in front of him and kissed and lightly bit at his cock through his pants. It was already growing.

I pulled his pants and boxers off. I wouldn’t let him touch me but I kissed and rubbed his cock all over my face. Not letting it enter any of my wet spots. I talked dirty to him. Telling him his big Aussie cock would be in for a workout tonight. I smacked myself in the face with his big hard cock. Feeling the full weight of his meat. My pussy was dripping onto my stockings and the floor. I worshiped that cock for a bit.

Then I took him to the bedroom.

I tied him up with the ties my husband and I use. He was laying there stretched out on the bed with his rock hard 24 year old cock stick straight up. I climbed on the bed and started canlı casino licking his balls and the trail to his tight ass. Then I stood over top of that cock and slowly lowered myself until it was brushing my pussy lips. My pussy was on fire with electricity. I let his tip feel my wetness, He begged for me to sit on it. I kept talking dirty to him. Telling him I owned his cock.

I flipped around and dropped my pussy on his face. He went to town as I rode his face. I made sure he wasn’t drowning in my wetness. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth so we were in full 69. I gently raked my teeth over in and slowly slid my mouth up and down. Pulling it out to moan and scream as I came on his face. I turned around and looked at his cum soaked face.

I unclipped the restraints and told him he has 1 hour to own my body. He wasted no time and my head was face down in a pillow with his big cock slamming me. My body quivered and I came the first moment he entered me. I screamed for more as he spanked my ass.

He pulled out of me and made me suck my own cum off his cock. I took it all and cleaned kaçak casino up his cock.

He grabbed me by the hips and forced me prone. I arched my back so my tight booty was open for him. He slid down and started licking my asshole. He laid on me and told me how he was going to fuck my ass. He fingered my hole using my pussy juices before he slid in. It took him some work and me gasping. It was painful, until it wasn’t. then it was just pure lust. I has this big Aussie cock in my tight ass as he worked my asshole and fingered my clit. I came, screaming about his big dick. I was lost in lust.

He fucked my ass for a while in different positions. When he was ready to cum, he shoved it deep into my ass and pumped his load in me. I came again as his cock pulsed inside me and I felt the hot load.

We laid there for a bit before we had the energy to move. My husband would be home soon so we showered up together. I sucked him again and swallowed a load in the shower. I was insatiable for his cock. I know my husband was probably on his way home.

We finished the shower and I went to my room.

My husband came home and jumped in the shower. When he got out I sucked him off too.

The three of us spent the night chatting and drinking. He was on a plane early and my husband took him.

We are already planning a vacation to Aus!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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