Auntie’s Aberrations

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Ginny, after 23 years of a racy life, hasn’t slowed down at all. Here she deals with her 18-year-old nephew’s naivete. Read “Ginny’s Witnesses, Chs. 05 & 06,” for some earlier group sex experiences. And please, vote for them all!

Part 1

“Arjay! Auntie Uma is driving up tomorrow to stay with us a couple of weeks!” called my mom from her study. “Will you bring in the good linens and silver from the storeroom?”

My stomach did flip-flops when I heard this, since Auntie Uma was my favorite person in the world. She isn’t an aunt by blood, since she’s white and my mother was born in India. And “Uma” is a name given her by Mom because she looks like a fabled, blonde, Hindu love goddess. But she and Mom have been like sisters for decades. The big family secret is that my white father, JJ – who died four years ago – was also the father of Andi, my half-sister who is four years my senior. Her mother is Auntie Uma…or “Ginny,” which is my aunt’s real name.

“Well, Mom, shouldn’t we clean the house? When’s Carla coming?” Carla is our cleaning lady, who comes in once a week.

“Not ’til next week, Arjay…on Monday. You know that! The place is neat enough, unless you want to clean it yourself. I’m busy with patients at the office today and all day tomorrow.” Mom is a psychiatrist – Dr. Erica – who specializes in sex therapy.

“Okay, Mom! I’ll take care of it!” I called to her. I hadn’t seen Auntie Uma…Ginny, for over a year, and wanted everything to look first class. When my buddies, Nnamdi and Seiji, come over to swim laps this afternoon, I’d get them to help me fix the place up, I figured. They’d do it in a minute if I promised them a couple of beers…and if they can get an eyeful of Aunt Ginny while she’s visiting. When she’d been here a couple of years ago they hung around as if they’d lived here, because she’s so hot! She’d skated professionally with the Ice Capades when she was young, and her voluptuous body still showed it. It was like having a gorgeous movie star stay with us! My buddies had followed her around like a couple of drooling puppies.

In fact, Aunt Ginny had been in movies…porno movies…before I was born in 2005 and – who knows? – maybe even since then. I learned of this four years ago after my dad, JJ, had died, because Mom then put me in charge of the storeroom. In reorganizing what was then a mess, I ran across a box of old DVDs showing Ginny fucking dozens of different guys…as well as doing stuff with women, sometimes in groups! As a kid just entering high school, I was shocked to see what my legendary aunt had done. But that hadn’t kept me from studying them carefully. Each night for weeks I’d sneak in a fresh DVD and transfer it to my PC, locking it in under a secure password, then I’d re-pack it in the storeroom crate.


It became a regular thing to jerk off to my aunt’s passionate images, and I still haven’t seen them all. I’ve also kept them a secret, even from my best friends. I didn’t want anyone sharing my private fantasies, which go all the way back to childhood. When growing up, Aunt Ginny used to bathe with my sister Andi and me in our large Jacuzzi bathtub, soaping us down and rinsing us innocently. Then, one night when Andi was sick, Ginny bathed me alone – getting me all soapy – and my little dick got hard. I remember slipping and sliding against her slick breasts as I knelt in the tub between her legs, with her soft hand cleaning my privates, slowly…lovingly, and suddenly I felt a paralyzing numbness all over my body, which was a brand new sensation for me. I gasped, shivered, and Ginny looked at me for a second, very seriously, then poured a bucket of water over my head ’til I giggled, extinguishing the moment. That’s the last time she ever bathed me, and I was also never allowed to bathe again with Andi.

After JJ died, I entered high school and my horizons broadened. Aside from being a straight A student and a champion swimmer, during this past senior year of 2023 I’d grown to a height of 6’1″ while working out in the gym regularly to tone my weight of 180. I’m still shy, however, and consider it silly when girls fan themselves and gush over my admittedly buff, mocha build and uncharacteristic hazel eyes. At base, I’m just a mixed-race, 18-year-old guy who happens to speak and write well, and who’s looking forward to majoring in creative writing or journalism at the local university in the Fall.

Yet…I’m obsessed by my 43-year-old Aunt Ginny. Just the thought of her makes my knees weak. My half-sister, Andi, Ginny’s daughter, is pretty sexy, too. A few months ago when Mom was out for the evening – during Andi’s Spring break from UCLA, just before she graduated – she stayed with us and we got drunk on champagne on our pool deck. Unlike me, Andi doesn’t respect her mom much. She hasn’t really told me why, but I can guess. Regardless, on this particular night we made giggling asses of ourselves in the pool and ended up naked. Andi is stunningly beautiful…dark hair and eyes, smooth, curvy body, but not as outrageously succulent as her mother. Regardless, she leapt from the pool as I sat on the deck with my legs dangling in the illegal bahis water, watching her taut butt twitch as she pranced away to turn off the pool lights. I don’t drink much at all because of my athletics, so my mind was foggy from the champagne. But I do remember Andi, four years my senior, slipping back into the water and gliding up to me soundlessly with her long brown hair trailing behind, to nestle between my spread knees.

With the gentle touch of an angel, she reached up and pulled my cock toward her mouth in one fluid motion, her eyes shining. I whimpered as her lips closed around the tip and I pushed down with my hands on the concrete deck to raise my hips, hoping that she’d take more of me, which she did. Her gaze asked a thousand questions as her tongue worked wonders around my glans. I’d had a couple of blow jobs in my life – which for some reason hadn’t made me cum – and numerous, clumsy, backseat hand jobs that had left me with blue balls. As well, a number of high school girls had scattered scurrilous rumors about having one-night stands with me, much to my embarrassed amusement. But, straight arrow that I am, I was still basically a virgin when it came to real sex.

It was all over in five minutes. Andi’s mouth felt excruciatingly good, as well as her soft hands. When I came she swallowed a goodly portion of my load and splashed the rest on her face and tits, then pushed off into the center of the pool, saying, “I’ve wanted to do that for years, little brother, since we bathed together as kids. Now that I have, my curiosity’s satisfied…and I hope you love and respect me as much as I do you.”

Andi left the following day, back to southern California. And yes, I love her – but not really sexually – since she’s my sister. Still, I’ve never been able to forget that glorious, helpless feeling I had as my semen jetted into her velvety, sucking mouth. She’d been my first, though what happened later with her mother dwarfed that early experience.


Mom asked me to make a list of groceries she knew Ginny would like. She’s a wonderful mother, is “Dr. Erica,” as everyone calls her, who gives me all the freedom I need and provides periodic, gentle counsel to my adolescent friends. Unlike most parents, she’s always treated me as a man, rather than a kid, even though for most of my life I’ve considered her a bit conservative. That was until late one night when I was a bit younger, and Aunt Ginny was visiting, after she’d moved to Palm Springs. I awoke to a disturbing moaning and, rubbing my eyes, strayed into the hallway outside Mom’s room. Through a crack in her open bedroom door I saw she and Ginny with their heads between one another’s legs, undulating together passionately in the bright moonlight. I felt hot all over and my dick began to rise. Only in my wildest imagination had I ever pictured my mother doing that! I immediately went to my bathroom and, standing over the wash basin, jerked myself to frenzied completion, as the distant moaning of my Mom and blonde aunt grew to impassioned cries, then…silence.

The next morning I asked Mom about what I’d seen. Ginny was still asleep. “Your Auntie Uma and I are like sisters, and we love each other very much,” she explained. “Now that your father, Jay, is gone, we need to show one another our love.” Then she gave me a book on lesbian sex, which I devoured with as much relish as I had Ginny’s DVDs from the storeroom.

So, the house began to look pristine in preparation for my aunt’s arrival. Nnamdi and I took care of the vacuuming, dusting and laundry, while Seiji took care of trimming plants on the perimeter, using the leaf blower, and sweeping the pool. I took an inventory of food supplies, knowing what Ginny liked, and phoned the grocer for a delivery. I figured that would save my mom some time. I also remade Ginny’s bed in what, over the years, had become “her room” – using hospital corners on the big mattress, which I’d learned from high school ROTC – and by the time Mom got home the whole place looked spotless. We guys swam a hundred conditioning laps and had a beer before my buddies left for home, but not before I secured from Mom a promise that they could come by over the weekend…just to get a good look at Aunt Ginny.

I’d brought all the good stuff in from the storeroom…silver candlesticks, Sterling flatware, Irish linen tablecloths and napkins, Waterford crystal, even old pictures of all of us in antique frames. I placed the pictures in several places throughout the house. Mom’s eyes glowed and she hugged me when she got home. “Your Auntie Uma will love it,” she said, stroking my cheek as her eyes misted up. As we embraced I thought how lucky I was to have such a great mother. My buddies had always thought she was hot. Yet I’d always corrected them, preferring the word, “exotic.” Tall and willowy at 5’7″ or more, her breasts are large and firm. She also has a narrow waist and a high, muscular butt, which makes my friends groan when they see her in one of her modest, one-piece bathing suits. Still sexy at age 49, she’d always drawn admiring glances from people when I squired her to parent functions at my high illegal bahis siteleri school, from which I’d just graduated with honors in English.

I dreamt about Ginny that night, awakening early with my hand on a huge erection. I put on my black Speedo swim trunks and joined Mom in the kitchen, where she was finishing her breakfast, there to drink down a multi-vitamin drink I have each morning. “Any last minute instructions, Mom?” I asked.

“No, darling. I’ll be back about six. Same schedule tomorrow. Just make sure Auntie Uma doesn’t want for anything. I’m off on Friday, as usual, and we ladies will be out of your way,” she said. I couldn’t imagine Aunt Ginny ever getting in my way, I thought, as I started my 200 morning conditioning laps.

I felt strong, invigorated, as I plowed through the water, concentrating on my dolphin kicks – very important when making turns in long distance races – to make my stomach and hip muscles tingle. They’d hardened into something close to iron over the past year, and my wind – my lungs – had gotten especially well developed. Endurance was my goal, and I had a lot of it. I hoped that Aunt Ginny would appreciate my muscular build, too, since my shoulders and arms had filled out nicely. When finished, I had breakfast and took a shower. Well, I soaped myself down to wash the chlorine from my skin, anyway. Then, most of my concentration was on my cock, which I yanked for five minutes with my eyes closed, picturing my aunt’s stunning, fox-like, face as I made imaginary love to her, splashing ribbons of cum against the tiled wall. Slightly ashamed of myself, I cleaned the shower thoroughly, since it was the bathroom that Ginny usually used when she visited.

I threw on a pair of cargo shorts and a tank top, and tried reading an old Joseph Conrad classic, Victory. I couldn’t concentrate, though, as my mind kept wandering to my aunt, and time was moving so slowly. I ate a healthy lunch of skinless chicken and lettuce and went to my computer. I didn’t really want to jack off again…I just wanted to see her fucking. I pulled up one of her files and watched as she sucked and banged a guy whose skin color was a lot like my own. The disc had been labeled, “Sam, Pohnpei vacation, 2005,” and I watched as she swallowed a load from his large cock – about the same size as mine – screwed him while on her back, then took him into her ass like a dog. I was sweating, and was hard as iron, when I heard a horn honk from the driveway. Exiting from the file, I ran out front and there was Aunt Ginny – sporting a tan worthy of a movie diva – just getting out of her classic old Porsche Carerra S convertible and struggling in high heels while shouldering a large bag.

When she saw me she stopped and dropped the bag, gave a little shriek of joy, and ran to me to leap into my arms, wrapping a leg around the back of one of my knees. One of my arms went around her small waist, and her taut spinal muscles dug into my forearm. I held her off the ground for an instant. Since she’s only 5’4″ I felt the sublime softness of her generous breasts, and the tight muscles of her skater’s hips and thighs, pressing against my front, which was still hard. While glued to me she pushed back and her eyes searched mine. “Arjay?” she asked. “Is it really you? My Gawd, you’re all grown up! You remind me so much of your daddy!” she continued, brushing her soft fingers across my shoulders and upper arms. Then she kissed me, full on the mouth, and I was transported to heaven. Her lips lingered, for perhaps a fraction of a second too long, I thought, then the moment was over. “Well, you handsome hunk, with a body like yours I won’t have to carry my own luggage. Will you get my bags for me? Please? There’re two in the passenger seat. There’s a case of white wine, too!”

I dropped her bags inside the front door and asked, “Like a cold drink, Aunt Ginny? Or should I call you Uma?”

“You can call me anything you want, baby boy. And, yeah, I’m parched! I started out at six this morning but the drive up was so hot, I had to stop and take off my underwear!”

I flushed at this, not knowing what to say, and she noticed my embarrassment. Sure enough, though, as she pranced ahead of me to the kitchen for her drink, I noticed a wet spot on her pearl gray miniskirt, just below the curve of her buns. On top she wore a sleeveless, burgundy top, matching her eye makeup, showing her tanned cleavage. Its underarms were soaked with sweat. As I poured her a diet drink and handed it to her, I smelled a delightful feminine odor, one that I’d smelled on my fingers after pulling them out of the panties of girls I’d dated in high school. “Let’s go sit down,” I said. “You must be tired. Then you might want to shower.”

“Lead the way, big guy. I’d follow you anywhere!” she said, flirtatiously, as we walked into the living room.

She flopped into a deep club chair, showing plenty of thigh, across from the couch where I sat. Then she – God save me! – crossed her heavenly, bare, tanned legs and let drop from the back of one foot a three inch, burgundy, ankle-strap high heel, which slowly undulated up and down canlı bahis siteleri with each tantalizing movement of her slowly bouncing foot. My eyes were riveted to her shapely calves. Never in my life have I seen such appetizing legs, I daydreamed, as my aunt went on and on about the drive northward. And to think – right at this moment! – under that tight, thin skirt is her soft, uncovered pussy, wet with sweat and feminine juice from the hot California sun.

“Arjay? Arjay!” she said, snapping me from my reverie. “I’m sure your mother has told you to look people in the eye when speaking with them,” she said, with a coy grin. “Well, my eyes are up here,” she directed, tapping her finger on her bare knee, then slowly drawing it over her lap, up her bosom, through her cleavage, across her glistening lips to eventually end at her eyes. “Of course, I’m teasing you because I love you, honey. And I’m very flattered that you want to look at your old auntie that way!”

“I…uhh…love you too…Aunt Ginny,” I responded, wanting to kick myself for being such a transparent wuss.

“Now, I need to shower an’ maybe take a short nap, ‘cuz your mom and I will probably be up late with our girl talk. If you take my bags to my room – it’s still my room, right? – I’ll give you a back rub later. Do we still share a bathroom?”

“Unless you object,” I countered.

“Why would I object? It’s not every day that a middle-aged woman gets to share bathing facilities with such a handsome stud. I just hope to catch you naked in there soon!” she giggled. “While I’m getting beautiful, wanna take my car for a spin?”

“Could I?”

“For sure! But be careful! No speeding! And if you find some chickie who wants to get down in it, tell her your old auntie’ll spank her ass!” she grinned, pinching me on the butt as she handed me her keys.

I was gone for only two hours, visiting Nnamdi and Seiji. I never took the Porsche over 35 miles per hour, and returned home about four o’clock. When I pulled into the driveway I saw Aunt Ginny standing in her bedroom window in a terry bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her hair. She was miming something to me, pointing to the house next door and looking in that direction. I couldn’t hear her, so spread my arms, indicating that I didn’t understand. She kept miming the same thing, until finally I gave up and went inside. I slammed the door and called out, “What is it, Aunt Ginny?”

I heard her giggle, and a rustling as her bare heels hit the floor on the way to somewhere in the house, then I noticed the kitchen door swinging on its hinges. I crept in and she was standing with her back against the appliance counter in her robe. She’d removed the towel from her long, strawberry blonde hair and her tresses hung wetly past her shoulders. Her breasts were heaving…from her run, I assumed. “I’m all clean now…you want that back rub?” she asked in a stage whisper.

“Aaww, that’s okay, I thought I’d do some laps in the pool. I’ve got to stay in condition…build up my wind…my legs. You know…for endurance.” I felt terribly bashful at that moment, and feared that something might happen for which I wasn’t at all prepared.

“Okay, honey. I’m just playing with you again…luring you in here. I’ll get dressed and watch you swim. But first, c’mere an’ gimme a little kiss,” she murmured, curling her fingers at me in a come hither way.

I stood in front of her and she smelled so clean. The scent of hair conditioner blended with a savory bouquet of expensive perfume. She was free of makeup. Her high cheekbones, deep brown eyes, and wide mouth accented her vulpine face, which was virtually without age lines. I remembered Mom saying my aunt had had plastic surgery on her face – her body didn’t need it since she worked out religiously – and she looked no older than 25 with her dimples and chin cleft. The only possible imperfections were a few freckles at the top of her breast cleavage…a sexy sacrifice made to the god of the desert sun.

I jumped when I felt the first touch of her nails on my forearm, as they crept up to my bicep to hesitate for a moment. Then that hand rounded my shoulder until it rested at the back of my neck. A slight pull brought my face down to hers, as her other arm encircled my hip, with one hand clasping a buttock. Our faces were but an inch apart, and I inhaled her honey-like breath as my heart rate doubled and my cock began to fill with blood. “Aunt Ginny, I…”.

My bleating objection was silenced as Ginny’s mouth captured mine. With a deep moan in her throat she eased her tongue into my mouth and began moving it about, as if trying to taste every part of my oral cavity. She pulled herself off the floor while doing this, and began grinding her bathrobed loins into my crotch, which was swollen to the point of bursting through my shorts. She did this for about thirty seconds, then shivered, gave a little squeak in her throat, and broke our prolonged kiss. Her eyes were just brown slits as we slowly separated and she once again stood on the floor. Pressing her face to my chest, she muttered, “My Gawd, you’ve really got my motor running! That was our first…real kiss, baby Arjay,” she gasped. She hesitated, then looked up at me again. “You’re sure your mom will be home soon, huh?” she asked in a whisper. I nodded. “Well, then, better go take your swim,” she decided, clearing her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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