Aunt Annie Pt. 04

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“When you come home on break I have an idea for your father’s 45th birthday, Um, I know this sounds cryptic but can I go over it when you get here?” Malorie asked softly. She had the whole plan worked out but now that she was on the phone with her son it seemed totally screwed up. “It is just an idea, you know how those are.”

Martin paused wondering what made his usually self-confident mom sounding so unsure of herself, “Sure mom, Friday. We can talk about it then,” he said now intrigued.

“Oh, I hope you don’t mind but I assumed you and Kat and um, you know will be sharing your bedroom so we got rid of the full and got you a king, so…” his mom said softly.

Martin smiled, “Thanks. Wow! And whose birthday is it this weekend?” he’d thought about Annie, Katerina, and himself sleeping together in the smaller bed at home. He’d decided they’d make it work, but this is so much better. “I love you, Mom. I’ll see you Friday…we’ll see you Friday.”

“I love you too, give Annie and Kat a big hug for me,” she said thinking about the conversation and what their reaction would be, “Bye.” She put down the phone. “Stupid, stupid, stupid. Perhaps there’s something else he’d like better,” she snorted then shook her head, “right…”


Martin got up seeing his beautiful redheaded girlfriend come in, “Damn! Where were you?” he asked pulling her into an embrace, “I was hoping we had time before Annie got back for a bit of fun,” He kissed her then looked at the bags she was holding.

Kat grinned, “Ok. Stay right there,” she stroked his fat member, “hold that thought,” she giggled and trotted upstairs, the bags noisily rustling as she went up.

Martin plopped down on the couch wondering what she was up to, but he didn’t have long to wait. He hadn’t heard her come back down the stairs, but he saw her head peek around the doorway. “Ok, what are you wearing…Oh crap, not much!” he laughed.

The cute redhead stepped out wearing most of a black teddy. Most because her breasts were fully exposed and when she turned he could see the entire crotch was missing. He felt his cock throb eagerly looking at her. He started to get up, but she held out her hand.

“Easy boy, we strippers are strictly hands-off,” she smiled as she came over, turned, and touched her toes. She looked back between her legs at the snake pulsing up inside his pant leg.

Martin looked at her beautiful crotch fully exposed with the flimsy material covering half her ass cheeks. He wanted to reach out and run his finger up the wet slit to her pink asshole, wait! Pink? “You bleached your asshole?” he asked, “For me?”

Kat reached back and stroked her anus, “Of course not for you,” she sighed, “for my other boyfriends.” She stood up, “Actually it was Annie’s idea. I guess all the girls do it for the porn shoots and she thought it would be a good look on me,” she blushed, “I guess you like it, but back to being an anonymous whore,” she looked at the large tent in his pants. She saw he was resisting touching her, so she stepped back, “Remember, big boy. No touching. Go on, sit on your hands so we don’t get in trouble. By the way, my name’s Candy.”

Martin’s cock ached as he complied and put his hands under his thighs. “Oh wow,” he sighed as Kat knelt down and popped the button on his pants with her teeth. She was giggling as she had to lean around his cock tenting his pants. She tried to unzip him, but with the pressure he was putting on the fabric, she gave up.

“Fuck it,” she sighed, “when they taught me this routine they never had anyone with a cock this size.” She unzipped his pants and yanked them off. “Ok, remember, no touching,” she said, “Oh and I’ll need a credit card when we’re done. And, it’s an extra $100 for a happy ending,” she said as she straddled his waist. “I’m impressed,” she sighed feeling his hard shaft against her bare pussy, “when I saw you all I thought was what a cute nerd-boy, but you’re packing some serious equipment.” She pressed her wet pussy against the long shaft and ground up and down the length.

Martin tried to suck a nipple in his mouth, but Kat jerked back, scolding him. His cock was slick with her cum and she kept teasing him as she pressed her slit against his plump head before sliding back down. He tried to press his cock inside her, but she anticipated his attempts and kept moving away.

“You are a bad boy, first you try to suck on my nipples,” she said softly as she pressed her tits against his face, then slapped his cheeks with them as she pivoted her chest, “then you are trying to get us in trouble by putting that huge cock inside me,” she said firmly. She ground harder against him feeling her own arousal increase, “Oh crap, I suppose you expect me to take care of this,” she said as she crawled down, gripped his slick shaft, and stroked it. She looked up at the boy, “Did I say $100? Silly me, I meant $200.” she stroked him more rapidly. She looked around to see if anyone was watching, and casino oyna whispered, “If you don’t tell anyone I’ll suck you off for $300, you can fuck my cunt for $400 or my virgin ass for $500,” she leaned down and licked the underside of the head. “And I’ll even let you touch my tits,” she whispered, “just tell no one.”

Martin reached over, grabbed his wallet, and pulled out the credit card, “All I have left on here is $437, will that be enough to fuck that nice pink asshole of yours? Please? It looks so pretty.”

Kat took the card, “I’ll be right back, I need to run this, why don’t you take off all the rest of your clothes.” She held up the card, “Not that I don’t trust you…” she said as she headed upstairs, her huge breasts bouncing.

Kat came back and gave him the card, “You had $487 on there, I took it all. Thanks.” She handed Martin the lube, turned, and bent over. “Wow! Your finger is bigger than my last boyfriend’s dick, nice…deeper,” she sighed. She hoped mentioning Craig would not be a problem, but she heard Martin snort immediately as she said it. She knew what was coming as Martin pulled her back onto his lap, pressed his cock against her pink asshole and she lowered herself down onto him. “Holy fucking God!” she cried out, “Easy…Ok, you can push a little…not so much. OK, yesssss.” Kat leaned back against the boy raising and lowering herself more rapidly as she adapted to the large mass invading her rectum. “Shiiiittt! I’m going to require at least a thou for something this size next time,” she hissed.

Annie walked up the steps, opened the door, and stopped, “Hey guys! You started without me?” She looked closer, “I see Martin saw that cute anus of yours, I was going to ask if he liked it…” She pulled off her clothes, knelt between her nephew’s legs and licked his balls. “I hope you’re not close yet, I want in,” she said as she went back to sucking on one ball then the other.

Martin was in heaven. Katerina’s tight ass gripped his cock tightly as she squatted over him, his one hand was filled with the softest tit he’d ever felt, his other buried inside her tight pussy while his aunt was sucking on his balls. He knew he wasn’t going to last long but he also knew he’d recover quickly if his aunt wanted his cock.

Kat reached down and stroked the blonde’s tits and cooed as Annie moved up replacing Martin’s fingers with her mouth. “Oh yes, there…Oh, God!” Kat cried as Annie sucked her clit into her mouth and gently nibbled it. She opened her legs wider as the blonde’s tongue flicked rapidly on her tender nub and her boyfriend’s fat pole filled her rectum.

Martin gripped the girl’s tits lifting and dropping her on his rock-hard shaft hearing her squeal every time. He pinched and pulled on her nipples when her squeals became a series of deeper grunts knowing she was close. He knew Annie’s cunt-licking skills were taking her over the top and he felt Kat’s ass was now beginning to jerk in response. He kissed the side of her neck as she came feeling her strong pelvic muscles hump on his cock and against Annie’s face. He loved how passionate and how open to anything sexual his girlfriend was. He was thinking just six months ago he was not only a virgin but had never even touched a girl’s breast, even through clothes and now…now he had two of the more beautiful women in the world naked, pleasuring themselves and him.

Kat collapsed back against Martin, panting. She stroked Annie’s hair as the woman licked the leaking fluids from her throbbing pussy. “Damn! That was incredible. Annie, come here and kiss me,” she sighed, her hands pulling the blonde up, “I love you,” she said as their lips met.

Martin stroked Annie’s full breast as he held Kat’s marveling at how similar yet different they felt. Kat’s were slightly softer, slightly fuller…heavier, while Annie’s were firmer and inexplicably warmer. He slid his hand down and as he reached between his aunt’s legs, she put a foot on the couch giving him full access.

Annie broke the kiss with a smack, “Ok you little slut, it’s my turn. Nice outfit, by the way.” She sat back as Kat had to straighten up high to get Martin’s cock out of her ass. “I guess our boy liked your pink little hole, huh?” she laughed. She got up to get a washcloth to clean Martin’s cock while Kat stiffly stood up.

“I guess I owe you a happy ending,” the redhead sighed, “But my colleague, Bubbles will take care of you,” she said kissing the boy. “I told him it was ok to touch and I ran his credit card.”

“Bubbles?” Annie asked, “Seriously, Bubbles?” the now naked blonde said while holding the warm cloth.

“Sorry. My bad,” she said to Martin. Then softly, “She hates that name. She prefers her stage name, Gertrude. Forget you ever hear her real name…it’s Bubbles Banning.” She kissed the boy, “Ok, I’ll go fix dinner while Gertrude finishes up in here. Ouch!” she yelped as Annie’s hand smacked her bare ass.

Annie tossed the wet cloth on the floor and climbed onto Martin’s still hard cock, “She’s canlı casino incredible, isn’t she?” she asked as she felt her pussy get pleasantly stretched, “Wow! Every time is like the first time, yessss,” she sighed holding her nephew. “I like her teddy. I’ve never seen one like that. Hi.” She kissed him, “I thought about this cock all day in class,” she panted out as she raised and lowered herself, “I had a few of the kids ask me who had the biggest cock I’d ever had…oh yesss, there,” she put her head down as she ground against the base of his fat shaft, “I had to lie. I told them Aaron but I was thinking about you.”

“Size doesn’t matter,” Martin sighed as he gripped his aunt’s firm tits, “I prefer tight.” he softly chuckled. He lifted her so she was now standing on the couch, “You weren’t the only one thinking about something,” he said as he pulled her pussy against his mouth. He wiggled his tongue between her labia, then made it rigid and plunged inside her. He knew she loved being tongue fucked and attacked her hole, pushing in as deep as he could as he bent his head back.

Annie put a foot on the back of the couch marveling at the skill of this young, inexperienced boy. She’d been with men, many men who were decent lovers but none who seemed to intuitively know how to please her…please a woman. She reveled in the incredible feeling of his fat tongue exploring inside her vagina as she thought about his skills. As far as she knew, he ate out Kat completely differently and the girl always came. He also never seemed to give a whit about his own pleasure, his own orgasm. So many men seemed to focus on cumming, not on their partner’s orgasm, but their own. She felt the rising ache in her womb, her thoughts fading as she tried to open her cunt to him more, “Oh Fuck! There, yes!” she cried out as he raised his upper lip, scraping his teeth on her clit, “Oooohhhhh, ooooohhhhh, God!” she spat as she pressed her crotch hard against his active tongue, her hands pressed against the wall.

Kat checked the boiling water grinning, ‘That is Martin and his amazing mouth!’ she felt herself getting aroused again. She almost went out to look, but then she’d have to join in again.

Annie collapsed onto her side next to Martin, “Oh fuck! Go on, put that cock of yours wherever you want. That was incredible, how deep were you inside me?”

Martin crawled over, flipping his aunt on her back, “Not as deep as I wanted to be, but I’ll work on it,” he grinned as he opened her legs wide and lay on top of her, “I hope this hole is alright, it was the closest,” he said as he entered her again. Martin began slowly fucking the woman, picking up speed, plunging in harder with each thrust as he knew she liked. Kat loved long slow strokes and Annie liked to be pounded. He remembered the one time he’d heard her beg, ‘harder, fuck me harder,’ and he’d felt embarrassed for not sensing that.

Annie thrust her pelvis up in rhythm to the boy’s intense pistoning into her pussy already feeling a rising second orgasm, “Oh, yesss. That’s it, fuck my cunt,” she panted. Her hands were exploring the taut muscles, his chest, his stomach, his ass. The base of his shaft ground against her clit as he pressed against her cervix and she knew it was coming, rising inside her…she cried out, “Fuucccck! God, yesss, yesss, yesssss, ssshhhhhhiiiiit,” she grunted out.

Kat nodded and went to set the table anticipating that Martin would allow himself to cum now that his partner had cum twice. She looked down and realized she was still wearing the teddy and they had guests coming for dinner so she’d better change. She looked around the corner just as Martin arched his back and grunted out he was cumming.

Martin felt the last waves of his aching release and collapsed onto his aunt’s chest. He heard a noise next to him and saw Kat standing there, “Oh Hi, Candy. Bubbles was incredible,” he sighed. “I’d tell you to add in a good tip, but as you saw, that was the last of my money,” he panted, “so worth it.

Kat looked at the two sweaty faces looking up at her, “I hate to break this up but remember Madison and her new boyfriend are coming over in,” she looked at her watch, “a half-hour and we might want to…you know, clean up,” she grinned, “Though maybe Maddie would be happy to see you like this,” she spanked her boyfriend, “Nice ass!”

Annie sat up after the boy pulled out of her and stood up. Cupping her crotch knowing he always dumped a lot of cum in her, she followed the boy up the stairs to shower.

Martin was washing his aunt’s back as Kat stepped in, “Just in time. I’m just about done with Bubbles, time for Candy,” he sighed happily.

Annie rinsed off, kissed Martin, and stepped out, grabbing a towel, “It’s always time for Candy,” she chuckled, “Bubbles? Where the fuck did you get Bubbles from?” she asked the redhead as she dried off.

Kat laughed, “You’ll hate this, but I was watching a NatGeo show about beavers and they were telling about tracking them when they swam underwater kaçak casino and one of the men pointed and said, ‘Look! Beaver bubbles.’” She laughed, “I thought of you.” She ducked as a bottle of lotion flew over the shower wall which Martin deftly caught.

“Hey, let’s calm down. She was just joking, but when we go to bed tonight, I might sit in the red chair and bring this conversation up again,” Martin laughed.


They had to flip the cushions as there might have been a couple of damp spots before their guests arrived and Annie grabbed a rag after noticing her handprints on the wall. They chuckled wondering if they should leave them there as a conversation starter. Hearing the door, Martin went over, opened it, and got an immediate hug from Madison.

“Squirt! It’s been a while, this is Brant. Brant, this is one of my older friends, I’ve known him since he was…what? seven?”

Martin nodded and shook the man’s hand. He was surprised that he was at least 15 years older than the tall brunette was but had rugged features and seemed to be in shape.

“So you’re Martin. Maddie has mentioned you quite a few times,” he looked the boy up and down. “She tells me you have incredible intuition about people,” he slapped the boy on the shoulder, “A great gift and not one you can easily pick up.”

Martin had no idea what to say to that so he just nodded, “Thanks. I’m not sure I agree with her, but come on in.” He looked at Madison and how she looked at Brant and saw she liked this man. For some reason, this made him feel a lot better. “This is my girlfriend Katerina, and this is Annie,” he indicated the two beautiful girls coming out of the kitchen. “Daryl and Laura are living here also and they’re due home soon. You’ll like them.”

“Annie, good to finally meet you. I feel I’ve known you for a while, though as Penny Nichols, but, I’m been looking forward to meeting the person as often these stage personas are usually misleading,” he smiled. He looked at Kat, “It’s nice of you to invite us over.”

It was an interesting dinner conversation as Brant wanted to know about the dynamics of the adult video industry. It turned out he was a producer of documentaries. His interest in Penny was more along the line of the production, “What I found most intriguing about most of your work, I’m afraid the series with the stepfather to be almost comical, sorry, but the lighting was overdone, glaring actually and way too many close-ups…sorry I digressed, about most of your work, right. Most have the perfect balanced lighting, shadows to accentuate, tease. Brilliant work. Then a lot of panning shots and full-frame views of the coupling. You do employ close-ups, but briefly, I suppose to appease those voyeurs who demand it, but I sense you use those reluctantly.” He put down his glass, “I’m sorry. I’ve been rambling. I suppose I’ve always wanted to meet whoever was responsible for that high-quality of work, and…” he raised his glass, “here you are.”

Laura nodded, “She’s helped everyone in the class with all their videos. I’ve, well,” she blushed, “Daryl and I have been putting together quite the library.” She looked at Madison, “Ms. Fields and Annie have been terrific at critiquing our work,” she said as she looked down at her plate.

Madison patted Laura on her shoulder, “She and Daryl both got As last quarter and were great at tapping into what Annie has to offer. Annie produces most of her work, I’m not sure about the stepfather series, not even sure If I’ve seen them,” Maddie observed, “Annie, which ones are those?”

Kat got up, “I got my iPad right here.” She handed the tablet to Madison and grinned, “Brant is right about the close-ups. If you want to see a cock filling up your entire screen, these are the videos for you. This would be quite scary on a 75″ TV,” she panicked suddenly, “I’m sorry, these aren’t yours, are they?”

Annie laughed, “I hate those. Bill Martins did those and I wish they’d disappear.” She looked down at her plate, “My gynecologist hasn’t seen that much of me,” she sighed, “Anyhow, Brant, thanks for noticing all that. I hate close-ups unless it’s on the players’ faces. I started producing and directing since I felt too many great scenes were ruined by poor lighting, poor camera work, and something you didn’t mention, the psychological state of the actors.” She looked around the table, “These girls often are given drugs or told drinking will help them relax. What I found is many get quite ill from this lifestyle and are usually numbed during the shoot. That’s why you rarely see a real orgasm from the girls,” she chuckled, “of course the guys have a real tough time faking theirs. Anyhow, I try to get girls who enjoy it and none of the men make them do anything they don’t want to do. I don’t drug test, but I urge my performers to be fully into it. I was in one shoot…nevermind.” She stopped and looked around apologetically, “Wow, Ok. Enough sermonizing, let’s go into the living room and relax.”

After dinner, Kat looked around when there was a break in the conversation, “Um, I picked up a game today when I was shopping for clothes,” she said softly, “It’s not Chutes and Ladders,” she blushed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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