August Heat

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“Pull over up here.” he said.

“Where?” she asked.

“Right here, in parking lot. Park the car and go buy something.” he said.

“What…seriously?” she said.

“Just do it.” he said.

“Whatever. What should I buy?” she asked.

“Anything.” he said.

“What do you mean anything?” she asked.

“Anything.” he said.

The blinker clicked and she steered the car into the lot. It hummed along the freshly paved lot. The lines sparkled in the hot sun against the abyss black of the fresh tar.

“There’s a spot right there.” he said.

“You want me to park here, walk all the way to the store and back to buy…anything?” she asked. Her tone turning to annoyed now.

“Yes.” he said.

The plastic crunch of the gear shift told him the car was in park.

“Are you coming?” she asked.


Silence. He could feel her staring at the back of his head, while his eyes focused on the building in the distance.

“Looks busy.” he said.

The sounds of her gathering her bag, her thoughts, and her patience riled him, but he didn’t turn to look. The suck of the opening door and the delicate thump of her feet on the pavement filled his ears. The rushing heat that followed, filled the car immediately.

“Hey.” he said.

“What!?” she said.

“Don’t take all day.” he said.

His ears rang from the slamming door. He smiled. He couldn’t make out her muttering, but he knew she was at her limit. He would need to tread carefully. His being vague and short always sent her spiraling. He watched her walk away. Her little ballet flats carrying her, no doubt still swearing at him. Her calves disappeared up into the dark gray pencil skirt. Funny name for clothes, he thought. The gentle curve of her hips meeting below its top. The tight black shirt she wore shone in the day’s sunshine. It was hot, that was certain. She didn’t leave the car running, the sweat immediately began to trickle down his temples. He always appreciated being in her car. Their home away from home. It smelled of her, like flowers, sunshine, leather, and vanilla. Boy, was it hot.

A few minutes later she was heading back to the car. Parking lots are a strange and wonderful place he thought. Looking at the car, she stopped short and stared at the passenger window. She continued, now shaking her head, lips moving. Nothing you’d say in a church, he knew. The car door opened, she slipped in and closed it the behind her, sealing them inside.

“Why are you in the back seat? You’re worse than a cat. I thought you wandered off chasing a butterfly or something else ridiculous.” she said.

“What did you buy?” he said.

“A water. Why…why are you in the back seat?!” she said

“Take off your shoes and come back here. Don’t get out, move between the seats. I don’t want you looking suspicious.” he said.

She stared at him. Turning, she sighed and did as he asked.

“You’re so fucking weird sometimes. I don’t know what’s going on…”she trailed off reaching down to her feet, removing her shoes.

“No, leave it off.” He said, as she reached for the ignition.

“Are you serious?! It’s so hot in here.” she said.

“I know, it’s a good thing you got a giant bottle of ice colder water than, isn’t it?” he said, grinning. “Now quit your bitching and get back here.”

“Can I please put the air on? I’m god damn sweating.” she said.

His eyes met hers for the first time. “I said, leave it off.”

She threw the water bottle into the back, hitting him in the chest.

“Ow!” he yelped.

“Good! Jerk.” she responded.

He laughed and continued to do so as she struggled to squirm into the back.

“Yeah, real funny.” she said.

Halfway through, he reached for her dragging her on to him. She was laying face up, across his lap.

“What the hell are we doing?” she asked.

Using his legs and his right arm, he lifted her towards him and leaned down to kiss her. First softly, then harder. His hand was at the back of her head, combing through her dampening hair, when they reached casino oyna her scalp. He squeezed his hand into a fist and pressed her face harder into his own. Their lips squirmed against one other, soft, smooth, and slicked with sweat and saliva. Their tongues slithered around, caressing, flicking and exploring. The temperature in the car continued to rise. It was nearly three o’clock on a clear, hot August day. The sun beat on the car, on top of the fresh blacktop, like a hammer on a nail.

Her hands were in his damp hair now, pulling him. Their sweat mixed against their foreheads. Her dark hair began to mat and stick to her face. He swept it away. His dick grew ever harder inside his pants. He tilted her head back to lick her neck. Opening his mouth as wide as it would go, he put her throat between his teeth. he bit down and drug his teeth across her skin, licking greedily as she fell away, out of his mouth. A tiny thread of saliva hung from his tongue, connecting to her throat. It glistened in the brutal sun like a spider’s web made of their lust before silently snapping and falling onto her skin. His lips went to it, slurping up the tiny drops. She squirmed against the hot leather, which was now streaking with sweat. His left hand began undid the buttons of her shirt. One by one, he popped them open. He pull the shirt free from the top of the skirt and continued kissing her. One side fell open toward the floor, he tucked the other side between them. The top of her stomach, ribs, and bra now exposed, his fingers dance along her damp skin. He turned his face from her lips to watch her rapid breathing. Her stomach and chest rising and falling quickly. Her tongue found its way into his ear, sending shivers down his spine. He felt her smile as his throbbing dick twitched against her back.

The fingers of his left hand danced lightly along her stomach, in slow circles. They stayed in sync with his tongue as it swirled inside her mouth. With his palm pressed flat, he slid his hand up, scaling the ridge of her ribs and stopping on her right breast. His fingers squeezed to feel for her nipple beneath the bra.

In what seemed both light-speed, and slow motion, her hands fell away from him. Her body arched and rose, pushing him back. Both hands slipped behind her, unhooking her bra. She pinched her shoulders forward, finding the strap in her sleeve, threading her arms through and freeing herself. Throwing it onto the driver’s seat and landing back in his lap.

“Witch!” he said in awe.

“I wanted to save my mood, and your confidence by keeping you from fumbling around with it for the rest of the afternoon.” she said.

“God damn witchcraft that was…” he said as he returned to kissing her. “And, thank you.”

“No problem, Boy” she said.

He returned to what he was capable of doing. His thumb and first finger found her right nipple squeezing it. He slipped said thumb in between their tangling tongues to get it wet. Next he, began gently rubbing the very tip of her nipple. He could feel her twisting at the sensation. The sweat began to lubricate as he groped her breast and let it fall out of his hand, hanging onto the nipple at the very end. He did this over and over, randomly squeezing the nipple sharply and giving it a little shake. Each of these she answered with a groan into his mouth. He repeated this ritual with her left breast. Each of her perfect nipples were now rock hard. He drew his face away from her mouth and aimed it at her breasts, starting with the right. His tongue slowly touched down onto it. He liked to savor the details, being patient in his movements. He tasted the texture of it and they both groaned. Losing his patience, he opened his mouth as wide as it would go and devoured. Trying to get as much of it into him as possible. Inhaling hard, creating suction, he lashed at her nipple with his tongue as she spilled from his mouth. He bit down around the base of her nipple, leaving just enough of the tip trapped behind his teeth to lick.

He repeated this over and over. Switching from breast to breast, slurping the saliva and sweat off canlı casino her delicate, soft skin. He paid special attention to the area just below her neck, where her skin was the tightest. He liked being able to feel her bones underneath. He could never get close enough to her for his satisfaction, but this would have to do. The heat in the car was oppressive. He felt the water bottle against his leg. He took it, opened it, and sipped. He did this again, but instead of swallowing he kissed her and let the cold water empty into her mouth. The contrasting sensations of the heat and cold were electric. Before putting the bottle away, he poured a bit onto her chest. It ran everywhere, leaving goose-flesh in its wake. She groaned and squirmed. A bit had pooled in the tiny hallow of her tender throat. Oasis he thought, before slurping it up.

Kissing her, he stretched his left arm out wide, finding the top of her bare foot pressed against the door. He raked his fingers all the way up her left leg, over her shin, to her knee, stopping at the border guard of skirt. His fingers scaled down the inside of her thigh. They were, hot, wet, and smooth. Traveling three quarters of the way up, he stopped and reversed all the way back down to her feet. He did this a few times before saying “Can you preform a little more of your witchcraft and get those panties off?”

“Done.” she said “They’re off.”

“What? You didn’t even…” he stopped himself. Either she wasn’t wearing any or she really was a witch. Neither was shocking, but both made her sexier all the same. He could only shake his head.

“Lift up.” He told her. Raising her hips to the ceiling, he turned to pull the skirt up onto her waist in a bunch.

“That’s better.” he said.

Her smooth mound exposed, freshly shaved and gleaming. His mouth watered, but there wasn’t room right now for what he really wanted. He pressed his thumb flat at the very cusp of her sex and swept it across to her right leg gripping the top of her thigh, hard. A white hand print remained. He pressed his knuckles in and drug them back up her slick inner thigh stopping right before her pussy. Her heat was even hotter than the car, making him grind his teeth and flex his jaw. His desire for her, unrivaled. Every nerve in his body was screaming to plunge his hand in, but he calmed himself. Using his ring finger, he traced up the outside of her lips. Her wet felt like lava to the sensitive finger. At the top, he rested his hand over her, cupping her in his hand. He took a moment to compose himself.

“May I continue?” he asked.

“You may.” she said.

His hand opened wide, index finger moving into the crevice of her right leg and pelvis. His ring finger taking up similar residence on the opposite side. His middle finger hung, awaiting commands. It moved in, pressing between her lips, aiming for her clit. He moved his finger up and down. Her body twitched and held taught to the sensation. His throbbing dick twitching at the contact of her body. She squirmed against it as a result making him even more aroused. He could feel the precum leaking out. He released his hand and touched his finger to his tongue. Tasting her honey, he licked to further lubricate his forerunner. Before resuming, he whispered “Peel back your hood.”

Both her hands made their way her lips, touching down then peeling back. Her smooth clit glistened in the heat and light of the car. His finger touched the exposed pleasure pearl. She groaned and squirmed. He swirled it counterclockwise. Her hips began to swell and receded with her breathing. His mouth found it’s way back to her nipple. In tandem, his tongue swirled and flecked her nipple while his finger circled and rubbed her clit. His finger pressed down the valley of her lips towards her entrance. The combination of her honey and sweat had her saturated. The amount of moisture sent him into a frenzy. He desperately wanted to be inside her. He wanted to fuck her slowly, purposefully, right here and now. He regained control. There would be time for that later, right now there was this.

“May I?” he asked. His kaçak casino finger hovering outside her entrance.

It took a moment, but she sighed out permission. He plunged into her. He pushed his middle finger as far as it would go, his palm resting flat against her lips and pelvis. He wiggled it and listened to her groans. The erotic squish of her wet against his finger was music to him. He turned her head towards him and licked from her chin, along her jaw line, up behind her right ear. His tongue found its way along the firm cartilage, licking the raises and contours before exhaling into it, making her shiver.

“You feel so good, you sexy beast.” he whispered.

He retraced the path back to her chin, onto her throat, continuing to her chest, drinking the sweat and drooling it back onto her. He stopped at her nipple and began to bite and lick. Now a second finger joined the first inside of her. He began rubbing her spot inside, the two fingers working in tandem. Back out they went, up to his mouth sucking her honey clean. He returned three of them to her, now. Over and over, they moved inside her. His mouth going from nipple to nipple, then to the hollow in the base of her throat and back to the start. In circles, he repeated this pattern trying to stimulate as much of her as he could.

He pulled his right hand out from underneath her head and found the ice cold water. His clothes were stuck to him, soaked through. Her black blouse was so wet it looked silver. It clung to every bit of her. Small pools of sweat built up on her stomach before spilling as she twisted and writhed. Little crystalline beads of sweat raced each other across the smooth expanse of her naked hips and fell off the edge like speeding cars off a cliff. His sweat was raining onto from his face and beard. It was so hot in the car. He took a sip for of the water for himself, then filled his mouth again, transporting it to hers.

“Are you trying to make me cum?” she asked in a hoarse whisper.

“Yes.” he said.

He wiggled, stroked, and pushed his fingers around. The slick sounds of their movements, the squishing in the leather seats, the heat, their sweat, the atmosphere was thick with them. She arched her back and curved up, her head falling back against his thigh. She was about to explode. Her hand found its way across her stomach, down to her clit, where she began her final and familiar movements.

He poured the remaining water onto the apex of her curved body. He squeezed the bottle empty. The sharp crack of the plastic pierced high above their low groans and slimy slithering. An icy cold waterfall against her molten skin. He swore he saw steam. She screamed and bucked as her orgasm took hold. His fingers worked hard against the thick vibrations of her pussy. One hand was penetrating her, the was squeezing her left nipple, his mouth on the other, his legs pressing her body up into him. The octopus was his spirit animal. He opened himself and prepared to receive her orgasm.

Then it happened. Like the eye of the storm, everything went silent and still before the explosion. Her grunt set him on fire. He sucked her nipple hard. His other hand clamped down on its twin. His fingers began to sway in sync with her bucking. Her moans and grunts were explosive fireworks on a black sky. His nerves opened and received her pleasure. Grunting, bucking, swiveling, and popping. She exploded all around him. His vision went white as he pressed in close. Her last release, flat and powerful like a tsunami wave wiping out everything in its path. They both exhaled and collapsed into a puddle of ooze on the car.

“Holy fuck…” he murmured “Your orgasms as the most satisfying thing to me.”

Staring at the ceiling and blowing out, he sat limp in the seat. She laid across his lap, silent, spent, and panting. They were drenched and utterly satisfied.

“It’s hot in here.” he said.

“Is there any water left?” she asked.

“No.” he said.

“Let’s sit here a minute and relax. I’ll go get another shortly. Don’t think I could move if my life depended on it.” he said.

“Makes two of us…” she said.

They rested, like two animals deep in the jungle, in the wet silence of their lust.

“We’re going to need fresh clothes and a car wash.” he said before closing his eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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