At the Rock Festival

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Me and Marie have one of those on again, off again sort of relationships. When we are together it’s always extremely intense, very sexual, but we tend to burn each other out after a short period of time. Marie is this hot, sexy rocker chick that is really open about her sexuality and always uses it to her advantage. Lately she’s been seeing this other guy so we haven’t got in touch for a little while. Oh well.

Anyways, I got free tickets to the music festival and was hoping to see one of my favorite bands. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me but I was not going to miss this show! It’s been over a year since they were last in town. I showed up a bit early so I’d have plenty of time to check things out, I grab a beer and wonder around the festival grounds, just taking it all in. Looking at all the food venders, souvenirs and heck, just enjoying some good people watching. But before long, those first few beers get to me and I find myself searching for a bathroom. I’ve been to lots of these festivals and I tend to look to the way back hopefully to use one of those port-o-potties that hasn’t been used too much yet. I’m heading towards the one farthest in the corner when someone grabs my hand! “Funny to see you here!!”, it’s Marie, grabbing my hand directing me to the last toilet in the corner.

“Really???? Here????!!”

“Yea!! Don’t be canlı bahis such a pussy!”

She basically throws me into the big plastic porta-o-potty. Leave it to Marie to find the cleanest one!! We make out furiously for a few minutes then we both settle down a bit, Marie pulls down her pants, sits, spreads her thighs and starts to rub herself. “Now…lets see that cock baby!!”

I’m for some reason, surprised and a little embarrassed, but it’s Marie and I just can’t tell her no, so I undo my belt and pull out my cock.

“Let’s see you rub it baby” she says as she has her own clit in between her fingers .

I start stoking myself, just watching her play with her beautiful pussy gets me hard in no time. “That’s it baby, oooooooooo, god I love your cock!” She says as she rubs herself a little harder.

“Ok baby, now I want to see you pee. Pee for me… Please?” She pleads.

This is crazy but this girl turns me on so much I just don’t care, so I turn towards the urinal, positioning myself so Marie can watch. I look into her beautiful blue eyes and concentrate on trying to pee with this raging hard on. I have to close my eyes to concentrate but the piss finally starts to flow from my cock. I watch as her eyes get big, she bites her lip and rubs her cunt even harder, it looks like she’s enjoying the show.

“Oh baby, that’s bahis siteleri so hot! I love your dick so much! Can I have a little taste of that pee?” She asks hungrily.

Damn this girl is dirty!, I think to myself but she looks so damn sexy touching herself like that I just don’t care.

I squeeze my cock so don’t spray piss everywhere, and put it in between her lips. She stares into my eyes as I give her the little bit of pee I have left. She drinks it down, I can tell she a bit disappointed there’s not more. She sucks on me to get every last drop.

I pull my cock out of her mouth and bend down to give her a kiss. I reach down and join her fingers, and start to play with her pussy lips. I push a finger inside and love the feel of her pussy as it grips my finger, I start to slide it in and out. Between kisses I tell her it’s her turn to pee.

I feel her body tense up a bit as she starts to go. The two fingers I now have in her are getting covered in her golden piss, finger fucking her hard at the same time. “Ooooooooooooo”

“That’s so hot Marie”


Her pee feels so good running down my arm. I starting to wish there wasn’t a concert at all, so me and Marie can just fuck for the rest of the day. I grab some of her piss in my hand and taste her. “Mmmmmmmmm, even your piss tastes good baby.”

I kiss bahis şirketleri her. Im still fingering her as she runs out of pee. “Oh baby, that feels so good, but I wanna watch you cum. Cum for me baby! I wanna see you rub your dick. I want you to cum in my panties. Fill my panties with your hot cum.”

I grab my cock and start rubbing it hard and fast. Marie rubs her pussy just as hard and just as fast. “Oh baby, I love watching you rub your dick!, you’re gonna make me cum!”

“Ooooooooo! Are you ready?”

“Yeeeeeeees!, Cum for me! I’m so close! Cum in my panties, please!”

I rub myself harder. I feel my orgasm build, my cock feels full of cum. Cum bursts out of the tip of my dick, soaking the tiny patch of fabric between your thighs. Making the pink lacy triangle white with semen. You cry out, “Oh! Fuck!! That’s so hot!! You came so much!!”

“You always make me cum so much baby.”

I lean in and give you a big kiss, when I do I feel your body tremble as you have your own orgasm. “Ooooooooooooooooooo, Fuuuuuuuuuck!”

I hug you tightly and pull your limp body up to me, so that we are standing together. I reach down and pull up your dirty thong and pat your crotch making sure to rub all my cum deep into your pussy lips. “I can’t wait for my boyfriend to eat me later, little will he know that he’s cleaning up all your jizz.” You say with that dirty twinkle in your eye.

“Ha, ha I love you so much baby.” I kiss you again.

“I love you too!! I’ll call you tomorrow.” And with that she opened the door and ran off into the crowd.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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