At Last

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It was Valentine’s Day, the Annual Desperate & Dateless Ball. Michael and Tania were best friends, almost inseparable, but never romantically involved. bahis siteleri

They filled out all the forms and the dating company set them up with career minded, good looking dates. They were both looking forward to the evening, especially the fact that they could share it with each other.

The night started well, Michael’s date Joanne was gorgeous, smart and funny. Tania’s date Greg was very handsome too but lacked a bit in the smarts department. They all got to know each other over drinks and then dinner. Before long though it became obvious that Greg and Joanne were more into each other than Michael and Tania.

After dinner Joanne and Greg got up to dance and left Michael and Tania alone at the table.

“Well this is going well isn’t it?” Michael said.

“Oh, well we haven’t had such a bad night, how about we dance?”

They got up just as a fast, sexy number came on and Tania and Michael showed Joanne and Greg what they were missing. The rest of the night flew by, they danced, they drank and before long it was time to go home.

Tania said a polite goodbye to Greg while Joanne took Michael aside for a quiet chat.

They had pre-arranged before the date that if they didn’t work out then Tania would crash at Michael’s place as she lived a fair way out of the city. On the cab ride back to Michael’s house Tania asked him what she said.

“Oh it was nothing much, just that she had a great night and thanks for everything, maybe we can catch up sometime, you know the usual blow off” he said.

“Oh, ok then.” betvole

When they walked in the front door they could hear his flatmate Nathan and his girlfriend going for it in his room.

“At least one of us is getting some action tonight” Tania remarked with a huge smile on her face.

They walked past Nathan’s room to get to Michael’s part of the house and the door was wide open. Nathan wasn’t a shy boy so when he saw them peeking in he called out to them.

“If you feel like a bit of fun you could always join us.” His girlfriend gave him a swat but turned and winked at Michael.

“Maybe some other time mate” Michael replied and they shut the door and went into Michael’s room.

As they were such good friends it was common practice when either one stayed over that they sleep in the same bed. Neither one had ever thought anything more of it than two friends being company for each other.

Joanne got changed in the bathroom & came out wearing her favourite t-shirt of Michael’s that came halfway down her thighs. Michael was already in bed and watching tv. She jumped in and snuggled up next to him so he could put his arm around her as they always did while watching the box in bed.

“There’s not much on unfortunately” he complained as he flicked through the channels.

Suddenly, there were two naked women on the screen kissing and touching each other’s breasts. Michael quickly changed the channel thinking that Tania would be embarrassed.

“Leave it on,” she said, “I’ve never actually watched porn before.”

“Fine by me” Michael said but his mind started to tick over.

He turned it back over and the two women had changed positions so they we 69’ing each other. The camera showed everything and before long Tania was getting quite horny and could feel her panties becoming very wet.

They sat there in silence both transfixed to the screen. Tania could feel Michael’s fingers tracing lightly on her arm and shoulder and that made her all the more horny. She had never felt these feelings for Michael before and didn’t want to spoil anything between them so she sat there and didn’t move.

The women on the screen were joined by a well-endowed male and as the women enjoyed each other he positioned himself behind one and proceeded canlı bahis to give her the best arse fucking that Michael had ever seen. He found himself with a raging hard on and was now thinking what would he be able to do about it.

He tried to think of something else before Tania noticed his arousal but it wasn’t working, the fact that she was snuggled up next to him only made it worse. Right now he wanted nothing more but to taste her and fuck her but she hadn’t moved or said a word so he took that as don’t even try it or risk everything.

The actors on the screen continued to fuck each other until they climaxed together. It then ended and the news came on so Michael took that as a cue to turn it off.

“Well that was entertaining, I’m sure I’ll have some pleasant dreams tonight” Michael said.

Tania laughed and kissed him on the cheek. She then rolled over facing away from him and said goodnight.

Michael usually slept with his arm over Tania but with his very hard cock straining at his underwear he didn’t think it was the best plan tonight. So he lay there on his back waiting for his erection to diminish.

His mind kept going back to the porno and then to Nathan and his girlfriend fucking in the next room which he could hear through the walls.

Tania looked over her shoulder at him “Are you ok?” she asked.

“Yeah fine why?” he replied. casino maxi

“Well usually you keep me warm in this chilly house but you are keeping your distance tonight.”

“Oh…..sorry” he said.

Not knowing what else to do and not wanting to upset her he rolled on his side and put his arm over her but tried to keep a distance below the covers.

Tania had other plans and wiggled back against him. Pushing her tight round arse against his cock.

“Oh, Michael, maybe you need a cold shower” she giggled but didn’t move away.

“Yeah well watching naked women ravishing each other has always been a thing for me, any male I guess” he tried to explain “I’ll go and cool off if you like.”

“Nah, its ok, kind of nice actually” she purred.

Michael was stunned, he had wanted Tania from the day he met her but she had never given him any indication that she was interested so he never made a move. Now his mind was racing but he didn’t want to say the wrong thing and spoil it all.

“You know what Joanne really said to me as we left tonight” he whispered in her ear, “that we are perfect for each other and what are we doing looking elsewhere when we have something so special right here.”

“Really? Oh…and what do you think of that?” she asked.

“I told her I couldn’t agree more but I haven’t been able to convince you of it yet.” With that Michael kissed her gently on the neck.

Tania turned around as she said, “Oh Michael, I didn’t know, why didn’t you say something?”

“I didn’t want to ruin what we have, I still don’t.”

She looked at him for what seemed the longest time her mind spinning. He didn’t know what to say and the longer she looked at him the more he thought he had screwed it all up.

Then she pulled him to her and kissed him.

Her lips were soft and tender yet demanding. It felt just like a first kiss is supposed to feel yet it was so natural like they had been together for years.

She pulled away suddenly and smiled softly at him, then a wicked sparkle touched her eyes.

“You know,” she said “I have wanted to have sex with you from the minute I laid eyes on you but I never thought you did. I think we have a lot of wasted time to make up.”

They kissed again, this time with more urgency. He slid one hand under her t-shirt and traced his finger over her right nipple making it erect with his touch.

“mmm” she breathed heavily “that feels good.”

He lifted the shirt above her head and took in the sight. She had small but bahis siteleri perfectly shaped, pert breasts with beautiful pink nipples just waiting to be kissed and sucked on. She had always complained to him about the size of her breasts but he had never seen a more magnificent pair.

He put his mouth over one nipple and used his tongue to tease it, then his teeth biting gently. She moaned again. He moved his mouth away and then blew on the nipple giving her a shiver. He did the same on the other side biting a little harder this time and looking into her eyes as he did. She looked so aroused, so sexy he wanted her so badly but he wanted more to savour this for all it was worth.

She was lightly scraping her nails over his neck and shoulders as he teased her nipples and each time he bit her gently she dug them in just a bit harder urging him to keep going.

As Michael was propped up on one elbow he only had one free hand with which to explore her exquisite body. It had been resting on her stomach until now but it was time to uncover the rest of her hidden treasures.

He moved it down and hooked his thumb under the side of her g-string as he went pulling them down too. She raised her bottom so he could take them off completely and he tossed them to the floor. He then removed his own quickly and saw her eyes light up as she saw his very hard cock for the first time.

Tania then decided it was time to take control and push Michael onto the bed. He started to object but she put a finger to his lips and shook her head.

She positioned herself over his thighs and placed her hands on his shoulders. Then she leant over to kiss him but instead took hold of his bottom lip with her teeth and then pulled – not hard but hard enough.

She kissed his chin and neck then ran her tongue down from his neck to his stomach, as she did this she dragged her nails down too. Michael was enjoying every second of this pleasurable torture and as she reached his waist he arched his back to make her dig in a bit more.

She looked up at him and smiled then wiggled back a little and spread his legs around her so she could have better access to him. He could feel her wetness on his legs and that made him want to taste her so badly but he was enjoying this all too much.

She leant over again and kissed his stomach, then hips and then thighs. She lifted his leg up and kissed the underneath of his legs and bum.

Tania was enjoying every second of exploring his body. She knew that he liked to be clean shaven but had never seen, touched or tasted a guy that had before and she now knew she didn’t want to go back.

She took one of his balls into her mouth and tickled it with her tongue. She repeated this for the other side before running her tongue up his shaft. With this he let out a moan and she could taste the pre-cum as she reached his head.

She looked up at him but he had his eyes closed and small smile was on his lips. She decided to test the boundaries of their new relationship a little and put one finger in her mouth, moistening it before taking his head into her mouth. As she did this she inserted her finger into his tight hole and wiggled it as she sucked on his cock.

His eyes flicked open for a second from the initial shock and made eye contact with her. That look told her he was loving every second of this and please don’t stop.

She pushed her finger in and out as she moved up and down over his hard cock. His moaning grew louder and she thought before long we will be competing with his room-mate. She loved the taste of him and wondered what his cum would taste like. She’s never liked the thought of cum in her mouth and had flatly refused it from previous boyfriends but this was different, Michael was different, she wanted to taste and swallow it all.

She felt his head stiffen bahis şirketleri as he said “Ohhh Tan, I’m going to cum, oh fuck.”

He exploded into her mouth and she lapped it up. It didn’t taste anything like she expected and she knew she would be enjoying this quite regularly.

“That was fantastic,” he said “Joel said you were great at sucking cock but he said you didn’t swallow.”

“Did he now?” she replied smiling “well I only do it for guys I care about so you can tell him that, bloody ex-boyfriends I don’t know.”

“Ok Sexy Girl, my turn to drive you wild” he said.

Her smile widened and she lay back on the bed.

He jumped up quickly and said “Don’t move I’ll be right back.”

Tania was curious but stayed where she was. He returned quickly with something behind his back.

“What have you got there?” she asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough just lay back, close your eyes and enjoy” he replied placing it on the floor next to the bed.

She did as she was told arms by her side and legs together.

He started by kissing her softly on the lips, across her cheek and to her ear where he whispered “you are so beautiful.”

He then moved smoothly down her neck, lightly touching her, letting his breath do the work as he made her whole body tingle.

He reached her breasts and ran his tongue over her erect nipples, then sucked each one gently before moving down to circle her naval with his tongue.

He gently spread her legs open enough to lie between them and kissed from her left knee to the top of her thigh. He could taste her juices as he got closer to her pussy and it took all his will not to jump right in and taste her. He repeated with her other leg but this time brushed across her lips ever so slightly but enough to make her moan and raise her hips, wanting more.

Her musky smell was intoxicating; his will broke and just had to taste her some more. He ran his tongue along the edge of her lips before just pushing against her opening. She pushed against him and he licked up to her clit and teased it quickly then moved back down, pushing his tongue right into her pussy.

As he tongue fucked her he reached down to the floor and picked up a piece of ice. With this he placed it onto her aroused clit and she almost came then and there but he pulled it away just as quickly wanting to tease her a little longer.

The ice was melting quickly on her hot pussy and the water dribbled down her lips felt very erotic. He grabbed another piece and inserted it into her pussy making her cry out and as she did he sucked on her clit bringing her to orgasm for the first time that evening.

“Oh my fucking god” she cried as her orgasm subsided, “you are amazing.”

“Not nearly as amazing as you” he smiled up at her.

He moved up the bed and kissed her passionately before positioning himself above her and sliding his now very hard cock into her dripping pussy.

She was so wet and her pussy hugged his cock tightly, perfect fit. He fucked her slowly as they continued to kiss. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her. He moved a bit harder and a bit quicker and she started to cum again. He wanted to cum with her but wanted her to cum a couple more times first.

He pulled out of her and she looked at him and said, “you’re not going to stop now are you?”

“Never, turn over Baby I want to really make you cum” he said.

She did as she was told and he slid back in from behind. He held one of her hands in his and squeezed it gently and the other hand he slid under her and started to rub her clit. They continued to kiss as he pumped in and out.

He was close to cumming and started to rub her clit furiously. Her pussy tightened around his cock and milked his cum from him as she had a mind-blowing orgasm.

They collapsed on the bed, unable to speak just looking at each other in complete satisfaction.

Finally she kissed him and whispered in his ear “How could I have ever thought this would ruin things, we’ve wasted so much time, I love you Michael.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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