At a Bar in a Strange City

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In a strange city, I met her at a bar. She wore a black business suit, and I guessed she was having an after work drink by herself. I was just killing time, wondering what to do next.

She started the conversation. “I haven’t seen you in here before.” canlı bahis

“Do you know everyone who comes in here?”

“Just about,” she said. “I come here every day after work. Frankly, I’m in no rush to get home.”

“What awaits you at home?” I asked.

“Nobody I care about any more. About three months ago, I found out he was fucking somebody at work. So now I’ve made it my purpose in life to get back at him, except I really don’t want to fuck strangers.”

“It sounds to me that you do still care about him,” I responded, “otherwise you wouldn’t care about the revenge. So what do you do? Do you screw someone at work?”

“No way I’m going to do that. And I come to this place because nobody at my work comes here. There’s something I do, and when I come home, I tell him about it. It drives him insane. Wait two minutes, come to the door of the ladies room and knock. canlı bahis You’ll find out what I do.”

That sounded weird, but of course I was intrigued.

After two very long minutes, I walked behind the bar and around to the ladies room door and knocked. The door opened. It was dark inside. I entered. The door closed and I heard the lock being fastened.

Soon I felt her hands on me, exploring my body from behind. She took both my hands and brought them behind me. Then I felt the cold metal clasp around my wrists and heard two clicks. I was standing, helpless in the dark. Neither of us said a word.

I felt her unfastening my belt, then unbuttoning my jeans. She pulled down the jeans and then my briefs. I widened my stance to keep my balance.

I found myself breathing hard. What had I let myself in for? If she was looking for revenge against all men, I was in deep shit. Yet I was also very turned on, and despite my wishes, I grew a raging hard-on. kalebet

She grasped my cock with one hand and caressed my thighs with the other. She began pumping bahis siteleri with one hand and using the other to reach under my shirt and tweak my nipples. I let out a moan.

There was a knock on the door. Neither of us made a sound, and I heard the footsteps move away.

Her hands left me. There was some activity but the sound was impossible to discern.

Then one hand was back on my cock, but it was wet and it felt lubricated. I felt her body against my side for the first time. I could now tell she was positioned with her right hand on my cock, which allowed her left hand to reach around.

It started ever so gently, her finger teasing the space between my balls and ass, and then circling the hole and then beginning to insert, slowly and gently, also well lubricated.

My first reaction was discomfort. I breathed with intention, slowly, trying to relax. The finger went deeper inside and her other hand continue pumping my cock.

Now the finger in my ass began pumping in and out at the same pace. I began moving my hips involuntarily with bahis şirketleri the rhythm.

The other fingers of her left hand reached forward to cup my balls. The measured breathing left me and became uncontrolled.

She kept up this steady rhythm on my cock and in my ass while gently squeezing my sac. I felt my balls filling up and tightening, and then I came with a groan, followed by the sensation of spurting cum. I heard it hit the tile floor. mariobet

She gently removed her left finger and slowed the motion of her right hand, squeezing to push out every drop. I heard her take some steps away and then back and felt a paper towel around my cock, squeezing one more time and wiping. Then I heard the sound of wiping the floor.

In a minute, click-click, the cuffs were removed. The door was unlocked, opened, and as I saw a flash of light from outside the room she left and the door fell closed. I pulled my briefs and pants up, tucked everything away, buttoned up and fastened my belt.

As I opened the door to leave the ladies room a woman was entering. The woman gave me a wide-eyed look but said nothing as she entered and flipped the light switch.

I went back to the bar, and of course she was gone. I left a twenty on the bar and departed, still wondering what to do next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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