Ashley , Jared’s Last Night

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It was to be their last night together. Jared and Ashley walked around the casino trying to decide where to eat. They had tried most of the restaurants, and they were all wonderful. Walking past the Polynesian place that they had dined at the night before, they decided to eat there again. Luckily they were able to get a table right away. After they were seated and had their drinks they began to talk. The meal passed in a blur, seeming too go too quickly.

As they were leaving they noticed the lounge area had musicians setting up. Neither wanting the evening to end they decided to sit and have a drink as they listened to the music. They ordered a tropical concoction that came in a glass as big as a bowl, complete with little flowers floating in it and two straws. They talked of childhood memories, brothers and sisters and lost loves. A pretty waitress in a sarong and a bikini top came over to ask if they needed anything. Jared told her no, and looked right back to Ashley and looked into her eyes with an intensity of emotion that mirrored her own. They lingered over their drink and had another all the while , holding hands touching, just looking at each other. It was a special moment, they finished their drink and got up from the table.

They walked slowly through the casino, hand in hand. They came to the doors and the lift and waited. Ashley felt the tears swell behind her eyes as she thought of this being canlı bahis the last time they would make this journey together. The lift arrived and they stepped inside. As soon as the doors closed Ashley threw herself into his arms. He held her and kissed her. The lift reached their floor and they walked to their room in silence. Once inside Jared went over to the dresser and poured the last of the bottle of whiskey he brought into glasses, added ice and a splash of water. He handed one to Ashley and set the other on the table as he began to undress. Ashley watched him in silence, the tears welling up again. Not wanting him to see her cry she escaped to the bathroom. She composed herself as she washed her face and brushed her hair. Taking a deep breath and pasting a smile on her face she walked out into o the bedroom.

Jared was sitting in the armchair watching the news. Ashley retrieved her drink and went to sit upon the edge of the bed by Jared. They watched the news together and Ashley decide she needed a cigarette and some air, she walked over to the window and leaned out the window, the lights of the biggest little city in the world spread out before her and her throat closed over as a sob tore past her lips.


“I’m almost done.” she replied her voice only a little shaky.

“I know you’re crying.” he said quietly, Come here and let me hold you while I can.”

Ashley stumbled out bahis siteleri of the curtains and flew into his arms, sobbing as her heart was breaking. He held her and murmured soothing words until her sobs quieted, turning her face up to his he kissed her lightly. Ashley responded and their tongues began to dance. Somehow they ended up on the bed, shedding their clothes quickly.

Ashley began to rain kisses over his face and neck leading a trail down his body. Her destination was clear as she took his cock lovingly into her mouth. Her tongue caressing The tears fell unchecked down her cheeks as she loved him with her mouth. Slowly up and down while her hand reached out to slowly stroke his balls. She took him almost completely out of her mouth and sucked only on his head and then let her tongue lick all over his cock and down to his balls she suckled them. Her tongue darted lower until it came to the star of his ass. Her tongue lashed out and tickle it , she forced her tongue inside sending intense sensations through his body. She moved back and took him into her mouth again, her finger finding its way to his ass. He moaned in delight as she worked slowly up and down his hard shaft, and her finger moved slowly in and out of his ass. He pulled away not wanting to end this too quickly, he took over laying her upon her back he rained kisses all over her body his mouth sucking and biting at her nipples. His tongue teasing bahis şirketleri her navel. He dipped lower and lower until he came to that hot wet place between her thighs. His tongue lovingly caressed her and he dipped his fingers inside of her until she was writing on the bed and begging him to fuck her. He entered her swiftly and they came together with an urgency they had not shown since that first night ten days ago. Her legs went up and wrapped them selves around his waist.

“Oh Jared. that’s feels so good. Fuck me harder. Please.” she moaned

He moved faster and she matched his rhythm her hips leaving the bed as she tried bring him deeper into her. He felt her begin to tighten all around him and he took long strokes trying to prolong her pleasure. She screamed as her orgasm rocked her body. He evened out his rhythm and she matched it, looking at him with her passion hooded gaze. He began to move faster pumping in and out of her faster and faster. She felt another orgasm overtake her and she shook as the spasms of pleasure washed over her. He stiffened and poured his hot cum into her, their orgasms melding into one. They lay together and caught their breath, Jared rolled off of her and lay nest to her, her switched off the light and pulled her into his arms.

“I Love you Ashley.” he said, and kissed her on the brow.

“Wherever I Go Jared, whatever I Do, I will Think of you always, carry you in my heart and soul. I love you too.” she replied

“Besides, we still have the morning.” she laughed

“No, Ashley, we still have someday babe, someday.”

“Someday.” she echoed and fell asleep in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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