Art Professor and Art Student

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Tim called my cell phone on Monday and asked if I was available this Thursday at 1:30pm, to model for another one of his 3 hour figure drawing classes. My pussy immediately began to moisten at the thought of modeling for him again. The last class I worked for him ended with Tim shooting his hot load of cum on my ass. I didn’t know if there would be a repeat of the last time I posed for his class, but I was getting very horny thinking about the possibilities.

I arrived at 1:15pm and headed to the changing room to prepare for class. Since his call on Monday his class was all I could think about. I removed my clothes and admired myself in the full-length mirror that hung on the wall. My nipples were already hard and sensitive to my touch. I could see my pussy glisten with moisture in the mirror’s reflection. Lost in the moment, I gently brushed my pussy with my right hand, letting it linger to feel its wetness then I brought my fingers to my waiting mouth and tasted my sweetness. I shivered with excitement.

A knock on the door startled me, Tim said they were ready for me to begin. I put on my robe and entered the classroom making my way to the model stand, a 7-foot square raised platform against a mirrored wall on which the models pose. After doing several short gesture poses Tim asked me to do two longer poses.

Tim would have me do somewhat erotic, not pornographic but erotic poses; cupping my tits, a hand over my pussy and such, nothing too overt. During these longer poses I had a chance to eye Tim as he moved between students critiquing their work. He wore a black tee shirt with loose fitting khaki shorts and slip-on shoes. I couldn’t help but notice movement under his shorts when he walked and wondered if he was wearing underwear. My timer went off and it was time for a break.

I put on my robe and headed for the restroom, I returned to the classroom to talk with Tim. As we made small talk in the corner away from the students, I said I enjoyed the last time I modeled for him and hoped this time would be as fulfilling. “I’m sure it will be,” he replied. After saying this I glanced down and noticed his cock rising in his shorts. Looking around to see if any of the students were watching I loosened my robe so Tim could get a nice close view of my body. He nodded with approval then said it was time for the second hour. As I reached to pull my robe closed I let my hand graze Tim’s erection, he let out a quiet moan, I smiled and turned to head toward the model stand.

As I turned Tim said he had a favor to ask. He asked if it would be OK if for the third hour he sent all the students home except one. This particular student was very talented and Tim wanted to give him extra guidance. I said that would be fine. I was hoping that Tim was going to suggest that he and I would be alone for that final hour.

For the second hour I did two poses. Tim ask me to do a reclining pose. I put a pillow under my back causing it to arch and accentuating my perky 34B tits. I glanced at Tim then moved my eyes down to his shorts casino oyna for approval, he approved. By this time I was on fire, so for the last pose I grabbed an open back chair straddled it facing the large mirror giving the class a nice view of my ass and for a few students a reflected view of my neatly trimmed open pussy. I glanced in the mirror looking for Tim’s reaction. It took a minute to find him, he was sitting in a chair with a sketch pad drawing. He had his legs crossed and that’s when I noticed it. The leg of his shorts had pulled open and I could clearly see his cock stretched along his thigh, full and hard. I looked up and our eyes met and he smiled. I needed relief, but after this pose I had another hour to work with Tim and his student.

My timer went off and Tim dismissed the students while I took a much needed break in the changing room. I sat in the chair opposite the full-length mirror, opened my robe and admired my body. I was so horny that I couldn’t help but caress my tits, gently pinching my erect nipples sending electricity down to my pussy. I spread my legs, studying my pussy in the mirror and reached down to my wet slit running my middle finger from my ass to my very sensitive clit. I stroked my clit a few times letting out a low murmur. I looked at my watch and noticed it was time to start work again.

Upon returning to the classroom Tim introduced me to Alec. He was good looking, medium height and build with a seemingly nice personality. We looked at some of Alec’s drawings and he was very good. I noticed that his drawings were very detailed, paying close attention to my tits and pussy. They weren’t dirty they were quite beautiful. I could see why Tim wanted to give him special attention. Tim asked Alec what he thought of me as a model. He said I was very good and came up with great poses.

Tim went to his office to to make a phone call. While he was gone Alec and I made small talk, he said that I had an attractive body and he enjoyed drawing me. I thanked him and asked him other than art what type of work do you do. He said he was in construction but things were slow but that was OK it gave him time for working on his art.

Tim returned, locked the classroom door and suggested we get started. He turned on some mellow jazz music on the boom box setting a sexy mood. Tim asked for a 40 minute ‘sexy’ reclining pose incorporating the wall mirror. Being as horny as I was I thought of a pose that would be tastefully erotic. I liked using the mirror to expose my figure and eying the artist without direct eye contact. I laid on my right side, facing the mirror with my left leg bent giving, Tim and Alec had a nice view of my ass and pussy. I watched in the mirror as Tim and Alec positioned themselves to begin drawing.

Tim sat behind my head and Alec sat down toward my feet. I glanced at Tim in the mirror and could see up the leg of his shorts his proud manhood stretched along his thigh. I smiled and looked to see where Alec sat. He wore a tee shirt and shorts, and looked to have a nice package. I could canlı casino see that Alec had a nice view of my ass and exposed wet pussy. After about 10 minutes of drawing, I eyed Alec’s reflection in the mirror and I couldn’t believe what I saw, he was rubbing his crotch. I looked up but could not see his face behind the easel. My heart was pounding and my pussy pulsing with excitement at the thought of arousing these two guys. I close my eyes to calm my excitement and clear my head.

The rustling noise behind me brought me back to reality. I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror to see Tim and Alec approaching the model stand. What was the real shocker was that they were both nude and sporting hard-ons. I froze with anticipation.

Alec’s cock was beautiful, 9″ and thick with a drop of precum hanging at the end. He walked up to my exposed ass and rested his dick on my cheek and started rubbing my wet pussy with his hand. I cooed with pleasure as he began rubbing my swollen pussy lips and my sensitive clit. He gently rubbed my clit back and forth causing me to squirm then slid his finger along my slit inserting a couple of fingers into my wet box.

In the mean time I watched Tim’s reflection in the mirror as he climbed onto the model stand, knelt and presented me with his engorged 8″ cock. It had been awhile since I tasted Tim and I couldn’t wait any longer, I ran my tongue the length of his cock, swirling my tongue around the head then I opened my mouth and took him in. He moaned as I began to bob my head, taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth. I love the way his hard shaft filled my mouth. Other than having my pussy licked; sucking, licking and playing with a hard cock and balls turns me on like nothing else.

As I was attending to Tim’s cock, Alec had knelt down and rolled me onto my back then he spread my legs exposing my pussy and began running his tongue from my hole up my frothy slit to my erect clit devouring it expertly. He dove into my wetness, lapping up my juices with his talented tongue. I love having my pussy eaten and Alec was great. My moans were becoming louder with each pass Alec’s tongue made across my clit. I could feel an orgasm building. I couldn’t believe this was happening, it felt great having these two hung guys worshiping me. Tim was now caressing my tits and playing with my erect nipples causing me to moan around his stiffness that remained stuffed in my mouth.

The stimulation was getting to much, I was about to explode. My pussy was pulsing with every lick of Alex’s tongue across my sensitive clit. I begged him not to stop licking, I pulled his head into my pussy and started cumming into his mouth. My pussy began squirting, Alex raised his head and was treated with a shower. Tim said “I told you she gets wet.”

After spraying Alec’s face with my juices and several more orgasms I was ready to feel his cock deep in my pussy. I looked into Alec’s eyes said, “Fuck me!” Alec smiled knelt between my legs, sliding his hardness along my wet slit. I gasped as the tip on his manhood entered kaçak casino me. As Alec’s shaft impaled me, I reached for Tim’s hard cock and cum filled balls and guided them to my waiting mouth.

With Alec’s cock balls deep in my pussy and Tim’s cock down my throat I was in ecstasy. I had never before had two cocks and I couldn’t get enough. I vigorously sucked Tim’s cock while Alec fucked me. I reluctantly pulled Tim’s cock out of my mouth and told Alec to fuck me harder and faster. I squeezed his tool with my pussy causing him to moan.

I sensed that Alec was about to cum I said, “Don’t cum yet.” I wanted him to shoot his load on my tits.

I turned my head back toward Tim and his waiting hardness , engulfing his shaft. As Alec was pounding my pussy harder, Tim started to match his strokes in my mouth, I thought they may be ready to cum so I let go of Tim’s cock and said that I wanted them to switch. I wanted to feel Alec’s larger cock fill my mouth.

Tim nodded at Alec and Alec made his way to my waiting mouth. His 9″ cock was shimmering with my pussy juice that I couldn’t wait to taste. I eagerly swallowed his cock, running my tongue along the underside, causing us both to moan.

Lost in the newness of Alec’s cock in my mouth, I was beginning to wonder were Tim’s cock was. Just then I felt his tongue slide over my pussy lips. I shivered when his tongue hit my clit and moaned around Alec’s’ cock as Tim was bringing me to another orgasm. I was filling Tim’s mouth for the third time when he rose and entered me with his meat. I gripped his girth with my pussy as we fucked. My pussy pulsed with each thrust of his cock.

Tim was pounding my pussy furiously and my mouth was doing it’s job on Alec’s cock. I could tell that the guys were getting anxious to cum. And I wanted to be bathed in their man juice.

“I want to feel your cum all over me!” I moaned.

Tim and Alec eyed at each other knowing they were both ready to soak me with their white cream.

Tim was first, “I cumming!” he moaned, as he pulled his wet cock from my pussy and stroked it hard and fast spraying my tits and stomach with his lovely juice. I moaned around Alec’s cock, which was still in my mouth, when the first stream of cum hit my tits, caressing his cum over my taught stomach and full tits, I lightly pinching my hard nipples, sending shivers through me. Tim was spent, nearly collapsing on me, panting, out of breath.

After Tim’s explosion, Alec saw my enjoyment of playing with Tim’s cum that he announced that he too was cumming. I pulled Alec’s cock from my mouth and ran my tongue under the head aiming it toward my tits.

“UHG!” Alec groaned, as he started shooting rope after rope of his wonderful white cum. Feeling the warm liquid hit my sensitive tits, and wanting more. I kept rubbing his cock across my tongue coaxing every last drop of his man juice from his balls. I reached down to my tits and stomach and rubbed Alec’s cum across my tits and stomach, mixing his cum with Tim’s.

We all laid on the model stand out of breath. I was completely lost in the euphoria of these two wonderful cocks that had just satisfied my itch. I couldn’t wait to see what Tim had in store for me the next I modeled for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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