Army Biker Owned

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I’ve been owned by my Army Biker guy for about two weeks now. We’ve been playing for a little longer than that, you can go see our other encounters if you want to.

Anyway, it’s been the best two weeks of my existence. I no longer have to worry about getting to cum, I no longer have to think about anything but his needs.

During the work day, I wear a chain and a lock that’s hidden under my shirt, and a silver chastity cage under my pants. Every time I go to piss, I have to sit down, but no one really questions anything.

The rules he has are simple. He will send a text if he wants me to go straight to his house after work, but if he doesn’t, I’m to go home and wait for him to come to my house or to text me over.

Today, he sent a text, so I’m driving over to his house after work. When I arrive, I park my car next to the garage, walk through the side door, strip from my work clothes and into my leather shorts.

I know where the key is to the door and I’m to let myself in, tidy up if he isn’t home yet, and wait for him by the front door.

I walk into the kitchen and clean up the few things in the sink. After I put them away, I walk right into the living room, and I hear his bike coming down the driveway, so I kneel down by the door. I place my wrists behind my back, sit back on my heels and lower my head.

He swings open the door, walks right past me, and straight into the bedroom.

“Those fucking idiots! Can’t follow fucking directions for shit! Get the fuck in here bitch!” He shouts from down the hall.

I quickly get up, rush into his bedroom where he’s stripped from his clothes and put on his leather gloves. He’s standing by the bed.

“Get the fuck over here. I have had the worst fucking day and I need something to calm down.”

I crawl over to him, he grabs my head and shoves his hard cock right into my mouth. He does it with such force that I choke on it. I gag, heave, and he pulls back. I put my hands up on his thighs, bracing myself so I don’t fall.

He wraps both hands around my head, pumping his cock deep into my mouth, pushing down as far as he can go, he starts to moan, his breath slowing down, and the redness in his face starting to fade.

“Yeah, take my fucking cock. You’re such canlı bahis a good little slut boy. Yeah, fucking take all of it, all the way down, that’s right fucker. Take it, you can take it. Yeah, fuck, I love having a bitch at home when I get here.”

I’m almost certain he’s going to cum soon, but he doesn’t. He pulls his cock from my mouth, picks me and leads me by the back of my neck to the living room.

He pushes me on the couch, facing the back. With the open floor plan he has, I can see the kitchen. He positions me so that my knees are on the edge of the couch, my chin is resting on the back of the couch, my back is arched, and he’s pulled my wrists behind my back, and I hold them there.

“Don’t fucking move. Stay right the fuck here.” He says as he smacks my ass and walks away.

He walks back down the hallway, “fucking idiots, can’t follow directions, well, at least I got someone who does.”

I just wait patiently. He’s not in a good mood and I don’t want to piss him off more.

He comes back with a few items he throws on the coffee table. He tears my shorts off, don’t worry, they have side snaps so they come apart easily.

He climbs up behind me, rubbing his hard cock against my ass cheeks, sliding it up and down my crack, making my hole quiver.

He slips my thick leather collar around my neck, buckles it closed, and slips the lock on it, “you’re gonna be locked in this collar all weekend. You’re staying here until Monday morning when I let you go to work.”

“Yes Sir.” I say in response.

He then grabs my wrists, holding them together, he wraps them in ropes and they’re tied behind my back, he anchors the rope up to the collar and ties it to the ring on the back. He gets off the couch and smacks my ass cheeks, “I love smack that ass, such a sweet set of cheeks you got boy. Or rather, now, that I have here.”

He reaches down, places two restraints on my ankles, clips a spreader bar between them, then ties the bar down to the couch leg that happens to be in the middle.

He then stands behind me, rubs his leather gloves hands up and down my crack. He reaches his right hand around to my mouth and sticks them in. I know my responsibility, so I suck in his fingers, getting them nice and wet.

He pulls bahis siteleri his fingers back with a pop, and shoves them into my hole. At least it’s just his fingers and not his thick cock. He’s done that before and that shit hurts.

“Thank you Sir.” I say.

He smacks my ass cheeks, pulls his fingers from my hole, and puts something metal in my mouth. He straps it behind my head and then starts clicking the side, slowly opening my mouth, until my mouth is open as wide as it can go, taking my ability to speak. A string of drool quickly falls from my mouth.

He stands in front of me, smacks my face, grabs the ring on my collar, “did I fucking tell you to speak? No. Your holes right now serve one purpose, for my cock to stick into and nothing more. Fucking bitch boy.”

He leaves me for a minute and returns in front of me. He ties rope to the ring on the front of my collar, and pulls it down to the leg on the middle of the couch in the back. It’s holding my chin against the couch and forcing me to arch my back more.

He stands up, pushes his cock into my open mouth, rubbing the head against my tongue. He releases the clicks on the gag, allowing my mouth to close slightly. He then shoves his cock back in my mouth.

“That’s fucking better. Gotta feel those cheeks around my cock. Yeah, fucking slut, slurping on my cock like a fucking bitch boy ought to be doing. Yeah, that’s right, take my cock.” He holds my head, although it’s not necessary, and pushes his cock all the way to the back of my mouth.

“Breath boy, open that fucking throat. Come on.”

I’m gagging, so he stops.

“Fucking bitch, we gotta get you trained up. I want to shove this cock down your throat. Fuck!”

He walks back behind me, and stands against my ass. His cock rubbing against my crack again. He pushes his cock down, and shoves all the way to the base. He slams so hard into me that his balls slap mine.

He grabs my hips and begins thrusting. I’m not really able to move, but he’s doing all the work.

“Yeah, fucking bottom slut, take that fucking cock. Yeah, you want my cum don’t you slut? Yeah, I could fucking leave you tied here, invite all my friends over and let them ravage your holes. Yeah, I’d love that, sitting in the corner stroking bahis şirketleri my cock, smoking my cigar, watching each friend come in, unload his cum in your mouth, fucking your throat. I bet that would open you up.”

He’s thrusting hard, breathing heavily, and I think he’s close to cumming.

He pulls his cock out, walks around the couch, stokes himself and starts shooting, “fuck yeah, slut. Take my fucking cum, all over your face like the cum slut you are. Yeah, fuck, all over your face.”

He finishes shooting and I can feel the cum dripping down my face. Some of it landed in my mouth, but most landed in my hair, on my forehead and eyes.

As it drips down, he guides it into my mouth, pushing each drop onto my tongue.

He removes the metal gag, massages my jaw as I stretch it out. He squats down so he’s in front of me.

He kisses me, deeply, “thank you boy. I needed that. You’re so good to me.”

“Yes Sir.”

He goes and grabs something else off the table, when he returns, he shoves the red ball gag into my mouth, as far as it can go and tightens it around my neck.

“There, I’m going to make dinner. Just, uh, stay here. Haha.”

He gently smacks my face as he stands up and walks behind me. He removes his gloves and tosses them on my lower back, which is arched like a shelf.

He goes into the bedroom and when he returns, he’s wearing his leather pants, and a tight t-shirt. He stands in the kitchen whistling to himself as he starts cooking.

“I have a poker game tomorrow night boy. I’m actually hosting it, which means, you’re hosting too. You are going to wear your shorts, collar, and the new harness I got for you. My buddies all know about me and my boys. They like the eye candy that prances around bringing them beers.” He says.

He looks over at me; my eyes open widely, terrified I’m going to be used by many different strangers. I know he talks about it, and it helps make him cum when he’s in my ass, but we’ve never really talked about it.

“Don’t worry boy, I can see that look. I won’t let another cock in that tight hole. Those slutty holes are for my thick cock and cum only. They can look, they can smack your ass, pinch your nipples, but their pricks stay in their pants or they have to deal with me.”

He turns back around, continues his whistling, and cooking dinner. My cock still in the cage, struggling against the metal, leaking onto the couch.

Fuck, I’m going to have to clean that up later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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