April Fools Them Both

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Hello, this is my first attempt and writing anything like this. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your feedback.


The two women had known each other since high school, which is why April’s request for Megan, while extreme, was perfectly reasonable in this context. They had, after all, been through a lot together. During their senior year, when Megan’s date left her on the side of the road because his friends had gotten center court tickets to the basketball game he’d really wanted to go to, April picked her up, then drove to the stadium where they spent two hours looking for his car. When they did, they slashed all four tires.

A lesser friendship would have involved April reminding Megan of that moment at a request like this. But instead, it was one of those events that lingered in the back of their minds, silently solidifying the bond they had. Which is why it led to this moment, in this restaurant, with an appetizer of southwest egg rolls slowly getting cooler in between the two of them. Megan was briefly torn between taking a bite, asking further questions, or wondering if the whole thing was some carefully constructed prank.

Of course, in a way it was a prank, but the real question remained: on whom?

After an extended silence, Megan took a deep breath, dunked the second warmest egg roll in the ranch-like dipping sauce that came with it. She thought she had grabbed the warmest one.

“So… what do you get out of all of this?” She said. This was after she carefully chewed everything and let the question sit between the two of them for a few additional seconds. The action added the appearance of more time.

April just seem enthused that Megan was entertaining the idea.

“I get to watch.”

The waiter who’d been coming over to ask them if they were ready to order only heard this last part and immediately turned around, figuring that they would probably would.

A few minutes earlier, just as that same waiter was dropping off the still hot eggrolls, April had admitted to Megan that she wasn’t simply taking them to their favorite chain restaurant that was terribly disguised as a local joint simply to catch up. She had a plan that she wanted to enact, something that she had been scheming about for several months and was just now finding the courage to ask about.

“I want you to fuck my boyfriend while I watch,” she said, after an acceptable amount of small talk that was unnecessary as they texted almost all day, every day. That was enough to cause the silence, and the rapid cooling and congealing of the food that was on the table in between them. April knew there would need to be more explanation than that. But this led to the few minutes of silence while Megan pondered the food, April’s boyfriend, and the odd, odd request that was now in between them.

It wasn’t that it was an unappealing prospect. Ty was attractive, and the two of them were pretty close. There was one time Megan caught him walking around April’s apartment wearing nothing but a tight pair of boxer briefs. Her eyes laser focused onto the bulge, but she was able to take in most of his toned body and muscular frame before he pretended to be embarrassed and covered himself with a blanket. She wondered if he wanted her to see that.

But she put it out of her mind right away. After all, they had been friends for well over ten years and the closest they really got to arguing over a boy was in freshman year when Allison Beakman told them that Jimmy O’Conner had a crush on one of them, and they fought over who it was. Megan thought it was April, and April thought it was Megan. It was that incident that really solidified their friendship.

“Is this some kind of weird test?” Megan asked finally. “Like, I say yes and you say, ‘I knew it’ then you try to set me up with his twin brother or something?” Megan didn’t know if he had a twin brother, but this certainly seemed like a “twin brother” thing. And if he did, jackpot.

April tried to speak, but Megan cut in again, “or is it more than that? Like, are you testing him? I show up in my best bra and panties and if we do it, then you bust him? How far should I go? Full peen out before you come into the room, or do you want pictures you can blackmail him with?”

For a moment Megan imagined herself a spy, taking down terrible men.

“No. Do you remember in college, that party at the Psi-Beta house our sophomore year?”

Megan did not remember any parties in college since she discovered shots, but she nodded because it seemed like the thing to do.

Fortunately for Megan, April explained exactly which party it was. April, who was typically the designated driver for their group of friends vanished for a little bit, and everyone wondered where she was. No one could find her for a full twenty minutes. The Psi-Beta parties were known for being “legendary” but in truth they weren’t; they were smaller than the other parties on campus but notable for being able to get the best alcohol because what they lacked canlı bahis in everything else they made up for being extremely rich. So, to lose someone at a Psi-Beta party was remarkably difficult and rare, which is also why these parties were popular, there was less chance of something weird happening. After vanishing for twenty or so minutes they found her, and the next day someone pointed out to Megan that when they did find her she seemed flushed and tried to get out of her what happened. Everyone assumed it was some kind of hook up she didn’t want to talk about. However, there was more to that, and today she was finally getting around to admitting it.

“Voyeur?” Megan gasped. This was also the moment the waiter came to see if they were ready to order, and turned right around.

“It means…” April started.

“I know what it means.” She knew what it meant in a bigger context. She didn’t know what it meant right here.

Apparently, while Megan and their group of friends were getting drunk. April would wander. Of course she hung out with her friends, but she liked seeing what she could see. Usually it was a fight, or snippets of conversation that might lead to some juicy gossip. April always enjoyed her gossip, and would usually regale her friends with stories they had missed out on or forgotten the night before.

This particular night, at the richest fraternity with the nicest house they had ever been in, she was marveling at the rooms. Huge rooms, twice the size of the apartment she shared with three other women. She was examining one of the bathrooms, running her fingers over the fixtures that cost more than her car payment when she heard laughing from the other room. It was then she realized this bathroom had two entrances: the one she came through and the one that led to the other side and someone’s room.

She didn’t know the couple’s name, but they were going at it. She opened the door a crack so she could see what was going on, and they were tearing into each other like animals. Kissing with an abandon she had never felt. He kept running his hands down her long blonde hair, tugging slightly to tilt her head upwards.. She reached over at one point and started kissing his neck, pushing his shirt up slight and showing his six pack abs, most likely paid for by the personal trainers they could afford. April watched as she lifted his shirt over his head, then went back to kissing him, hands all over the place. He kept lifting her shirt, trying to get to her bra and fumbling badly each time. That part was a little sad to watch, and quite frankly, almost killed the mood for both of them. She had to admire his determination, though.

But, they kept going. He shoved her onto the bed with a force that she wish she could feel, and she bit her lip slightly. She couldn’t look away. The couple kept kissing, and she reached for his belt, unbuckling it, a and reaching to see what she could find. April could feel herself getting hotter. She wasn’t sure what she was feeling except this was new. This was exciting. At any moment, they could look over and see her there, but they were too focused on each other to notice. She was sharing in this quiet moment.

He grunted as she found what she was looking for. When he did, April ran her hands down the carefully picked pair of jeans that she saved for parties like this one. When he kissed her and then moaned slightly, she ran her hands back up, feeling the skin under her t-shirt. And by the time he decided it was her turn and maneuvered his hand into her pants, April was surprised to find herself doing the same, not breaking her gaze on the couple. She reached down, feeling between her legs, surprised at how wet she was by just being there. It was intense. She continued to watch as the pair went at it, biting her lip and rubbing, trying not to make a sound, despite the fact that she desperately wanted to scream. She was torn between wanting to be caught, and wanting to get away with it, by wanting to get off to this private moment and make a clean getaway.

“You were turned on… by watching them?” Megan was surprised she had never heard this story before. She thought they told each other everything. She had told her about the guy who cried the whole time they had sex, and up until now that seemed like the strangest thing.

April simply nodded.

“So… now you want me to go fuck Ty?”

“Don’t tell me you hadn’t thought about it,” April said, matter of factly.

Again, this wasn’t a lie. She had thought about it. Multiple times, especially after the night of the boxer briefs. She shuddered thinking about it again, and then say that April was looking at her, staring off in the distance and los tin thought.

“Yeah, but I’d never really act on it,” she said, “You guys are so good together.”

“True. But I’ve felt like this is something I’m missing.”

“Does he know you’re here, asking me this?”

April let out a small smile and bit her lip. “So, here’s the thing, part of the thrill for me was the thought bahis siteleri that I might be discovered, and that no one really knew what was going on. So, I figured the less people that know the better.”

“Wait, what? I have to seduce him, too?” This was starting to seem like a lot of work.

Neither of them noticed the waiter, who had tried to come over during the explantation of what Megan was now referring to as “the night of the flushed cheeks” and was now pointing at their table and gesturing frantically while his buddy was doubled over in laughter. He just wanted to take away their plays and give them more food.

“Look, I know he’s into you, just like you’re into him. I just want you to… you know… make him feel good. While I hide and watch.”

“This whole thing seems sketchy,” Megan said.

April pouted her lower lip. That always managed to get Megan to do whatever she wanted. It’s how Megan ended up with half of what was supposed to be a matching tattoo. “Please. You are the only one I can trust with this. Think of it as… a prank.”

A prank seemed even more sketchy, like they were trying to get away with something. In a way, they kind of were… But, this was her friend, and it wasn’t like she hadn’t thought of what it would be like seeing the rest of that bulge, and seeing what she could do with it. She had imagined taking that bulge in her hand, looking deep into his surprised blue eyes and taking what she wanted. She had never been jealous of her friend. But the chance to have the upper hand, the chance to be in control was a lot. Plus, she had to say that she was intrigued by the idea of someone watching her. By the idea that she was going to be putting on a show for someone, and someone that knew her this well.

“You can’t just find someone on Tinder or something?” Megan tried one more time to get out of it.

“Strangers won’t be the same,” April said. Her previous story seemed to indicate that she had no problem with strangers, but maybe she wanted something different?

Megan slowly nodded her head.

“Does that mean yes?” April said.

Megan eyed her friend and uttered one simple word.

“Yes,” she said.

The problem was that Ty always seemed like a nice guy, she doubted that she could even really get him to do anything that April wanted her to do. She was going to have to throw everything she could at him to get him on his back, and those boxer briefs around his ankles. This was going to take some planning.

There was a loud knock at the door, singling Ty’s arrival. Megan took a deep breath and finished the shot of whiskey she had poured for herself, and got mentally ready. She was sure she wanted to do this, and a little liquid courage was going to have to help. She wasn’t yet sure if she even enjoyed being watched. This entire thing was going to be an experience.

When she answered the door, Megan was wearing an oversized black hoodie and a pair of her thinnest yoga pants. At one point they had been grey, but they were see-through in the right places. Her long brunette hair was pulled back into a messy bun. This look gave the appearance of being thrown together, but very carefully calculated: it was all things that April knew that Ty liked. He liked the reveal when an oversized shirt was removed, showing off what was underneath. He liked the look of yoga pants, the way they accented the right curves, and Megan very much had the right curves that drove him wild. This particular pair showed her ass off just right. It was one of the features she admired the most, and as she learned through weeks of careful research and priming, it was a look that he admired the most, too. The see-thru part was her idea, she just liked the idea of getting him going as soon as possible.

Ty showed up to Megan’s apartment with the promise that April was going to meet him there. This was not unusual, the three of them would go out often, and they would use Megan’s apartment as a meeting point as it was the midway point between their work. What was unusual, when Ty knocked on that door was that Megan was by herself, and of course, dressed in his favorite style of clothing.

“Hey… am I early?” Ty asked. He was dressed in a long topcoat with a grey suit on underneath. His blue tie was not set off perfectly to show off his blue eyes, but Megan thought they did. He let out the smile that he always did that made her melt just a little.

Megan opened the door fully. “Come on in,” She said, “I’m sure April will show up at some point.”

Which was true. The plan, the two of them came up with four weeks ago, was for April to suggest going out one night, as usual, and use Megan’s place as a meeting point. Only, April would get there nice and early, and find the perfect hiding spot. With a little ingenuity and a few dollars of lost security deposit, they were able to make some room in a well place closet that overlooked the living room. April would be able to watch through some well placed slats.

A few test showed it might bahis şirketleri be possible for Ty to see her, but that would be up to Megan to make sure he was adequately distracted. Megan needed to be up to the challenge.

“I can wait if you need to get ready,” Ty said, still not moving. He seemed more flustered than usual. She had answered the door in less before, but this time there was something different. This time they had spent weeks getting him ready for the experience he didn’t know was coming.

She giggled in a way she didn’t normally giggle and touched him on the chest, feeling his hard pec. She knew he worked out, but she had never felt how muscular he was before. “Oh, come on in. It’s not like you haven’t been here when I showered before.”

The look on his face showed that her attempts at flirting were as awkward as she thought. It had been a while, she was rusty. At this point she had been single for well over a year, which was one of the reasons she agreed to do this. Still, Ty, confused look on his face, slowly walked through the door. He took off his topcoat, loosened his tie, and plopped down on a chair in the living room with a loud thud. That always made Megan smile just a little, the way he would plop down like he owned the place. It made her feel comfortable right from the start, like this was any other meeting.

“Can I get you a beer?” She asked. Ty nodded, and Megan came into the room holding a bottle by the neck, giving him her sweetest smile.. She made sure to brush her hand against his as he took it from him. She let out a little smile, then stretched, causing the hoodie to ride up to show what was underneath, just slightly. When she looked back, he was clearly staring at her abs.

Why rely only on flirting when there were other ways to get attention?

“So… uh… where’s April?” Ty asked, taking a quick chug of his beer.

“You know her, always running late,” Megan replied. Which was a lie, usually April was the first one anywhere. Megan gave a quick wink to the closet where April was hiding. She could just barely make out her friend smiling through the slats.

Ty didn’t comment on the fact that April was always on time. Megan could tell that his mind was rebooting, trying to figure out everything that was currently going on, searching for reasons to maybe wait outside, while at the same time mesmerized at what was in front of him.

“Hey, I was just finishing my stretching before I showered, do you mind?” Megan asked.

Ty, who was trying to act like he was looking at something on his phone and not her ass, nodded slightly.

Megan pulled off her hoodie to show just the red sports bra that was just barely containing her tits. She thought for a moment she heard a slight gasp from the hall closet, but quickly adjusted to make sure the focus would be on her. She adjusted the yoga pants just enough to show off her toned abs, and the edge of the red lace panties that showed through the once-grey fabric. The stood out against her pale skin, enhancing everything: the red popped more and her skin seemed almost paler. She had the idea to get out more, but the would involve leaving the house, her least favorite activity.

Again: this was all carefully plotted out. The sports bra and panties were new. She had sent pictures to April under the guise of asking for advice, making sure that Ty was in viewing distance before responding to the text message. She must have sent several different outfit combinations before they settled on this one. He definitely seemed into the purple thong she had sent over while April left her phone out, but in the end the red seemed less suspicious, for some reason. Also, she really liked the red.

She looked at him over his shoulder. He was clearly staring at her, drinking in every inch of her: the dimples in her back that lead down to the yoga pants, shaping her already shapely ass leading down to her long, legs. His phone was useless in his hand, and it was clear he hadn’t looked at it since she removed the hoodie. She swung it around once and threw it at him, bringing him back to the situation realizing he as eyeing her for what he considered to be too long, but was just the amount of time she wanted.

“You know…” he said, “Maybe I should try waiting for her outside.” He gulped down half of his beer.

Megan sauntered over to him, swinging her hips slightly more than usual as she walked.. She grabbed the beer out of his hand, put it to her lips, took two big swigs, and then returned it. “You can wait here. We’re all friends, right?”

She turned back around and made eye contact with her friend, who was in the closet. She could tell that April was biting her lip.

“Besides,” Megan said, “You’re good company.”

With that, she bent over under the guise of stretching after a workout, but giving him a pure, plain view of the ass he was greedily taking in. The fabric was stretched across her now, showing off just what she wants him to see: the red lace of her panties in every detail, swirling around, capturing every imagination and fantasy he may have had over the past few weeks as April talked up her friend Megan, showing the risqué pictures she was showing to her new friend. She let out a small moan.

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